Claims Conference, Hungary - Source List

The Claims Conference - Hungary Database contains records of 135,544 Hungarian Jews whose names appear in records held in the Central Zionist Archives and Yad Vashem in Israel.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) has the finding aids for the original source material underlying this database. The finding aids consist of two files listing the sources in the Central Zionist Archives (CZA) and in Yad Vashem (YVS).

CodeSourceListDate# of NamesPlaceDescription
1CZA- 122HungaryList Of Veteran Zionist
2CZA207.06.1943255HungaryList Of Veteran Zionist
3CZA320.9.1943302HungaryList Of Veteran Zionist
4CZA419.11.194345HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
5CZA519.03.1943175HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
6CZA601.12.1943230HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
7CZA724.01.1944429HungaryList Of Special Cases
8CZA819.03.1943248HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
9CZA915.2.44330HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
10CZA-19/03/1943164HungaryList Of Special Cases
11CZA1106/4/19441932HungaryList Of Special Cases
12CZA-21/4/1944999HungaryList Of Special Cases
13CZA1413/4/1944524HungaryList Of Special Cases
14CZA1519/5/1944899HungaryList Of Special Cases
15CZA255/19441230HungaryList Of Special Cases
16CZA2611/6/1944432HungaryList Of Special Cases
17CZA2717/8/19441134HungaryList Of Special Cases
18CZA-06/1944383HungaryList Of Special Cases
19CZA-06/1944548HungaryList Of Special Cases
20CZA(HU/24) 10029/8/1944375HungaryList Of Special Cases
21CZAHU/25-101`29/8/1944193HungaryList Of Special Cases
22CZA(HU/26) 10231/8/1944223HungaryList Of Special Cases
23CZA10322/9/194451HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists (Rabbis)
24CZA10422/9/1944475HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists (Rabbis)
25CZA10522/9/1944242HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
26CZAHU/1 402HungaryList Of Special Cases
27CZAHU/2 235HungaryList Of Special Cases
28CZAHU/3/4010/7/1944663HungaryList Of Special Cases
29CZAHU/410/7/19441056HungaryList Of Special Cases
30CZAHU/5 455HungaryList Of Special Cases
31CZAHU/610/8/1944318HungaryList Of Special Cases
32CZAHU/7/5711/8/1944532HungaryList Of Special Cases
33CZAHU/8/5815/8/19441384HungaryList Of Special Cases
34CZAHU/9 1552HungaryList Of Special Cases
35CZAHU/1029/8/1944926HungaryList Of Special Cases
36CZAHN/1118/8/1944903HungaryList Of Special Cases
37CZAHU/12 - 6320/8/1944537HungaryList Of Special Cases
38CZA-21/8/1944716HungaryList Of Special Cases
39CZAHU/14/7022/8/1944653HungaryList Of Special Cases
40CZAHU/1624/8/1944427HungaryList Of Special Cases
41CZAHU/28/11003/9/1944527HungaryList Of Special Cases
42CZA-21/8/19441098HungaryList Of Veteran Zionist
43CZA3102/7/1944785HungaryList Of Special Cases
44CZA3207/1944523HungaryList Of Special Cases
45CZA-11.07.1944441HungaryList Of Special Cases
46CZA3417/7/1944858HungaryList Of Special Cases
47CZA3507/1944684HungaryList Of Special Cases
48CZA3619441030HungaryList Of Special Cases
49CZA3731/7/1944958HungaryList Of Special Cases
50CZA5009/1944676HungaryList Of Special Cases
51CZAHU/1523/8/1944686HungaryList Of Special Cases
52CZA17/9325/8/1944140HungaryList Of Special Cases
53CZAH4/18/9425/8/1944855HungaryList Of Special Cases
54CZAHU/1928/8/1944801HungaryList Of Special Cases
55CZAHU/2029/8/1944473HungaryList Of Special Cases
56CZAHU/2129/8/1944782HungaryList Of Special Cases
57CZAHU/22/48 570HungaryList Of Special Cases
58CZAHU/23 273HungaryList Of Special Cases
59CZAHU/24 465HungaryList Of Special Cases
60CZAHU/25/101 238HungaryList Of Special Cases
61CZAHU/2631/8/1944243HungaryList Of Special Cases
62CZAHU/2701/9/1944750HungaryList Of Special Cases
63CZAHU/2904/9/1944745HungaryList Of Special Cases
64CZAHU/30/141 260HungaryList Of Special Cases
65CZAHU/3106/9/1944578HungaryList Of Special Cases
66CZAHU/32 LIST 11607/9/1944538HungaryList Of Special Cases
67CZAHU/33 408HungaryList Of Special Cases
68CZAHU/3410/9/1944413HungaryList Of Special Cases
69CZAHU/3511/9/1944280HungaryList Of Special Cases
70CZA12016/7/1944780HungaryList Of Special Cases
71CZA121 236HungaryList Of Special Cases
72CZA12212/9/1944569HungaryList Of Special Cases
73CZAL 15/2251 305HungaryList Of Special Cases
74CZA124 417HungaryList Of Special Cases
75CZAL15/255I 45HungaryList Of Special Cases
76CZA- 210HungaryList Of Special Cases
77CZAHU/39 - 12810/10/1944346HungaryList Of Special Cases
78CZAL15/225I 129HungaryList Of Special Cases
79CZA6 209PalestineDer Juden, Die In Palastina Verwandte Haben
80CZA9911/9/194424HungaryList Of Veteran Zionist
81CZA- 24PalestineInternmerten Palestinachen Staatsangehorigen
82CZA- 970HungaryCollective Passports Of Hungarian Jews To Switzerland
83CZA-31/12/1942348PolandRecipients Of Packages [ Kibuz Hameuchad, Chewer Hakuzoth, Haschomer Hazair & Hanoar Hazioni]
84CZA- 651Poland (In Hungary)Misrachi Hechaluz, Geneva Office
85CZA- 141PolandMiflaga - Hechaluz - Geneva Office
86CZA- 86PolandHancar Zasieni - Hechaluz - Geneva Office
87CZA- 54PolandHaschomer Hazair
88CZA- 0PolandGordonia - Hechaluz - Geneva Office
89CZA- 35PolandKibutz Hameuchad - Hechaluz - Geneva Office
90CZA- 260PolandList Of Refugees From Poland
91CZA- 59PolandList Of Children From Poland
92CZA-9/12/194341Greece4Th Group Of Greek Refugees Via Izmir
93CZA- 221Not HungariaList Of Persons In Europe
94CZA- 82Poland 
97CZA- 264BratislavaVerschlagsliste
97.1CZA1 18Not HungaryList Of Returned Authorities
98CZA2194320Not HungaryList Of Returned Authorities
100CZA- 535PolandGeneral Government - Poland,Gremany, Romania, Holland, Hungary, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, France, Italy.
101CZA-25/12/19420Hungary And OtherWomen And Children In Enemy Occupied Territory Authorized To Enter Palestine
102CZA- 102PolandWomen And Children Authorised To Enter Palestine
103CZA-02/07/19420PolandWomen And Children In Polan Authorized To Enter Palestine
104CZA- 28VariousWomen And Children In The U.S.S.R, Slovakia, Greece, France, The Netherlands, Czchoslovakia, Rumania, Lithuania Authorized To Enter To Palestine
105CZA- 389PolandWomen And Children In Poland(And Other Countries) Authorized To Enter Palestine
106CZA-05/11/1942501RomaniaRomania Youth Aliyah Candidates
107CZA- 247HungaryHungary(Youth Aliyah Candidates)
108CZA- 41PolandYouth Aliya Candidates
109CZA15/136 38VariousYouth Aliya Candidates
111CZA- 29Poland 
112CZA- 204VariousYouth Aliyah Candidates
113CZA- 465HollandYouth Aliyah Candidates
114CZA-1942562VariousPoland, Csr, Slovakia
115CZA- 68TheresienstadtTheresienstadt
115.1CZA- 102HungaryList Of Candidates From Youth Aliyah
115.2CZA- 65WesterborkList Of Candidates From Youth Aliyah
115.3CZA-25/8/194449BelgiqueList Of Candidates From Youth Aliyah
116CZA65 199HungaryList Of Special Cases
117CZA-21/01/194548TheresiestadtList Of Candidates Germany
118CZAYA 1354115/11/194484HungaryList Of Children
119CZA- 11PolandPeople In Poland Authorized To Enter Palestine
120CZA-16/07/1943125PolandMen, Women And Children In Poland Authorized To Enter Palestine
121CZA-6/5/194396PolandList People In Poland Authrized To Enter To Palestine
122CZA- 96PolandPeople In Poland Authorized To Enter Palestine
123CZA-6/5/194395PolandMen, Women And Children Authrized To Enter Palestin
124CZA- 84PolandMen, Women And Children In Poland Authorized To Enter Palestine
125CZA-8/2/1943122PolandMen, Women, Children In Poland Authirized To Enter Palestine
126CZA- 71PolandMen, Women And Children In Poland Authorized To Enter Palestine
127CZA-12/19441361Holland - B.BelsenList Of Persons Detained At Bergen-Belsen Camp
128CZAL19/129II 27PolandList Of Polish Jews
129CZA-17/7/194466CzechoslovakiaList Of Special Cases
130CZAHU/5 OUR NR. 5428/08/1944459HungaryList Of Special Cases
131CZALIST HU/6 OUR NO. 5529/08/1944317HungaryList Of Special Cases
132CZALIST HU/7/5711/8/1944532HungaryList Of Special Cases
133CZALIST HU/8/5815/8/19441388HungaryList Of Special Cases
134CZA(hu/9)6016/8/19441531HungaryList Of Special Cases
135CZA-17/08/1944904HungaryList Of Special Cases
136CZA-18/08/1944907HungaryList Of Special Cases
137CZA-20/08/1944539HungaryList Of Special Cases
138CZA647/9/1944711HungaryList Of Special Cases
139CZA-7/09/1944200HungaryList Of Special Cases
140CZA-8/9/194489HungaryList Of Special Cases
141CZA-8/9/1944149HungaryList Of Special Cases
142CZALIST (HU/13) 698/9/1944740HungaryList Of Special Cases
143CZA-22/08/1944651HungaryList Of Special Cases
144CZA-23/08/1944711HungaryList Of Special Cases
145CZA(hu/16)5924/8/1944433HungaryList Of Special Cases
146CZA721944168HungaryList Of Special Cases
147CZALIST 73 & 748/9/1944287HungaryList Of Special Cases
148CZALIST 73 & 748/9/1944969HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
149CZA578/9/1944871HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
150CZA589/9/1944525HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
151CZA689/9/1944370HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
152CZA758/9/194449HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
153CZA-01/09/1944773HungaryList Of Special Cases
154CZAHU/28/11003/09/1944529HungaryList Of Special Cases
155CZALIST HU/31/11506/09/1944578HungaryList Of Special Cases
156CZANU/32/11607/09/1944542HungaryList Of Special Cases
157CZALIST HU/33/11708/09/1944263HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
158CZA-11/9/1944284HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
159CZAHU / 34 / 1189/9/1944426HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
160CZAHU / 36 / 109 418HungaryList Of Special Cases
161CZA-25/9/1944508HungaryList Of Veteran Zionist
162CZA-28/9/194498HungaryList Of Veteran Zionist
163CZA1111/10/1944240HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
164CZA1125/10/1944632HungaryList Of Special Cases
165CZA113194442HungaryList Of Veteran Zionist
166CZA11412/10/1944395HungaryList Of Veteran Zionist
167CZA-16/10/1944587HungaryList Of Special Cases
168CZA12116/10/1944245HungaryList Of Special Cases
169CZA12218/10/1944570HungaryList Of Special Cases
170CZA12316/10/1944310HungaryList Of Special Cases
171CZA-16/10/1944426HungaryList Of Special Cases
173CZA-1944236HungaryUrgent Cases
174CZA-01/1944107HungaryHungarians Needing Visas
175CZA-11/11/1943591HungaryList Hungarian Chaluzim
175.1CZA-11.11.1943414HungaryListe Der Vatikim
176CZA- 207HungaryListe Der Einwanderungs-Zertifikatsbesitzer
177CZAP.19/10 II1944395HungaryList Of Jews From Hungary
178CZA- 300PolandList Of Rabbis Granted Immigration Certificates
179CZA- 53LatviaList Of Rabbis Granted Inmigration Certificates For Palestine Ocuppied By Russia
180CZA-194490HungaryList Of Rabbis Granted Immigration Certificates For Palestine
181CZA- 143Not HungaryList Of Rabbis - Granted Immigration Certificates For Paletine
182CZA- 76FranceList Of Rabbis Granted Immigration Certificates For Palestine
183CZA- 323LithuaniaList Of Rabbis Granted Immigration Certificates For Palestine
184CZA- 6LatviaList Of Teachers (Beth Jacob Schools)
185CZA- 365Hungary/Holland/GreeceList Of Veteran Zionists
186CZA- 40PolandImmigrants Under Cat. D (Wives And Children Of Pal. Citizens)
187CZA- 105Not HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
188CZA- 248Hungary And OtherHungarian Jews
189CZA- 148VariousStudents Granted Immigration Cert
190CZA-27/10/193928PolandCommittee For Relief Of The War-Stricken Jewish Population Sponsored By The World Jewish Congress
200CZA-1939/194032PolandRefugees From Poland In Hungary
201CZA-21/10/193948PolandPolnisch Jedische Fluechtlinge In Dettland
202CZA-194045PolandPolish Refugees In Hungary
206CZA- 289Theresiestadt 
207CZA- 977TheresiestadtPersons Imprisoned In Terezin
208CZA- 121TheresiestadtPersons Imprisoned In Terezin
209CZA- 208TheresiestadtTheresienstadt
210CZA- 243Theresiestadt 
211CZA- 906Theresiestadt 
212CZA- 594Theresiestadt 
214CZA- 40Theresiestadt 
215CZA- 185Theresiestadt 
216CZA- 1163Theresiestadt 
217CZA- 202Theresiestadt 
218CZA- 614TheresiestadtPersons Imprisoned In Terezin
219CZA- 256TheresiestadtTheresienstadt
220CZA- 92TheresiestadtPersons Imprisoned In Terezin
221CZA- 558TheresiestadtList Of Terezin.
222CZA- 615TheresiestadtPersons Imprisoned In Terezin
223CZA- 1726Theresiestadt 
224CZA- 294Theresiestadt 
225CZA- 114TheresiestadtTheresienstadt
226CZA- 806Theresiestadt 
227CZA- 158Theresiestadt 
228CZA- 239Theresiestadt 
229CZAL15/408 352TheresiestadtTheresienstadt
230CZAL 15/408 324TheresiestadtTheresienstadt
231CZAL15/408 322Theresiestadt 
232CZA- 302TheresiestadtTheresienstadt
233CZA- 207TheresiestadtTheresienstadt
234CZA- 338TheresiestadtTheresienstadt
235CZA- 781TheresiestadtList Of Persons Detained At Theresienstadt
236CZA- 245TheresiestadtTheresienstadt
238CZA-8/2/1943407PolandMen Women And Children In Poland Authorized To Enter Palestine
239CZA- 626PolandWomen And Children In Poland Authorised To Enter Palestine
239.1CZA-1943153Poland/CzechoslovakiaList Of Returned Authorities
240CZA- 108PolandWomen And Children In Poland Authorized To Enter Palestine
241CZAL 15/23917.4.1942129PolandList Of Candidates For Certificates
242CZA-1943302PolandList In German
243CZAL 15/239 789PolandWomen And Children In Poland Authorized To Enter Palestine
244CZAL 15/129 II 92VariousVisa To Palestine Names Missing In The Lists
245CZAL 15/129 II 314Poland/CzechoslovakiaTo Tel Aviv
246CZAL15 / 129 II 259Poland 
247CZAL 15/129 II 342Poland 
248CZAL 15/129 II 315Poland 
249CZAL 15 225 IV6/23/1944891HungaryList Of Special Cases
250CZA-1945142Bergen BelsenBergen-Belsen Inmates
251CZA- 518Bergen BelsenList Of Persons Detained At Bergen-Belsen-Camp
252CZA-12/1944178Bergen BelsenList Of Persons Detained At Bergen-Belsen Camp
253CZAL 15/40722.03.1945196Bergen BelsenMathausen Wien Lobau
255CZA- 109Bergen BelsenList Of Persons Detained In Bergen Belsen Camp
256CZA-1943381HungarySwiss Collective Passport
257CZAL 15/38I21/3/194365Croatia 
258CZA- 11SlovakiaChaluzey Shel Herzog In Der Slov.
259CZA-194261FranceNominations Under The Schedule In Unoccupied
260CZA- 206HungaryPlitim Chalutzim
261CZA- 624HungaryVatike Hamisrachi Haplitim
262CZAL15/38I 408HungaryPlitim Chaluzim
263CZA- 543HungaryPlitim Chaluzim
264CZA- 84SlowakiaFor Alijah Schel Chalucim Schomrim, Hanimcaim B Slow.
265CZA- 132PolandListe Der Plitim Zionim Polanim In Ungarn
266CZA- 25PolandListe Der Plitim Zionim Polanim In Ungarn
267CZAL15/38I 64Karpato RusWatikim In Karpatrussland
268CZA- 52Karpato RusListe Der Watikim In Karoatorussland
269CZA- 40SlowakiaResimat Chalucim Gordoniah Makzair In Der Slov
270CZA- 23HungaryWatikim Die Von Dr Freiberger Stammen
271CZA- 30HungaryWatikim Die Sich Bei Freibergees Befinden
272CZAL15/38I11/1943126In KarpathorusslandList Of Vatikim
273CZA- 126SlowakiaListe Und Reihenfolge Des Hechaluz Hamisrachi In Del Slov
274CZA- 54HungaryWatik Liste Des Haschomer Hazair In Ungarn
275CZA- 61KarpatrusslandListe Der Watikim
276CZA- 54KapartorusslandList Of Vatikim
277CZA- 441HungaryListe Der Zionim Watikim Klalim In Ungarn
278CZA- 135HungaryListe Der Plitim Zionim Polanim In Ungarn
279CZA-29/8/194448BelgiumList Of B Iii Candidates Belgium - List 279
280CZA-20/1/1944179BelgiumOffice Palestinien Geneve, List Of Candidates
281CZA-10/02/194447HollandOffice Palestinien Geneve
282CZA-6/8/194314PolandMen, Women And Children In Poland Authorized To Enter Palestine
283CZA-194415PolandMen, Women And Children In Poland Authorized To Enter Palestin
284CZA-1945219Germany-BavariaRoster Of Surviving Jews In Nuerenberg
285CZA-31/12/1945229Germany-BavariaRoster Of Surviving Jews In Fuerth (Bavaria)
286CZA- 72PolandList Of Jews Officers Of The Polish Army Liberated In A Prisoner Of War Camp In Germany
288CZA-09/193963PolandPolish Jewish Refugees In Hungary
289CZAS 26/379 291PolandList Of Jews Who Have Parents In Palestine
290CZA- 5Poland Verzeichniss Der Juden, Die In Palastina Ehefrau/Ehemann/Haben
291CZA- 71Poland Verzeichniss Der Juden, Die In Palastina Kinder Haben
292CZAS 26 13 79 62PolandJews That Have Been To Palestine And Have Family There
293CZAS 261379 659PolandList Of Jews Authorized To Enter Palastine
294CZAS 261379 58PolandPotential Candidates For German-Palestinian Exchange
295CZAS 261379 3PolandPalestinische Staatsangehorige
296CZAS 261379 10PolandOrphans
297CZAS 26138728.02.194497GreeceGreek Zionists
298CZA- 193RomaniaList Of Certificateholders Bucharest
299CZA-1943303PolandList Of Polish Jews In Romania
300CZA- 64PolandList Of Refugees From Poland In Roumania Who Got A Recommendation As Veteran Zionist
301CZA- 317PolandList Of Names From Various Cities In Poland+Csr
302CZA-13.03.1945416Germany/WiennList Of Names, Ages And Addresses
303CZAL 22/144371944281GermaniaCivil German Palestinian Internee Exchange
304CZA-1944281GermaniaList Of Autorised To Enter To Palestine
305CZAL 22/ 144 37 279GermaniaDer Im Zuge Des Dritten Deutsch-Palastinensischen Austausches Nach Palestina Ausreisenden Personen
307CZA- 104ItalyItaly And Occupied Territory
308CZA- 36CzechoslovakiaMen, Women And Children Authorized To Enter Palestin
309CZA- 394Bergen BelsenList Of Krausz People
310CZA- 310KroatiaJewish Yugoslav Subjects At Present Residing In Korczula ,Dalmatia Who Desire To Immigrate Into Palestine
311CZA-1945183Bergen BelsenPersons Arrived From Bergenbelsen To Switzerland
312CZA- 44TheresienstadtTheresienstadt
313CZA-1943507RomaniaList Of Vatikim In The "Altreich"
314CZA- 123RomaniaReshat Ha-Tzionim .Rumania
315CZA-1939135PolandRefugees From Poland In Rumania And Hungary
316CZA- 481BulgariaList Of Veteran Zionists Bulgaria
317CZA-15/05/1944215DrancyList Of Trasfered To Drancy
318CZA-20.03.1944166FranceListe De Veterans-Sionistes V I T T E L
319CZA- 144FranceInternes Civils A Vittel 140 Names W. Certificateds To Palestine
320CZA- 427RomaniaList Of Veterans Zionists Rumania And Italy
321CZA-04-06.1943260RomaniaList Of Names : Vatikim + Others
322CZA- 176Romania-TransnistriaList Of Vatikims From Transnistria
323CZA- 216Romania-BukowinaList Of Vatikim From Bukowina
324CZA- 150PolandListe Polnischer Watikim
325CZA-1943414FranceMen/Women&Childrem Authorized To Enter To Palestine
325.1CZA- 4TheresienstadtImmigrants In Enemy Occupied Territories
326CZAL 15/19419.03.194391BulgariaList Of Veteran Zionists
327CZAL15/194 33FranceList Of Veteran Zionists
328CZAL15/194 17GreeceList Of Veteran Zionists
329CZAL 15/1943/19/19431466HollandList Of Veteran Zionists
330CZA-19/11/194345HungaryList Of Veteran Zionists
331CZAL 15/ 1943/19/1943147ItalyList Of Veteran Zionists
332CZAL 15/1943/19/194325BelgiumList Of Veteran Zionists
333CZA-14.7.194285 Photocopies Of Authorities Sent On 14.7.1942, Dr Barlass
334CZAL 15/1681942-43387VariousCertificates Various Countries
335CZAL 15/332 420Poland 
336CZAL 15/332194236GermanyExchange Of Palestinians In Germany And Germans In Palestine
337CZAL 15/332 58GermanyCandidates For German-Palestinian Exchange
338CZAL 15/332 24GermanyInterned Palestinian Citizens
339CZAL 15/332 10GermanyList Of Children Without Parents
340CZAL 15/332 8PalestinaPalastinensische Staatsangehorige
341CZAL 15/332 876PalestinaDer Juden Die In Palestina Verwandte Haben
342CZAL 15/332 71PalestinaVerzeichniss Der Juden Die In Palestina Kinder Heben
343CZA- 5PalestinaVerzeichniss Der Juden, Die In Palastine Ehefrau/Ehemann/Haben
343.1CZAL 15/332 61PalestinaVerzeichniss Der Juden Die In Palestina Waren Und Dort Verwanete Haben
344.1YVSJM 34408.19456HungaryUngarische Juden Die Befinden Sich In Dachau
344.11YVSJM 34408.1945559HungaryUngarische Juden Die Aus Buchenwald Befreit Wurden
344.12YVSJM 34419451760HungaryUngarische Juden Die In Deutschland Befreit Wurden
344.13YVSJM 34419454160Hungary-TransilvaniaJews That Came Back To Western Romania After Deportation
344.2YVSJM 34408.1945147HungaryHungarian Jews In Ebensee, Austia
344.3YVSJM 34408.194514HungaryHungarian Jews In Inwersee Hospital, Austria
344.4YVSJM 34409.1945615HungaryHungarian Jews In Leipzig
344.5YVSJM 34409.451080HungaryHungarian Jews In Hillersleben Near Magdeburg
344.6YVSJM 34420.08.1945288HungaryJewish Orphans From Hungary Liberated From Mauthausen
344.7YVSJM 34425.09.1945607HungaryHungarian Jews In Seizleben
344.8YVSJM 34422.08.1945743HungaryHungarian Jews In Hospital In Wels, Austria
344.9YVSJM 34408.1945994HungaryUngarische Juden Die In Deutschland Befreit Wurden Und Deren Heimatreise Aus Bergen Belsen Im Gange Ist
345CZAL 15/332 24.12.1942122VariousList Of Applications For Inmigration Certificates For P-Ne
346CZAL 15/33208.12.1942105VariousList Of Applications For Immigration Certificates
347CZAL 15/332 216VariousList Of Applications For Immigration Certificates
348CZAL 15/332 31VariousThe Jewish Agency For Palestine Inmigartion Department, Applications
349CZAL 15/332 97VariousList Of Children Ages 10-16 Candidates For Alya Confirmation
350CZAL 15/332 101Poland 
351CZAL 15/332 593Poland 
352YVSO.41/39.2.2 464Budapest 
353YVSO.41/39.2.2 381Budapest 
354YVSJM-374119447BudapestMembers Of Jew Comitee
355YVSJM-3741194438BudapestRestaurant Owners
356YVSJM-374106/7/1944161BudapestHouse Owners
357YVSJM-3741194410BudapestList Of House Holders
358YVSJM-3741194423BudapestJewish Landlords
359YVSJM-374106.19448BudapestJewish Landlords
360YVSJM-37411943110BudapestValasztmanyi Tagok. Budapest
361YVSJM 3742 27BudapestLeaders Of Jew Community
362YVSJM-373916-07-194429BudapestList Of House Holders
362.1YVSJM/3742 2149BudapestJews Business Owners In Budapest
363YVSJM-373915-06-19445BudapestList Of House Holders
364YVSJM-3739 46BudapestList Of House Holders
365YVSJM-3739 13BudapestList Of House Holders
366YVSJM-3739 4BudapestList Of House Holders
367YVSJM-3739 10BudapestList Of House Holders
368YVSJM-373812-07-194423BudapestList Of House Holders
369YVSJM-3738 20BudapestList Of House Holders
370YVSJM-373818-07-194414BudapestList Of House Holders
371YVSJM373819-06-194417BudapestList Of House Holders
372YVSJM 3763194332BudapestForced Labor
373YVSJM 3734 83BudapestList Of Budapest Hospital
374YVSJM-3734NOV 194493BudapestList Of Budapest Hospital
375YVSJM-3734NOV 194471BudapestList Of Budapest Hospital
376YVS-1944127BudapestList Of Budapest Hospital
377YVSJM 3734 46BudapestList Of Budapest Hospital
378YVSJM-373413-07-19447BudapestJews Who Have Or Got Swiss Citizenship In Budapest
379YVSJM-37431944124Budapest(There's No Title, But Addresses Are Of Budapest)
380YVSJM-3743 1495BudapestList Of Businessman Of Budapest
381YVSJM-3743 384BudapestBusiness Owners (Kimutatas) In Budapest
382YVSO.15.H/72 25BudapestBudapest Ghetto
382.1YVSJM 3743 125HungarySlave Labor Batallion
383CZA- 292VariousVerzeichniss Der Juden Die In Palestina Eltern Haben
384CZA-04.01.1945102Bergen BelsenJewish Detainees In Bergen Belsen
385CZA-12.1944410Bergen BelsenBergen Belsen
386CZA-05.01.1945287Bergen BelsenBergen Belsen
390YVSP.19/101944583BudapestCollective Swiss Passport