Polish-German Children in Zbąszyń

Unpublished List of Names of Children without Parents Expelled from Germany to Zbąszyń


In 1938 the German Government initiated a major expulsion of "Polish" Jews from Germany to Poland.  Many of these persons had been resident in Germany for long periods of time and some had even been born in Germany.  However, under German law at that time, and now, birth in Germany does not result in automatic German citizenship.  Many Jews hid from these expulsions and the result was that often some members of a family were deported, while others remained behind, at least temporarily.  The principal Polish border point to which these persons were brought was the town of Zbąszyń, then in Nowy Tomyśl district of Poznań province of Poland.

The attached brief list includes 111 "Polish" children who arrived in Zbąszyń without parents.  Their later fate is not known, though in some cases the name and address of a relative or friend in Poland is included in the material, though it was not computerized.

A copy of this list is held at the Survivors Registry at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The fields included in this list are as follows:

Last Name
Given Name
Date of Birth
Father's Name
Mother's Name
Last Residence in Germany


We owe our most sincere gratitude to Peter Lande, without whose effort this information would not be available to you today.

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