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Congregation Data


Makor Hayim ("Source of Life")


West Hampstead, Finchley Road, Willesden Green, Dollis Hill and the surrounding North West London "Jubilee Line" area(ii)

Current Status:


When Founded:

In January 2018, an informal, year-long, partnership began between Shir Hayim (the Hampstead Reform Jewish Community) and the Willesden Minyan (see below) as an experiment in creating an intergenerational community. The aim of this ‘in-residency’ partnership was to provide opportunities for members of both congregations to get to know each other, as well as to share Shabbat and other services together. The relationship was generously supported by Reform Judaism and its leaders.(ii)

In December 2018, it was decided that the two congregations would form a single community with shared vision and values,(iii) which became effective in 2019,(iv) which took the name Makor Hayim.


Reform - egalitarian.(vii)


A constituent of the Movement for Reform Judaism since the merger.(viii)



The Willesden Minyan:

The Willesden Minyan was formed in 2015 as a progressive, gender egalitarian congregation, meeting in Willesden Green and "the surrounding North West Jubilee line area". Although not formally affiliated, it received support from Movement for Reform Judaism.(xi)

Rabbi in residence:

Rabbi Daniel Lichman - from formation of the Willesden Minyan in 2015 until present (January 2021), having initially joined as student rabbi.(xii)

Charitable Status:

No information found as regards registered charity status (as of 6 January 2021), although Shir Hayim still maintained its registered charity status.

Local Government District:

The area governed is primarily in the London Borough of Brent, an Outer London Borough created on 1 April 1965, within the administrative area of Greater London.

Bibliography - Brent

Registration District (BMD):

Brent - Link to Register Office website

Cemetery Information:

Membership of Shir Hayim included burial rights through the Jewish Joint Burial Society (JJBS) at one of its cemeteries, principally the Western Cemetery in Cheshunt. There is also the option (through the JJBS) of a Woodland Burial in Cheshunt or cremation at Golders Green Crematorium. It is assumed that such benefits will pass to members of Makom Hayim.

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