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Some notes on statistics and demographics

A few statistical notes on the Jewish population in Denmark - not including the areas of northern Germany, that for a number of years belonged to Danish kings, and where the first Jews settled:

According to the census of 1787 the Jewish population consisted of 343 families (1,830 persons), of which 62 families (227 persons) lived outside Copenhagen in some of the provincial towns.

During the next half century the Jewish population of the provincial towns increase to a relatively greater extent than that of Copenhagen. The census of 1834 lists 1,607 Jews living in provincial towns or villages, and 2,465 living in Copenhagen. However, the numbers were small: In three towns only (i.e. Randers, Fredericia and Aalborg) lived more than 100 persons; in 8 towns lived between 50 and 100 persons, and in 7 towns between 25 and 50; the remaining 259 Jews lived in 42 other towns and villages.

From around 1850 the situation is reversed as the population in the provincial towns dwindle steadily, partly because of assimilation and intermarriages and partly because the Jews move to Copenhagen.

The "All Scandinavia Database"

is now online - and you can search in the now available databases:

  • Denmark 1906 Census Over 3,000 names of Jews in the 1906 Copenhagen census.
  • Denmark Tax and Census Records 700 names of Jews from Danish tax lists and censuses, 1711-1801.
It iw a work in progress and more databases till be added.


 Statistics on the Jewish Population in Denmark

 The Jewish Population in 1787 in all of Denmark, in each town and in percentage of total population (by Steen Felding)

 The Jewish Population in 1801 in all of Denmark, in each town and in percentage of total population (by Steen Felding) 8. Feb 2002:
Links to Middelfart and Odense census!

Censuses etc.

  1711: Jews in the Copenhagen Poll- and Horse-tax

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