Memorial Book of the
Community of Aleksandria (Wolyn)
(Oleksandriya, Ukraine)

50°44' / 26°21'

Translation of
Pinkas ha-kehila Aleksandria (Wolyn); sefer yizkor

Editors: Shmuel Yizreeli, Natan Libneh, Aleksandria Society

Published in Tel Aviv, 1972


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This is a translation of: Pinkas ha-kehila Aleksandria (Wolyn); sefer yizkor
(Memorial book of the community of Aleksandria (Wolyn)),
Editors: Shmuel Yizreeli, Natan Libneh, Tel Aviv, Aleksandria Society, 1972 (H, 314 pages).

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


“Alexandria of Heaven” Nathan Livne 7
We shall always see them, longing for a life of light and freedom 10
My Alexandria Shmuel Yizre'eli 12
My heart goes out to Alexandria Arie Avatihi 15
The greatness of little Alexandria Zev Eisenman 16
The Story of a Town
The rule of the spirit B. Elimelech 23
Memories and way-of-life Shmuel Yizre'eli 28
We are going to Eretz Israel Chana Ironit 50
The pogroms of 1919 Yeshayahu Bargad 57
False accusation Pesach Golani 59
Education in Alexandria - memories Chana Ironit 61
The school was imprinted on my heart Shabetay Vogel 64
The first Hechalutz Conference Zahava Birstein - Bat Yitzhak 67
Hashomer Hatzair in Alexandria Avraham Burstein 69
Two years of teaching in Alexandria Batya Eisenstein-Keshev 78
Alexandria - the cradle of my childhood and youth Yeshayahu Bargad 81
Football in Alexandria Chaim Khiger 86
People and Personalities
Rav R' Chaim Nisan Sachs
My rabbi and teacher Shmuel Yizre'eli 91
Rav R' Chaim Nisan Sachs Naftali Toren 93
My Life Rav R' Chaim Nisan Sachs 97
The teacher R'Elimelech Blei
A man at peace with himself YANAY 102
R'Yechiel Aharon Blei Chana Kliger 104
Rav Moshe Sternberg
In his memory S. I. 105
An exemplary rabbi Rabbi P. Tkhorsh 106
Rabbi and Friend I. Bernstein 107
Memories: Rabbi Moshe Sternberg Yosef Kieper 109
The apple tree SHIN 110
Rav Sternberg about himself 115
Things that have not been said Rav Moshe Sternberg 118
From his letters 121
Science and religion in education Rav Moshe Sternberg 123
Shmuel Rosenhek
A letter to S. I. 127
Shmuel Rosenhek's first position in our town Noah Ironi 128
The man and his life achievement Shmuel Yizre'eli 131
Shmuel Rosenhek and we Meir Ironi 133
Reading Shmuel Rosenhek's articles Arie Mentcher 135
Jewish education in Wolhyn Shmuel Rosenhek 143
My father, Noah son of Meir Meir Ironi 147
Wulf Goldarbeter Noach Eeroni 150
Leibish Kremer Noah Ironi 153
My grandfather Dr. Gershon Geri Chelmers Geri 155
The pharmacist from Alexandria Noah Ironi 161
R'Elyakum Efraim Goldin Yakov Benari 166
R'Moshe Eisenman Shaul Kremerman 168
The last Yom Kippur in my uncle Benya's house in the ghetto Shmuel Yizre'eli 169
My mother Lea Breindl, may she rest in peace Shmuel Yizre'eli 171
Aharon Holzer Shmuel Yizre'eli 173
The Wallis family Berta Wallis-Shwitz 174
Michael Melamed Shmuel Yizre'eli 176
Shmaya Kremer Zvi Luria 177
Eliezer Ross Shmuel Yizre'eli 178
Yehuda Shindelkraut Arie Avatihi 179
Shlomo Brea Shmuel Yizre'eli 180
R'Yankele the cantor Elimelech Blei 181
R'Binyamin Melamed M. M. 182
About bridges and young boys Zev Eisenman 185
Yitzhak Melamed M. Ahi-Sara 183
My father the SHOV [ritual slaughterer] R'Shabtay Levi Alter Levi 187
Reb Hirsh Lieb Vinokur Noach Eeroni 188
The woman Feige-Blume Noah Ironi 189
Beile Ite the flour-woman Elimelech Blei 190
Itzik-Wolf the water drawer Shmuel Yizre'eli 193
The Holocaust
A memorial Nathan Livne 196
In those days Alef 197
Alexandria, a diary of the Holocaust Shalom Golani 200
From ruin to salvation Rivka Sperberg-Zwik 245
I was a sole remnant Pinchas Spiewak 257
A light shining in the darkness of the forest Tzipora 264
How Alexandria was lost… 266
In Alexandria, after the destruction Chaim Mutzar 268
A Memorial to the Martyrs of the Alexandria Community
Necrology 270
Former Alexandria residents who died in Israel 281
Former Alexandria residents who died in Israel 281
Memorial to the Sons, fallen in Israel 283
Returned to their Land 308


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