American Military Government Compiled List of Jews In Concentration Camps - 987 Survivors And Victims

by Peter Lande


At some point in the immediate post World War II years, American Military Government officials in Germany attempted to collect information on what happened to Jews in concentration camps, both victims and survivors. One such undated list, compiled in a notebook, included information on the fates of 987 Jews, mostly German, but also including Hungarians, Austrians and Rumanians.

The information is fragmentary, sometimes including date of birth and place of origin, as well as specifics as to what happened to the individual. In other cases, only a name is listed, though often linked to other family members. Most of the persons listed appear to have been deported to Latvia or Lithuania, but information on other camps is also included.

The material is handwritten and extremely difficult to read. In some cases abbreviations are used but not explained. For most persons age, rather than date of birth, is given. In such cases I have computed the approximate date of birth going back from 1945, e.g. age 25 would mean that the person was born about 1920. Such approximations are indicated in the date of birth column by zeroes before the year, e.g. 00.00.1920. Where a specific date of birth, or death, appears in the data, it signifies that this date actually appeared in the original material.

The fields included in this list are as follows:

Family Name
Given Name
Date of Birth
Date of Death
City or Country of Origin
Camp to which Deported
Camp Where Individual Died
Survival and/or Place of Survival

The NOTES field often include maiden names of women and family relationships, e.g. Erich, son of Jakob. The absence of an entry means that the information in this column was not given. In some cases, information was omitted, e.g. profession or cause of death. Statements in parentheses in notes field refer to information obtained elsewhere.

The computerized list was prepared from an almost illegible photocopy. There is no identification other than the cryptic statement that the list was compiled by "Military Government Detachment B.A.O.R. Joint." Persons seeking additional information on individuals may email Peter Lande (who maintains the photocopy).


We owe our most sincere gratitude to Peter Lande without whose effort this information would not be available to you today.

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