Generations of Judaism and Zionism in
Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut
Volume 1
(Dorohoi, Romania)

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Translation of
Dorot shel yahadut ve-tsiyonut
Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut

Editor: Shlomo David

Published in Kiryat Bialik 1992-2000

This is a translation of: Dorot shel yahadut ve-tsiyonut Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut
(Generations of Judaism and Zionism in Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut) ,
Editor: Shlomo David, Former Residents of Dorohoi in Israel, Published: Kiryat Bialik 1992-2000 (H, Rom.)

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Tables of contents translated by Yocheved Klausner

[Page 5]

The Book of Dorohoi, a page of life, from the chronicles of a community on its way to Zion
Traces and roots 7
A short history Manascu Cotter 11
A message from Dorohoi Dr. Adrian Rosca 17
The Jews and the uprising in 1907 Marius Mircu 19
Memories of our Jewish co-citizens Prof. Octav I. Gutic 23
“Gitl” from Dorohoi Moshe Maur 29
From the Memoirs of Srulica (Israel) Sulimovici 31
My town Dorohoi I. Voledi 38
Schools, teachers, pupils Att. Leib Segenreich 40
Happenings in my life Iancu Shayowitz 45
Judaism and Zionism in Dorohoi Yitzhak Cohn 52
An album with episodes Martin Moscovici 58
Memories, memories… Dr. Avram Sapcaru 62
Our roots… Solomon Heifler 69
Moki Fischer and “the hungry” 72
The Zionist Youth in Dorohoi Dr. Elias Aronovici 73
Feredaru Yechezkel - “the thief” 77
Moments in life Dr. Leon Marcovici 78
The mother of the town Malka Segenreich 79
Reghina Cohn (Silberman) 80
On a winter evening… Adolf Abramovici 81
There once was a community Att. Peter Lozneanu 83
To the parents… Stelian Lozneanu 85
A true “shtetl” Emil Schaechter 87
Shoshana Rothenberg 89
Professor Bruno Bercovici Dr. Doron Coller 90
Etty Marcus, centenarian 91
Famous physicians, with hearts of gold: Dr. Cezar and Dr. David Segal 92
The Gemer family in Dorohoi - Bulboana Mendel Meier 93
Stefan Antim 94
Dr. Idel Lazarovici 95
Manascu Cotter Yitzhak Seltzer z”l 96
Moshe Blanaru 97
The story of a man Bercu Mates (Dov Matityahu) 99
Jenny Kessler Alex Munte 100
Reb Aharon Feibish 101
Rabbi Yitzhak Meir Marilus z”l Copel Schwartz z”l 103
Life goes on… Itzcu Croitoru 104
The writer Buium Croitoru Ion Calugaru 105
Sasha Pana O.S. Crochmalniceanu 109
An open letter Tzipora Klepholz 117
Meir (Iulian) Schwartz Leizerovici Avram 118
Have you heard about Newe Yerek? Dr. A. Sapcaru 121
The doctor Leizer Leizerovici z”l 122
From the past of a community Leib Manes 131
People and events Arie Abrahami 137
My dear town Leib (Arie) Blumenthal 140
Strul Blumenthal - leader activist and mayor of Saveni 145

[Page 6]

Att. Yosef (Ozi) Ebercohen Yitzhak Artzi 146
Moshe Maur - Schor 149
Herman Saltman z”l 150
A wedding in Saveni in the 30s Victor Rusu 151
The Yiddish translator: Solomon Segall 153
Two cultures - two worlds Idov Cohen 157
A Jewish little town Rabbi David Shafran 159
Michaileni of old Nicolae Zachatchinski 161
Idov Cohen Al. Mirodan 164
The poet Yakov Groper Isac Bercovici 167
Leon Bertish - poet, playwright, artist 170
A victory on paper…. U. Nadler 172
A loved son of Michaileni Yakov Magid 173
Jean Blum - the octogenarian from Migdal Ha'emek 174
Att. Michel Rozin 176
Dr. Avraham Weissman 177
Herscu Reginstreich 178
Cula Bercu - a dangerous individual Marius Mircu 179
A Chanuka miracle in Darabani Nathan Kraft 183
Shimon Haran - Israeli poet Ady Carmi 185
A great thinker and Talmudist - Rav N.S. Schaechter 187
Shifra Treiger, a daughter of Darabani 188
Shloim Kalmanovici - Darabani Ester (Bobitza) Moscovici 188
Sara and Michel Michalovici Shoshana Matus 189
Hertza, a martyr S. Avni 193
Our little farmer-girl in Moshav Bilu, Malvina Alterescu, aged 80 195
Carol Drimer z”l 196
B. Fundoianu - B. Fondane Elena Ester Tacciu 197
Gray years, bloody years Avraham Zekler and Netty Zekler-Kraur 203
Remembrances… Fanny Moscovici-Parnafes 206
The Martyrdom of the Dorohoi County Jews
The pogrom in Dorohoi Marius Mircu 213
Emil Bercovici z”l Shlomo Kerbis 221
From the time of persecution I. Abramovici-Balush 223
The deportation from Dorohoi Sasha Pane 224
Bercu Aclipei 227
Pogrom I. Voledi 228
Carol Schoenfeld - a man with a great soul 230
12 November 1941 - the deportation Shlomo Kerbis 232
The return of the Dorohoi people Fred Sharaga 233
Dorohoi people have written to me… Marius Mircu 236
The terrible night at the Serpenitza Victor Rusu 244
From the years of persecution Mica Rabinovici - Manes 246
In memory of the martyrs from Dorohoi Laura Tamir-Segal 247
An eye-witness of the pogrom Shlomo Alter 248
Sad memories Mordechai Rabinovici 249
May their memory be blessed Lea Matasaru 249
The pogrom in Dorohoi Jean Ancel 254

[Page 301]

Foreword David Shlomo 5
Greetings Rabbi Dr. Alexander Yehuda Shafran 7
Greetings Shlomo Leibovitz–Layish 7
Hibat Zion in Romania Dr. Israel Klausner 13
The Zionist Organization “Carmel” in Dorohoi 1906   14
The Dorohoi Community along the generations Menashko Koter 15
A Special Document I. Astrok 18
The Dorohoi Jews according to Israel Bar–Avi Lucian–Zev Hershcovici 23
Jewish craftsmen in the Dorohoi County Eliyahu Feldman 36
Memorial Stones Itzik Schwartz–Kara 38
A sack of potatoes, a sack of oranges Elka Rachmut (Bried) 40
The “Me'arat Hamachpela” Synagogue Sara Barberu 42
Childhood memories from Dorohoi Laura Tamir (Segal) 45
Rabbis in the Dorohoi County Rabbi Meir Wunder 46
The Lineage of Rabbi Drimer Yitzhak Hacham 54
Childhood memories from Dorohoi Eliezer Drimer z”l 56
The Ba'al Shem Tov Descendants in Dorohoi   61
Yechiel Scherf   61
Rabbi Naftali Schmerler z”l Dov Schmerler 62
In the service of my people Rabbi Pinchas Wasserman 64
Rabbi Wasserman arrived from Dorohoi in our country, after 10 years of struggle   65
The Wasserman dynasty Yitzhak Hacham 66
Yosef Wasserman – rabbi and paratrooper   68
R'Israel (Serl) Wasserman z”l, Rabbi of the young people   68
With a Hassidic song on our lips Yehuda Wasserman 69
60 years of activity in the Country Yakov Klein 71
A life for Security – stations in my life Moshe Klein 75
General (Reserve) Moshe Ziv, native of Dorohoi   78
Yosef (Sasha) Yankowitz   79
The Moldovan Princess from Rosh–Pina, the pride of the Dorohoi Jews!   80
The Balan family saved people Yakov Balan 84
The football star from Dorohoi Moshe Megido (Fagadau) 86
Life according to Ben Gourion Moshe Ben–Yiftah 90
My father and the miraculous gypsy Moshe Ben–Yiftah 93
The Jewish Elementary School Amnon Solomon 94
My Father, Levi–Yitzhak Rabinsohn Chaim Rabinsohn 96
A melamed (teacher) in the Talmud Torah Aharon Dascal 96
Fragments of Memories frpm Dorohoi Yehuda Gur–Arie 97
Figures in the Dorohoi Community Arie Avrahami 99
The Yiddish Theater began in Dorohoi   100
My father helped the Zion–Prisoners [Asirei–Zion] Nina–Hermina Gal (Schiler) 101

[Page 302]

Att. Leibu Segenreich bringing new immigrants   102
Shoshana Rotenberg of Kiryat Ono   103
Arie (Lika) Shapira   103
My father, tailor and cantor Sara Levi 104
Willi (Gavriel) Landman, not only an attorney   105
My connection with Dorohoi Shlomo Raz (Sioma Rosenbaum) 106
My Father Godel Rosenbaum z”l Shlomo Raz 107
David Karitz and his descendants   107
Chana and her two sons   108
Fredi Hertzanu, inventor of the “Ramikov” Mariana and Micha Hertzanu 110
The daughter of the ADMOR – a pioneer [halutza] in the training camp Gita Medini 111
From the Zionist Past in Dorohoi Yechezkel Segal 111
Mordechai Meirowitz, inventor of games   112
The 4 Schiler sisters – third generation of helping   114
“Do not abandon me at the time of my old age” Simcha (Aizik) Doron 114
Yitzhak Martziparu – the man of good deeds   115
The Botnaru Family   115
A training Kibbutz in Dorohoi Shmuel Mishori 116
The Benei Akiva Branch in town Yitzhak (Igo) Sommer 117
The Beitar unit in Dorohoi Arie Arieli 119
My Father's Zionist activity Yakov Segal 121
The Beitar flag and the ETZEL revolver   123
Vision and values in the Hano'ar Hazioni Movement Shlomo David 124
Three Dorohoi sons – perished on the Struma   125
Dr. Cesar Segal – a doctor, a noble soul Avraham Lorberbaum (Dafna) 126
Prof. Yehuda Scherf   127
Dr. Willi Biterman – doctor [physician] and musician   127
Two brothers doctors: Dr. Marcel Solomon and Dr. Benedict Solomon   128
Jewish doctors in Dorohoi   128
”Labor Relations” in the Torah Shlomo David 129
The living soul of the Organization of Former Residents of Dorohoi   131
Yom Kippur (fragment) Ion Calugaru 132
Sasha Fane – poet and doctor   135
Mania Hermann – the poet from Haifa   136
At the Ceremony of Unveiling the Memorial to the Dorohoi Martyrs Shlomo David 137
The beginning of suffering of the Romanian Jews Yakov Geller 138
50 years to the Shoah of the Romanian Jews MK Avraham Poraz 140
A speech at the Memorial Assembly Menachem Ackerman 142
Yosef and his brothers Tehila Ofer 143
My grandfather was murdered during the pogrom Miriam Har'el 144
Hersch Jonas – the living torch Dr. Relu Jonas 145
They shot babies David Rotaru 146
Remembrances from the pogrom Moshe Ben–Yiftach 146
My father was killed in the pogrom Sami Eden 147
A Poem Zahava Balan 148
Transnistria Dr. Shmuel Ben–Zion 149
After 50 years… Avi Lapp 155
A delegation of the Aid–Committee visits Transnistria   156
Assemblies in Memory of those who perished in Dorohoi   157
A human mosaic of former residents of Dorohoi   159

[Page 303]

Saveni, the town of my childhood Shmuel Cohen 164
The history of the Saveni community Arie Avrahami 165
My roots Arie Avrahami 169
Back to Saveni Yehuda Mishori (Mishorovski) 170
Figures in the Shtetl: R'Aharon Hacohen, R'Yakov Leib–Yehuda Weisenfeld,
R'Yitzhak Ben–Zion Abramovici, Rabbi Ben–Zion Burstein z”l, Sara Rosenfeld (Burstein) z”l,
Rabbi Eliezer Hacohen Weisenfeld z”l
The history of a life Dr. Shmuel Ben–Zion 176
Yosef Ever–Cohen, a Prisoner of Zion S. Avni 177
Mordechai Orenstein, the Wunderkind of Beitar in Moldova   179
In memory of Moshe Ma'or z”l Shlomo David 180
A Modest Shtetl Israel Levanon 183
R'Israel Levanon, Honored by the City of Haifa Rabbi Baruch Edelstein 187
The last Jew of Michaileni Idov Cohen 188
Mordechai Horowitz – a descendant of RASHI   191
Yakov Magid I. Valdi 194
Yakov Gruper, the Yiddish poet Shlomo Bikel 195
Leon Bertish – poet and artist Nomi Haimovitz 199
The Hanoar Hazioni Branch in Michaileni Yechezkel Cohen 201
Idov Cohen M. Rudich 203
Our Darabani Yitzhak Hacham 207
The Rabbi, the great scholar R'Nachum Shemaryahu Schaechter z”l   208
Rabbi Yitzhak Meshulam Leifer z”l   210
The Rabbi and Tzadik R'Eliezer Zev (Velve) z”l   210
Sara (Sali) Ovedis–Seininger nee Molodik Yitzhak Hacham 219
The story of the family of Avraham and Sara Yuta Davidsohn Yitzhak Hacham 221
The dispute about the Yedid–Nefesh prayer Lucian–Zev Hershkowitz 224
This was a peaceful community Mordechai Kraft 226
We are proud to have been residents of Darabani Mordechai Kraft 227
The expulsion of the Darabani Jews 18.6.1941 Fishel Lederman 228
I was beaten, in order to save me from hunger Mina Leibowitz 231
The visit of the Stefanesti Tzadik in Darabani Yitzhak Hacham 232
The collection of Stefanesti Books   234
The ADMOR Rabbi Menachem Nachum Friedman Dr. Yitzhak Refael 235
The chastiser – is loving, the flatterer is different   236
A note in the handwriting of the Stefanesti ADMOR   237
Dr. Saki Rosenhaupt   241
My activity in Darabani Avraham Heller 241
Shimon Haran and his poetry Dr. Adi Karmi 242
My father – a poem Penina Shkolnik–Hacham 243
The Dorobaner Avraham Feller 244
From Hertza to Hanita Yakov Bercowitz (Bercu) 251
The poet B. Pondoyanu   253
A Memorial Plaque for the Hertza martyrs   255
A special YIZKOR Yakov Schaechter 257
Radauti – Prut Bar–David (Burstein) 259
A remote shtetl Att. Israel Talmon (Talmaciu) 265
Radauti–Prut – nostalgia and sadness Shoshana Ben–Aharon 266
Rabbi David Burstein Rabbi Nechemya Rate 270
The Torah Scrolls from Mogilev were brought to Israel Kalman Bar–David 273
The Kotter Family   276
The Meirowitz Family   277
Michael Bronstein and his family   278
The Brothers Zelig and Idel Talmaciu   279
Moshe Moldavi – historian and researcher of the Diaspora Shlomo David 279
Rings in the chain of Radauti descendants   280
Fallen in the Israel Wars   281
Dorohoi 1990   295
From Dorohoi to Israel   300


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