Kozienice Ghetto Census (Lista), 1939 - 1942

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Kozienice, a small town in the Radom district in central Poland, had approximately 5,000 Jews before the World War II.  In September 1939, the Germans forced 2,000 Jews into a small local church, where many of them died of suffocation.

Kozienice had 15 streets.  The Germans established a ghetto in the Fall of 1940 in an area of only three streets.  A Jewish council was established by the Germans, but most prominent Jews refused to serve.  Hershel Perl became the chairman of the Judenrat and Moshe Bronsztajn was the head of the labor department, meaning that he selected who worked and who was to be "deported."  On September 27, 1942, 8,000 Jews from Kozienice and nearby towns were sent to the Treblinka death camp, where they were murdered on arrival.  Only 70 - 120 Jews were then left in the Kozienice ghetto, but they were deported in late December 1942 to the Pionki slave labor camp and to Skarzysko Kamienno camp.  Some Jews, however, were able to hide near Kozienice.

On January 28, 2003 Mr. Vitto, of the USHMM's Registry of Holocaust Survivors, received an e-mail from Mr. Wiktor Bogusz of Kozienice informing USHMM that his family had purchased a house in Kozienice in the former ghetto area.  During renovations of the house they came across 672 documents hidden in the attic.  All the documents came from the Jewish Council of Kozienice and cover the years of September 1939 through September 1942.  These documents include a full list of the inhabitants of the Kozienice ghetto, lists of Jews registered as able bodied, lists of Jewish children born in the ghetto in the years 1939 - 1941, and other reports written by the employees of the Judenrat to the German authorities.

USHMM has made the ghetto list available to JewishGen to computerize.  The collection has been photographed and jpeg files were sent to JewishGen.  Two pages from the list appear below:


The database includes the names of 4,023 inhabitants from the census of Jews in the Kozienice, Poland ghetto between 1939 and 1942. In the records received from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), the census report was referred to as the "Lista".

The "Lista" contains a cover page and 139 pages of census listings. Unfortunately, the following pages are either missing or only partially legible:

   Pages 3 - 4 Partially torn
   Page 78Page missing
   Pages 109 - 112 Pages missing
   Pages 119 - 120 Partially torn
   Pages 126 - 127 Pages missing

The fields in the database are as follows:

Age note:

Unless otherwise stated, ages are in years. The term "miesiecy" means months.

Gender notes:

The 2 gender designations are:

  1. m (meski) - male
  2. z (zenski) - female

Polish Occupations:

The following table provides English translations of the Polish occupations that appear in the list:

Bez ZajęciaJobless
Bez ZawoduNo Profession
BezrobotnyUnemployed, Jobless
BieliźniarkaLinen/Underwear Maker (Woman)
BiuralistaClerk, Office Worker
BuchalterkaAccountant (Woman)
CholewkarzUpper Shoemaker
CzapniczkaHatmaker (Woman)
CzapnikHatmaker (Man)
Doktor Med.Doctor
DrogistaRoad Worker
EmerytkaPensioner (Woman)
FryzjerBarber, Hairdresser
FryzjerkaHairdresser (Woman)
Go ńciarzOffice Boy ?
GorseciarkaCorset Maker (Woman)
HafciarkaEmbroidery, Dantelier (Woman)
HandlarkaDealer, Street Pedlar ? (Woman)
KamasznikShoemaker, Cobbler
KantorCantor (Also Money Changer)
KowalSmith, Blasksmith
KrawcowaDressmaker (Woman)
KrawiecTailor , Dressmaker
KupcowaMerchant/Tradesman/Dealer (Woman)
Lekarz Wet.Physician (Veterinary Doctor)
MaglarkaLinen Press Worker (Woman)
MełametTeacher In "Cheder"
ModystkaHaimaker (Woman)
Monter Row.Bicycle Fitter
Na Utrzymaniu DzieciSupported By Children
NauczycielkaTeacher (Woman)
OlejarzOil Worker
PiekarkaBaker (Woman)
PodrabinAssistant Rabbi
PosługaczkaServant, Maid
PowroźnikRope Man
Pracownica(Woman) Worker
Przy BabceSupported By Grandmother
Przy BracieSupported By Brother
Przy CiotceSupported By Aunt
Przy CórceSupported By Daughter
Przy DziadkuSupported By Grandfather
Przy DzieciachSupported By Children
Przy KrewnychSupported By Relative
Przy MatceSupported By Mother
Przy MężuSupported By Husband
Przy OjcuSupported By Father
Przy Rodz.Supported By Family / Parents
Przy Rodz. BursztynSupported By Family Bursztyn
Przy RodzicachSupported By Parents
Przy RodzinieSupported By Family
Przy SiostrzeSupported By Sister
Przy SynieSupported By Son
Przy SzwagrzeSupported By Brother-In-Law
Przy TesciuSupported By Father-In-Law
Przy WnukuSupported Byh Grandson
Przy ZięciuSupported By Son-In-Law
PudełkarkaBox Maker (Woman)
PudełkarzBox Maker (Man)
RestauratorRestaurant Owner
Rob. PiekarskiBaker Worker
RobotnicaWorker (Woman)
RobotnikWorker (Man)
Sekretarz Gminy ŻydowskiejThe Jewish Council Secretary
SlużącaServant, Maid
Student Med.Medicine Student
SzewcShoemaker, Cobbler
SzwaczkaDressmaker (Woman)
SzwecShoemaker, Cobbler
U BabciSupported By Grandhmother
UczenPupil, Student
Urzędnik PrywatnyPrivate Clerk
Wł. CegielniBrickyard Owner
Wł. DomuHouse Owner
Wlascicielka DomuHouse Owner (Woman)
Wyrób KoszyBasketmaker
WyrobnicaWorker (Woman)
Z JalmużnySupported By Charity
ŻebraczkaBeggar (Woman)


The information contained in this database was indexed from the files of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  The collection has not yet been cataloged.

This information is accessible to you today thanks to the effort of the following JewishGen volunteers who are responsible for the transcription of this file: Nolan Altman (coordinator), Rami Weiler (validater), Eva Bednarska, Jacob Gorfinkel and Joana Winter.  Additional thanks go to Rami Weiler for assistance with the translation of occupations, family relationships and miscellaneous comments.

In addition, thanks to JewishGen Inc. for providing the website and database expertise to make this database accessible. Special thanks to Susan King, Warren Blatt and Michael Tobias for their continued contributions to Jewish genealogy.  Particular thanks to the Research Division headed by Joyce Field and to Nolan Altman, coordinator of Holocaust files.

Nolan Altman and Stephen Vitto
May 2005

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