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Briceni Map




1 Jedniczer Street 21 Theater (Horowiczs' Hall) 38 Bank 54 Grain Stores
2 Potchtowa [“Post Office” Street] 22 Firemen (Fire Department) 39 The Large School 55 Business shops
3 Rymkiewiczer (Romankowyczer) 23 Jewish Hospital 40 Bais Medrash H
Large Pharmacy
4 Bukoviner Street 24 Iczyk Kohen's Courtyard 41 Seleszczer Courtyard 56 Taverns
5 Khotyner Street 25 Shaarei Zion and New Talmud Torah (School) D
Old Courtyard 57 Innkeepers
6 Berl Yosef Yitzchok's Street 26 Electricity Station 42 Telephone Station 58 Craftsmen
7 Hospital Street 27 Furriers' Courtyard 43 Courthouse, volost [district] and prison (Chad Gadya) 59 Coaches/Cabs
8 Lypkaner Street A
Linat Hatzedek Street (Hinde the Bubbe's [grandmother's]) [1826 Synagogue] 44 Public Bathhouse and Matzo Bakery 60 Brewer and Turkish Tombstones
9 Hilzerner [“Wood”] Street 28 The Old Talmud Torah (School) E
Old Hall 61 Neighborhood
10 The Center [Intersection] 29 Shoemakers Courtyard F
Union and Beit Sefer Metukan (“Improved School”) 62 Jewish Cemetery
11 New Plan 30 Outfitters' (sellers of better goods) Courtyard 45 Sadigura Courtyard 63 Dadeles River
12 Livestock Marketplace 32 Moti Kremer's Hall (Movie) 46 Loan and Save Fund 64 Road to Khotyn
13 Fire Station Field 32 Large Library G
Zionist Library 65 Romankowycz (Rymkiewiczer) Bridge and Road to the Woskowczy Train Station
14 Open Market [Tarowyce] 33 Water Carriers Courtyard 47 The Lover's [Stroll] 66 Road to Sekurin
15 Church Field 34 Berl Yosef Iczyk's Courtyard 48 Government Hospital (Balnicza) I
Meat Markets and Meat Market Street
16 Mountain Field 35 Tailor's Courtyard 49 New Prison 67 Road to Jedinecz
17 Jedinecz Bridge 36 The Baths [place to swim in the river] 50 Government School 68 Lypkan Bridge and Road to Lypkan
18 Football Area B
Tailor's Street 51 Church 69 Non-Jewish Cemetery
19 Commercial School C
Blacksmiths' Street 52 Christian Cemetery 70 Seniors Residence
20 Post Office building 37 The Monument (“pomiatnik”) 53 Gymnasium  


Table of Contents

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