Book of Budzanow
(Budanov, Ukraine)

49°10' / 25°43'

Translation of
Sefer Budzanow

Edited by staff members
with the participation of I. Siegelman

Published by the Former residents of Budzanow in Israel, Haifa 1968



Project Coordinator

Florence Rodman Klevit z"l


This is a translation from: Sefer Budzanow:
(Book of Budzanow),
Edited by I. Siegelman,
Published by the Former residents of Budzanow in Israel, Haifa 1968 (H,Y,E)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Budaniv

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Title Author Page
Once there was a Shtetl
A monument to our town   7
Our town: a memorial [Y]   8
Ask those burning in fire Dov Hendel 11
Budanov, as it was [Y] Israel Morgenstern-Schiffman 13
In the Shadow of a Rose Bush (poem) Shimshon Melzer 26
A historical questionnaire [Y]   32
Yizkor M. Dvorzhetzki 36
Generations of the Past
The Rav David Shlomo Eibschitz Shraga Guttmacher 40
Memories and episodes from Budanov I. Neufeld 43
The Budanov Community Register [Pinkas] [Y] Shimon Feilich 48
My town Budanov Israel Morgenstern Schiffman 61
A young boy in Budanov Moshe Felner 73
The Budanov Rabbis Rav Yakov Yitzhak Weissblum 77
Between the Two Worls Wars
Childhood (from the poem “Meir the Klezmer”) Shimshon Melzer 89
The Galicia land   90
The story of Budanov Dov Hendel 91
The melamed R'Dudi Kamuels Shimshon Melzer 107
My little town Muni Epstein 111
A visit in Budanov [Y] Nachman Blumenthal 116
The “Gordonia” Organization Yona Goren 121
At home Tzipora Hendel 126
Family Eliyahu Schitzer 132
Correspondence about Budanov   134
Jews in the Warbowitz village Muni Epstein 136
My Shtetl Yanov Imanuel Eschenberg 139
Where we lived   147
A Poem Shimshon Melzer 152
Destruction and annihilation
The destruction of Budanov S. Glaser 156
Survivors from Trembowla tell their stories   186
From “The Minyan in my town” Shimshon Melzer 191
In the Holocaust Avraham Buchholz 192
On the road of torment [Y] Shaye G. 209
A young girl in the storm Bronia Levinsohn-Fleischhaker 219
Childhood in the time of destruction Arie Tzart 231
The destruction of Yanov Yakov Balaban 238
The road of torment Ester Datzker 244
My wanderings in the days of fury Muni Epstein 249
After the liberation [Y] S. Glaser 250
“The Righteous Among the Nations”   252
Dates in the Holocaust   253
Eternal disgrace   254
Yizkor Rachel Auerbach 256
List of the Martyrs   257
Pages of remembrance   281
In memory of our townspeople who died in Israel   294
In Israel
In Israel after the Holocaust   300
A letter from Canada after a visit to Israel Aharon Weinfeld 306
Budanov today   307
Citation and Acknowledgment   308
English Section
List of articles   311
From “Song of my People” (poem) T. R. Nathan 312
The Budzanov Memorial Volume Dov Hendel 315
Taking Jewish property Abraham C. Weinfeld 317
We will never forget   318
Foreword The Budzanov Book Committee in Israel 319

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