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Shmuel Abba Sudit

(picture on page 19)

Shmuel Abba was born in Bendery and was considered a wealthy and respected businessman. He was a scholar and a follower of the Rabbi from Pashkan. He had a large and well-educated family. In his youth he was a treasurer of an army unit and he served in Caucasus. He was also Gabbai of the Sadigura Synagogue. His store was in the center of town and in it there was a special room where the followers of the Rabbi would congregate.

He was a member of the executive board of the Jewish community and a recognized leader. He was also well-known as a generous and honest man. He opened his home to groups of people who studied Mishna and Torah.

On special Holidays he and his wife travelled to the Rabbi to study with him. When the Rabbi from Pashkan came to Bendery he and his entourage stayed in his home for the entire visit. They even received their guests in that home.

His son, Mendel Sudit, was exiled to Siberia for 15 years by the Soviets. He was accused of being a bourgeois. The rest of his sons immigrated to the United States.

R. Mordehai (Motel) Sverdlik

A descendant of the Sudit and Imas families, he was born in Bendery in July 1885. His father died when he was a young child. He studied in Talmud Torah and in a public school in Bendery. When he turned 13 he began to work in the business belonging to the late R. MOSHE TAXIR.

In 1909 he married Sara, daughter of R. Moshe Taxir. They raised two daughters and a son. He was an honest and straight businessman, a modest man totally devoted to his family. He was involved in the life of the Jewish community in Bendery and was a well-known Zionist.

Yeshayahu made Aliyah in 1935 together with his family. After some absorption difficulties he was able to purchase a herring factory in Petach Tikva. He worked hard for 27 years. He ran his business as he had run the previous one in Bendery and he was well-liked by his customers and acquaintances.

His love of family was great and his devotion to them was outstanding. He was content and enjoyed life.

He was fortunate to live to see his grandchildren married and to be blessed with great-grandchildren.

He fell ill suddenly in 1963 and was taken home from the store. He died soon afterwards.

His good name, dedication to the love of his family and all people, his modesty and goodness will never be forgotten.

His friends often think of him and speak about his kindness and devotion.

May his soul be bound among the souls of the living!

His wife, Sara Sudit
Son, Menahem Sudit
Daughters, Massia Grinholtz, Ziporah (Benzvi) Azmon

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Yitzhak died in 1964. He was highly involved in all aspects of life in Eretz Israel, especially in public organizations. He was a veteran of the Haganah and a member of the cultural committee.

Pessia, Moshe, and Aryeh Saifer

A Memorial Candle Lit for Our Dear Family
from the Home of Pessia and Aryeh Saifer

Pessia and Aryeh Saifer made Aliyah in 1924.

Moshe Saifer and his family were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust in Galatz, Romania.

May their souls go up to heaven!

Itzhak Sofer

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R. Shmelke Sirkis

We will never forget those we lost

My father, my teacher, R. Shmelke (Shmuel, son of Yehudah Zeev) Sirkis, Z”L, was a scholar and a generous man. He served as a Gabbai in the Talne synagogue and was also an active member of the Jewish community.

He was born in 1872 and he died on 29.1.1919.

My mother, my teacher, Doba (daughter of Binyamin Geker), was an active woman of valor.

She was born in 1879 and died on 22.10.1943.

My sister, Bilha Rosenshein, was born in 1907 and was killed in the Holocaust in 1941.

My brother, Itzhak Sirkis, was born in 1909 and was killed in the Holocaust in 1941.

[Itzhak Sirkas? – picture not identified in book]

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Yehiel Sirkis

My brother Yehiel Sirkis was born in 1911 and was killed in Transnistria in 1941.

Shmuel Bortnik (Sirkis Family)

My sister's son, Shmuel Bortnik, was born in 1920. He died at the front in Sevastopol, Crimea, Russia in 1941.

May their souls be bound among the souls of the living!

Dr. Haim Sirkis


Our Parents Freyda and Shaul Frank

Our parents were born in Bessarabia. Their home was imbued with Zionism and, at the same time, with Russian culture. Mother loved to read in her spare time. Father used to recite poetry by Lermontov and Nikrassov to his children. They both worked hard at earning a living and taking care of their home. They endeavored to give their children a proper education. The parents left their imprint on all their children. Most of them joined Hashomer Hatzair and the parents followed their progress.

Our home was the center of our family life and was open to all emissaries of the movement. Our mother welcomed everyone and was nicknamed “mother of the shomrim.”

We owed much to our parents and we are fortunate to have been able to bring them to Eretz Israel before the Holocaust. They found comfort here and they were surrounded by their loving children and grandchildren.

Every year our family meets to visit their graves in the cemetery of Kibbutz Maabarot. We remember them with love.

The girls

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Freyda Frank
15.03.1872 – 28.03.1956
Shaul Frank
28.04.1872 – 7.09.1965


Raphael Pardis

Raphael was born in Bendery in 1875 and he died there in 1934. He was an honest man in his relations with God and with his fellow man.

He always helped the needy quietly and in secret.

He raised his sons to love Eretz Israel.

Our mother, his helpmate, was born in Akkerman and was killed in the Holocaust in Bendery.

May their memory be blessed!

The sons,
Moshe, Israel, Avraham
(as told to P.B.)

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Pinhas Feuer – The Dayan of Bendery

My parents were both born in Putshayev, Volyn, near Krementz. The tradition of our family, according to our father, tells us that he was a descendant of a student of the Baal Shem Tov, R. David Likes, z”l. My father used to travel to the Maggid of Trisk, z”l, and was his follower all his life.

When he arrived in Bendery he was tested by R. Itzikel Wertheim (grandfather of Rabbi Yosef Wertheim). He was then chosen by R. Itzikel to teach his grandchildren.

R. Itzikel recommended my late father to be the Dayan (judge) of Bendery. My father managed the rabbinate in a respectful way and earned the trust of the Jews of Bendery. Even non-Jews would choose to be judged by him. They always respected his decisions.

An event which occurred exemplifies his honesty and his love of peace. A young wealthy couple from Kishinev came to him to be granted a divorce. They had a child of ten. As rabbis usually do he tried to mediate and to establish peace. However, nothing worked and he still continued to investigate and to ask. He spoke to the man and my mother had a conversation with the wife. He discovered that the reason for the request for a divorce was a meddling mother-in-law. The divorce was denied and peace was restored.

May their souls be bound among the souls of the living!

Their son,
Y. Feuer


Zvi, son of Yosef, Paschan

He was born in 1891 and made Aliyah in 1925.

Zvi was raised in a traditional home and was instructed in religious subjects by local teachers. He also attended a public school.

He was one of the first importers in Eretz Israel. After he made Aliyah he opened a tile factory and later a plant for refrigeration and smoked fish.

He was active in public life and was well-liked by everyone.

His two daughters studied in Balfour High School in Tel Aviv.

He died in 1962 at the age of 71.

May his memory be blessed!

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Yocheved, Daughter of Yaakov, Paschan

Yocheved was born in 1895. She was a wonderful mother and a beautiful soul, modest and charitable.

She died in 1968 at the age of 73.

May her memory be with us forever!

The girls


Batya Tselnik

Our father Gershon died at the age of 32. Our mother was only 30 and her children were young orphans without any support. Our mother undertook to earn a living and to raise her children. She was courageous and had a pleasant disposition. Everyone around her reacted to her warmth. She always encouraged others.

When we grew up we made Aliyah and she joined us. Her love of life helped her to overcome many difficulties. Unfortunately, illness overcame her and she died at a ripe old age on 22.12.1966. Her children and grandchildren were by her bedside.

Her memory will last forever.

Leah Tselnik

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Eliahu Chaplik
In Eternal Memory of Our Beloved Father

We will never forget:

Our father, a scholar, a writer and a ritual slaughterer in Bendery, who died on 17 Tishrei 1928, our beloved mother DINA-RAHEL, daughter of R. MORDEHAI ITZHAK, died on 9 Adar 1909,our sister SHIFRA, her husband YAAKOV GILIK and their children and our sister MIRIAM, her husband MORDEHAI AUERBACH and their children. They were slaughtered by the Nazi murderers.

Children, brothers and sisters:
Yaakov and Zina Chaplik, Toronto
Lena Auerbach, Philadelphia
Yitzhak and Rahel Chaplik, Tel Aviv
Haike and David Gilik, Toronto
Moshe and Katya Chaplik, Toronto
And their grandchildren

Note the above is written in Hebrew on the right and in Yiddish on the left. It is exactly the same!

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Mrs. Esther-Leah Chalik
R. Israel Zvi Chalik

Israel Zvi died in Argentina in 1946. He was a respected merchant in Bendery and served as Gabbai in Rabbi Sh. Sh. Wertheim's synagogue. He stood out in his philanthropic activities, especially in Talmud Torah and the hospital.

He also represented the Jewish community on the municipal council in 1925-28.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, he continued to be a respected and active member of the Jewish community and in religious circles

Esther-Leah died in Argentina in 1958.

May their souls be bound among the souls of the living!

Rahel Chaplik

Rahel became the only daughter of Nahum and Etel Sverdlik when her brother Reuven was killed in World War and her sister Fraidel died young.

After her father's death she went to work at a young age. In 1921 she made Aliyah with her husband and young daughter. She worked hard, ran her household and raised her children. She worked at TNUVA for 27 years. Not only was she an excellent worker, but she was always ready to help everyone, even if they did not ask for it. Her colleagues appreciated her and chose her to be their representative in many aspects of the workers union.

Continued with picture on Page 420

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Rahel Chaplik

She was born on Simchat Torah – 26.9.1899 and died in Tel Aviv on 1.2.1964.

Rahel encouraged her children – Dina, Rivka, Nahum and Ruthie – to attend general and professional schools. They were all involved in serving their homeland and became members of the British army and later the Haganah and the Israel Defense Forces.

She was fortunate to be alive when they were all married and she had great enjoyment from them.

The image of Rahel is that of a homemaker, a woman of valor and a nurturing mother. She fulfilled all her tasks with love and loyalty and her memory is etched in the hearts of all who knew her.

May her memory be blessed!


Niunia Zukerman

He was born in Kishinev in 1897 and died in Tel Aviv in 1949


Eliezer Zukerman

He was born in Bendery in 1919 and he died in Tel Aviv in 1951


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