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Title of Article Author(s) Year Bulletin Number
Carel Asser, Dutch member of the Grand Sanhedrin Henk Asser and Micheline Gutmann Spring 1999 7
History of this non-rabbinic family; lists of ascendants and descendants.
The Members of the Grand Sanhedrin of Napoleon Micheline Gutmann Summer 2000 12
Genealogies of several members of the Grand Sanhedrin of Napoleon. In this issue:

Abraham de Cologna (1854 Mantova-1832 Trieste), second vice-president of the Grand Sanhedrin and president of the Central Consistory
Josue-Sauveur Segre (died 1809 Paris)
Elias Spire (1739 Carpentras - 1799 Nice)
Jacob Meyer (1739 Ribeauville -1830 Strasbourg), rabbi of Alsace
Isaac Samuel Lunteschitz (1757 Romanswiller -1815 Endingen, CH)
David Moise Ginzburger (1745 Hegenheim -1824 Hegenheim)
David Joseph Sinzheim (1745 Trier-1812 Paris), president of the Grand Sanhedrin
Seligmann Levy of Durmenach, Alsace (1752-1841)
Judas Bloch (1751 Wintzenheim-1822 Hattstatt), rabbi of Hattstatt

Members of the Grand Sanhedrin of Napoleon: Baruch Gugenheim of Haguenau Micheline Gutmann Autumn 2001 13
Descendants of Baruch Gugenheim, rabbi at Haguenau, Alsace, and ascendants until Rashi.
MaHaRaL Descendants in the Saar Moselle Region: The Alkans of Dillingen and the Goudchaux of Luxemburg Gregor Brand Autumn 2001 13
This remarkable piece of work ends with a very interesting article written in English by our German friend. The ancestors of Gregor Brand were the Alkans of Dillingen. After having studied the descendants, the author came back to the ancestors of Johannes Alkan, the Goudchaux of Luxemburg (see Bulletin n 6) who were the sons of Joseph Goudchaux Bonn and Marion Lyon. The parents of Goudchaux were Joseph Bonn and Edel Brandeis. From the latter, Gregor Brandt explains who the illustrious ancestors were and how to reach the MaHaRaL of Prague, Rabbi Lowe. Other famous rabbis are in this ascendants.
Members of the Grand Sanhedrin of Napoleon: Lazare Liberman of Saverne Micheline Gutmann Summer 2001 15
Members of the Grand Sanhedrin of Napoleon: Mardochee Roquemartine and Abraham Milhaud-Muscat Stephane Lallich Summer 2001 15
Genealogies of members of the Grand Sanhedrin of Napoleon. In this issue:

Mardochee Roquemartine (1761-1832), rabbi of Carpentras
Abraham Milhaud-Muscat (1763 Carpentras-died after 1823)

The Steinhart Family in Fuerth and Alsace Micheline Gutmann Summer 2001 15
Descendants of Mendel Steinhart, especially Joseph Steinhart, chief rabbi in Fuerth and in Alsace. Connections with other families in Fuerth and with the rabbinic family Ashkenasi - Berlin, with a list of descendants.
The Weil Ascendants of the French Gugenheim Rabbinical Dynasty Micheline Gutmann Autumn 2001 17
Members of the Grand Sanhedrin of Napoleon: Micheline Gutmann Winter 2002 18
Genealogies of members of the Grand Sanhedrin of Napoleon. In this issue:

Rabbi Samuel Marx Levi of Trier (uncle of Karl Marx) and his family, especially descendants of his brother Jacob Marx, related to the Weil family of Westhoffen, the banker Jacob Baruch Weil and the first rabbi of Algiers, Michel Weil.

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