JewishGen Danzig/Gdańsk SIG Project:
Translation of "Yehude Dantsig, 1840-1943: hit'arut, ma'avak, hatsalah," by Eliyahu Stern

Volunteers Needed: Translators from Hebrew to English

All translators must sign a JewishGen Donor Agreement, with Addendum, and be familiar with Microsoft Word, in order to participate. Translators will also be responsible for acquiring copies of the book to work from (ask the Coordinator for a list of libraries that have it).

We have permission to place online translations of any parts of Yehude Dantsig, a book of several hundred pages, primarily about the struggles of the Danzig Jewish Community in the 20th century. This might have been a primary source for the Gdańsk chapter in Yad Vashem's Pinkas HaKehillot Polin. We will begin with the table of contents and index, and other material can be translated according to the translators' interests.

Status: Tamar Amit has translated the Table of Contents, Index, and a chapter on the immigrant ship "Astir," available here.

Contact: Logan Kleinwaks, JewishGen Danzig/Gdansk SIG Coordinator