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Martyrs of the Community of Dereczyn

Translated by Kevin Hanit

Alef return
AbelovichShmuel, wife Bashkeh and their daughters Tzippeh and Shayndl
AbelovichIssachar, and wife.
AbelovichAbraham-Elya, his wife Chaya, daughter and son
AbramovichElyahu (Elyeh Arahreh’s), his wife Itkeh and their children: Menahem Mendel, Genya, Esther, Leah and her husband, Moshe and Basheh
AbramovichKunya and her sister
AbramovichHusband, wife and daughter Sonia
OgulnickShmeryl, his daughters Goldkeh and her husband Broydah, Mirel and her husband Kopitkeh, and their son Leibl
OgulnickItcheh-Yankel and his wife
OgulnickHasia, her husband and children
OgulnickShimon, wife and children
OgulnickReuven and wife.
OgulnickMoshe-Chaim, fell as a partisan
OgulnickMotkeh and his wife
OgulnickDavid and his wife Bobitcheh
OgulnickItkeh-David, wife and 2 children
OgulnickSarah-Minkeh and her son Moshe-Peretz and 3 other children
OgulnickShushka, Meir’s wife, and children
OgulnickChaim-Hirschel, wife and children
OgulnickAlter, wife and children
AharonLeib and family.
OrlanskyMichal, his wife Shayneh and her sister and family
AsakChaim, his wife Bashkeh, their son Moshe and daughter Leah
OsherovichNahum, his wife Hannah and their children: Genendel, Chaim and Zelda
OsherovichMotya, his wife Golda and their children
OsherovichMoshe, his wife Felteh and their children
AzefMoshe, ben Abraham and Pearl, fell in the forest
AzefGella, and her son Mordechai
AzefYankel and Mottel.
AzefNekhama, her husband Aryeh and their children: Gittel, Pearl, Avreml, Chaim and Tzivya
AzefHannah-Itkeh and her child
AzefRachel, her husband and child
EinsteinItcheh, his wife Berakha and their 6 children
EinsteinSholom, his wife and children
EinsteinShmuel-Aryeh, his wife and 3 children
EinsteinMoshe-Peretz, fell as a partisan
EinsteinChaim Leib, his wife and children
AlterShomers, a single woman
AlperDavid, his wife Shoshana and children: Emanuel and Avia (killed in Pinsk)
Astrakhan-PoupkoSarah and her daughters: Yehudit and Tzippeh
AlperMoshe, the Watchmaker, his wife and their children
BakalchukZvi-Hirsch, The Rabbi of Dereczyn, his wife The Rebbetzin, Chaya-Miriam and their children: Sima and Moshe-Aharon
BardakhJoseph, his wife Menukha and their sons: Moshe’l, Meir, Chaim
BardakhReuven, his wife Mashkeh and their daughters Cherneh and Ethel
BialosotskyLeib, his wife Fruma, their daughter Ruzha, her husband and child
BaranovskyItcheh-Yudkeh, his wife Sonia (Walansky’s daughter), his brothers and sisters
BitenskyHirschel and his wife Nekhama
BitenskyShlomo, his wife Yocheh and their son Velvel
BitenskyShmuel, wife and children
BliznianskyFeivel, his wife Minieh and their children: Meshel, Sioma and Nahum
BliznianskyEliyahu and his wife Zina
BasakFeitl, his wife Golda-Leah and their children: Rachel, Sarah and Motya
BasakAbraham-Moshe, his wife and children
Basak,Feitl’s brother and his family
BeckerShmuel, his wife and children Aryeh and Beileh
BeckerTuvia, his wife and two daughters (Lived in the Hayatim Bet HaMidrash)
BeckerMoshe, his wife Sula and children Shmuel, Chaycheh and Myteh (from Kolonia)
BeckerChaya and her sons: Yankel and Khatzkel (Kolonia)
BeckerAryeh and Sanye (Children of Leah Becker) (Kolonia)
BeshkinAvromkeh, his wife Malka and son Israel
BeshkinMattityahu, his wife Merah and their son
BeshkinLeibkeh, his wife Bobitcheh and their daughthers: Masheh and Friedeh
BrickerYosheh, his wife Chava and their son
Baruchthe Homeless one and his family
Berelthe wagon leather worker, his wife and children
BeckensteinMotkeh, his wife Mashkeh, their children: Eliyahu (killed as a partisan), Yehoshua, Bela and Yerachmiel
BeckensteinMendicheh, his wife, daughter Tzippeh
BeckensteinShmuel, his wife Nekhama, their daughter Hannah, her husband and children
BeckensteinSini, his wife Reizl and their son Mottel
BeckensteinYaakov-Chaim, his wife Shayncheh and children (Killed in Zelva)
BeckensteinHirschel and wife.
BeckensteinLeibl, his wife Friedeh and their children
BeckensteinShmuel-Yossel and children.
BeckensteinDvora with 2 daughters
BogdanovskyYehoshua and family.
BogdanovskyAryeh – (fell in the forest)
BernickerShmuel, his wife Sarah with their 2 children
BernickerVelvel, his wife, his daughter Mereh and son
BernickerEsther-Elkeh, her husband Motya and 7 children
BerkovichMichal (from Warsaw), his sons and daughters
BerkovichYitzhak, his wife Cherneh and 4 children, a sister of Yitzhak Berkovich and her family
BerkovichIzia (Yitzhak) A teacher in the Pavshekhner School
BelkovichAryeh, a refugee (overseer of the women’s labor in the ghetto)
GrachukMoshe, his wife Sarah and children: Meir and Hirschel. Musha Grachuk’s husband Shmuel and their children: Esther, Mereh and Moshe
GrachukDykheh and her children Sonia, Shimon and Yankel (fell as a partisan)
GoldenbergPessia and 3 children
GoldenbergEliyahu, Yudel and Dinkeh
GorinovskyMani, his wife Chaya and children Meir, Munia and Liezeh
GorinovskyShifra and her husband Blumels
GlinkovskyBarukh-Notteh, his wife Dvoshka and their children Velvel and Itzl
GorinovskyYankel-David, his wife Sulkeh and son Leibl
GorinovskyYankel, wife and children
GorinovskyMoshe, wife and children
GorinovskyEsther, her husband Meir-Abba and children
Glickfeld(son-in-law of Rudenstein) and children
GlickfeldMina (fell as a partisan) and her sister
GrazhevskyVelvel, Zlateh, Shmuel (fell in the forest) and Hannah
GelmanKatriel, his wife and their children Feivel, Dvorah and Shmuel
GelmanHasia (Sonia’s).
GelmanMoshe, his son and daughter
GoldenbergShlomo, his wife Betty and daughter Alia
GoldenbergMotya, his wife Faygel
Gershonthe Butcher, his wife and children Berel, Velvel, Aharon, and Yocheh
GrinkovskyFelteh and her children
GrinkovskyBerel and his family
GrachukShayneh and her sons
GrachukTolya and his wife (killed in Kletsk)
GrachukMendel and his wife Gizeh
DykhovskyMenahem-Mendel, his wife Rachel-Leah
DykhovskyJoseph and his daughters Mikhleh, Beileh and Chaya
DykhovskyYankel, wife and daughter
DykhovskyJoseph ben Dov, his wife Rachel and children
Dereczynskythe Teacher, wife and children
DubovskyAbraham, his wife Hannah and their children Sarah and Sheyma
Dubinchik,the Mother and her daughters Malka and Zina
DworetskyHirschel, his wife Chaya (from the Feldman family), and their child
DworetskyYankel, wife and children
DombrowskyShlomo-Mordechai, his wife Badaneh and their sons David (fell in the attack on Dereczyn), Yehuda and Shimon
DlugolanskyFeivel from Kolonia (Sirota’s son-in-law) and his wife
DlugolanskyAharon (Kolonia), his wife Itkeh and 2 children
DlugolanskyJoseph (Kolonia), his wife Leahcheh and their children Shayneh, Esther, Shlomo, Moshe and Rivkah
DlugolanskyJoel, his wife Sarah-Beileh and daughter
The Deaf coach leather worker and his wife
HurvichAlter and his wife Hasia
HurvichSimkha, his wife Hindeh and children
HarkavyGetzel, the Farmer, and his family
WeissenbergEthel, Itzel’s wife, and child Masheleh
WinikovHindeh and Mereh.
Wollmanand his wife Khashkeh
WalitskyDov and his wife Rakheh
WalitskyEli-Chaim, his wife Tamara and children
WilenczykMotya and his wife Bobcheh
WalitskyLeibeh, his wife Gisheh
Wantawerhis wife and children
WilenczykMoshe, ben Binyamin-Chaim.
WalanskyMoshe, his wife Liebeh and daughter Faygel
WeinsteinZelig, his wife Cherneh and their children
WeinsteinChaim, his wife Elkeh and their children
WeinsteinYankel, his wife Genesheh and their children Moshe’l, Itkeh and Leibl
WeinsteinMalka (Rabbi Bakalchuk’s daughter)
ViniatskyLeib, his wife Riva and son Chaim
WolfowitzBorukh, Beilkeh, Hirschel.
WinikovDina, her husband and children
ZlotaguraHerschel, wife and children
ZlotaguraAbraham, wife and children
ZolotnitskyItzl, his wife Yenta, and children Velvel and Chaya-Sarah
ZolotnitskyHenokh, Mirkeh and Israel
ZolotnitskyAlter and 2 sons
ZakharevichLeibeh and his daughter
Zelkinthe Father, Riva and 2 children
ZelkinHindeh and Husband.
ZelikovichMusha, her husband and 2 children
ZilbermanIsaac, and wife Hoddel
ZhimelevichMeir, Alta and the daughters Dobeh, Esther, Liebeh
KhanyakYekhiel, Chaya, Bella and Feiga (from Ostrolenka)
Hananiahthe Tailor, his wife Malka and daughther
Khmelinskyfrom Stav Wolfowitz, her children
Khatzek— The entire family (refugees)
TobolskyMoshe, the Cantor, his wife Rivkah (Beshkin) and their children
ChernitskyShimon, his wife Esther (Shelkovich) and their children Kasia and Paya
ChernitskyBeileh-Hannah’s sister-in-law, and her children Shimon, Hirschel, Shlomo
YalovskyLiova, his wife Henikeh and their children
YellinDavid, wife and children
CohenChaim-Velvel (Kolonia) his wife and children Sholom-Yankel and Moshe
CohenNissan (Kolonia), his wife Masha, their sons Isaac and Aharon, and 2 daughters
LobzovskyChaya, her daughters Kasia and Sania
LobzovskyShmuel (Praiseworthy).
LobzovskyZelig, The Butcher, his son and daughter-in-law
LobzovskyMirel and her parents
LantzevitzkyKoppel, 2 daughters and a son
LifshovichBashkeh and her daughters Chavam Taibl (fell in the forest), Chaim-Yehoshua (also fell in the forest), Eliyahu-Elik — murdered by the Poles after the War
LifshovichDavid, his wife and children
LifshovichNoah, his wife and 4 children
LifshovichMusheh, husband and children
LifshovichMotya and family.
LantzevitzkyMoshe, Mirel, Gershon, Tuvia
LantzevitzkyHillel, son and daughter
LantzevitzkyItcheh, wife and 8 children
LantzevitzkyVelvel and family.
LantzevitzkyChaim and family.
LantzevitzkyLeizer and family.
LantzevitzkyShmeryl and family.
LobzovskyLeizer, his wife Rachel-Beileh, his sister Sima
LobzovskyGershon and 2 daughters
LevChaim and family.
LevKarpel, his wife Khishkeh and children Israel (fell as a partisan), Bobbel, Basheh
LevJonah, his wife Feiga-Chaya, and children, son and daughters: Shayndl, Yehudit and Breineh
LevMindl and daughter Beileh
LevZalman, wife and child
LevinLeibeh, his wife Tamara and children Zalman, Hannah
LevAbraham-Shmuel, his wife Sarah-Hindeh
LevYaakov-Leib, his wife Faygel and 5 children
LevLeizer, wife and daughter
LevAharon, his wife Matleh and 3 children. Their daughter Freida and her husband Michal
LvovichKarpel, his wife Masheh, their children Esther, Itteh-Leah, Liebeh, David, Kalman, Sholom, Resheh and Basheh-Minkeh
LevYankel and family.
Leizerthe coach leather worker and family
LifshovichDobkeh and her 5 children
LampertIsser, his wife Masheh (Alper), their son Nahum
LampertYehoshua and Leizer.
Landauhis wife, from the Weinstein family, and daughter Masha
R’ Leib, a refugee.
LuskySarah, her child (Halinka)
LidkovskyKalman, his wife Breineh and little girl
MillerKoppel, his wife and children
MillerNissl, fell as a partisan
MillerMosh’keh, wife and children
Monkevicherwith her 3 sons and 2 daughters
ManikovNekhama (fell in the forest)
ManikovSasha, his wife Frieda and children
MosheIssachar’s and family.
MervetskyDobeh and her children
MishkinJoseph, his daughter Chaya
MishkinMoshe, his wife Sonia and their children
MishkinShmuel, his wife Esther and 3 children
MillerIsaac (Kolonia), his wife Hannah, their children Jekuthiel, Shmuel, Tzirel, Chaya-Sarah, Gutkeh and Sulkeh
MalcharskySholom, his wife Esther and children Mincheh, Shmuel and Tzemakh
NozhnitskyHerschel-Chaim, his wife Tamara and children Yehudit, Rachel, Minia, Moshe (Zeydl), Henokh
NozhnitskyShepeh, his wife Chaya-Sarah, the daughters: Yehudit, Ethel and her husband, Beileh and their son Yudl
NyegnievetskyShmuel, his wife Elkeh
NozhnitskySarah and her husband
NozhnitskyHanan-Yankel, his wife Hannah, daughters Masheh and Leah
SobolYehoshua, his wife Tzirel and 3 children
SavitskyElkeh, her daughters Leah and Resheh
SavitskySarah, a single woman (“Aunt” Sarah)
SlonimskyAharon, Zeydl der Hassid, his wife Chaya and daughters Hannah-Esther and Zelda
StupakShlomo, his wife Liba, a daughter Freydl (Halinka)
SalutskyIsrael, wife and children
SakarNelekh, wife and children
SakarYankel, his wife Shayneh (from the house of Lunsky)
Sakarwife of Berel and 2 children
SedletskyLeizer, his wife Leah, son Avreml and other children
SedletskyYehoshua, his wife Raiyeh
SkrabunAlter, his wife Esther and son Asher
SpectorChaya (Miller’s wife).
SpectorZalman and wife.
SirotaAharon, his wife Tzippeh
SirotaNahum, his wife Leah
SirotaIsrael, his wife Yenta
StukalskyLeizer, his wife Chaya
StukalskyCherneh (Nadel).
Sukenikfrom Semyatich the whole family — parents, children: Chaya (Kolonia), Minia, Genesheh, Feigeleh
EdelsteinGedaliah, his wife Cherneh (Kwiat’s sister)
EdelsteinIsaac, his children Shayndl, Rivkah, Chaim
EpsteinSholom, his wife Sarah and 6 children
ElovichShprinza, her children Chaim, Elkeh, Leib-Aryeh and grandchildren Sholom and Rachel
PintelevichItcheh, his wife Cherneh and children Esther and Mirel
PetrukhovichJoseph, Ephraim and Gisheh (children of Nekha and Michal, long life to them)
PoupkoMasheh, husband and children
PetrukhovichPessia-Tzirel, husband and children
FeldmanMenahem-Mendel (committed suicide), his wife Pessia
FeldmanHirschel and children.
FinkChaya and Nathan.
FriedmanZelig, his wife Rachel, and daughter Hannah-Chaya
PolachukDov-Ber and wife.
PoretskyShmuel (from Lobzov).
FerderHannah-Itkeh (Azaf).
FerderAvreml, fell in the forest
FerderMosh’keh, his wife Faygel and children Genesheh, Abraham, Zelig
FederHirschel, his wife and children Tzril, Sarah, Moshe, Hillel
FuchsSonia Mit, the children
PetrukovichLeibeh, his wife Sarah and children Cherneh and Abraham. Cherneh’s children: Karpel, Basheh, Shayneh
PetrukhovichAbraham, his wife Paya and 3 children
PlitnickAvreml and his family
PlattChaim, his wife Tamara and son Feivel
Polonskyand family (Halinka).
KolakowskyNaftali, his wife Hannah-Golda, daughters Raiyeh and Resheh and son Yitzhak
KulakowskiShlomo, wife Peninah and child
KaralitskyEphraim, wife Bluma children Melekh and 2 others
QuintGisha, her children Faygel, Rishkeh and Hirschel
KreslanskyGershon and Liba.
KreslanskyChaya and son Tzemakh
KreslanskyYudl and Bluma
KvintovskySheyma, wife and son
KustinAbraham-Chaim, his wife Leah, daughter Esther
KustinMoshe’l and wife.
KostellanskyHannah-Pessia and her husband
KostellanskyHenokh and family.
KostellanskyBorukh and family.
KobrinskyR’ Leib, his wife Rivkah, daughter and son Israel
KorinYankel, his wife Hannah, daughter Cherneh and son Isaac
KorinBasha (Glinkovsky) and child
KwiatItkeh and Velvel.
KwiatReuven and Rivkah.
KotlarskyRiva and her children (Halinka)
Krimolovsky’s family
Kornblumthe Feldscher, his wife, his daughter Bobitcheh and her husband Abraham
Jews from Kolonia:
KresnovskyDavid, Sarah, Cherneh.
KresnovskySimkha, wife Taibl and a young daughter
KresnovskyBeileh, Sarah Riva.
KresnovskyHanan, wife Pearl and 2 sons
KresnovskyAryeh his wife Shayneh and children Aharon and Leah
KresnovskySimkha (fell as a partisan)
KresnovskyBunya, Sula, Khatzkel, Itcheh and Itkeh.
KaninovichJoseph, his wife Masheh and children Nissan, Zalman, Sima and Pearl
KazhvitskyLippeh, wife Sonia, children Genya, and others
KlimovitskyJanusz, his wife Leah and children Yosseleh and Michal
KarakatskyYaakov, his wife and children
RabinovichZe’ev, Felya.
RabinovichJoseph, wife Miriam and children: Shlomo, Hannah-Sarah
RabinovichEsther, her husband Gelman and daughter Hannah-Sarah
RatnerZalman, his wife Cherneh, their children Rivkah and Leibl
RatnerAvigdor and wife.
RadensteinShlomo, his sons Eli-Chaim and Shmuel
RothsteinSamson (Shimon), wife Eydeleh, children Yosheh and Masheh
RosenbergMirel (Lazar’s Mother).
RavilievskyPinieh and family.
Radenstein(Rivcheh’s son-in-law), wife and children
RizikovLeibeh, wife and 3 children
RizikovChaim, wife Esther and children
RosenbergPinieh (The Metalworker) and wife
RakhilevskyKhatzkel and wife.
RabinovichYocheh (Chaim’s wife) and children Ethel, Moshe and Eliyahu
RudovskyMalka, her husband and children
ShelkovichShmuel, his wife Hannah and children Leibl, Zlateh, Ben-Zion
ShelkovichMusheh and Yocheh.
ShelkovichEliyahu, wife Bluma and daughters: Chaya, Paya and Ethel
ShelkovichShmuel, the Barber, wife Rokheh-Beileh and children
ShelkovichBerel, Velvel, Yocheh and Aharon
Sarahthe Grain Worker.
ShapiroJoseph, wife Rachel, children Israel, Sonia, Liba
ShapiroShlomo and the family
ShelovskyItcheh, wife Rachel, children Shlomo (Siuma), Avigdor (Vitta), Sima and Faygel
ShelovskyYudl, wife Matilda.
SheplanYitzhak, wife Riva and children Sashe, Emma and Gola
SchneiderMichal, wife and daughter Rishkeh
ShmilevichBeilkeh and daughter Paya
ShelkovichYehoshua and family.
ShelkovichIsrael, his wife Sarah and 2 children
ShelkovichAlter, wife Malka and 3 children
ShelkovichLeibkeh, wife Golda-Beileh amd children Ethel, Malka, Velvel, Chaim (fell in the attack on Deretchin)
ShimelevichShimon, his wife Sarah (Bomah’s daughter) and children
ShepshelevichReuven, wife Pesha and children Mosh’ke, Eshke and Deborah
ShepshelevichShmuel, wife Paya and children
ShepshelevichYehoshua and family.
ShcheranskyChava, daughter Genya and family, daughter Cherneh and family; her son Shimon
ShcheranskyYaakov, wife Chava and children Naftali, Pessia, Zelig, Sonia, Esther, Liba
ZhernitskyYaakov, his wife Itkeh
ZhernitskyDavid-Hirsch, his wife Rachel
ZhernitskyYossel, his wife Shayneh and his children
Stein-RabinovichRivkah and children Aryeh, Kayla, Etla (killed in Slonim)
This list is missing hundreds of names of those killed who were from Dereczyn, Halinka and Kolonia as well as those who attempted to flee but were murdered in a bestial manner by the Nazi beasts and their helpers, their names having already been forgotten through the passage of time, but their images stand before our eyes.

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