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Rav-SIG has created a bibliography of more than 300 essential resources for rabbinic genealogical research. The majority of resources for this type of research are written in Hebrew. However, many good resources are available in other languages, including English.

The bibliography is arranged by category. Indexes are also provided and are organized by author and by names of rabbis or rabbinical families found in the bibliography. Quick access to resources, by category, is provided in the Table of Contents below. Or, you may choose to browse the bibliography beginning on the first page. Access indexes to the bibliography by the following links:

Several resources appear under more than one category, where appropriate, however, the vast majority appear under only one category. It is important to note that a resource appearing in one category may also be relevant to another. For example, a biography of the Chasam Sofer may include family genealogies, as well as information relevant to geographic areas, such as Hungary or the Slovak Republic. To take full advantage of the bibliography, one should browse all categories to be certain nothing of importance is missed.

Comments by knowledgeable individuals familiar with particular resources are included. These comments are intended to aid your research projects by providing the resource's subject matter, value as a research tool, or drawbacks. Questions about the use and value of a resource may be directed to the writer, where an email address is provided, or your query may be posted to the Rav-SIG Discussion Group. For a discussion of which resources may or may not be reliable, see "The Reliability of Genealogical Research in Modern Rabbinic Literature," by Rabbi Meir Wunder.

To contribute a resource or add your comment to a resource, see the Bibliography Submission Form. To locate resources, see How to Locate Rabbinic Information Sources in Libraries and Archives.

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