JGSGW Project Funding Requests
Application Guidelines

  1. Purpose of the Application Process: The application is for any request for JGSGW funds that have not previously been budgeted through the annual budgeting process. This includes requests for speakers, research projects, travel fund for archivists wishing to visit, and funds provided to support programs at the International Conference (unless they have been budgeted in the annual budgeting process), equipment requests, or any other item that has not been previously budgeted. Anyone can submit a request, including members of the JGSGW and its board, and non-members. Whenever possible, requests should go through the regular budgeting process.
  2. Availability of Application: A copy of the blank application will be available for download on the JGSGW Website, along with an announcement about its availability. An announcement will also be placed in Mishpacha. The application can be filled out in hard copy or on-line. The President and the Applications Chair will also have copies of the application available for distribution.

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  1. Committee and Chairperson Appointments: The President will appoint an the Applications Chairperson and Committee each year to be responsible for funding requests submitted.

Chairperson appointment: The President will first offer the Chair to the Research Chairperson. In the event that the Research Chair is not able to fulfill this function, the President will appoint a separate individual to be Chair.

Committee: The President is a member of the committee and will also appoint at least 3 other individuals to the committee. At least one appointed member will be a board member. The others may be Board Members, or committee chairs, however, at least one individual should be a member-at-large and if possible, one individual should be an attorney.

  1. Application Submission: The application can be submitted to any board member. However, it must be forwarded to the Applications Chair in order to be formally considered.
  2. Decision Making Process: The Applications Chair will be responsible for the following process:
  • The President/Applications Chair will review the request to see that it fits the guidelines and is complete. Only complete applications will be accepted for review. If an application is incomplete, it will be returned to the applicant.
  • The Applications Chair will consult with the Treasurer to ascertain whether funds are available to support this request.
  • The Applications Chair will distribute copies to the committee (via e-mail whenever possible).
  • The Applications Chair will gather feedback from the committee during the next month. This can be done over the phone, by e-mail or in a meeting. If the applicant indicates a shorter deadline, the Applications Chair will work with the committee to try to meet the deadline. In all cases, a response will be given to the applicant within 6 weeks.
  • The Applications Chair will poll the committee. The final committee decision will be based on the result of the official poll. The Applications Chair will make the recommendation to the President based on the result of the committee poll.
  • If the Applications committee is in favor, AND the request for funding is for $250 or less, the President may make a decision on the matter without prior consultation with the board, however, it must be announced by the President at the next meeting so that the commitment can be properly recorded in the minutes.
  • If the Applications committee is in favor, and the request is for more than $250, the matter will be presented to the Board for vote on the request at the next Board meeting. All attempts will be made to reply even if a reply is required in less than 30 days If a response is required prior to the next Board meeting, the President will forward to the Board, via e-mail, a copy of the proposal along with the committee recommendation and gather a vote in that fashion. The President will make the recommendation over e-mail and gather a vote in that fashion.
  • If the treasurer is not present at the Board meeting where a decision is made or announced, or if the decision is made via e-mail vote, the President is responsible for notifying the treasurer within 5 days after the vote.
  1. The Applications Committee will consider (at minimum) the following criteria when reviewing an application:
  • Will the final product be beneficial for the society in general? For a broader audience of Jewish Genealogists?
  • Does this project meet a research/knowledge need not currently being met in another way?
  • Has the applicant conducted prior activities of this nature, and carried out his/her commitment?
  • Who will own the product of the activities?
  • Will JGSGW receive recognition for the funds it provides?
  • Are the activities described in the application unique? Are similar activities known to be conducted elsewhere?
  • Is there a full description of the project/activities?
  • Is there a time table? Are there benchmarks to help identify progress? Is the time frame reasonable, for the project being proposed?
  • Is it clear who will conduct the project?
  • Is the description of the final product clear?
  • Are there other considerations that must be taken into account? (i.e. an unusual opportunity associated with another event or project)
  • Are there intellectual property rights involved?
  1. Upon making a decision to fund or not fund a project, a response will be sent, in writing, to the applicant. The Applications Chair, working with a designated Applications committee member/attorney will draw up a memorandum of understanding/letter of commitment (with a payment and product delivery schedule) to be signed by the President and the applicant. This letter will describe the agreed upon project, the time frame, the product, and the consequences (discontinued or lack of payment, etc.). Copies of the signed agreement will be placed in the official files at the JGSGW Library at B'nai Israel. A copy will be sent to the applicant, to the Recording Secretary (for inclusion by the Secretary in the official minutes) for the official minutes and to the Treasurer.


                2012, Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington, Inc.


                2012, Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington, Inc.