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How to Use the Database

The database is built around people’s names as listed in 1851. Quite a lot of people (not least women who married, but also eg people who wanted more English-sounding names) changed their names in the course of their lifetimes, sometimes more than once. The name being used in 1851 is the key here

Many names are not spelled consistently in all sources. The search engine offers approximating options to help reduce problems with spelling, but it is important to read the Notes on Definitions to see how other differences have been treated

You can search by surname, given name, town or ‘any field’. ‘Any field’ allows you to search for any word occurring anywhere in the Database. But it is slow, and only likely to be useful if other searches have failed and an unusual word might produce the right hit

Usually, it is best to start your search with a surname. If it is an uncommon name, you might not need to use the boxes below (eg to add a given name, or another surname). But with commoner surnames, it is as well to use one or more of the other boxes to narrow the search

For Surname, Given name and Town searches, you have a choice of four search types. Phonetically like and Sounds like use different approaches to finding variants, and can produce different results. It is well worth trying the other if the first fails. For Starts with, you must enter the first three letters, none of which must be a wildcard (? or *). With 'is Exactly', you can use wildcards anywhere

If you are using the Any Field search, you can use only 'is Exactly'

Further details about the search types can be found here.

Click on Search the Database, and you will be offered a list of possible matches. The closest matches to the spelling you entered are shown first, but otherwise the results are in no particular order. The search results will display year and place of birth and (where available) parents’ names to help you make your choice

If you see one that seems to fit the person you are looking for, click on the ID number in the right-hand column to bring up their details. Clicking on the links at the bottom of that table will produce sub-tables showing the person's spouse(s) and child(ren), if any, and addresses and occupation(s) decade by decade

Make a note of the person's ID number (top-left box). If you are searching for their entry again, you will be able to use it to find the right entry in the search results straightaway. It is also useful to quote the ID number in any correspondence with the Editor


This database was registered with the Genealogy Quality Code. This means that its editor places quality above quantity and commercial or other agendas.





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