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WHEN THE past is a period of outstanding merit in the history of a community, there is a tendency to decry the present and to view it in the light of the "good old days." Bayswater, however, still possesses in its ranks men and women who are the equal in spirit of those who have gone before and who, deeply imbued with the traditions of the past, are following the example of their predecessors by taking their full share of communal responsibilities.

    It is true that in recent years Bayswater has been faced with difficulties, but we maintain that the conditions giving rise to them are transitory and not fundamental, and that they will ultimately be overcome - in fact, evidence of this is already clearly discernible.

    We refuse to hold that view that Bayswater is now living solely on its fine record of the past or that it has completed its mission of usefulness to the community.

    Lethargy in Synagogue affairs is not a new charge laid at the door of the Jewish Community - it is an age-long cry echoing throughout the centuries.  Still, in spite of everything, the community and the Synagogue persist; still, men and women are to be found to devote their time and energy to the service of the community; still, there is abundant evidence of enthusiasm for things Jewish. All that is needed is an ever-widening circle of workers who are actuated by the spirit of service.

    The aim of Bayswater is to provide the necessary motive power and encouragement to both old and young and so to infuse them with the example of enthusiasm as to animate them with a desire to take his or her part, however small, in some branch of community activity.

    The great tradition which we possess and of which we have every reason to be proud is the strongest incentive for combined and sustained effort, so that, as in the past, the influence of Bayswater will continue in ever increasing degree to be a virile force in the life of the Anglo-Jewish Community.



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