Jewish Refugees France-Brazil

This is a list of French Jews who were issued immigration visas to Brazil during the Holocaust

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General Information About the List

In his book Quixote nas Trevas, o embaixador Souza Dantas e os refugiados do nazismo (Editora Record, Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paulo, 2002) Fabio Koifman describes how Brazilian ambassador to France, Souza Dantos, issued over 500 immigrant visas to refugees, most of whom were Jews. This was done despite orders from his government not to do so. The book, in Portuguese, describes his activities and lists the persons to whom visas were issued.

Recipients of the visas came from all over Europe, but were resident in Vichy France or Morocco when the visas were issued.

What is in the Database

The persons are identified by family, maiden and personal name, and, in most cases by nationality. Dates of birth are often given, but places of birth are less available. Information which was not recorded includes specific place where the visa was issued, profession and comments.

This database contains the following fields:


We are grateful to Mr. Koifman for permission given to Peter Lande to computerize the list and donate it to JewishGen for the Holocaust Database. Mr. Koifman can be reached at

Thanks to JewishGen Inc. for providing the website and database expertise to make this database accessible. Special thanks to Susan King, Warren Blatt and Michael Tobias for their continued contributions to Jewish genealogy. Particular thanks to the Research Division headed by Joyce Field and the volunteer project coordinators.

Peter Lande
October, 2003

Searching the Database

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