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At the end of 1919, Hungary established the Munkaszolgálat (Labor Service) for civilians who were either unwilling or unable to serve in the regular army.  This institution was unique to Hungary and was not originally directed at Jews.  In 1938, however, the Labor Service was transformed into a forced labor institution directed solely at Jews.  "Munkaszolgálatos" were Jews who served in the Munkaszolgálat.  As the war progressed, the situation of the Jews in these labor companies became extremely difficult, and many did not survive.  More detailed information on the history of the Munkaszolgálat may be found at

The Database

The database includes 4,497 records.  This database, the Jewish KMSZ / Jewish Katonai Munkaszolgalat / military forced laborer list, is a list of Jews who died while serving in the Munkaszolgálat during World War II.  Zichronam l'Vracha — May their memory be a blessing.

The fields of the database are as follows:

Note: These people are also listed on the following website, which is in Hungarian.  Next to "Vezetéknév" (Surname), enter the surname you are looking for.


Gabor Hirsch created the original Excel spreadsheet on the H-SIG website.  The original data was obtained from a website that is no longer active.  Moshe Shavit transformed the information in the spreadsheet into JewishGen format.  We thank both of them for their efforts.

JewishGen Hungarian Special Interest Group (H-SIG)
October 2004

Searching the Database

This database is searchable via both JewishGen's Holocaust Database and JewishGen Hungary Database.

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