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Compiled (unpublished) list of Pazelva residents

Unpublished list by Mr. Menachem Charit


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We are indebted to Mr. Menachem Charit for compiling this list of his Pazelva neighbors.

Our sincere appreciation to Yehuda Wolfson of Israel who sent this material
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Pinkas Hakehillot Lita: Podzelva


The Jews knew this shtetl as Pazelva in Yiddish (Podzelva in Hebrew). Zelva is 13 miles East of the district capitol of Vilkomir (Ukmerge) in Lithuania. This is a Zelva residents list of Jews compiled by a Menachem (Mendel) Charit of Israel. Mr. Charit escaped Pazelva a few days before the Nazis entered. Names with an asterisk indicate persons known to have escaped or those who emigrated sometime in the 1930s. All others were lost in the Shoah.


(Most of them perished at the hands of the Nazis)

ABERMAN Velvel, Chasel, Chaim, Chaya-Sarah, Leyzer, Feyvel
ABERMAN Todres, Efraim, Berl
AHARONOVITCH (the tailor) and wife, son
BARON Herschel, Hodel, Henya, Yaakov, Shimon
BARON Yaakov, Sheine
BLECHER mother, Pinchas, Leyzer-Yitschak, 3 daughters
BURGIN Lemvik Malka, Etta, Yocheved
BIDA David, Esther, Moshe*, Shlomo, Tsvi, Yaakov, Rachel, Leah
CHARIT Moshe, Rachel, Batya, David-Berke,
CHARIT Musel, Mendel*
CHOCHEM Leibe (hat maker) and wife
FEEGER Chaim Yosef and wife, Naphtali, Blumke, David Zelke
FEEGER David, Sheyna (Charit), Henia, Rachel, Yehudit, one son
FEEGER Yechzkel and wife Shprintse, Chana, Tvbe, Naomi, Naphtali*, Shmuel
PENZEL Yitsik, Rachel, Alte, Yosef, Chayke (Volfson)
GENDLER Yudel, Rachel, Itschak, Bunim, daughter
GLIKMAN Yitsik, Feige, Yudke, Dvora, Tsvi (Hirshke), Beinus
GOLDFARB mother, Etke, daughter, 2 sons
GREYS Husband and Wife, Leyzer Ytske, daughter, Ayzik
GREYS Moshe and wife, Leyzer, Shimon, Abe
GREYS Ytsik and wife, Mendel, Gdalia, Yechiel
HAKNER Ydle (Hotel owner), Ytsik, Chanoch, Fridle (Paravoznik)
HELLER Choresh (grocery store), Chava, Nechamke and her husband
HELLER Mottel and wife, Bluma, daughter
HERTSE husband (matzo maker) and wife, 3 sons and 2 daughters
HERTSE The Baker and wife
Hirshe and Zelda (Mashuler from Mashul)
ISRAEL Shimon (the Shamesh) and wife
KALMENS Hirschel and wife, Ytske, 2 daughters
KANTSIPOVITZ Zalmen-Noach and wife, Baruch, Leah
KARKLIN Chaim-Shlomo and wife, Beyla, and 6 daughter
KARKLIN Yaakov *, Esther
KATZ Emmanuel
KATZ Israel and wife, Fruma, Moshke, Gute*, Baruch, Chatske, 3 children
KATZ Itzchak, Keyle, David, Melech, Shifra, Batya, daughter, Eliahu
KLUG Yudel, Rivel, Sarah-Pesya, Leibke, Yentke *
KREYNIS (Rabbi's wife)
LEV Moshe and wife, 2 children
LEVIN Ayzik, Sarah Leah, Tybke
LIPTSIK The Shochat and wife and 2 daughters
LOYFER Moshe and wife, Ytshak, son, daughter
MARGALIT Yashe-Zundel and wife, Menucha, Feygetske
MYLES Rashel (Herschel), Menucha, Mirke, Henya
NAVITZKY, Dr. and wife
NOVIK Mendel and wife, Motel*, daughter
OSHEROVITZ Herschel (grocery store), Alte, 2 children
OZER Zalmen, Sarah-Nechama, Yechezkel*, Leibe, Zelda, Reyzel, daghter
PAZOL Velvel and wife
PERKALSKY Nachum (shop owner) and wife, Nechama, daughter
PLOT Zelig and wife, Shmuel
ROTENBERG Shmuel, Ela, 3 daughters
SCHNEIDER Bentse, 2 daughters, a son (shoemaker) and 2 children
SHAPIRO Moshe, Chava, 3 children
SHAPIRO Shalom (tailor), Zlate-Naomi, Gabriel
SHAPIRO Hirshel and wife, Taybe, Israel
SHERTSIK Moshe and wife, 2 daughters
SHKOLNIK Shimon and wife, Nechamke, daughter (adopted)
SHMID Ytsik and wife, Myresh, Dovke, Beile, Esther and son
SHNIPELSKY Hana-Rachel, Zelig
STASHKUN Moshe, Golda, 2 daughters
STOKOL Hirshel Leib, mother: Rachel-Leah, Zelda
STOLER Feyvel, Elke, Lipke
VINER Esther
VINER Feyvel, Esther, Berl, Hirschel, 2 children
VINIK Alter and wife, Azriel, Leah
VINIK Chaim (woodworker), Alte, Nisan, Chana
VOLFSON Mendel, Freydel, Chaim, Moshe, Chaye, Zlate, Libe, Avraham, Ytsik*, Shmuel*
YODEH Velvel and wife
ZAREMBA Reuven, Reyzel, Mira, Ala and two children
The RABBI of Pazelva and wife
Velvel the butcher and wife
Berke and wife, 2 sons
The shoemaker Yoseph and wife
Gershon (butcher) and wife
Chaim-Asher (clothes shop) and wife, Aharon-Avram, Esther and Yoseph her husband
Chaye-Mere- Beile and Gershon
Reine, daughter of Chaim-Asher, Alter (her husband) and 2 sons
Yashtchik (son of Yerachmil), wife: Sarah and 2 sons
Izak (the pharmacist) and wife, son and daughter
A couple of old people near the well

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