the former

Bayswater & Maida Vale Synagogue

(formerly Bayswater Synagogue)

London W2 & W9





Financial Representatives and Secretaries of the Synagogue

(for the the Congregation's Wardens, see Wardens of the Synagogue)

Based on data extracted from Jewish Year Books(1)

Financial Representative


1896-1897 - George Benton

1896-1910 - Rev. R. Harris

1897-1901 - Joseph F. Moss

1910-1934 - Rev. D. Klein

1901-1903 - Nelson Samuel

1935-1938 - Rev. Walter Levin

1903-1908 - Hyam Moss

1938-1940 - Rev. I. Levy

1908-1915 - Arthur Bergtheil

1940-1945 - no data

1915-1919 - Arthur Berkley (presumed change of name)

1945-1946 - Rev. I. Levy & Rev. S. Black

1919-1920 - Adolphe Oppenheimer

1947-1948 - H. S.Ward

1920-1923 - Frank Samuel

1948-1950 - Oscar Rose

1923-1925 - Major H.D. Myer

1950-1962 - Philneas L. May

1925-1926 - S. H. David

1963-1974 - E. Carmieli

1926-1929 - Joseph A. Leon


1929-1935 - E. M. Gollancz, MBE


1935-1938 - Leonard Pearl, LLB


1938-1940 - Walter Leon


1940-1945 - no data


1945-1947 - Gerald Samuels


1947-1948 - H. A. Simons


1948-1952 - C. H.Alberge


1952-1953 - S. Gee


1953-1956 - H. W. Karat



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  1. Jewish Year Books were published annually from 1896/7 through 2015, except from the war years 1941 to 1945. Where an officer is first listed in a year book in a particular office, it has been assumed that his term office commenced in the year of publication of the relevent year book, which was generally towards the end of the year prior to year appearing the the title of the year book and that he continued in office until the commencement of office of his successor, unless the office was stated as vacant (e.g. if he is first listed in Jewish Year Books 1925 through 1930, it is assumed that he commenced office in 1924 and continued in office until 1930). However, it should be noted that this is only an assumption and accordingly his actual years of office may differ slightly from those shown here.

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