Application For Project Funding

Date: _________________

Name of Applicant: ______________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

Phone:___________________ Fax: ___________________


Description of Project or Funding Request in 300 words or less. Include responses to the following questions:

Project Description and Relevant Experience

  • Who will conduct the project? Where?
  • How is this project unique or similar to others that have been previously conducted by genealogists?
  • What will result from this project (i.e., article, lecture, index)? Who will benefit from the results of the project?
  • What is your previous experience in conducting projects like this?
  • Why should JGSGW fund this project?

Time Line

  • Why are you proposing this project at this time?
  • How will JGSGW know that your project is complete?
  • Please provide a brief time line that includes the approximate dates for the beginning and end of the project, as well as the timing of the finished product (i.e., article, book, index).
  • Is there a deadline by which you must receive an answer? Please provide the deadline and explain.


  • How much are you requesting?
  • What will you use the funds for?
  • Have you applied to other sources for funding? Please describe other plans for funding the project.
  • Please attach a budget, if appropriate.
  • How will JGSGW be recognized for its support of this project?

Signature: __________________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________________



                2012, Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington, Inc.


                2012, Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington, Inc.