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So we stayed there, and lay there with gehacte vinden, the same way an invalid does, until about sometime in the afternoon when we realized nobody was around. So I got up, and shook off all the branches, and I looked over and Bubi was lying there looking like he was dead.

I shouted to him "Bubi, what's with you?" And he didn't say a thing because he couldn't talk anymore.

So I started shaking him a bit, and telling him that when night would fall we'd get out of there. Thank G-d it got dark again...Oh yes, wait: when, on that Shabbos, Sabbath we had begun to cover ourselves, that was the time that they were shooting everyone in our town.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Shabbos they had gathered together all the Jews, and they had herded them into the rear of the courthouse where there was a jail. And they took all the Jews there.

I knew about where that jail was because there was a guy there called Laba, whose son was a tutor, and my father, (since unfortunately there was no school) had said that for education he was a very rich man. For a while we studied at a Mrs. Weshler's, and another time at Moishe Schachter's, and one time at this Laba's, because his son was a tutor who gave me lessons. They lived right where the jail was because his father was the jail-master.

He had showed me where the kitchen was for the criminals, and there was a long corridor with iron doors to the left and to the right, and in each door was a small peep-hole, where one could look in at the prisoners. He always showed me this stuff, and from one side of this jail you could look right into our garden. We were the third house from the courthouse, and from those top-floor windows you could see right into our place. There were times that I looked up there and could see them looking out from behind the bars in the tiny windows.

This is where they took these poor people on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Shabbos, and when we were getting up from our hiding in those "graves”, we heard such a tremendously loud echo that the whole woods trembled. That's when they shot all our people. First we heard a terrible yelling and screaming. We weren't far; about six or seven kilometers away. We thought they were shooting men, but not women and children like that.


We knew that the Romanians were thieves and I knew who we were dealing with. When we went to school, I knew they were all anti-semites, the teachers were all anti-semites. The principal was one called Niagu, who instead of teaching us would take us out onto the fields to hoe his fields with crude sticks.

One time when I was doing this, he came over to me and grabbed this stick and gave me such a smash...if it was today they'd kill him. I was even ashamed to tell on him at home. If I didn't know something at school, he'd take me by the "payes", the sidelocks, and say "Moishe, Itsik, Chaim, numela personale".. That is to say tell me people's names, but he'd make fun of the Jewish ones.

And the other Gentiles would also say "Mai Jidane Paduchios", "You lousy Jews should go to Palestine" and things like that. We didn't get along well with them, but we were strong, and we took a few boys, and we beat the hell out of them, and they were afraid of us.

So Sunday morning we're going, not walking, but crawling on our bellies. As we crawled, Bubi couldn't talk anymore, and we crawled and crawled on our bellies.

After a few hundred meters, we came to the first little hut, and as we came close, I saw Georgie who had worked in our store. We had owned a store that sold grains like corn, wheat, maise, all sorts of flour and he had worked for us. Wagons had come, and he had worked there. When I saw him I was overjoyed, and stood up on my knees and motioned for him to come over. So he comes running from his hut, which was surrounded by a fenced-in garden that kept in the animals.

He comes running and I says "Georgie, what's happening at our place?" So he says, "Come in, come into my house". We got up and I helped Bubi get up because he was so weak he couldn't get up anymore, and in we got to his house.

As we come in I could hardly talk, and there was his wife or his daughter. And as we sit down I motioned like this: to give us something to drink. So she brought us a clay pitcher with milk, and some sort of a saucer, and I pour some milk for myself, and I give some to Bubi. I drank the milk, and she had brought us a piece of bread, but we couldn't eat it. When I finished that milk I started to talk a little.

I said "Georgie, what' s happening in our town?". So he says, "You stay here and I'll go and come right back". So we're sitting there looking like corpses out of the earth, starved, torn clothes from these branches, and so on.

It didn't take long, maybe a half hour or so, and he comes back ... listen: with a whole patrol of civilians, not military, but with rifles.

"Oh!" says one, "You were in the woods. We knew you were hiding. You shot at our army"

"We shot at their army?! " I said "We didn't shoot at anybody!", and "What are you going to do with us?"

He says "We have orders to take all Jews that we catch to town", So I thought to myself, "Very good, they're leading us to town; it's not far, and then I'll be able to go home"

Meanwhile someone took my jacket, and I had a watch on my hand, which was also taken, and ...what else did I have? I think I had a little ring.. also taken. No... the ring was hidden and they didn't find it. They lead us out on the road, and as we got to the road I thought, "It can't be far to town, about two kilometers or so, and we'll be in our stetl."

I see a Romanian patrol approaching, and I start to shake. We hadn't seen them for over a year, those Romanians, because the Russians had been there, not the Romanians. And as they came over these Romanians asked "Who are these guys?"

The others replied "Jidane”, "Jews”. “We caught them in the woods and they shot at our soldiers."

I said "That's not true...its not true". So one came over and gave me a slap and for the first time ever I saw fire in my eyes.


He said "O.K., you go back to where you were going", to these civilians, and "We'll take care of getting them back to Ciudin".

They asked me in Romanian ,"Have you done military service?"


"Where did you do military service?"

"In the cavalry."

He says "Attention!" So I stood at attention.

"Directia Ciudin!" That means we should go in the direction of Ciudin.

I felt very encouraged because we started to march to Ciudin.

Not long after we started out they started to push us with the butts of their rifles, and they started to hit us right here. They threw us into a ditch, you know, and we start walking across a field.

And they lead us and lead us, and I hear them whispering about something "Over there, just a little further..." He was saying that at the top of the next hill was where they would shoot us, you understand.

I heard them conferring in this way, and I started to cry, and to beg, "We're not far from our home...and G-d will help you. This is a war, and when you return to your homes it will be good for you" and so on.

One of them came closer, and I had another little watch and a ring hidden, and I gave them away.

So one came over and opened a rucksack, you know the kind that soldiers use to carry bread, and so on. So he opens this rucksack and takes out a bottle of about 3/4 of a litre of liquor, real 100% proof liquor. He says "You should know that you are being led to be shot, and you won't live long. But since you gave us these things, drink this...if you want drink it all, and between the two of you, you won't feel a thing".


So, go drink whiskey before your death! I started to moan and beg, and fell to their feet and kissed them...and so on. So one says " Do you have enough strength to go on to Ciudin?"

So I said "Yes, certainly I can go!"

"And he won't speak?" So they beat Bubi because he couldn't speak. Poor Bubi couldn't manage to speak. So one says "Are you sure you can go on?"

I said "Yes!!"

So he says "Run over to that tree!" And he shows me a tree about twenty-five metres away that he wanted me to run to. So if I could run it would be good, and if not...not. I don't know from anything and I start running.

And just as I start to run I hear "TRRRRRRRRRRRRR " A machine gun!

Out of terror I fell to the ground, and stopped running, and at this point crawled back on my belly. I crawled back right back to them, and poor Bubi was lying there. And I start crying and begging, and kissing their feet.

One of them was like an angel. He says "Lets take them back to Ciudin. To hell with them! Let's take them back to Ciudin."

And they ordered us to get up, and they led us back across the ditch onto the road, and they led us back to town.


When we got to town, we saw that the desecration of the Holy Temple was nothing compared to what had happened there.

Every house that we knew all those years… if you looked through the front, you could see through to the back. The windows were gone! The doors were gone! The bricks were missing. And you couldn't see a dog , or a cat. No people! Nothing!

I asked myself "Where is this Stetl? Where are the people?"

They led us to the centre of town. At the centre of town was a large building and near that building was our house. And they led us to this building, and which had belonged to a man called Schachter, who had owned a store that was attached to his house.

In front of the place was an officer , and I knew him from before. He searched us, and found one last watch that I had hidden in a secret pocket. When he took it, I asked him "What's happening here?"

He says "You'll hear all about it. You'll be told."

We were led into this empty store, where everything had been robbed, and it was totally empty, and there's my teacher Guttman. The Hebrew teacher from my Stetl. He had been a very good teacher, and I had liked him very much. I had received good grades for my studies, and he liked me. I find him there with Lezer Guttman, his son, and Ruchale, his daughter.

I find them there, and they start to cry, so I ask them "Why are you crying? Where are the other people?"

They said "Don't ask about anybody".

"What do you mean!?"

They tell me not far from there had lived a farmer who had been very rich. When the Russians came in they had sent all the rich Gentiles to Siberia... Jews too; those who had been rich were given a passport of some kind and they were all taken away from their homes. Just over there was a home that had been taken away from this gentile, they had taken away the whole family, and it was empty.

Guttman and his family had gone up to the loft of his barn and hidden themselves there. From that hiding place they had been able to look down into the jail where they had seen Jews being led, and had known something was going on.


This had started Thursday, and on Friday she had said...this Mrs. Guttman, that she would go down to hear what what going on in the stetl.

So she went down, and Moishe Schachter had been there with his family too, so Mrs. Schachter went down with Mrs. Guttman to find out what was going on, and said they'd soon be back to the loft.

After they left, these people waited and waited, all day Friday, soon it was evening, Shabbos, and they're not coming back. They too had been captured and taken away.

Guttman told how on Saturday at 4:00 p.m., in looking down at everything that was going on, they saw how everybody had been gathered together, how people were been led, and more and more people were being brought, and they had pushed all of these people into those cells that I have told you about in that jail, and at 4:00 in the afternoon, the bells of the churches started to toll very loudly.

Why did they toll the bells? So you couldn't hear the cries of anguish of these people.

And that's when they pushed machine guns through those little windows in the doors, and they started to shoot. The Guttmans could see what what was going on from there!

Now, imagine for yourself...not everyone...had the luck...to get a bullet in the heart or in the head. My father...and my brothers and sister had to watch their own children dying...

And the children had to watch how their parents died...

And after a few hours the Guttmans watched as they started to throw from this balcony, how they started throwing down the people, throwing and throwing.

A few hours before they had watched them digging...graves. They could see from up there in that loft this digging and wondering if they were digging fortifications. But that wasn't it. They were working on the mass graves. It wasn't far from the jail where they dug these...five ... mass graves, and that's where they threw in these people.

And later when they saw them replacing the earth...they could see ... the earth moving... they weren't all dead. That's how they were buried.

So... when we came down that Sunday, this is what they told us. I started to cry terribly... and so...

A List of the Martyrs of Ciudin

Written with the help of my friend Eli Rozenblatt from Ciudin.

Adersberg, Yaniu, wife and children
Adersberg, Gusta and 3 children
Babat (Rabbi) & Wife
Becker, Toveh
Becker, Gusta and 3 children
Becker, Berta, husband and children
Becker, Mendel
Becker, David
Becker, Meyer
Becker, Isel (Israel), wife and children
Becker, Klara
Becker, Leib, wife and children
Besner, Baruch
Besner, Feivel and children
Besner, Hersh, wife and children
Besner, Feige and children
Besner, Max, wife and children
Besner, Berta, husband and children
Besner, Chaie
Berler , Contrabil, and wife
Bergman, Leibu
Bergman, Klara
Bergman, Shie
Biler, Susheh, wife and children
Birnbaum, Itzik (Yitzhak)
Birnbaum, Salli, born a Schecter, and child
Blum, Josel, wife Rikel, and daughters
Blum, Oto
Brecher, Max
Brecher, Berta
Buchholz, wife and children
Chalfen, Hersh, wife and 2 children
Cohn, Chaim
Cohn, Chuve
Cohn, Yulius and sister Freida Axelrad
Divald, Lipa
Divald, Machle
Divald, Avraham
Divald, Yosel, wife Fani (nee Schecter) and 2 children
Drach Feige
Drach Yankel
Drach Chaiah
Druckman, Gabriel
Druckman, Anna, and daughter
Druckman, Hersh
Druckman, Yosef the tinsmith, wife Etel and children
Druckman, Isiu
Druckman, Peretz, wife and children
Druckman, David
Druckman, Dora
Edelshtein, Herman, wife and children
Feffer, Josel, wife and children
Feingold, Mendel
Feingold, Meyer
Feingold, Hersh (my teacher), wife and children
Fishman, ?
Frohlich, Berel, wife and children
Fruchter, Itzik-Leib
Fruchter, Yankel
Fruchter, Wolfe
Fruchter, Sarah
Fruchter, Berta
Fruchter, Fanny
Fruchter, Hilda
Fruchter, Brushka
Fruchter, Wolf
Fuhrman, Zipe
Fuhrman, Fani
Fuhrman, Beniamin
Fuhrman, Berish
Fuhrman, Brane
Fuks, Moishe, wife and children
Goldshmid, Aron and wife
Goldshmid, Josel
Goldshmid, Koka
Gottleib, Barish and wife
Gottleib, Wolf, wife and children
Gottleib, Yudel
Gottleib, Gitel, born Udelman and 2 children
Grabstein, Natan, wife and children
Grabstein, Herman
Grill, Yankel
Grill, Shayndel
Grill, Rita,
Grill David
Greenberg, Moishe
Greeenberg, Sosie
Greenberg, Meier
Greenberg, Srul
Greenberg, Chaie
Green berg, Duge
Greenbergh, Berta
Greenberg, Sami
Greenberg, Hedi
Greenberg, Fishel, and wife
Groper, Mechel
Groper, Yeta
Groper, Hersh
Groper, Leib
Gross, Herman, wife and children
Gross, Anna
Gross, Karl
Gross, Max
Grunberg, Fishel, wife and children
Gutman, David
Gutman, Zelda
Gutman, Rochel
Hammer, Mechel (Michael), wife and children
Hammer, Puyu and family
Hassner, Motel
Hassner, Faye
Hassner, Shmuel
Hassner, Froike and children
Hassner, Isiu
Hassner, Srul (Israel)
Hassner, Gedalia
Hassner, Chana
Hassner, Clara
Hassner, Chaya
Hassner, Dora
Hassner, Shmuel
Hassner Erna
Hassner, Roizeh (Rose)
Hassner, Shapsa
Hassner, Sochia, wife and children
Hassner, Berel
Hassner, Shmaya
Hassner, Leib
Hassner, Bryna
Hassner, Chaya
Hassner, Peia
Hassner, Faya (Fay)
Hassner, Yudel
Hassner, Sora
Hassner, Bubi
Hartman, Itzik Leib, wife and children
Held, Moishe
Held, Dora (nee Moses)
Herzig, Baruch, wife and children
Herzig, Wolf
Herzig, Sheva, and children
Herling, Malka
Herling, Avraham Chaim
Herling, Gusta
Herling Bubi
Hersheman, Yosef Leib, wife and children
Hershman, Sheindel
Hershman, Chaim, wife and children
Hershman, Febus, wife and children
Herscovitch the baker, wife and children
Hibner, Yankel, wife and children
Hibner, Shloime, the Miller from Igeshti
Hibner ,Yona, the glazer, wife and children
Hibner the mill owner, wife and children
Hibner the mute, wife and children
Hindig, Yosel, wife and children
Hindig, Zipora, and children
Hirshel, A. Shofet (judge), wife and children
Hollinger, Paul
Hollinger, Frida
Hollinger, Leibish, wife and children
Hollinger, Velvel
Igel the baker, wife and children
Katz, Chaim, wife and children
Katz, Jacov Leib, wife and children
Katz, Hersh
Katz, Yosef Leib, wife and children
Katz,, Motel
Katz, Bryna
Katz, Miriam
Katz, Kalman, wife and children
Katz, Peretz, wife & children
Katz, Shmuel, wife, 2 sons, 3 daughters
Katz, Shloime
Katz, Chaiem
Katz, Henny (dentist), and mother
Katz, Yacov, wife and children
Kellner, Roza
Kinsbruner, Zishe
Kinsbruner, Yeta
Kinsbruner, Yacov
Kinsbruner, Zili
Knauer, Leiser, and wife
Knauer, Yacov, and wife, and child
Knauer, Loniu, wife and son (6 years old)
Knauer, Malvina (18 years old)
Kramer, Zive
Kramer, Wily
Kreigsman, wife and children
Dr. Kreiss, lawyer
Dr. Kreiss, Konrad, lawyer
Krumholz, Family
Kula, Yosel
Kula, Rachel
Laskarina, Fany
Laskarina, Yoseif
Laufer, Moshe, wife and children
Laufer, Kolmen, and wife Fitza
Laufer, Eisig
Laufer, Kalman
Laufer, Berta
Laufer Kosia
Laufer, Poka
Laufer, Yetty, husband and children
Laufer, Feivel, wife and children
Laufer, Max, wife and children
Laufer, Herman, wife and children
Laufer, Yacov, wife and children
Laufman, David and wife
Laufman, Max (Barber) and wife
Laufman, Rachmiel, and his sister Yuta
Lecker, Chaim-Shloimeh, wife and children
Lecker, Yankel, wife and children
Leiser, Moshe Chaim
Leiser, Shapsel
Leiser, Chava and three daughters
Leiser, Roizeh
Leiser Chave and children
Leiser, Brane
Leiser, Berish
Leiser the miller from Petrautzi, wife and children
Leiser the Miller from Igesht
Leiser, Avraham, wife and children
Leiser, Hanyu, mother and three children
Leiser, Yetty
Leiser, Chaim Srul
Leiser, Yosel
Leiser, Sorah
Leiser, Yacov Leib
Leiser, Hersh the mute
Leiser, Joel
Linker, dentist, wife and children
Lobel, Herman
Lobel, Fruma, three children
Lobel, Bubi
Lobel, Zaideh, wife and children
Lobel, Yanyu
Lobel, Hersh
Lobel, Ruthie
Mandel, Max, wife and children
Mandel, Anna
Mandel, Manka
Mandelbaum, Ephraim, and wife
Markuson, Notary , wife and children
Margulis, Herman
Margulis, Roza
Margulia, Soniu
Margulis, Isiu and his sister
Mayer, Emil, wife and children
Mayer the tailor, wife and 3 children
Mervogel, Meier, and mother
Mervogel, Shloime
Minzer Max, wife and children
Mick, Moishe and wife
Mick, Josef and three daughters
Mick, Kolmen, wife and children
Moscovitch, Avraham, the tailor, wife and children
Moskowitch, Isiu
Moses, Feivel
Moses, Anna
Moses, Berta, husband Shaya Raucher, Koinaleh, 5 years
Moses, Moshe
Moses, Oscar, wife Pepi born Hollinger
Moses, Herman, wife Betty born Gross, Mosheleh, 6 years
Moses, Dora, husband Moshe Held
Moses, Gusta, 18 years
Moses, Raizel
Moses, Gershon
Moses, Mendel
Moses, Dora, husband Chaim Weiss
Moses, Buzoi from Banila, wife and children
Moses, Chaiem
Moses, Reisel
Moses, Chana
Moses, Moishe
Moses, Gershon
Mundstein, Max
Mundstein, Roza
Neiman, Max, wife and children
Neuman, Herman, and wife
Pauker the photographer, wife and children
Pauker, Herman, wife and children
Pollak the tailor, wife and children
Raucher, Aron
Raucher, Bluma
Raucher Shaya-Shiku
Raucher, Klara
Raucher, Koinale (5 years old)
Rotenberg, Dr., wife and children
Rosenblat, Yudel
Rosenblat, Rivka
Rosenblat, Mitzi
Rosenblat, Klara
Rosenblat, Shaya
Rosenblat, Noteh (Natan)
Rosenblat, Shiku (Yehoshua)
Rosenblat, Chayeleh
Rotenberg, Ely, wife Riva, and daughter Lotti
Rotenberg Yoineh
Rotenberg, Itzik
Rotenberg, Marcus
Rotenberg, Velvel
Rotenberg, Loli
Rotenberg, Shaya
Rashkis, wife and children
Dr. Rosenberg, wife and children
Rostiker, Nachem
Rudich, Uren
Rudich, Mariasse and children
Rudich, Petey
Rudich, Dora
Rudich, Letka
Rudich, Yankel
Rudich, Faige
Rudich, Sigmund
Rudich, Salo
Rudich, David
Rudich, Mindel
Rudich, Esther
Rudich, Yankel
Rudich Maly
Rudich, Baruch
Rudich, Lotty
Rudich, Dora
Rudich, Isiu
Saler, Shloime
Saler, Yankel, wife and children
Saler, Chaim, wife and children
Saldinger, Suma,r wife and children
Saldinger, Aron, wife and children
Shayer, Yosel
Shayer, Pepi
Shayer, Milu
Schechter, Dudel
Schechter, Milo, wife and children
Schechter, Gusta
Schechter, Fany
Schechter, Klara
Schechter, Moishe
Schechter, Ita
Schechter, Hedi
Schecter, Doli
Schechter, Yankel
Schechter, Mitzi, born Rosenblat
Schechter, Peisach and wife
Schechter, Ben-Zion
Schechter, Beile
Schechter, Berel and wife
Schechter, Hershel
Schechter, Fredi
Dr. Schwartz, wife and children
Seidman, Shaie, wife and children
Seidman, Golde
Seidman, Rochel
Seibel, Shie (Yehoshua), wife and children
Seibel, Max, wife and son
Shieber, Mosheleh
Sheiber, Hedy
Sherzer, Isiu, and family
Shmerler, Chaim, wife and children
Shmerler, Yacov
Shmerler, Bananeh, wife and children
Shtier, Karl, wife and three children
Shulman, Mordechai Leib, wife and children
Stetner, Mokeh
Stetner, Peretz
Stetner, Benyamin
Stetner, Yosef
Stetner, Peretz
Stetner, Bubi
Singer, Chaim, wife and children
Singer, Mendel, wife and children
Singer, Berta, husband and children
Singer, Yosel, wife and children
Singer, Fany
Stein, Oscar
Stein, Rachmeiel
Sonenstein, Shmuel
Sonenstein, Fishel, wife and children
Tresser, Pesya
Tresser, Chaya
Knoll-Udelsman, Feivel
Knoll-Udelsman, Raizel
Knoll-Udelsman, Hersh
Knoll-Udelsman, Meyer
Knoll-Udelsman, Chaskel
Knoll-Udelsman, Chaim
Knoll-Udelsman, Gitel-Gottleib, and child
Usher, Leiser, his wife and children
Wagner, Alter, wife and children
Wagner, Leiser, wife and children
Wagner, Simche, wife and chidlren
Weshler, Zani
Weshler, Rose
Weshler, Kubi, wife and chidlren
Weshler, Bela
Weshler, Gabriel (Shoemaker)
Weshler, Mark Zitser, wife and children
Weshler the butcher, wife and children
Weshler (my teacher)
Weiner, Josel
Weiner, Miriam
Weiner, Sigmund M.D.
Weiner, Dina
Weisman the tinsman, wife and children
Weisman, Berta
Weisman, Freideh (Fritzi)
Weisman, Leib
Wengerd, Max, wife and children
Zlotshover, Yosel, wife and children

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