Goldingen Oklad 1799

The records shown here are among the earliest of the Courland archival records microfilmed in 1940 and now held by the Herder Institute at the University of Marburg, Germany. The copies used here were made from a set held by the Family History Library of the Mormon church, and are used with the permission of the Herder Institute.

The list here is an Oklad (tax) list for Goldingen (Kuldiga) dating back to 1799. A scanned sample page in handwritten Gothic script is included, as well as a transcribed version of most of the data in the complete files. On the sample page, the pair of columns containing 5's and 10's is not transcribed; these columns represent the amount of tax paid (5 rubles and 10 kopeks). This Goldingen list differs from the Hasenpoth Oklad 1833-4 in several respects, including:

The absence of surnames obviously limits the genealogical utility of these lists when they are seen in isolation. However, the inclusion of full families can allow lists such as these to be related to later lists that include surnames. In this way family histories can be traced back to before the adoption of surnames, with the information on places of prior residence then becoming potentially useful. In the sense that we are identified by our surnames, it is lists like these that allow us to get down to our true "roots", as they allow us to bridge the period during which surnames were adopted, and often to determine the origins of our surnames.

Sample page

Transcribed tables of record numbers: 1-100 |  101-200 |  201-end

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