Everlasting Memorial of the Martyred Community
Kolozsvar-Klausenburg, Which Perished in the Holocaust
(Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

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Translation of
Zikaron netsah le-kehila ha-kedosha
Kolozhvar-Klauzenburg asher nehreva ba-shoa

Editors: Sh. Zimroni, Y. Schwartz

Published in Hadera 1968

This is a translation of: Zikaron netsah le-kehila ha-kedosha Kolozhvar-Klauzenburg asher nehreva ba-shoa
(Everlasting memorial of the martyred community Kolozsvar-Klausenburg, which perished in the Holocaust),
Editors: Sh. Zimroni, Y. Schwartz, Former Residents of Kolozsvar in Israel, Published: Hadera 1968 (Pages: 118 Languages: H,Hu)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Cluj (1968)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


A. Introduction Shlomo Zimroni  
B. A Memorial Scroll, by the Yavne School in Hadera   a
C. Memorial Ceremony. Speeches:    
  Principal of the school, Chief Rabbi of the City, David Werner    
  Mordechai Kostelitz, Deputy Mayor    
  S. Zimroni, representative of the Klausenburg Community   b-g
D. Articles by pupils:    
  The “Po'alei Tzedek” Walls Hasan Tzuri  
  A survivor invited me to Kolozsvár Ezra Aharon  
  The walls of the synagogue are talking Rachel Schwarz  
  A collection of students' reactions    
  How to keep the memory of the Community alive Yehuda Schwarz h-p
E. Kolozsvár, a historical review    
  The rabbis of the city, the synagogues, schools, institutions, personalities.
Communities, Hevra Kadisha [burial society], the Zionist organization
Dr. Chaim Weissburg  
  Uj Kelet - a Zionist Daily, Youth organizations. The ghetto and the liquidation of the Jews Shlomo Zimroni 1-52
F. Transylvania and Klauseburg Jewry Yehuda Schwarz 53-62
G. The Hassidic Community S. Sva-Ratzon 63-66
H. Yeshivot, Zionism, “The Jewish Party”, the “Torah Va'avoda” movement, the paratrooper Peretz Goldstein z”l Yehuda Schwarz 67-71
I. The tragedy of the Transilvania Jews Rabbi Dr. Moshe Weinberger 72-79
J. On the way to the Holocaust Yehuda Schwarz 80-82
K. After the Liberation Erdős Lászlo 82-85
L. They came… “The Council of Eight”…   86-90
  The bunker… On the brick shelves… Aharon Hatzegi 90-96
M. Meetings with partisans. In retreat. The story of a survivor. Yehuda Schwarz 96-101
N. Names… (list of names mentioned in the book)   102-110
O. Epilogue Shlomo Zimroni 111-112
P. Kolozsvár Simon Tibor 113-118


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