History of the Jews in the Bukowina

Geschichte der Juden in der Bukowina


Volume I (1958)

Captions translated by Jerome Silverbush

Photos scanned by Jerome S. Schatten

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General Gabriel Baron von Spleny and General Karl Baron von Enzenberg 52
Old Chernivtsi – Ringplatz with the City Magistrate 52
Elisabethenplatz with the City Theater and the Chamber of Commerce palace 52
Chernivtsi, 1894 (partial view). In background, the Great Synagogue 52
Gravestone of Dow ben Mosche, died Ab 20, 5608 (August 19, 1848) 52
Gravestone of Rabbi Baruch ben Schlomo from the year 5554 (1794) 52
Gravestone from the year 1741 52
Gravestone from the year 1862 52
Gravestone of Rabbi Mordche ben Jizchak Segal of Seret from the year 5584 (1824) 52
Gravestones of Leib ben Nissan Halevi and Jizchak Jaakob ben Meir Halevi (1844) 52
Dr. Lazar Elias Igel, Dr. Benno Straucher and Dr. Josef Rosenfeld 52
Dr. Eduard Reiss, the first Jewish mayor of the city of Chernivtsi 52
Naftali Tittinger, Isaak Rubinstein, David Rottenberg and Heinrich Wagner 52
Fire in Judengasse in 1867 52
Great Synagogue (inside view) 52
Prayer house "Chewra Tillim" on 31 Synagogue Alley 52
School yard 52
Great Synagogue (outside view) 52
Prayer house of "Reb Chaim Czernowitzer" on 4 Bahnhof Street 52
Amalia Zucker, Jossel Schmelzer and Markus Zucker 60
The directors of the German-Israelite elementary school in Chernivtsi 60
Meschulim Schiffer, Dr. Julius Kiesler and Moritz Gottlieb 60
The Great Temple of Chernivtsi 60
Isak Rosenheck and Simon Schächter 60
The residence of the archbishop in Chernivtsi 68
Archbishop Dr. Vladimir von Repta who rescued the Torah scrolls during World War I 68
Dr. Salo von Weisselberger, the last Jewish mayor of the city of Chernivtsi 68
Deportation from Chernivtsi (1914): Weisselberger, Schächter, Rosner, Bilgrey and Krämer 68
The Emperor Karl in Chernivtsi (1917) 68
Major General, Dr. h. c. Eduard von Fischer, knight of the Maria Theresia order 68
Dr. Abraham Jakob Mark, the last chief rabbi of Chernivtsi 68
The Jewish National House in Chernivtsi 68
Prof. Dr. Neumann Wender, Dr. Carl Gutherz and Dr. Markus Menczer 68
Rabbi Meschulem Rath, Rabbi Benzion Katz and Rabbi Benjamin Weiss 68
The Rabbinical Court in Sadgora 88
Reb Rabbi Israel Friedmann, known as the "Ruzyner" 88
Reb Ber Friedmann (Leova) 88
Rabbi Abraham Jakob Friedmann and Rabbi Mordechai Friedmann (Sadgora) 88
Rabbi Nachum Friedmann (Boyany) 88
Rabbi Salamon Friedmann (Sadgora) and Rabbi Israel Friedmann (Leipzig) 88
Rabbi Israel Hager, Vizhnitsa 88
Rabbi Mendl Hager, founder of the Vizhnitsa rabbinical dynasty 88
Rabbi Baruch Hager, Rabbi Leser Hager and Rabbi Isak Hager 88
The yeshiva in Vizhnitsa 88
Rabbi Chaim Hager, called the "Ottynier Rav" 88
Dr. Mayer Ebner, founder of the Jewish National Movement in Bukovina 100
Dr. Chaim Weizmann in Chernivtsi, December 12, 1927 100
Nahum Sokolow in Chernivtsi (1929) 100
Vladimir Jabotinsky in Chernivtsi 100
Siegmund Weissglas, Dr. Leon Kellner and Selig Wagschal 100
Löbl Taubes 100
Dr. Manfred Reifer and Dr. Leon Schmelzer 100
Dr. Josef Bierer, Prof. Dr. Markus Reiner and Dr. Ludwig Chajes 100
Dr. Salomon Kassner, Dr. Salomon Kinnsbrunner and Dr. Benedikt Kaswan 100
Lord Wedgwood in Chernivtsi 100
Josef Wiznitzer 100
Dr. Nahum Goldmann in Chernivtsi (1935) 100
"Hasmonaa", 80th semester celebration, July 14, 1891 – July 14, 1931 115
"Zephirah", Chernivtsi (1919) 115
"Zephirah", Chernivtsi (1897 – 1922) 115
"Emunah" Chernivtsi, 50th semester celebration in Toynbee Hall in 1926 115
"Emunah", 1922 115
"Emunah", 1924 115
"Emunah", 50th anniversary celebration in Tel Aviv 115
"Emunah", Chernivtsi, 1934 115
Reunion of "Emunah" in Tel Aviv September 29 – 30, 1950 115
"Moriah", Chernivtsi 115
"Hebronia", Chernivtsi (April 9, 1934) 123
Vladimir Jabotinsky in the home of "Hebronia", Chernivtsi (January 1, 1930) 123
"Hebronia", (1900-1925) 123
"Hebronia", Chernivtsi, 1922 123
Dr. Severin Lazarowicz 123
110th semester celebration of "Hebronia" in Tel Aviv April 2, 1955 123
Dr. Benno Sternberg, David Wiener and Dr. Josef Mosberg 123
"Heatid" 123
Sigmund Pulman and Dr. Siegmund Last 123
"Heatid" 123
"Heatid" 123
Dr. Lambert Korn 123
"Morgenroit" [1] cultural center 132
Wilhelm Ippen and Dr. Berl Friedmann 132
State conference of the "Bund" [2] (Mai 1929) 132
Dr. Joseph and Leah Kissman 132
Sarah and Markus Kaswan 132
Dr. Jakob Pistiner 132
The funeral procession of Dr. Jakob Pistiner 132
Dr. Marco Schaffer, director of the "Morgenroit" School 132
Karl Kohn, Herz Gilischenski, Nathan Tropper and Litman Schaffer 132
Founders group of "Dror" before their return to Chernivtsi (Vienna, 1918) 148
Celebration on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Movement 148
The first girls’ group in Chernivtsi (1920) 148
The leaders in Chernivtsi (1922) 148
The first Leaders’ Council of the National Romanian Organization 148
On the great outing 148
"Trumpeldor", the first group to be trained for emigration to Israel (Chernivtsi, 1924) 148
The "Chaim" group, Chernivtsi, 1925 148
The "Chaim" group, Chernivtsi, 1925 148
The "Ophek" group, Chernivtsi, 1928 148
The last meeting in summer camp (Jakobeni, 1947) 148
Cultural house and dining hall in Kibbutz "Maabaroth" (Israel) 148
Doctors and nurses of the Jewish Hospital in Chernivtsi 156
Prof. Dr. Jakob Landau and Dr. Lipa Wiznitzer 156
Celebration on the occasion of the addition to the Jewish Hospital in Chernivtsi 156
Joint committee in Chernivtsi in 1922 156
Kalman Gronich and Director Salamon Schulz 156
"Gemilath Chassadim" [Philanthropic society] 156
Jewish Apprentice Home, "Jakob and Josef Perez" 156
Josef Greif and David Mader 156
Dr. Max Fokschaner, Sarina Fokschaner, Zacharias Pulman and Dr. Jaques Schnee 156
Lina Trichter, Hermann Bianowicz, Leon König and Prof. Brenner 156
Legal and Aid Protection Society in Chernivtsi 156
Jakob Gottlieb, Moritz Liquornik, Elias Grill and Oskar Wald 156
The Chernivtsi singing club, "Hasamir" in Vatra Dornei (1912) 156
Dr. Leo Schächter and Prof. Dr. Hermann Sternberg 164
The "Massada" in Israel (1949/50) 164
The Jewish National Association "Herzlia" in Chernivtsi 164
The Jewish National Association "Moriah" 164
Dr. Marem Somer, Engineer Michael Schindler, Dr. Heinrich Rubel and Karl Fränkel 170
Hiking club, "Blue-White" 170
The first soccer team of the Maccabee sports club of Chernivtsi, 1920 170
Schlomo Gottlieb, the victor in the marathon (Chernivtsi, September 19, 1920) 170
Sports club "Hakoah" (Chernivtsi, 1910) 170
Inauguration of the Maccabee sports field by Rabbi, Dr. Josef Rosenfeld in Chernivtsi (1923) 170
Sport council of Maccabee Chernivtsi on the occasion of the opening of the new sports field 170
Lord Melchett in Chernivtsi 170
Karl and Fanny Bernstein 170
Camillo Hornik 170
Sport festival on the occasion of the 25th aniversery of the founding of the Maccabee Movement 170
2nd Maccabee Games in Tel Aviv (1935) 170
Opening parade at the Maccabee Games in Chernivtsi (1927) 170
The chairman of sports club "Borochow", Ch. Weidenfeld 170
Departure of the Bukovina participants to the first Maccabee Games (Tel Aviv, 1932) 170
Jewish sport and gymnastic club, "Borochow" 170
Arnold Krumholz and Julius Kamil 170
Sport club "Borochow", Chernivtsi 170
Sport club "Borochow", gymnastic section (1937) 170
Sport club "Borochow", gymnastic section (1932) 170
Wilhelm Tannenbaum, Dr. Karl Seidmann, Dr. Paul Rieber and Dr. Ferdinand Sternlieb 172
Dr. Max Diamant, Prof. Hermann Last, Aba Soifer and Markus Gold 172
Sigmund Stenzler, Israel Kliegler, Marcus Teutler and Georg Haller 172
Josef Rudich, S. Wildmann, Eisik Druckman and Salomon Merdinger 172
Dr. Zewi Schärf and Jakob Stenzler, the decades long Jewish community presidents 172
Dr. Philipp Menczel, Abraham Dresdner, Rabbi Dr. David Kessler and Feiwisch Tauber 172
Moritz Goldschläger, Chief Cantor Gurmann, Cantor Schrager and Pinie Spektor 172
Schama Geller, Samuel Fritz, Chief Cantor David Feldmann, Chief Cantor Mendel Schächter 172

Table of Contents

  1. The main accomplishment of Joseph – and Leah and her sister Sara and Sara's husband, Markus Kaswan, and the Jewish Socialist Bund in Czernowitz generally – was the creation of Morgenroit [managed with help of American donations], a vocational school that taught dressmaking to girls and furniture making to boys in addition to high school level subjects generally. Two grand buildings were built, one including classrooms, workshops, a great library, a cafeteria and dining room, a gym and other spaces, the other one an opulent theater normally used for films but equipped to be transformed into a grand opera house. Return

  2. Abbreviation of "Algemeyner Yidisher Arbejter Bund in Lite, Polyn un Rusland" – "General Jewish Workers' Union in Lithuania, Poland and Russia"; Jewish socialist party foundet in Russia in 1897. Return

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