Persons who Died in Mühldorf between Nov 1944 and April 1945


The attached list was compiled by Geschichtswerkstatt Mühldorf e.V., a private organization consisting of German volunteers seeking to document the events which took place in Mühldorf during the Nazi time. It has its own website, which gives considerable information on what took place at Mühldorf, location of cemeteries, etc. One of this organization's projects was to compile a list of about 1850 male prisoners (there are some duplicates) who died there between November 1944 and April 1945. (While the camp had been established some months earlier, no records were found on those prisoners who died in these early months. Few, if any, women appear to have been held in Mühldorf). This list will be supplemented on JewishGen by material collected by United States authorities, who compiled a similar, but somewhat longer, list immediately after the end of World War II.

The following fields are used in the database:

More information is probably available on many of these persons, as well as Mühldorf survivors, in the larger Dachau collection held at the United States National Archives at College Park, Maryland, as part of the Captured German Records Collection (NARA A3355). A brief finding aid for this collection is available here at JewishGen Infofiles .

The abbreviations in the list for nationality (country of origin) were maintained in the database; the abbreviations and their translation into English are:

B Belgien=Belgium
D Deutschland=Germany
F Frankreich=France
G Griechenland=Greece
H Holland=Holland
I Italien=Italy
J Jugoslavien=Yugoslavia
K Kroat=Croatia
L Littauen=Lithuania
P Polen=Poland
R Russland=Russia
T Tsche=Czechoslovakia
U Ungarn=Hungary

Also, "unbek" appears, but not too frequently, in the originals and that abbreviation is maintained in the database, meaning "information unknown." However, there are times when that abbreviation is not used but the data for that field did not appear in the original and the field in the database is therefore left blank.


Mühldorf, a city and county located directly east from Munich in Bavaria, was the site of a concentration camp/forced labor site branch of Dachau established in mid-1944. While called by the name Mühldorf, in fact it was a number of sub-camps where inmates worked at various factories. It was never large, having less than 10,000 prisoners at its maximum. Prisoners, Jews and non-Jews, came from various countries, with the largest single group consisting of Hungarian Jews.


The information contained in this database was donated by Geschichtswerkstatt Mühldorf e.V.. In addition, we owe our most sincere gratitude to the following individuals, because without their efforts this information would not be available to you today.

DATA TRANSCRIPTION TEAM:   Joyce Field (coordinator), Peter Lande, Ester Csaky, Alan Grant, Ken Kravitz, Irene Newhouse and Paula Zieselman

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