Upon the Land of Bessarabia;
Studies, Memoirs, Articles, Documents
and Essays Depicting its Image

Translation of
Al admat Bessarabia; divrew mehkar, zikhronot, reshimot,
teudot ve-divrei safrut le-kviat hadmut shel yahaduta

Edited by: K.A. Bertini

Published in Tel Aviv 1959


This is a translation from:
Al admat Bessarabia; divrew mehkar, zikhronot, reshimot, teudot ve-divrei safrut le-kviat hadmut shel yahaduta,
Upon the land of Bessarabia; studies, memoirs, articles, documents and essays depicting its image,
ed: K.A. Bertini, United Assoc. of Former residents of Bessarabia, Tel Aviv 1959 (2 Volumes, 479 pages, H, Y)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Bessarabia (1959)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Section A
Foreword The Editors 7
Chasidism in Bessarabia N. Huberman z”l 9
Times of pogroms Israel Berman z”l 17
“The Center” in Kishinev Dr. P. Balzan 35
The Jewish press in Bessarabia and its functions Michael Landau 53
The Jewish Co-operatives in Bessarabia Y. Chitron 70
A “Prisoner of Zion” in 1908 Ch. Weissadler 85
The Jewish education in Bessarabia Zev Igeret 103
The youth movements in Bessarabia Meir Zayit 125
The history of the massacre of the Jews in Bessarabia and Transnistria Dr. T. Lavie Levinstein 140
Lone stalks of grain B. Y. Michali 181
Under the wings of angels Mordechai Goldenberg z”l 191
The big winnings on Purim night Z. Rosenthal z”l 214
The blessing of the harvest time Eliyahu Meytos 217
Leaves Moshe Altman 222
The wandering singer A. B. Yaffe 241
The poetry of Y. Fichman K. A. Bertini 249
Two who have left us Z. Igeret 262
Section B
Foreword The Editors 7
The Zionist Center in Bessarabia between the two World Wars Dr. M. Landau 9
Bessarabia episodes 18
Kishinev, in the distant and recent past Miriam Bernstein-Cohen 25
Memories from the pogroms in Kishinev Dr. P. Balzan 36
The Jewish Kishinev Mordechai Amitay 45
Karaban, the “Zionist” Ch. Weissadler 51
The Jewish life in Beltz [Bălţi] Yerachmiel Yaffe 62
R'Avraham Batlan [“the loafer”] Chaim Toren 70
R'Welvel Lea's A. Polikman 81
The last summer in Bessarabia Meir Zayit 83
The great tragedy of the Bessarabia Jews Dr. Meir Teich 99
The Holocaust of the Bessarabia Jews as reflected in the literature Dora Litani 109
S. Ben-Zion K. Kupperstein 116
Eliezer Steinbarg, the fabulist K. A. Bertini 147
Mordechai Goldenberg and Yakov Kutcher Zev Igeret 177
Yakov Fichman A.B. Yaffe 189
The path of K. A. Bertini Reuven Goldenberg 209
Section C
Sixty Years From the Kishinev Pogroms
The Kishinev pogroms as reflected in the Hebrew and Yiddish poetry A. R. Mal'achi 1-99
On the censorship omissions from “The Nemirov Ordeal" Ch. N. Bialik 99
The Kishinev pogrom as reflected in “Di Welt" G. Karsel 100-123
The Russian public opinion on the Kishinev pogroms Yehuda Slutzki 124-135
Bialik and the Kishinev orphans Shlomo Dubinski 136-143
The Kishinev pogrom [Y] Peretz Hirschbein 144-149
Self-defense during the Kishinev pogrom Shlomo Dubinski 150-153
When the Easter Holiday came [a poem] Eliyahu Meytos 154-156
My father's whistle [a poem] Eliyahu Meytos 157-163
The days of slaughter in Kishinev Avraham Polikman 164-165
Echoes of the Kishinev pogrom The World 165-166
Testimonies of Eye-Witnesses:
Obtaining testimony from the pogrom victims Ch. N. Bialik 167-182
The pogrom in Kishinev 183-191
Literature and Society
Eliyahu Meytos 70 years old
Summary of my life Eliyahu Meytos 195-197
Eliyahu Meytos and his poetry A. B. Yaffe 198-207
Four collections of letters [brought to print by] B. Y. Michali 208-243
Sayings & proverbs collected from the works of Bessarabia writers Shimon Todor 244-257
The Hechalutz in Bessarabia Dr. Michael Landau 258-261
The Hashomer Hatz'ir in Bessarabia Aharon Cohen 262-274
Gordonia episodes in Bessarabia M. Zayit 275-283
Chaim Grinberg in Kishinev Ch. Weissadler 284-293
Figures Dr. P. Balzan 294-298


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