Holocaust Scroll
of the Holy Community of Cakovec
(Čakovec, Croatia)

46°23' / 16°26'

Translation of
Megilat ha-shoa shel kehilat kodesh Cakovec

Editor: Moshe Etz-Hayyim (Tibor Grunwald)

Published in Tel Aviv 1977




This is a translation of: Megilat ha-shoa shel kehilat kodesh Cakovec (Holocaust scroll of the holy community of Cakovec),
Editor: Moshe Etz-Hayyim (Tibor Grunwald), Published: Tel Aviv 1977 (H,Sc 194 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Cakovec

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


  Map of the Medimurje Region 7
Part I: 1790-1941
I. Remember - Never Forget 9
II. Cakovec in the Medimurje land 10
III. Dates 11
IV. The Era 12
Section 1: Beginnings
V. Founding the Cakovec community 17
VI. The Cakovec community in the 19th Century 19
  Building the synagogue 19
  R'I. Schwartz 23
  Commerce and industry 26
  The social and political situation 31
Section 2: Forecast
VII. The Jugoslavic Period 41
  The new regime 42
  Economy 49
  The Jewish community 51
  Rabbi Dr. A. Greenwald 55
  Dr. L. Schwartz 72
  The prophecy of Holocaust and Revival 78
  "The Cakovec Regulations" 80
  Education 83
  The synagogue and the court 85
  The Zionist Cakovec 91
  Otto Jungwirt 92
  Z.O.D. - the Organization of the Jewish Youth 93
  WIZO organization 99
  M. C. O. - The local Zionist Organization 100
  BEITAR 101
  The New Zionist Organization in town 103
Part II: 1941-1945
  * Days of Holocaust *
VIII. The Hungarian Occupation 107
  The arrest of the young people 110
  The mobilization to labor camps 114
  The Cakovec martyrs murdered in Croatia and Serbia 116
  Racist decrees in Cakovec 118
  Partisans 119
Section 3: The Ending
  * The Holocaust *
IX. Sudden Horror 123
X. The End 131
XI. Cakovec Day in Auschwitz 135
XII. YIZKOR for the Cakovec Martyrs 138
  Alphabetical list of the martyrs 139
XIII. After the Terrible Fire 145
XIV. Those who Returned from Hell 146
Section 4: The Remnant
XV. Upon the Ruins of our Community 153
  List of 68 who returned (1945) 157
  List of those who returned to Cakovec 160
  Additional list 160
XVI. The Community is Making Aliya to Zion 162
  The unveiling of a Memorial Monument in Cakovec 163
  Dargo Singer z”l 165
XVII. The Cakovec Community is Erased 167
  Dr. Polinich Emanuel 167
  Ceremony in memory of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising 179
XVIII. The Cakovec Community in Israel
  The memorial day 173
  List of those who died after the Holocaust 176
  Avi Greenwald 177
XIX. Members of the Community in Eretz Israel 179
XX. The Story Shall be Told… 180
* * *
  * Sources and Bibliography 181
  * A Summary in Jugoslavian 5-12

Important Remark: The events and persons mentioned in this Holocaust Chronicle have been collected from sources and documents, interviews and conversations, news and memories that were put at my disposal. It is very clear to me that many events and names, among them most important ones, are missing. What I have not heard or seen, I cannot put in writing, obviously. I am asking forgiveness from all. Tibi


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