Chasidey Bobov-45 Beth Hamedrash

Clapton Common, London E5





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 Congregation Data

Current Name

Chasidey Bobov-45 Beth Hamedrash (or Bobov-45, London)(ii)

Alternative Name:

Beth Hamedrash Ohel Nachum D'Chasidey Bobov-45(iii)

Former Names

Chasidey Bobov Beth Hamedrash (until 2015)(iv) or

Bobov Synagogue (generally until about 2010)

Current Address:

73 Clapton Common, Upper Clapton, London E5 9AA, from 2008, formerly the site of The Swan public house.(vi)

(Location: Clapton Common is a three-quarters of a mile section of the A107 running northwest from Upper Clapton Road to the road Stamford Hill (A10). Clapton Common forms part of the actual boundary between Stamford Hill and Upper Clapton, although the boundary has became blurred in recent years. The North London district of Stamford Hill extending into Upper Clapton, as well as parts of Stoke Newington, Tottenham and some other adjoining areas, include the largest concentration of Haredi Jews in Europe, who generally tend to identify as being part of the greater Stamford Hill community.)

Former Addresses:

Previously at 26 Lampard Grove, Stamford Hill, London N16 (from 2006 until 2008).

(Location: Lampard Grove, formerly known as Grove Lane, runs about 1,100 feet east from the road Stamford Hill about 650 feet north of Stoke Newington railway station.)


The Bobov-45 is a Chasidic group that originated in Brooklyn, New York in 2005. It was the result of a break within the Bobov Chasidic group, which originating in Bobowa, Galicia (now Southern Poland) and follows the teachings of the First Bobover Rebbe, Grand Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam (1847-1905) and his descendants.

Following the death in 2005 of the Fourth Bobover Rebbe, Grand Rabbi Naftali Halberstam, a dispute arose as to who should succeed him as dynastic leader: Rabbi Ben Zion Aryeh Leibish Halberstam, the late Rebbe's half brother, or Rabbi Mordechai Dovid Unger, the late rebbe's younger son-in-law. After prolonged arbitration proceedings at the beth din in New York, during which both groups claimed the Bobov leadership, the beth din in 2015 made a number of financial rulings and determined that the late Rebbe's half brother had the sole right to claim the name Bobov, but allowed the late rebbe's son-in-law to use a name that included Bobov, provided a distinguishing identifier was added to it. As the group's headquarters was located on 45th Street in Borough Park, Brooklyn (the headquarters of Bobov being on 48th Street), the identifier adopted was the suffix "-45".

Accordingly, this congregation follows the leadership of the Babover-45 Rebbe, Grand Rabbi Mordechai Dovid Ungar of Borough Park, the son-in-law of the Fourth Bobover Rebbe. (The congregation should not be confused with the the Kehal Chasidei Bobov Beth Hamedrashv of Egerton Road, London N16, which follows the leadership of the half brother of the Fourth Bobover Rebbe.)

Current Status:


Date Formed:



Ashkenazi Strictly Orthodox - Chassidish


A synagogue associated with the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations (UOHC)(viii).

Membership Data:

National Reports and Surveys (ix)

2010 and 2016 - congregation listed (as Beth Hamedrash D'Chasidey Bobov) but details of membership were not provided.

Charitable Status:

No related registered charity found, as of July 2020.

Local Government District:

In common with most of the Stamford Hill/Upper Clapton area, Stamford Hill and Amhurst Park are in the London Borough of Hackney, an Inner London Borough created on 1 April 1965, within the administrative area of Greater London.

Registration District (BMD):

Hackney (since founding of congregation) - Link to Register Office website


For Union of Orthdox Hebrew Congregations cemeteries, see Cemeteries of the UOHC

Notes & Sources ( returns to text above)

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  • (iii) GoDaven website, last accessed July 2020

  • (iv) This is the name under which the congregation is listed in Jewish Year Books 2011 through 2015.

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  • (vii) As advised by a member of the Bobov congregation in January 2016. 

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  • (ix) Reports on synagogue membership in the United Kingdom, published by or on behalf of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and which can be viewed on the website of the Institute of Jewish Policy Research. Click HERE for links to the various reports.


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