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Gibraltar Mohelim* of the 18th and 19th Centuries

  18th Century     19th Century
1 Samuel Halevy Bensimhon 7 Rabbi Shalom Aflafo
2 Samuel Bibas   8 David Abudarham
3 Jacob Levy Bensimhon   9 Haim Benoliel
4 Messod Migueres   10 Solomon Benoliel
5 Isaac Abudarham   11 Rabbi Samuel Conguy
6 Haim Hassan   12 Rabbi Shemaya Andhori
      13 Moses Hassan (Bar Haim - No 6)
      14 Abraham Benoliel
      15 Abraham Sabah
      16 Benjamin Levy
      17 Abraham Cohen
      18 Mimon Sabah
      19 Joshua Levy Bar Judah
      20 Isaac Israel
      21 Rabbi Mordecai Laredo
      22 Rabbi Abraham Laredo
      23 Samuel Bendahan
      24 Rabbi Abraham Israel
      25 oshua Hassan
      26 Rabbi Samuel Lasry
      27 David Sabah
      28 Ephraim Conguy
      29 Samuel Benggio
      30 Rabbi Samuel Israel
      31 Joseph Laredo (or Moshe, Rabbi)
      32 Rabbi Judah Benzaglo
      33 Rabbi Habib Toledano
      34 Rabbi Joshua Toledano
      35 Rabbi Mordejay Benggio
      36 Rabbi Joseph Toledano
      37 Rabbi Isaac Toledano
      38 Jacob Benmiyara
      39 Rabbi Judah Laredo
      40 David Benzimra
      41 Rabbi Samuel Benchimol
      42 Joseph Lasry  Bar Haham
      43 Solomon Lasry  Bar Haham
      44 Menahem Serruya
      45 Hay Arruas
      46 Rabbi Jacob Elmaleh
      47 Rabbi Vidal Gabizon

*Mohelim are persons trained to perform the ritual act of circumcision according to the Jewish faith.

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