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In the text each reference to an insurance policy has three components, divided by a dash e.g. 456-12.10.1844-1025623

The first group indicates the Library manuscript number and also the Volume number
The second group is the date of the polic
The third group is the policy number

The library’s own manuscript reference number always commences with the letters ‘Ms’ and usually covers a number of these volumes. To save space in the text the library’s ‘Ms number’ has been given a single or double letter code and this is combined with the volume number within the ‘Ms reference’ to form the first group. In volumes where policies are not arranged either in strict numerical or chronological order it is necessary also to give the page number. It is essential when requesting a volume that you give both the ‘Ms number’ and the Volume number. When ordering a copy of a ‘Sun’ policy by post, please ask for the appropriate form. Only ‘Sun’ policies can be ordered in this way. 

The coding of library ‘Ms references’ used for the group is as below.

Editors’ note: Since George Rigal prepared these notes, the records have been moved from London Guildhall Library to London Metropolitan Archives and the manuscript identification numbers have been expanded for online catalogue searching and ordering. The expanded references shown in the second column below are the ones that should now be used.


No prefix letter CLC/B/192/F/001/MS11936 Sun 603-25.01.1845-1478118 (Ms 11936. volume 603-date policy number)
No prefix letter/volume/page no. CLC/B/192/F/004/MS 12160 Sun 122/p.270-18.03.1851-1532145 e.g. Ms. 12160. vol.122. page 270
Prefix A CLC/B/107/MS07252 Royal Exchange A07-07.03.1759-357167 Ms. 7252, volume 7
B CLC/B/107/MS07253 Royal Exchange B67/p.43-09.08.1811-262046 Ms. 7253, vol. 67, page 43
C CLC/B/107/MS07254 Royal Exchange C46-07.10.1803-203468 Ms. 7254, volume 46
CD CLC/B/192/F/003/MS11937 Sun CD171-26.09.1828-1081391  
E CLC/B/192/MS08740A London Assurance E001/p.30-08.02.1722/3-2493
F CLC/B/144/MS18473 Legal & General F002-16.07.1852-4368
G CLC/B/192/MS11679 Globe G001-03.08.1824-84744
H CLC/B/055/MS08764 Hand in Hand H129-15.07. 1768-42274
J CLC/B/055/MS08765 Hand in Hand J002-08.01.1812-64202
K CLC/B/055/MS08766 Hand in Hand K004-05.01.1826-103121
L CLC/B/055/MS08767 Hand in Hand L002/p.79-??.07.1847-117430
M CLC/B/152/MS15181 Law Life M008-06.10.1862-17532
N CLC/B/192/MS08747 London Assurance N003-10.12.1821-69997
P CLC/B/192/MS08748 London Assurance P004/p.1163-1736/7-15399
Q CLC/B/192/F/005/MS12161 Sun Q3/240-07.07.1832-1092338
S CLC/B/152/MS19886 Metropolitan Life S3-no date-135
T CLC/B/152/MS19669 Metropolitan Life T1-no date-1627
U CLC/B/192/F/033/MS11934B Sun U001-31.01.1852-CLAIM-£20
V CLC/B/192/F/007/MS21376 Sun V001-24.04.1779 284075


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