The Bialystoker Memorial Book
(Białystok, Poland)

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Translation of
Der Bialystoker yisker-bukh

Editor: I. Shmulewitz

Published by Bialystoker Center, NY, 1982




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This is from: Der Bialystoker yisker-bukh
The Bialystoker memorial book,
Edited by I. Shmulewitz. Published by Bialystoker Center, NY, 1982

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Bialystok (1982)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Book Committee, to the Bialystok Landsleit   V
List of contributors   VII
Foreword Max Rotner IX
In Old Bialystok
From a little river to a world–city I. Shmulewitz 3
My Bialystok (poem) Z. Segalowitz 6
Old Bialystok Eliezer Feigin 7
One hundred years ago Avraham Shmuel Hershberg 9
How Avraham Shmuel Hershberg perished   14
The historic town–clock   14
The rise of Zionism   15
The Jews of long ago in the Bialystok region Dr. Anatol Lestchinski 16
The time of Rabbi Shmuel Mohliver Dr. Refael Landau 17
The beginning of the Jewish Labor Movement Mordechai Pogorelski 19
Memories from the ancient past Tewel Bloch 21
With Dr. Yosef Chazanowitz Littman Rosenthal 24
Dr. Ludwig Samenhof Dr. M. Sodarski 26
The great pogrom in Bialystok David Sehon 28
Our unforgettable old home Ossip Dimov 32
The synagogues, Batei Midrash and minyanim [prayer groups]   34
The New Times
Our shining past Pesach Kaplan 37
The beginning of the Twentieth Century Avraham Reisen 39
The “BUND” in Bialystok Imanuel Novogrodski 41
he establishment of Po'alei Zion David Clementinovski 45
The Bialystok Yizkor Book
The relationship with “Habimah Ossip Dimov 48
The first Paintings Exhibition M. Babitch 50
Torah Institutions and “Beautiful Jews” M. Sirota 52
”Everyday Jews” M. Sirota 57
The Yiddish theater between the two wars Sheftel Zak 61
The Jewish Sport Organizations Pinchas Ginsburg 64
The pogroms Mordechai Pogorelski 68
Gedalia from Bialystok (poem) Many Leib 68
The last community in Bialystok Att. Zvi Clementinovski 69
A fire in the Gur Shtiebel   70
On the Eve of Ruin
Under Polish rule 1919–1939 I. Ch. Kontzipolski 73
The former textile industrialists   74
Jewish life before the war David Clementinovski 79
The Social–cultural life   86
Memories from the Jewish hospital Dr. Yakov Sokol 89
The greatness of the synagogue–life in the past B. Tabatchinski 91
There are no words (poem) Daniel Tcharni 93
Names of perished teachers   94
The Jewish press before destruction A. Zbaar 95
The Jewish printing association Issak Ribolovski and Hershel Kozak 97
At my father's table (poem) Avraham Shevach 98
The historical calendar of the town David Clementinovski 99
In the footsteps of the Fathers (poem) Binyamin Obelski 103
The Landsman Maxim Litvinov Ben Moshe 104
The Tragic Beginning
Yahrzeit candles [memorial candles] (poem) Avraham Shevach 109
When borders are on fire Yakov Patt 110
During troubled times Yitzhak Haber 111
Under Soviet rule   113
The Jewish war–refugees   116
Bialystok (poem) Yosef Rubinstein 118
How the refugees were welcomed Chaim Leib Fuchs 119
We shall not forget! (poem) Chana Bushel–Solov 120
Our Yurovtze Street Mordechai Pogorelski 120
Under the Yoke of the Nazis
On the road to destruction   123
The Judenrat and the beginning of suffering   126
Rivke'le the Sabbath–woman [Di Shabesdike] Pesach Kaplan 130
Life and struggle in the ghetto   130
Suffering before the End
Desperation and hope   135
The day of YIZKOR [remembrance] (poem) Avraham Zak 136
Pesach Kaplan's diary from the ghetto   137
The death of Pesach Kaplan   149
Sad dates from the ruins   150
The tragic end is coming   151
The echo of the events in Eretz Israel   152
The destruction of Bialystok and surroundings Dr. Shimon Datner 156
On the threshold of 1942   163
A tragic gathering in the ghetto   167
The destruction of the Province   169
The Ladies' “Aktzia” to Volkovisk   173
Echoes from the Warsaw Ghetto   177
The Tennenboim–Tamaroff Ghetto Archives   179
The tragic will–and–testament of the last Jews   182
Suicides in the ghetto   183
Destruction and Resistance
The end of the Jews of the Region   189
The discovered minutes and announcements of the Judenrat Yitzhak Zettler 191
The Aktzia in February 1943 Refael Reisner 194
The ghetto–martyr Yitzhak Melamed   201
The last chapter of the old Community   203
An Appeal   205
The ghetto in flames   206
The heroic resistance   211
The second week of slaughter   216
In the Bialystok Ghetto (poem)   220
Pages from a tragic diary Shimon Amiyel 221
The loud echoes of the heroic resistance   227
Fritz Gustav Friedel – the main murderer   227
The trial and the well–earned punisment   228
The uprising of the Jews in the ghetto Pesach Burstein 230
The hiding place in the attic Avrasha Gershuni 232
A witness tells about the uprising   234
“Katzet” (poem) H. Salman 235
Heroes who perished in the uprising   236
Partial list of the fallen fighters   237
In the days of the Resistance   240
“Marcovtchizne” (poem)   241
After the Liberation
In the town of ruin and devastation   245
The Bialystok alleys (poem) Avraham Shevach 245
Mourning and memories of the Martyrs Yitzhak Borenstein 246
In Bialystok August 1944 Srolke Kott 250
The Bialystok weavers (poem) Z. Segalowitz 252
The first Yom Kippur in the home–town   252
On the Bialystok Roads (poem) Shlomo Patt 253
The first Passover after the Holocaust Rabbi Dr. Avraham Kravetz 254
In Bialystok, soon after the War Pesach Burstein 255
“Eicha Bialystok” [poem, after the Book of Lamentations] Eliezer Nyudov–Nyevdadovski 258
A letter from the Committee   258
List of Bialystok Jews after the War   259
Greetings and call from Chayke Grossman Rabbi Mordechai Kirshblum 261
The beginning of a new life Yedidya Homburg 265
The holy soil of the Zhabye cemetery Dr. Shimon Datner 268
Memories from the Hebrew High–School 270
The Fate of the Children
The fate of the miracle–children Shalom Bechman 277
One of the survivors relates Chana Linn–Kizelstein 279
The Brotherly Help
Help from the Bialystok Center   283
A call from Landsleit, in numbers   284
The echo in the “Bialystoker Stimme”   285
My former home during childhood Israel Beker 287
Our Bialystok lineage Freidkes 288
The famous Bialystok artist Benn A. Parizer 289
Shalom Aleichem à la Bialystok Aharon Zeitlin 290
Bialystok my home (poem)   291
I visited the old home Yehuda Greenhoiz 292
A visit in Bialystok 35 years after the destruction Isaak Ribolovski 293
For us, the war did not end Chaika Grossman 297
A remembrance and a warning Dr. Samuel Pisaar 298
How I survived Beile Bender–Horin 300
Victims and witnesses tell their stories
Heroism on the road to Death Yosef Blumson 305
Achieved victory, but not victorious Srolke Kott 307
How I saved myself Hirsh Feigin 308
After the liquidation of the ghetto Moshe Bender 310
Mourning of a heroine's father   312
A witness against the Nazi criminals Pesach Burstein 313
I was disguised as a man Fany Garfinkel 316
My father's last road Charles Shweber 318
In the Warsaw “Pawiak” Arie (Leon) Sherenitz 320
Forever etched in memory Tzirl (Bercowitz) Steingart 321
Our meeting after the “road of suffering” Nechama Dinur (Drogotchinski) 324
A will–and–testament for the next generation Alice Kraemer 325
The Landsleit Over the World
The arrival of the first Landsman David Sohn 331
Jewish Bialystok in America Isaak Ribalovski 335
The Old Synagogue in New York   343
Our devoted “Ambassador” Rabbi Shmuel A. Kronik 344
The leader David Sohn Louis Silver 346
David Sohn's family Zalman Heller 348
The strength of a Bialystok origin Shmuel Yitzhaki 349
My connection with Bialystok Irving I. Stone 352
Hitler's Jewish victims by countries and numbers   353
Chana'le (poem) Shmuel Bernstein 353
In Israel
The Organization of Bialystok Jews in Israel ZalmanYerushalmi and Kopel Lev 357
In the new home in Eretz Israel   358
Zalman Yerushalmi Chaim Israeli 360
A warm and homelike settlement in Eretz Israel Avraham Wertheim 361
The contribution of our ancestors Avraham Liess 363
Kiryat Bialystok   365
At the World–Gathering in New York   366
The appeal and the great response of the Landsleit   367
The printed “Bialystoker Vort” [Bialystok Word]   368
In Australia
Our important activity P. Albert 371
The devotion of the Landsleit   373
The old and the new in Australia   374
In Argentina
Fifty years of the Association Wolf Teshinski 377
Life in a new world D. Sherman 379
In Buenos Aires Yitzhak Monaker 380
In France
With the Bialystoker in Paris David Podliashuk 385
The first letter from France   387
The Committee after the War Fishel Feinfeld 388
Chances of help from America   389
Map and view of Bialystok today   391
Bibliography   392
Editorial Committee   IV
To Our Bialystoker landsleit and Friends The Bialystoker Memorial Book Committee V
Foreword Max Ratner IX
Bialystok of Old
Bialystok – A Historical Survey I. Shmulewitz 3
Bialystok – The Beginning Elijezer Fejgin 5
One Hundred Years Ago Awrom Szmuel Herszberg 6
Rabbi Szmuel Mohilewer Dr. Szoul Refoel Landau 11
The Jewish Labour Movement Mordechaj Pogorelski 12
Dr. Josef Chazanowicz – A Profile Litman Rozental 13
Dr. Ludwig Zamenhof and Esperanto Dr. M. Sudarski 14
Pogroms in the 19th Century Mordechaj Pogorelski 15
The Pogrom Against the Jews David Sohn 16
The Martyrs of the 1906 Pogrom   18
Bialystok - the Modern Period
Recalling Our Proud Past Pejsach Kaplan 21
The "Bund" In Bialystok Emanuel Nowogrodski 22
The Labour Zionist Movement Dowid Klementynowski 24
Some of the Well-Known Jewish Physicians in Bialystok   25
The Habimah National Theatre Ossip Dymow 26
The First Jewish Art Exhibition Maks Babicz 27
Torah Institutions and Leaders M. Sirota 28
The Athletes and Heroes   29
The Growth of the Silk Industry Y.H. Kancypolski 30
The Jewish Sports Movement Pynchos Ginzburg 31
The Jewish Theatre 1919–1939 Szeftel Zak 33
Women of Bialystoker Jewish Aristocracy   34
On the Eve of the Holocaust
Under Polish Jurisdiction 1919-1939 Y.H. Kancypolski 37
The Community before the War Dowid Klementynowski 38
The Last Kehilla in Bialystok Zwi Klementynowski 41
Remembering the Jewish Hospital Dr. Jacob Sokol 42
The School and Education B. Tabaczynski 43
A Historical Calendar   44
Maxim Litvinov Our Landsman Dowid Klementynowski 45
The Tragic Beginning
As the Borders Go Up In Flame Jakow Pat 49
The Yahrzeit Candle Awrom Szewach 49
The Rise and Fall of Bialystok Awrom Zbar 50
The Jews Welcome the Refugees Chaim Lejb Fuks 55
Under Nazi Oppression
The Beginning of the Holocaust   59
Rivkele the Shabbosdike Pejsach Kaplan 62
The Judenrat's Minutes and Orders Isaac Czesler 63
Agony Before the End
Pejsach Kaplan's Ghetto Diary   71
The Death of Pejsach Kaplan   74
Bialystok Region in Ruins Dr. Szymon Datner 75
The Archives of Tenenbaum-Tamarof and Mersik   80
Tragic Messages from the last Jews Dr. Szymon Datner 81
The “Action” of February 1943 Refoel Rajzner 83
These are the sorrowful dates of our “Yiskor” Calendar   89
An Appeal Bialystok Ghetto Resistance Organization 90
The Ghetto in Flames Refoel Rajzner 91
Surrounded by Blood and Fire Szymon Amiel 98
Fritz Gustav Friedl – Mass Murderer   103
Death and Resistance
The Bialystok Ghetto Uprising Pejsach Bursztejn 109
Partial List of Martyrs   111
Our Streets Awrom Szewach 113
After the Liberation
Jews in Bialystok After the War Jakov Pat and Dr. Chaim Szozskes 117
Memorial in Tribute to the Victims Izchok Bornsztejn 119
Bialystok in August 1944 Srolke Kot 121
The First Passover after the War Rabbi Dr. Awrom Krawets 122
With the Jews after the War Pejsach Bursztejn 123
Bialystok – A Lamentation Eliezer Newdow-Newadowski 124
The Beginning of a New Life Yedidia L. Hamburg 125
After the War   126
The Sacred Zabia Cemetery Dr. Szymon Datner 127
The Hebrew Gymnasium Dr. Szymon Datner 129
Jewish victims of the Nazis by country   130
The Children's Fate
Saving the Children   133
A Rescued Child Speaks Chana Lin–Kizlsztejn 134
Assistance from other Bialystokers
The Bialystoker Centre helps   137
Minutes of the Relief Conference Louis Shreibman 138
A Plea for help from landsleit on Cyprus   139
A letter of appreciation from the Religious Kehilla in Bialystok   139
How the Stimme is appreciated in Poland   140
The Victims' and Witnesses' Accounts
My visit to Bialystok in 1977 Izaak Rybal–Rybalowski 143
For us the war has not yet ended Chajke Grosman 144
Growing up in the Bialystok Ghetto Dr. Samuel Pisar 145
My Beloved Home Israel Beker 146
Sam Solasz – From devastation to triumph Rabbi Lowell S. Kronick 147
How I survived the Holocaust Hirsz Fejgin 148
A Father's grief for his daughter   149
The famous artist, Benn A. Parizer 150
I testified against a war criminal Pejsach Burszteijn 151
I disguised myself as a man Fannie Bojarski–Garfinkel 153
A walk to death: My father's story Charles Schwecher 154
A Bialystoker Jew in Pawjak Leon Szereniec 156
A legacy for the second generation Alys Kremer 157
Forever in my memory Tzirl (Berkowicz) Steingart 158
Reunion after a painful journey Nechama (Drogoczynski) Dinur 159
Bialystokers All Over the World
Bialystokers in the United States
The first Bialystoker in America David Sohn 165
Bialystoker Centre and Home – 50 years Izaak Rybal–Rybalowski, General Secretary 168
Bialystoker Jews in America – A record of proud achievement   172
Max Ratner – A Bialystoker with a heart Szmuel Izchaki 173
My Bialystok connection Irving I. Stone 175
Izaak Rybal – A profile Rabbi Lowell S. Kronick 176
David Sohn, leader of the Landsleit Louis Silver 177
The family of David Sohn Zalman Heller 178
David Sohn, Husband and Father Naomi Kavee and Mildred Spiegel 179
In Israel
Bialystoker Centre in Israel Zalman Yerushalmi and Kopel Lew 183
Jews in their new home   184
A new settlement in Israel Avraham Wertheim 185
Pioneers in Israel Avraham Lis 186
Kiryat Bialystok – A new beginning   187
In Australia
The Bialystoker Centre in Australia Pejsach Albert 191
In Argentina
The fiftieth anniversary of the Bialystoker Society in Argentina Wolf Czynski 195
In France
The Bialystoker community in France David Podliachouk 199
A reminder and a warning Dr. Samuel Pisar 200
The French committee after the war Fiszl Fajnfeld 201
Bibliography   202


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