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With the end of World War II hundreds of survivors, mostly non-Jewish, approached American authorities claiming to be US citizens.  Given the problems involved in proving citizenship, even for those born in the United States, the State Department centralized the processing of such applications in Zürich.  This is a partial list of such applications found at the National Archives (RG226 E109 & B21).  The decisions on these applications are not given.


The database includes 622 names of individuals claiming American citizenship.  The quality of some of these records are rather poor.  For some applicants, only a given name and a birth date might have been legible.

The fields in the database are as follows:


The information contained in this database was indexed from the files of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  The collection citation is [RG 226 E109 & B21].

This information is accessible to you today thanks to the effort of the following JewishGen volunteers who are responsible for the transcription of this file: Nolan Altman (coordinator) and Edward Mitelsbach (data entry and translation).

In addition, thanks to JewishGen Inc. for providing the website and database expertise to make this database accessible. Special thanks to Susan King, Warren Blatt and Michael Tobias for their continued contributions to Jewish genealogy.  Particular thanks to the Research Division headed by Joyce Field and to Nolan Altman, coordinator of Holocaust files.

Peter Landé
May 2005

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