Hasenpoth Oklad 1833-34

This page provides links to the full Hasenpoth Oklad files for 1833-34, from the Courland archival records microfilmed in 1940 and now held by the Herder Institute at the University of Marburg, Germany. The copies used here were made from a set held by the Family History Library of the Mormon church, and are used with the permission of the Herder Institute. The Oklad lists were tax lists, which varied in form among different towns and at different times. The present list contains the names of over 1000 Jewish males of all ages, and shows the number in the list, surname and given names, age, house number, and the page number in the list; the page number includes a link to a scan of the original page, in handwritten Gothic script. There are several points to bear in mind in using the lists:

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