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Yizkor Dedications

Translated by Jerrold Landau


With blood and fire, with sword and strangulation, our dear people of Zawiercie and the neighboring area were murdered. We remember forever those whose names we know of, along with those whose names we do not know. We remember the holy, tortured victims of the wild Nazi beasts who overtook the land of Poland.

The Committee.

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Along with the list of the martyrs of Nazi Poland who were killed in the Diaspora, we remember the bravery of those that fell in the battlefields of the land of Israel.

Erlich Yeshaya
Blatt Tzvi Yehuda
Granek Shalom
Dafner Avraham
Spivak Ezra
Kolin Bronia
Krausman Aryeh (Lulek)
Riterband Shlomo (the head of the Amos underground unit)
Reisman Tovia

May their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life.

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Yizkor Lists

Urman: Yosef, Malka, Moshe, and Miriam
Brzezener (from Łazy): Zelig, Malka, Gittel
Garnitz: Natan, Chana, Roiza, Frania, Feivel, Esther, Priva, Tamar, Andzhia, Yodzia, Chanoch
Grossman: Toibele, Yosef, Miriam, Moshe, Yitzchak, Chaya, Avraham
Gritzer: Dov, Esther, Yitzchak
Haberman: Tzvi, Esther, Zahava
Holland: Shmuel Nata, Gittel, Yaakov, Miriam, Moshe, Sheindel, Pinchas
Weilgus: Yitzchak, Malka, Perel Lea, Mania, Fishel and his family
Zacks (Czebyner): Rivka, Yeshayahu (Selim)
Ziskind: Yentel, Yitzchak, Michael
Yachetsan: Yechezkel, Rivka, Golda, Meshulam, Alter Ben Zion, Henia
Choba: Yaakov, Toiva, Chana, Dina
Kwat: Chanoch (Henech), Lea, Leibel, Aaron, Fintshe, Feivel, Mordechai, Freidel and their families, Chana, Perl.
Lippman: Shimshon-Shamsel, Mitele, Avraham, Natan
Messer: Yosef, Chaya, Yehuda, Moshe
Nartzis: Natan, Chana, Frumet, Yerachmiel, Chaim Neiberg and his family


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Nitzshas: Chanan, Tzipora, Yaakov Yitzchak, David
Neigeboirn: Simcha, Chaya Gittel, their daughter Lea, their son Avraham, Yehuda Aaron
Neiman: Chaim, Freidel, Reizel, Rachtshe, Gittel, Avraham
Saika-Sukia: Yosef, Dobra (nee Afenheim), Henech (Henik) Kreindel and their families
Sechigowski (Soika): Chaya and their families
Zilberstein: Berish and their families, Avraham, Binyamin and their families
Senderowicz: Frania, Simcha
Pinkus: Shlomo, Rachel, Avraham
Fisher: Shlomo, Tova, their daughter Bela and their son-in-law Pinchas Silberstein, and their son Alosh
Zuckerman: Aviva, Tzirel, Yitzchak, Yechiel and their families, their daughter Pesel Spigelman and her daughter
Knobler: Wolf, Reizel, Pinieh, Hindel, Yerachmiel, Lea, Hershel, Moshe, Mottel
Krozman: Chaim Yekutiel, Hindel, their daughter Sara Lea Schwartzbaum
Rozmarin: Gnedel and her family


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Along with the bereaved family, we mourn the untimely death of the secretary of our organization, beloved more than anyone.

Reb Avraham Zacks of blessed memory.

He dedicated much of his time, and gave of himself selflessly in conducting the official duties of the organization of Zawiercie expatriates. A bitter fate awaited him, and he did not merit seeing the “Yizkor Book of the Holy Community of Zawiercie and its Region”, even though he was among the first to dedicate himself to the production this book.

{Repeated in Yiddish.}


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In Eternal Memory

A monument to the souls of our dear ones who perished when the Nazi beast prowled on Polish soil.

Reb Mordechai and Frimet (nee Milstein) Kravetz, and their sons Avraham and Berel: The mourners: Kalman and Mirele (nee Kravetz) Mintz of Montreal, Canada
Reb Shlomo and Chana (nee Kravetz) Miedzinski, their sons Zeev and Berish: Those left in agony: her brother Yehuda Kravetz, Montreal, Canada
Rev Shlomo Tzvi Galezener from Łazy, his daughter Sara Kreindel: Those who weep bitterly: his son Yaakov Galezener, Montreal and his son Yosef Yitzchak (Israel)
Reb Moshe Aaron and Feigel (nee Urman) Doblin, their sons Pinchas Henech and Yitzchak, their daughters Frimet and Chaya. The mourners: their son Reuven Doblin, Montreal, their son Shlomo Doblin, New York.
Rev Moshe Leib Edelman, his daughters Sali (age 15), Hela, (age 13), and Fani (age 9): Those left in agony: his son Avraham Eliezer Edelman, Montreal, Canada; his daughter Freda (nee Edelman) Doblin, Montreal, Canada; and his daughter Gittel Edelman.
Reb Aaron and Rachel Vierofski of Łazy, their daughters Gittel, Kreindel (Galezener), and their son Chaim: Those weeping bitterly: Their son Yehuda Wierowski, Montreal, Canada; and their daughter Esther Rosengarten, Montreal, Canada.


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Yehuda and Rivka Kwat, their sons Yeshaya, Noach, Menachem, their daughters Chana Tzvia, Sheindel, and Necha. The mourners: Yehuda and Hela (Chaya) nee Kwat, Wierowski, Montreal.
Avraham Borzikowski, his sons Chaim, Dov Tzvi, his daughters Alta Devora, Reizel, his daughter-in-law Sara (nee Laufer). Those left in agony: Yehoshua and Miriam (nee Stulberg) Borzikowski, Montreal.
Meir and Beila Stulberg, their sons Shlomo and Shalom, their daughters Hinda and Perel. Those that weep bitterly: Abba and Rivka (nee Horenstein) Stulberg, Sosnowiec Poland, Yehoshua and Miriam (nee Stulberg) Borzikowski, Montreal, Shmulek and Reizel (Nee Stulberg) Ridler, New York.
Hinda Foigel, her sons Yechiel, Dov, Abba, her daughters Esther and Rivka: the mourners, Yaakov Meir and Pesel (nee Foigel) Zilbergold, Montreal.
Pinchas and Dobrish (nee Drezner) Meirovitz, their son Shlomo. Those left in agony: their son Yaakov Moshe Zilbergold, Montreal.
David and Rivka (nee Zilbergold) Moszkowicz of Łazy, their sons Shlomo, Avraham, Moshe, Simcha, Yaakov, their daughter Dobrish. Those weeping bitterly: their grandson Yaakov Moshe Zilbergold, Montreal.


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Reb Reuven and Feigel Zelkowicz, their sons Yaakov, Michael, their daughters Chava and Miriam. The mourners: their son David Zelkowicz, Montreal, their son Menachem Zelkowicz, Haifa, Israel.
Reb Shmuel and Freida Hendel Hochberger, their sons Tzvi, David Leibish, their daughters: Reizel, Esther, Bronia. Those left in agony: Moshe Hochberger of Munich, Yeshaya Hochberger of New York, Efraim Hochberger of Montreal.
Yosef and Yute Gele Staszewski, their sons Shmuel, Baruch, Avraham, Ber, Zalme, their daughters Rivka, Rachel Lea. Those that weep bitterly: Abish and Bronia (nee Staszewski) Treper, Montreal, Menashe and Gittel (nee Staszewski) Tenenbaum of Ramle, Israel.
Mrs. Toiva Sztibel of Kromołów, her sons Chaim, Eliezer, Meir, her daughters Rachel, Gele, Chaya. The mourners: Yaakov Sztibel of Katowice Poland, Yehoshua Shtibel of Montreal, and Avraham Shtibel of Melbourne Australia.
Reb Meir and Breindel Perelmuter, their daughters Sara Feigel, Gittel, their son-in-law Yeshaya Plowner. Those left in agony: Alter and Chana Luba (nee Perelmuter) Spigelman, Montreal.


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Reb Chanoch and Feigel Deich, their son Chaim, their daughters Gittel, Chaya, Lea. Those that weep bitterly: Israel and Esther (nee Deich) Schwartzbaum of Montreal.
Reb Chaim Yosef and Sara Schwartzbaum from Szczekociny, their sons Tzvi, Avraham, their daughter Rivka, their daughter in law Chaya Beila, their grandchildren Eliezer Lipa, Shmuel, and Meir. The mourners: Israel and Esther (nee Deich) Schwartzbaum of Montreal.
Reb Natan and Charna Tiefenberg from Kromołów, their sons Avraham Eizik, Shlomo and Elchanan. Those left in agony: David and Sara (nee Brener) Tiefenberg, Montreal.
Reb Avraham and Reizel Zlotnick, their sons Yoel, Baruch, and Elimelech, their daughter Libtshe. Those weeping bitterly: Mordechai Zlotnick, Montreal, Mendel and Moshe Zlotnick, Paris, Yaakov David and Esther (nee Zlotnick) Goldschmid, Paris.
Sara Ethel Shlechter, her daughters Feigel and Chaya, her granddaughter Pesel Lea. The mourners: Mordechai Shlechter, Montreal, Meir Zalman Schlechter of Valencien France.
Shlomo and Chana (nee Kravetz) Medzinski, their sons Zeev and Berish. Those left in agony: Carl and Elke (nee Kravetz) Karls of Montreal, Alte Necha (nee Kravetz) Kahn, New York.


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A memorial to Shalom and Esther Isserowski of blessed memory. Faithful to Zion with all their souls. The mother died on 19 Iyar 5708 (1948) . The father on 30 Nissan 5709 (1949). Their resting place is in Magdiel in Israel. The family that died in the Holocaust is as follows : Yechiel Alter and his wife Beltze (nee Turgobnik), their daughter Naomi Chana and her husband Yitzchak Goldman, their son Shmuel and daughter Tzipora. Their memories will never be forgotten.

{Above accompanied by 4 family photos.}


A memorial to my never to be forgotten friend, Yitzchak Goldman and his family who were tragically killed by the Nazi murderers. These lines in the Yizkor book dedicated by Chaim Turner of Chicago.


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May G-d Remember

The family that was wiped out in their prime by the Nazis. Daughters, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law, and grandchildren of:

Shimshon Meir and Rivka Turner
Mirele and Avraham Froman, their children Moshe Tzvi, Shimshon Meir and Brachatshe with her husband and child.
Esther (Edshe) and Elimelech Feigenbaum with their children Akiva and Shimon Meir.
Zisel (Zoshe) and Pinchas Feigenbaum with their two daughters Genia and Machilka.
Rachel (Rozshe) and Berel Zweig, with their daughter Fela
Adela and Chaim Rottman
Chanke (Andzhe) and her friend Yaakov Erlich
Chaya (Hele), wife of Alexander and Mother of Amos
Dvora (Dorka) and daughter Lentche (Lea), wife of Chaim
Shlomo Braf and his son Shimshon Meir, the husband of Itka Braf
Avraham Yosef and Mirele and Zushe Szwarc
Avraham and Itka Haberman, and their children Yeshayahu and Nyushe.
Wife, children, and grandchildren of Rabbi Shmuel Aaron Pardes of blessed memory. May G-d avenge their deaths.
The mourners: Alexander Chaim Moshe and Amos Turner, Itka Braf, Chicago, U.S.A.


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For the 20th Yahrzeit of our father, and the 15th Yahrzeit of our mother:

Ozer Israel the son of Reb Aaron Zeifman, and Lea the daughter of Israel Meir Borenstein.

On the murder in the Holocaust of our family:

Zeifman family, Avraham, Goltshe, Chaya Rachele and Ezrele, Yirmiahu and Breindel, Moshe and Riva and their children.
Borenstein family: Zisman and Sara Beila, Abba and Rachel and their children.
Jutkowicz family: Yitzchak and Miriam and their children.
Freidman family: Yechiel and Yutel and their children.

Who were murdered in sanctification of G-d's name by the Nazis.

Every Zawiercie expatriate has a great deal to tell. In a few brief lines, we wish to tell of the tireless involvement of our parents in the town of Zawiercie. Memories come together in the head, like pages in a book. All the family and friends are no longer with us. They were murdered in Auschwitz. Also destroyed, were the vibrant institutions – the charitable fund and Spoldzelczy Bank – where our father was involved. Our father was a communal representative and a trustee of the Chevra Kadisha (Burial Society). He was related to and a student of the Sochaczewer Rebbe. Even though he worked hard and his time for charitable work was limited, he taught a class for youths in the shtibel. At all times, but especially before the festivals, he would give secret donations to his needy friends. He wrote a book on his sickbed, which was destroyed along with the destruction of Jewish Zawiercie.

Before his passing, he left behind a will that he shoud not be eulogized and that a large monument not be erected over his grave. During his illness, the following friends assisted him: Shlomo Yehuda Rozencweig, Yoel Cwygel, Mordechai Hillel Windman, Moshe Chaim Rozenblum, Hershel Rappaport, Reuven Dafner, Nechemia Borenstein, and his son Nota Feivel Bornstein in Vienna. With great dedication, our mother enabled our father to continue learning. She supported relatives, friends, honorable ill people, and poor people. She married off girls who worked in our home. Her lot was the same as all the Jews. She was murdered along with her granddaughter Chaya Rachele. Our brother, very young at the time, a lad with a good character and warm heart, had not yet experienced life. He survived during the war while serving in the Polish Army, but he was murdered along with all the Jews.

Their memory will always remain holy in our hearts

Daughter Feigel Shamashonovitch, son Lipa Zeifman, Chicago, 1958.


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A memorial to my mother Esther Karach (nee Frodelski) who was killed in her prime.

{Accompanied by a photo.}

Surviving in deep sorrow: Dr. A. Korach and family, America.


In memory of my father: Shmuel Ber Frodelski, my brother: Yosef Mendel Frodelski, my sister and brother-in-law Yoske Joskowicz, with his wife children and family. With holy trembling over their martyred graves. Remaining weeping: Gite Frodelski, Chicago.


In Eternal Memory of our parents Chaim and Miriam, our brother and sisters: Dov Esther and Shifra. Murdered by the murderous Nazis and perished in the Holocaust. We will never forget their pure blood that was spilled without fault on their part: Moshe and Israel Ulmer and their families.


In memory of my parents Yeshayahu Menachem and Miriam Erenfreid, my brother Yaakov, my sisters Sara Lea and Henele Breindele, and the rest of my family who were murdered in the Nazi Holocaust.

The sole survivor of the family: Avraham Erenfreid and his family.


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In memory of my son Avraham and the family of Pinchas Zelig Szwarc. My father Yissachar the son of Israel Halevi, my mother Rachel the daughter of Yaakov David, my brother Efraim Eliezer Fishel and his wife Lea bat Mordechai, their children Avraham Yissachar and Berel, their daughters Bela, Yetel, my brother Chaim Meir and his wife Feigel the daughter of Pinchas Zelig, their children Avraham Yissachar, Pinchas and Aaron. My sister Esther, her daughter Lea. My brother Yehoshua Nota and his wife Gittel the daughter of Avraham. Their daughters Gilda and Yetel. Their brothers Israel and Reuven. My friend Moshe the son of Yeshaya Rosenberg and his family. His son-in-law Rev Berish Freiberg. My friend Reb Yechiel the son of Yehuda Menachem Parizer and his family. My friend Reb Yitzchak the son of Arye Halevi Parizer. Yissachar and Rachel Szwarc, Sara Reizel Szwarc. My uncle Pinchas Zelig the son of Israel Halevi, his wife Sara Raizel the daughter of David Shlomo, their son Yitzchak Aaron and his wife Chaya. Their son Tzvi. Their daughter Yetel the daughter of Pinchas Zelig. Her daughters Rachel and Chana. My beloved wife Rachel (Rachche). My sons Avraham, Yissachar and Berel. My daughters Bela, Yetel, Chana, Yentel. My dear uncle Rev Zeev Wolf Rotholtz, My aunt Toiva and all their family of Żarki. Their sons Yehoshua David, Menachem Mendel. My uncle Israel, his son David Shlomo from Kromołów and his family.

My father Avraham Yissachar Berel the son of Israel Halevi Szwarc, born in Wlodowice near Zawiercie. His brother Pinchas Zelig Szwarc, who was one of the first founders of the lumber industry in our city. My father was killed during the First World War in the year 5676 (1916) by robbers in the Siewierz Forest. My mother Rachel the daughter of Yaakov David (nee Paktarski) remained a widow with nine young children. She raised us in the spirit of Torah, tradition, and love of Zion. My eldest brother Efraim-Fishel. Eliezer and I followed the family business and became lumber tradesmen. We were successful, and had a factory for lumber and crates. Our house was open to the needy.

My brother Efraim-Fishel-Eliezer was a communal activist in our city until the Nazis, may their names be blotted out, arrived and murdered all of the Jews in our city. My brother Chaim-Meir was the first victim of our family. He was murdered on 6 Tishrei 5693 (1939) in Krasnibrod, Lublin district. His sonAvraham Yissachar was murdered in Katowice while standing secret guard against the Nazis. Finally, the dearest, my dear son, my only son, Avraham-Yissachar-Berl was murdered almost at the last minute, at the end of the war, by the Nazis may their names be blotted out, during the death march in Ekenfelden, Lower Bavaria – on Pesach Sheni 5705 (1945). He was buried in the Regensburg Cemetery.

May the land not cover their blood. May G-d avenge their blood.

The mourner: Yechiel Yitzchak Halevi Schwartz.


In eternal memory of my parents Wolf Leizerowicz, Golda (nee Perel) Leizerowicz, my brother Richard Binyamin Leizerowicz, killed in the Holocaust in 1943. May their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life: by daughter Chedva Gil of Kibbutz Meggido.


In eternal memory of my parents Moshe Aaron and Rivka Gelbard, my sisters Chaya Feigel Gnendelman and her family. Left in mourning Shlomo Gelbard and his family.


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With deep sorrow we remember our parents and family:

Our dear and never to be forgotten parents, sisters, nephew and niece. Our father Reb Moshe Gnendelman was a merchant, and a representative on the Jewish council of Zawiercie. He died in 1942 and was buried in Kielce. Our mother Malkale Gnendelman (nee Rosenstein). Killed by the Nazi murderers in Rabka. Sister Gutshe Berger (nee Gnendelman) killed in the Treblinka Death Camp. Nephew Henry Berger, Gutshe's son, 5 years old, killed by the Nazi murderers in Rabka. Sister Rivka Roitche Knoblach (nee Gnendelman) killed in Rabka. Niece Stella Knoblach (6 years old) killed by the Nazi murderers in Rabka. With everlasting sorrow: David Gnendelman, his wife Fanny and son Moshe Chanoch of New York; Israelke Gnendelman, his wife Sarah, their son David and daughter Mary of Sydney Australia; Feigele Shliwinska (nee Gnendelman), and daughter Stella of Sydney Australia.

{Accompanied by 4 photographs.}


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In memory of Yitzchak of blessed memory.

I was not a witness to your tragic fate, along with the fate of the Jews of my city, for I was far off from the tribulations of the war. However, your sons and daughters who went to slaughter were very well known to me. I cannot be silent and fail to memorialize the personalities, friends and acquaintances. Permit me at least to memorialize the soul of one of my advisors and friends.

Apteczna 6, was a street like all Jewish streets. Its buildings more or less resemble each other, but not so with their residents.
A slightly different mode of life was conducted in the home of Moshe Rosenberg of blessed memory.
Yitzchak (Itchele) was only 18 when he already dedicated himself to the idea of education and actualization. There were always dozens of youth surrounding him on his way to and from work. When he crossed the street, he always offered an explanation, imparting Torah and knowledge. He did everything to inspire and impart the wisdom of Judaism.
Your house was well known and a gathering place for the wise. There, meetings took place, ideas were hatched, and the Israeli representatives lodged.
During the dark days of the war, you were not overcome by the psychology of fear. Even as the lion swallowed you, you maintained connections with the officials of the city council in order to obtain Aryan documents for our youth so that they could be saved.
You were always toiling, and even in your youth, you suffered along with your people.
May your memory be blessed forever.
by his friend Yehuda Kreitzer.


In deep sorrow, we weep over the deaths of Charna and Chaim Perchis.

Remaining in sorrow: by Gutshe and Yaakov Feldbril, Canada; Hela and Yitzchak Levkovitch, France; and Andzia and Yaakov Fagen, Brooklyn, New York.


We weep over the untimely, tragic deaths of Leibish Shlomo Feigenblatt, his wife Rivka, and their children Sara Freidel and Moshe Nachum.

Remaining in sorrow: Yaakov and Andzia Fagen, Brooklyn, New York; Shimon and Ida Feigenblatt, Israel; Gutcha and Paltiel Feiman, Israel; Isser and Mania Feigenblatt, Brooklyn; Yehuda and Miriam Feigenblatt, Israel; Batya and Moshe Etzbeni, Israel; Herman and Jane Feiman, Brooklyn.

{Accompanied by a photo.}


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In memory of the wife and children of the family of Berish Zonenschein, who were tragically murdered by the Nazi murderers. His wife Roza Zonenschein, daughters Fela, Mania, Rachel, sons Moshe, Yaakov and David. In their memory: his son Yehoshua Zonenshein, wife and children of Chicago.


In eternal memory of my parents Chanoch Reisman, known as Henech Srulke's, and his wife Liba, my brother Moshe Reisman, sister Tzipora Reisman, grandfather Israel (Srulkes) Briger (died a natural death), Miriam Kimelman (nee Briger), aunts and uncles Rivka, Chaim, Chava, Wolf, Gitel.

Left in sorrow: Yaakov Briger, David Briger, Chaya Biderman (Reisman), Shifra Balitzki (Reisman).


In eternal memory of grandparents Israel Hersch (the medic) and Sara Waldberg. Parents Avraham Leib and Rivka Freidel Waldberg, killed by the Nazis in Auschwitz. My wife Rivche Waldberg, daughter Freidel Waldberg, sisters Pesel, Doba Zisel and Chana.

Honoring their memory, the sole survivor Yaakov Waldberg.


In memory of my parents Yosef and Feigel Feder. Brothers Moshe Leib and Zecharia, sisters Chana and Kreindel Feder.

Left in mourning: Aaron Feder, wife and family, Israel; Pinchas Feder, wife and family, America; Yuval Feder, wife and family and family, Israel.


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In eternal memory of my family who perished through the defiled hands of the Nazi troops, servants of the accursed Hitler and his cannibalistic accomplices.

Parents: Berish and Liba Neiman, Brothers and sisters Israel, Mindzhia, Jadzia.

{Accompanied by photo.} In the photo: The photo includes Moshe-Leib (Meitek) and Lozer, who were the only survivors of the entire family.

The mourners: Moshe and Lozer.


My father Menachem Nachum Israel Hakohen Rabinovitch.

Born in Radomsk, Poland in 5632 (1872) to his father Moshe Aharon. He was a scion of the family of Admorim of Radomsk. He was an expert scholar, who studied Torah day and night. He would host guests in a dedicated fashion, and was the honorary president of the Chevra Kadisha (burial society) of Zawiercie. He gave up his pure soul with the words of “Shema Yisrael” on his lips, along with all the pure martyrs, after the liquidation of the Zawiercie Ghetto. My mother Zelda, the daughter of the shochet Reuven Zaks, was a modest woman. She built her household, which became a gathering place for the wise. My brother Leibush served after his marriage as the shochet of Miechow. My younger brother Shlomo was a Yeshiva student, a friend to every scholar. He was active in the Mizrachi movement. I had three sisters: Malka Zisel, Tauba Sheindel, and Sara-Sarale. Sarale was active in the Mizrachi movement. The Satanic Hitler, may his name be blotted out, wiped out all her dreams to build up and be built up in our Holy Land.

I remain alone from the entire family, but I have merited to live in Israel, whereas they did not. The mourner: Gittel Levin.


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A terebinth of weeping

Reb Chaim the son of Reb Avraham Leib Kleiner (from Żarki), the son-in-law of Hertzke Leiberman. He was one of the foremost honorable citizens of the city of Zawiercie. He was among those who laid the foundation stone and served as one of the directors of Beis Yaakov. He was a trustee of the Chevra Kadisha and the charitable fund. He was also one of those who laid the foundation stone of Agudas Yisroel in our city of Zawiercie. He was a scholar, and a veteran Gur Hassid.

His wife Breindel the daughter of Reb Hertzke Liberman of blessed memory, worked in communal affairs in our city Zawiercie. She toiled faithfully and discretely, without expectation of remuneration.

Their son Shlomo Zalman of blessed memory, one of the finest youths of his city, a student of Yeshiva in Warsaw and Pressburg, Czechoslovakia. He was one of the directors and founders of Agudas Yisroel youth.
Their daughter Chana Feigel of blessed memory, an organizer of the Agudas Yisroel girls, graduated from the Fursztenberg School of Będzin.
Their son Naftali Hertzke, of blessed memory, who toiled in Torah day and night. He was one of the finest youths of the Gur Hassidic court.

All died in Auschwitz at the hands of the Nazis, may their names be blotted out.

May their memories remain forever, from generation to generation.

May their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life.

{Accompanied by a photo.}


In eternal memory of my entire family, who were murdered by the Hitlerist wild beasts along with all the Jews of Zawiercie, and in Poland in general.

Mother Chana Gittel Bizam.
Brothers Yerachmiel and his wife Sheva and children; Fishel and his wife Pesel and children; Yitzchak and his wife Rivka and children.
Sister Hinda and her child, Doba
Step brothers: Baruch Shmuel Solkowski, wife Lea and children; Meshulam Solkowski, wife Rachel and children.

With deep sorrow: Andzia Kiper and her family.


In eternal sorrow for the Grinblatt family:

Parents Israel and Treine; brothers David Meir, Lemel, and their families; sisters Chaya Knobler and husband Avraham, Lea Frucht and her son Hershel.
Monowicz family: Parents Israel and Chantshe Monowicz; brothers Chaim and his son; David Yosef; sisters: Gittel Tennenbaum and her husband Hershel and children; Rivka and Yaakov Winter and children; Feigel Sobelman and husband David. Sheindel Monowicz.

The survivors: Avraham Shlomo and Hela Grinblatt (nee Monowicz), Israel; Moshe Yitzchak and Fishel Monowicz and families, America


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Eternal Memorial

In the holy memory and for the elevation of the souls of my parents, Yerachmiel Meir and Rivka (nee Shutland) Hammer; my Shutland grandparents; brother Chanoch Hammer, sister Chava Hammer; and the rest of my family, may G-d avenge their souls. As well as my beloved friend David Shneiderman and family, and the rest of my friends and their families, may G-d avenge their blood, who were murdered and annihilated in the gas chambers by the Nazi devil and his troops.

They did not reach old age and eternal rest, and did not merit to witness the realization of our dream, the establishment of the state.

May their memories be eternally preserved among the supreme holy ones.

Land, oh land, do not cover their blood until recompense and revenge come.

By their son and family, Avraham Hammer.


Our parents Chaim-Chaiml and Baltshe Czebyner; brother: Israel Yehuda Czebyner and his wife Gela and children; sisters Chana (Czebyner) and husband Tzemach Tennenbaum, Frumet, Elka and Tzipa Czebyner.

Remaining in mourning: their sons and brothers Tzvi Czebyner and David Czebyner and families, Germany.

{Accompanied by photo of the parents.}


In memory of our dear relatives

Parents Yosef and Sara Weinstein; sisters Chana Esel Leftmanowicz, Golda Fishbein, Tzirel Zonstein, Tzvia Weinstein; brother Leibish Weinstein.

With deep sorrow: Chaim Weinstein, Paula Horzowski, Rachel (nee Weinstein) Waldberg and families.

{Accompanied by two photos, the top one of the parents, and the bottom one seemingly of the brother.}


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In eternal Memory

Our parents Shmuel Yosef and Eidel Kreitzer of Mrzyglod; My wife Shprintza the wife of Tzvi Kreitzer who perished at the hands of the accursed Nazis, may their names be blotted out; my daughters Chavale and Mindela who perished while still in their childhood; Our brother Avraham Yitzchak and wife Hindel Kreitzer and son Lipa; Sisters Rikel; Gittel and daughter Rivka; Esther and daughter Rivka; Sara (Kreitzer) Eibeshitz and husband Nota, their daughter Chana and son Yaakov; Chaya Hela Neiman (a teacher, nee Kreitzer) and husband Yaakov; Malka, husband and children.

Remaining in sorrow: their daughter and sister Chava (Kreitzer) Chaitzin. The father, husband, son, and brother Tzvi Kreitzer; Grandson Yehuda Kreitzer and families.

{Accompanied by a photo of the parents.}


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We will always remember:

Parents Yaakov and Feigel Doba Geldner. Brother David Geldner, wife and children. Sisters Chana (Geldner) Kerkowski and husband, Rachel (Geldner) Marowka and husband Yudel, Rivka Geldner.

By the survivors: Brothers: Shimon Geldner and wife, Hershel Geldner and his family, United States. Uncle Shmelke Geldner (France).


In eternal memory:

Of my dear relatives, martyrs of the Hitlerist bloodbath.

Parents Yehuda and Alte Strausman, wife Golda daughter Tauba, brothers Chaim Shlomo and David, sisters Perel and Henele Strausman.

With sorrow: Melech Strausman and family, America; Leah Roitmentch (Strausman) and family, Israel.


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We find no comfort over the murder of our dear ones of the Manele family, who were murdered by the cannibalistic, vile Nazi murderers, the likes of which the world has never seen.

The following were killed during the bestial Nazi slaughter:

Avraham Chaim and Chana Ethel Manelel, sons and daughters Reuven, Meir, Yentele, Itel; the second wife Itele; Shmuel Mendel, Itshe and Alte Manele, children Avrahamele, Breindel; the second wife Rachel and children; David Manele and Yentel Rinski, wife of Chaim Rinski of Marszalkowska Street.

We, the survivors of the Manele family, will never find consolation after the murders of our dear ones in sanctification of the Divine Name.

{Accompanied by a photo.}


In eternal memory of my never to be forgotten dear ones who were murdered as martyrs:

Parents: Mordechai and Dvora Helberg; brother Yosef and his wife Sarale and their children; sisters Feigele and Israel Neufeld and their children, Rivkele her husband Pintche Rothstein and their children.

I remain without comfort over their unmarked grave: Yehuda Yudel Helberg.


In deep sorrow over the unmarked graves, somewhere on Polish soil, of:

Zosia and Avraham Soika, Kliger family -- Karola (nee Soika), Leon, Rosa Tina, Uziel Yehuda; Rosenblum family; Malka Orbach (nee Rosenblum), Masha Lea (nee Rosenblum) Sankewicz; Hirschfeld family, Fania Levinson-Hirschfeld, Freida and Hela Rachel Hirschfeld.

Surviving: Hirschfeld


Our relatives did not fall on foreign soil. Our pioneers and relatives fell on the fields the homeland:

Parents: Shabtai and Chava Ita Spivak; brothers: Yosef Leib, Yitzchak and Ezra Spivak; My husband and our brother-in-law Yehuda Goldkorn.

By the Werdiger, Goldkorn , and Berel Spivak families.


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In eternal memory

Of our dear family members, who were murdered by the wild, cannibalistic Nazis, the terrible murderers. Murdered in this manner were:

Father: Reb Yosef the son of Yitzchak Yaakov Groman killed in Auschwitz, 1943. Mother: Feigel the daughter of Chanoch Groman, died in Zawiercie 1942. Sisters: Baltshe and her husband Israel Manele, killed in 1943, Dvora Groman.

There is no comfort for us, the survivors of the aforementioned cut down tree, over the murders of their dear ones.

Surviving in sorrow: David Moshe Groman, Petach Tikva; Roitshe Levkovitch (Groman) and her husband Shalom, Esther Frumet Manele, Tel Aviv, 16 Hagedud Haivri Street.

{Accompanied by three photos.}


We weep for:

The murder of our loved ones by the Nazi murderers.

Anshel Binyamin Kreps, his wife Dvora and son Fishel. Nachum Kreps, wife and children. Zissel Shaumer (Kreps) husband Yechiel Yosef and children.

With sorrow: Andzia Kuper (Bizam) and family.


In memory of my husband, sisters, and relatives.

My husband: Avraham Yitzchak Riterband (died in Israel). My brothers and relatives: Moshe Yitzchak and Henchie Zlonka, Aaron and Chava Brzeziner, Chanoch and Lea Goldberg, Yitzchak and Esther Weisbeker, Chanoch and Dina Kornfeld, Zisman and Rivka Kleinfeld, Miriam Zlonka and their families.

The mourners: Bluma Riterband, son and daughter.


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In memory of the pure and martyred souls:

Dear parents Berish (Dov) and Dvora Cymbler. Beloved sisters: Mania, Gela, Chaya, and Tzvia, may G-d avenge their souls.

They perished during the Holocaust of Polish Jewry at the hands of the accursed enemy, the wild Nazi beasts. May their memory be forever, and may their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life.

by: Shmuel Eliezer Cymbler, Chana Zlata Rosinek (Cymbler), Yehoshua Midliz (Cymbler) and families.

{Accompanied by a photo of the parents.}


In eternal Memory

Or the dear martyrs of our family:

Parents: Berl and Rivka Lea Herszlikowicz, Brothers: Nechemia, Yehoshua, and Avraham.

The bestial Nazis annihilated them along with all the Jews of Poland. We will never forget them.

Remaining in sorrow: Leibish, Koppel and Zlata Herszlikowicz and families.

{Accompanied by a photo of a woman.}


In eternal memory of the holy and pure souls of those dearest to me:

Grandparents: Reb Wolf (Zeev) and Lea, my aunts and uncles, may G-d avenge their blood, who perished in the Holocaust of European Jewry. My beloved mother: Chana Beila, who was cut down in her prime. The memory of the martyrs of our family, and of my mother, dearest to me, will never leave my soul. May their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life.

Inscribed with tears: Zevi Cymbler.

{Accompanied by a family photo.}


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In eternal Memory

Of our dear, pure martyrs.

Parents: Shlomo and Chaya (nee Urman) Rosinek. Brother: Israel Wolf Rosinek. Who perished along with all of Israel, at the time when the earth and everything therein quaked when trampled by the Nazi murderers.

The mourners: Tzvi Rosinek and family, Israel; Gutshe Kuperberg (Rosinek) and family, Israel; Yeshaya (Shia) Rosinek and family, Australia; aunt: Lea Gelbard (Urman), France.

{Accompanied by two photos.}


In memory of our brother Israel Winter, wife Feigele and two children, victims of the wild Nazi beast.

Remaining with sorrow: brother Leon Winter, wife and family, Guatemala; sisters Toivele Katz (Winter) and husband, Guatemala, Ita Kleinfeld (Winter), husband and children, America.


For the loss of my family:

Father: Nachum Mangel (died before the war in Poland), Mother: Tova Mangel, Sisters: Feigel (Mangel) Winter and husband Israel and children, Esther and her family.

Remaining in deep sorrow: Itele Singer (Mangel) and family, Israel; Gela Brandes (Mangel) and family, Poland.


In eternal memory:

Parents: Yosef (the furrier) and Rachel Zaionc, brothers: Mottel and his wife Chava, Wolf Leib, Yechezkel, Meir Bunem, sisters: Kreindel and her husband and child; Liba.

The bereaved: Eliezer Zaoinc, sisters and their families.


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We will remember forever the memories of our dear ones who perished in sanctification of the Divine name

Parents: Natan and Malka Breindel Grinkraut; brothers: Yechezkel (Chaskel) and Feigel (nee Frisher) Grinkraut and daughter Henia; Meir Hirsch and Hela (nee Bida) Grinkraut and son Avraham; Yehuda Grinkraut; sisters: Miriam Bleifer, Sheva Gittel (Gutsha) Grinkraut; sister in law: Gutshe (nee Schwimer) Grinkraut and children Romek and Lolek; and all our relatives in every place in Poland.

Mourning in sorrow: Aaron Leib Grinkraut (husband of Gutsha of blessed memory), his wife and children, Canada; Rachel Bluma Geldner (nee Grinkraut) and family; Yoel Grinkraut, wife and son; Gustav Bleifer (husband of Miriam of blessed memory); daughter Chana and wife Chava (daughter of Yechezkel Grinkraut of blessed memory), and rest of family in Israel.


We are broken over the death of our dear ones in sanctification of the Divine Name:

Parents: Avraham and Esther Sara Kaniecpolski; brothers: Melech (Elimelech) and Gutsha; son Shmuel (Sevek); Moshe, Yaakov, and Pinchas (Pinek) Kaniecpolski; sister: Gutsha Leiberman, brother-in-law Avraham and their son Shmuel; sisters: Rele and Dorka Kaniecpolski. Our relatives in every place in Poland.

Weeping bitterly: Leibish Kaniecpolsi, wife and children in Belgium; Priva Grinkraut (Kaniecpolsi) husband and son; Yitzchak Kaniecpolsi; and the rest of the family in Israel.


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We will remember forever:

Parents: Shmuel and Freidel Freidenreich; sisters: Mania (Friedenreich) Zelcer, Zisel Freidenreich, Sala Freidenreich.

Mourning their tragic deaths at the hands of the Nazi troops: Yaakov Meir Freidenreich, Hela (Freidenreich) Goldberg, Rachel (Freidenreich) Graf, and families in Israel; Chaim Freidenreich in Canada.

{Accompanied by a photo, seemingly of the parents.}


In eternal Memory

Parents: Yitzchak and Lea (nee Erenreich) Goldberg; brothers: Moshe and family, Avraham and Yehoshua Goldberg; sisters: Rachel (Goldberg) Gryn, Gutsha Goldberg.

Remaining in mourning: Menachem Mendel Goldberg and family.


I weep over the tragic deaths of

Parents: Moshe and Gutsha Fingrut; sisters: Libe, Yente, Yodzie Fingrut.

Who were murdered along with all of Israel. Father was murdered during the evacuation of the Blechhamer Concentration Camp.

In sorrow: Chaim Fingrut and family.

{Accompanied by photo.}


In eternal Memory

Parents: Gimpel (Mordechai) Zilberstein, born 1881 in Pilce; Chana (nee Zilberberg), born 1880; brother David born 1915 and sister Rivka Zelda born 1925.

In 1911, my parents settled in Zawiercie and set up a metal shop. They lived their lives in a diligent and upright manner. My father was a charitable man who fulfilled the commandment of tending to his fellowman. I survived alone of the three children of my parents. My entire family was murdered with the rest of the Jews of Zawiercie, August 26, 1943.

I will never forget them: Shmuel Zilberstein, 14 Arlozoroff Street, Bat Yam.


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Over the death of our family members:

Father: David Zilberstein (died of natural causes in Poland), mother: Gela Zilberstein; married brothers and sisters: Paula and her husband Leibish Fredelski and children; Avraham, his wife and children; Kalman and his wife; Pinchas and Bella and their children David and Shlomo; single brothers and sisters: Aaron, Leibel, Shmuel, and Rivka Zilberstein. Uncles and aunts: Berish and Adele Zilberstein; David Zalman Zilberstein and children Pesel and Rivka; Hirsch Meir Zilberstein; Shalom and Yehudit Zilberstein and daughter Rivka (Zilberstein) Gutman and children.

The mourners: Sala (Zilberstein) Jakobovitz, Chana (Zilberstein) Zilberberg.


We will remember

I wish to remember forever the murder of my dear and beloved parents and siblings, who were murdered in sanctification of the Divine Name by the bloody hands of the German murderers. I wish to note their names.

The following were murdered: Parents: Hillel and Tzirl Holtzman; brothers: Mordechai and wife Tula and their child; Hersch Leib and wife Sima and their child; Mendel; sister: Bluma.

From the sorrowful family.

{Accompanied by the photo of a man.}


Land of Israel, do not cover their blood

To the memory of: parents: Aaron the son of Dov and Rachel Bella Fuchs (Weindeling); grandfather: Chaim Weindeling; grandmother: Sara Malka Weindeling (died a natural death); sister: Chana Fruma; brother: Avraham Shlomo Weindeling. Tortured and murdered in sanctification of the Divine name.

Remembering them forever, and remaining in deep mourning: Dov and his family, Lea and her family, Israel, Zelig in Germany.

In memory of my father: Yaakov Shlomo Weindeling; brothers: Yosef and Tovia; aunt: Freidel; uncle: Yosef Weindeling.

By Bella (Weindeling) Walonski.


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The memory of our dear ones is etched in our hearts forever.

Father: Mendel Froman; brothers: Leibish Froman, wife and children; Avraham Yitzchak and wife Mirile and children; Bracha Moshe and Shimshon; Shlomo Froman and Israel Froman; sisters: Freidel (Froman) Weil, husband Naftali and daughter Zisele; Breinde (Froman)l Weil, husband Hillel and children Berish and Chana; Malka (Froman) Kocki, husband Izi and son Shmulek; Uncles: Shmelke Froman, wife Rivka and children: Nechama, Israel, Breindel, and Freidel; Yankel Froman and wife Lea and sons Leibish and Israel.

May G-d avenge their blood. They all live in our memories. The sorrowful survivors: Rivka (Froman) Zegelman, Yafa (Froman) Schein, Moshe Froman.


In eternal Memory

Parents: Mechael and Esther Rachel Shpeizer; brothers: Naftali and Mendel; sister: Zisel – who were murdered by the Nazis, may their names be blotted out. Brothers Koppel (died 1938 in Poland), Abba (died 1950 in Israel).

Those that remember: Shraga Shpeizer in Israel, Rechtzia Shpeizer Rozmarin in Poland.

{Accompanied by a family photo.)


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In eternal memory of my dear ones:

Father: David Ziriker died in 1951 in Zawiercie, after much wandering and suffering.

As well as those murdered in sanctification of the Divine Name by the Nazi beasts:

Mother: Sheindel Ziriker, daughter: dear, lovely Hidusha (Hedwig); brothers: Avraham and wife Lea (nee Sanzer), and their daughters Miriam and Ruth; Aharon; sisters: Hela Hinda and husband Israel (Srulik) Spigelman, Andzia (Chana). I find no comfort. May G-d avenge their deaths.

Surviving in deep sorrow: Yitzchak Ziriker.

{Accompanied by three photos.}


In eternal memory of:

My dear parents: Shimon Leib-Yehuda and Esther Rachel Honigman; sisters: Freidel and her family; Feigel, Tzipora, Itka, Tova. All perished in the Holocaust of Polish Jewry at the hands of the accursed Nazis, may their names be blotted out.

May their memory be forever.

From their son: Chaim David Honigman (Israel), and daughter Rivka (Honigman) Lustgarten and her husband Eliahu in Australia.

{Accompanied by a family photo.}


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In eternal memory:

Parents: Baruch Yosef and Itel Jakubowicz; their daughters and our sisters: Mashele and husband Shabtai Orner and children; Rachele and husband Elimelech Reisman and family; their sons and our brothers: Avraham Mordechai and his wife Mirele and family; Yaakov Michel. Tortured and murdered in Sanctification of the Divine Name by the Nazis, may their names be blotted out, in the Holocaust of Poland. May their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life.

Mourning with a heavy heart: daughter Ada, sons Yitzchak and Yechezkel.


In deep sorrow

Over the premature deaths in sanctification of the Divine Name of my dear Messer family:

David, Golda, Chava, Moshe Aaron, Naftali, Rachel, Feitel, Hela, Baltshe, Shmuel, Chava, Yoske, Faltshe, Shlomo; Yehuda Leib and Yehudit Kochman; Shmueltshe, Chaya, Branek Rinski, Shmuel Kochman.

The sorrowful survivor: Baltshe Jakubowicz (Messer) and family.


In eternal memory of our dear ones who were murdered in the Holocaust of Polish Jewry.

Yocheved Geicman (the painter) and children; Chaya Reizel and husband and children; Breindel, husband and children; Yitzchak Leib, wife and children; Esther Freda, David, Luba. May G-d avenge their blood.

Surviving in sorrow: Shmuel Geicman and family in Israel.


In eternal memory of

My parents: Michael and Hinda Inwart; sisters: Miriam (Inwart) Goldstein, Chava Roza; brother: Yaakov (unmarried). Uncles: Shmuel David Inwart and family, Mendel Inwart (of Myszków), Reisman, Mrywka and Joszkowicz families of Zawiercie.

With sorrow: Simcha, Yoel and families.


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The following are the names of the Zwigel family who perished in the spring of their lives during the time of the Holocaust.

Our dear father: Yoel Menachem Zwigel, a communal activist in various institutions of the city, an administrator [parnas] of the community of Zawiercie; his daughters and our sisters: Yehudit (Zwigel) Tauba, Fridel Zwigel; sister-in-law: Reizel (Schneiderman); his young grandson: Shlomo Eliezer Zwiegel. May their memories be a blessing. Regarding the murderers, may their names be blotted out, may it be said: Let there be a sign of murder on the forehead of Cain and may it never be erased.

Mourning bitterly: Kalman and Truda Esther (nee Flichter) Zwigel of Toronto, Canada; Avraham and Dvora (nee Einhorn) Zwigel of Ramat Gan, Israel; Yaakov and Dvora (nee Zwigel) Hendeles of Toronto, Canada; Yosef and Rachel Beila (nee Zwigel) Shtzupak of Toronto, Canada.


We bow our heads in deep sorrow

To the memory of the murdered Dafner family

Mother: Esther Malka Dafner (nee Zeidenbeitel), wife of Eliezer Dafner (she died in Poland before the war); father: Eliezer and his wife Lea (nee Juriste) Dafner; sister: Feigele (Tzipora) Dafner; brother: Shlomo Dafner.

Surviving in deep sorrow: son and brother Yaakov Dafner and family in Israel.


We bow our heads in deep sorrow

To the memory of the murdered Dafner family

Meir and Sara; their daughters and sons-in-law: Mania and Mordechai Saraf, Gittel and Natan Kurtztag, Lea, husband and children, Yodzia and Mendel Rosblatt; their sons: Reuven Tzerke, Yaakov and wife and families.

Goldbard family, Mordechai and Roiza, daughter Sara.

Surviving in sorrow: son Leibel Dafner, granddaughter Lea (Kurtztag) Tzarum , Regina Gelbard of Israel, Hela Shternberg of Germany, Shmuel Gelbard of America, and families.


In eternal Memory

Parents: Reb Shraga Yosef and Lea Haberman; their daughter-in-law and our sister-in-law: Zisel (nee Wygodski) Haberman; their young nephew: Israel Tzvi.

These dear ones gave up their holy lives in the ovens of Auschwitz.

Weeping bitterly: Mordechai and Dvora (nee Weisberg) Haberman of New York, Yechiel and Dina (nee Tuchman) Haberman of Montreal, Canada, Israel Tzvi and Chana (nee Hershkowitz) Haberman of New York.


In eternal Memory

In deep sorrow, we bear in our hearts the memory of

Parents: Yona and Feigel Zisel Moszkowicz; sister: Beila (Moszkowicz) Kosowski, husband Avraham and daughter Shifra; brothers: Moshe Itche, Meir Abba, and Yehoshua Shia; uncles: Alter Ben Zion Goldzilber, Avraham Aaron Goldzilber, Yankel Meir Goldzilber and their families.

Surviving in deep sorrow: Liber Moszkowicz and family.


We were bereaved and orphaned.

When the enemy Hitler and his troops slaughtered my dear ones.

Parents: Yaakov Freiberger (perished age 55 in Zawiercie), Tzipora Freiberger (died age 52); wife: Rivka (nee Gronland) of Żarki (died age 30); son: Reuven Freiberger (died age 3); sisters: Bluma and Hela Freiberger (in their thirties).

Mourning without comforters: Avigdor Freiberger and his family.


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In the Yizkor Book of Zawiercie and its environs

We, the surviving children, brothers and sisters, with to mention with sorrow and honor our dear parents, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, and brothers-in-law who were annihilated and cut down with a horrible death.

Yisgadal Veyiskadash Shmei Rabba

Parents: Moshe Mendel and Sara Grinbaum; sisters: Chaya-Gela, Kreindel, Feigele, Leika; brother: Tzadok Grinbaum, brothers-in-law Baruch Eliezer Rafaelowicz, Reuven Wargan.

{Accompanied by three individual photos.}


In eternal memory of the deaths of:

Shlomo Yehuda the son of Yaakov Rosenzweig, Sara Chana the daughter of Shimon Akiva Rosenzweig, Avraham Yechiel the son of Shlomo Yehuda Rosenzweig.

Weeping bitterly: Shmuel Rosenzweig, wife and children, U.S.A., Yitzchak and Rivka (nee Rosenzweig) Lederkramer and son in Israel.


For the deaths of

Leib ben Yaakov Wygocki, Yaakov Wygocki, Gittele Wygocki, Zysla the daughter of Yaakov Wygocki. Died in sanctification of the Divine Name in the cruel fields of Poland.

Weeping in agony: Rivka Lederkramer, husband and children.


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In deep sorrow and with endless agony

We stand with bowed heads in memory of our dear, never to be forgotten parents, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, wife and children, who were murdered in a brutal way in 1943. They were killed in sanctification of the Divine Name in the gas chambers of Auschwitz by the bloody enemy Hitler, may his name be blotted out.

Let us remember:

Parents: Hillel and Sarale (nee Parizer) Shapira; wife: Bronka (nee Plawes) Shapira, wife of Hershel; children: Mordechai Leib and Leale, children of Hershel; sisters: Sheindel (nee Shapira) Ochs, husband Leibel and son Shimon, Breindel (nee Shapira) Korzuch, husband Yechezkel.

I, the sole survivor of Hitler's murder, am now living in Israel.

Hershel and Paula Shapira

{Accompanied by a family photo, and a photo of two young children. The following caption accompanies the photo of the children.}

These are my two children, Mordechai Leib (Motek), born 1937, and Leale, born 1940 in Będzin. At the beginning of 1940, when rumors started to come of a general liquidation of Zaglembie, I sent them to my parents Hillel Shapira in Zawiercie. To this day, I do not know what happened to them.

Hershel Shapira


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In memory of our martyrs

Parents: Moshe and Necha-Sheindela (nee Wechsler) Rothenberg; brothers: Mordechai Rothenberg, Menachem and his wife Miriam (nee Piltzer) Rothenberg and their son Yaakov.

The mourners: Reuven Yeshaya Rothenberg, wife and children in Israel; Hela (Rothenberg) Lewkowicz, husband and son in Poland; Andzia (Rothenberg) Neufeld and husband in Poland.


In eternal Memory

Of the souls of our dear relatives who were murdered during the horrible Nazi era:

Helena Czebyner (nee Aberfel) killed in sanctification of the Divine Name in Auschwitz Nov 29, 1943; Yosef Czebyner, son of the chief medic Czebyner, born Dec 31, 1887, died Oct 10, 1954 in Katowice.

Weeping for them in deep sorrow: Natalia (Czebyner) Limkowski and husband, Yoachim Czebyner and wife.


In eternal Memory

The following died at the hands of the accursed Nazis in the Holocaust of Poland.

Grandparents: Feivel and Chava Weil; aunts, uncles and cousins: Rachel Weil; Sara David and Breindel Goldfreund; Perel and Yaakov Panski; Esther, Aaron, Hershel, and Breindel Shtibel; Naftali, Freidel, and Zisel Weil; Hillel, Breindel, Berish, and Chana Weil; Baltshe, Moshe, Hershel, and Luba Lifshitz. The ritual slaughterer Mordechai Hirsch and Chana Panski.

Mourning in deep agony: grandchildren: Breindel Gartel, Sara Birenbaum and families.


I lament that we were bereaved by the Nazi enemy, may their names be blotted out.

The sacrifice of our family at the bloody stake during the Holocaust was great. The following died in sanctification of the Divine Name:

My parents: Yehuda Leib and Zikele Berger; brothers, sisters and sisters-in-law (descendants of Yehuda Leib and Zikele Berger): Berger family -- Rivka (nee Weinstock), Aryeh, Yosef, Esther, Leib, Yaakov. Avraham, Freidel, Reizel, Tzilka, Leibel, Malka, Chaya, and Frumet (nee Kozlowski); Chaim, Chaya Hinda; Lowkowicz family -- Zelig, Sara (nee Berger), their son Leibel; Reisman family -- Shlomo, Frimet (nee Berger), Hendel, Yona, Yeshayahu, Zilka; aunt and uncle: Mendel and Gittel Berger; cousins (descendents of Mendel and Gitel Berger): Moshe Berger; Kutner family: Hirsch and Freda (nee Berger), Mendel. Unger family: Yosef Yochtshe (nee Berger); Halinka; Mark family: Yosef, Sara (nee Berger); Wintraub family: Israel, Zilka (nee Berger).

Mourning bitterly: Menachem Berger, Ein Ganim Street, Petach Tikva.


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In eternal Memory

Of our dear ones who perished in the Holocaust of Poland

My mother: Eidel Kreiman ( Meirchik); Father: Reb Israel Yitzchak Meirchik died 5679 (1919); sisters: Miriam, Chana and Sara Malka and families; sister: Tzipora Kriman.

The mourners: David Meirchik, Sara Meitlis, Refael Kreiman and families.


In eternal Memory

Our friend Shebele Feifkop (nee Rothbaum), husband and children; and mother Henela.

Murdered by the Nazi murderers.

With sorrow and wrath, we weep over their murders: Freida (nee Rothblum) and Nachum Drezner.


We will forever remember

Our dear relatives who were annihilated along with all the Jews of Zawiercie by the Nazi murderers. The Przechodnik family: Hershel Zutel, David Leib, Yankel, Israel, Paula, Frania, Rozka, Shmuel (Shmulik), Abba (Abek).

With deep sorrow, the survivor: Yitzchak Przechodnik and family.


We weep for

Avrahamele Zilbergold and his family, who were murdered, and no memorial remains of them.

By Chaim Yeshaya Drezner and family.


In eternal memory of the holy souls:

Grandparents: Eizik and Rivka Hamermasing; parents: Hirsch (Tzvi) and Sabina Hamermasing (Graus), and their daughter Notke; uncles: Wolf and Regina Hamermasing. Shlomo Hamermasing and family; cousin: Kleinfeld and family.

The mourners: Roza (Hamermasing) Arbis and family, Roza (Kleinfeld) Zoltan, Leib Kleinfeld and family, Bluma Kleinfeld and family, U.S.A.


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We lament over the graves

Of our parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and their families. Victims of the Nazi horror, and those who were taken by Heaven before or after the destructive sword held sway.

They were among the early builders of the Jewish community of Zawiercie, those who laid the foundation. They were important contributors to the economic enterprises in the city and outside of it, and active in various communal affairs. Among them were communal administrators, founders and activists in charitable institutions, funds, cooperative banks, and various cultural, educational and national institutions in the city.

Patriarchs of the family: Reb Yechiel the son of Yehuda Leib Halevi Windman of Przechow. Feigel Lea (nee Frenkel) -- they died before the war.

Their descendants: Firstborn Mordechai Hillel Windman, who perished in the Holocaust. He was a veteran activist in the city, a communal administrator and leader. His wife Chaya Sara (nee Rothenberg), daughter of Reb Mendele who was the brother of the righteous Reb Pintshe the head of the rabbinical court of Pilce, a descendent of Rabbi Yisrael Rothenberg of holy blessed memory, the head of the rabbinical court of Gur, the father of the famous Admor Rabbi Itche Meir of Gur, the author of Chidushei Harim. Reb Yisrael Rothenberg was a grandson of the Maharam of Rothenberg of holy blessed memory, and the grandson of Reb Yoel Sirkes, the head of the rabbinical court of Krakow, a descendent of the Bach, the Tosafos Yomtov, the Remah, the Maharal of Prague, the Maharam of Lublin, the Maharshal, the Maharsha, Rabbi Yehuda Chasid, the author of Tevuat Shor, Mahari Mintz, Maharam Padua, a scion of Rabbi Hai Gaon, descended from Gaonim and Admorim all the way back to Zerubavel, who was a scion of the Davidic family.

Their sons and daughters: Yaakov, Moshe Chaim, Hadassah, Dvora and families, who perished in the Holocaust; Chana Andzia, who died in her prime; Rivka (nee Gelenter of Warsaw) the wife of Yitzchak Windman, died in Tel Aviv 1946.
My son Reb Yehchiel and his wife Feigel Lea Windman; Yaakov Binyamin and his wife Sarale (nee Englard); Avraham, wife (nee Prawda) and daughters Dvora and Bela, Frania Lulek Leib, and Alla.
Cwale Hindel and her husband Hershel Landau and sons Rumek and Lulek.
Hela (nee Zeibart of Łodz) wife of David Windman, died 1957. Efraim, wife Janka (nee Shracki) and daughter. Rivka Freida (Regina) and husband Dr. Avigdor Ferber, their son Rishia.

Their holy memory is etched on the tablet of our heart forever. It will never leave our heart.

The mourners, the remnants of the family, brands plucked from fire: David the son of Yechiel Windman and family; Yitzchak the son of Mordechai Hillel and son; Zev-Vavek Landau, the son of Cwale and Hershel and his family; Inka of the Bindman family.


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We will remember forever

Our dear relatives who were murdered in sanctification of the Divine Name during the era where humaneness did not have free reign, and we were left in a general bloodbath.

Our parents: Baruch and Hendel Goldman; sisters: Chana (Goldman) Antman and family, Beila Roza Kaufman, Zelda Glikstein, Zisele Kam, Frimet Korenfeld and families; brothers: Shlomo Leib, Israel (Srulke) Goldman and families.

The sorrowful survivors: Sara (Goldman) Kliger and family of Israel, Leibek Glikstein of Israel, Avraham Shlomo and Yaakov Antman of America, Israel Antman of Germany, Avraham Kam of Brazil, Esther Gold (Kaufman) of Israel, Shlomo Kam of Israel, and their families.

{Accompanied by a family photo.}


In eternal Memory

Our parents: Chanoch and Chana Kessler; sisters: Sheindel Lea, Goldzhe, Hindzhe and families; brothers: David, Chaim, Elimelech, Yechezkel, Hershel, Efraim, and families. They were tortured and murdered by the impure, murderous Nazis. May their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life.

By: Pinchas, Yona (Tushka), and Israel.


In eternal memory of our murdered:

Parents: Yitzchak and Chana Antman; sisters: Zelda, and Esther; brother: David.

In deep sorrow: Avraham Shlomo and Yaakov Antman of America, Israel Antman of Germany.


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In eternal memory of

Father: Aaron Shlomo Drezner, of blessed memory, born in Żarki in 1880 into a family of tradesmen and honest workers. He received a religious education., When he reached army age, he was drafted into the Russian army and served during the Russian-Japanese war for six years under inhuman conditions in Kavkaz and Siberia. Despite the difficult conditions, he maintained his stand and returned as a religious Jew, strong in spirit and firm in his faith. When he returned home from the army, he moved to the city of Zawiercie, where he lived until the last moment of the liquidation of the ghetto.

He married Lea Erenfreid from the same town. She was his faithful wife until the last moment, when she was taken to Auschwitz.

He was always a faithful communal worker throughout all the years. He served as a communal administrator, representing the handworkers' union on the communal council. He was a trustee (gabbai) of the Chevra Kadisha, and also ran the tailors' union in our city.

He home served as a center of Torah and good deeds.

Along with them perished: his sons Mendel and Yaakov, and his daughter Tova.

The following remained alive, may they live long:

His daughters Sara Ben-David and her family, Esther Frumer and her family – both in Israel; Feigel and her family in the United States – all were saved from the camps in the Holocaust. As well as his son Shmuel and his family in Israel.

May the family be comforted through the remnants of their children who merited seeing the founding and upbuilding of the State of Israel.

{Accompanied by a photo of the father and mother.}


In eternal memory of my never to be forgotten:

Father: Yitzchak Drezner and wife; sisters: Blumele, husband and children; Tova, husband and children; Yehudit and husband; brother: Arnold; uncle and aunt: Leibish and Tzvia Zauler; cousins: Tova and husband; Breindel and husband, Chanale, Yaakov and Baruch. As well as the Roszicki family.

I remain hot with sorrow, the surviving son Anshel Drezner and wife in America.


I will always remember

The Klasner family, who were murdered in a cruel wayby the Nazi murderers. No remnant of the family remains.

Honoring them: Gutsha Feiman (Feigenblatt), Aida Feigenblatt (Rothblum), Nachum and Freida Drezner, and families.


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In eternal Memory

Grandparents: Yaakov and Hinda Grinwald; our parents: Tzvi Hershel and Sara Grinwald (nee Gotshtad); sisters: Ada and Sabina; Kalman and Roza Landau (nee Grinwald) and son Reuven (Riszek); Zelig and wife Yocheved-Chiwiet (nee Grinwald); Zelig Grinwald, Avraham Grinwald, Chain David Grinwald and wife Ruma (nee Goldmintz).

Weeping bitterly: Heniek Landau, wife and children of U.S.A., Heniek Kukutek of Poland, Moshe Grinwald and wife of U.S.A., Yehuda Lulek Grinwald and wife and children of Israel, Tzishia Beigelman (Kukutek) and husband of Israel.


The bereaved husband and father who survived bows his head in memory of his dear ones who were murdered with cruelty:

Wife Rachel Fergericht, children Chaya Fergericht and Moshe Zelig Fergericht, in-laws Yetel Hertz, Zelig Hertz (died before the Nazi Holocaust). Their holy memory will remain forever in the Yizkor Book of Zawiercie. Yisgadal Veyiskadash Shmei Rabba.

Mourning bitterly: Avraham Fergericht.

{Accompanied by a photo of a woman, evidently the wife.}


For the loss of:

Our son and brother: Alter Krausman, wife Ella (nee Guterman), died in 1943 in Auschwitz.

The mourners: Feigel, Roza, Shlomek, Chaya Chaim Krausman and families of Israel.


In eternal memory of:

Senderowicz family: Yeshaya, Rechil, Zelig Yosef, Miriam; Gincberg family: Chana Esther, Chaya, Miriam; the employees: Esther Geizman, Bronia Parizer, Tzesha Brott.

Remembered by Avraham Fergericht and family.


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In memory of my dear parents and relatives

Reb Berish and Keila Brott, Hela and her family, Gittel, Yitzchak Meir, who perished in the Holocaust of Polish Jewry.

By Andzia and family.


In memory of my dear parents:

Reb Chaimel and Rivka Freidberg (nee Brott) of Kromołów, who perished in the Holocaust of Polish Jewry. May their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life.

By Hershel and family


In eternal memory!

Of the pure and dear souls:

Parents: Chaim Shimon and Shprintze Brott, beloved and pleasant in their lives, and not separated in their deaths. Our sisters: Tzerke-Malka, Chana, Gittel; Brother: Israel Mordechai, may G-d avenge their blood – who went up in the storm in sanctification of the /Divine Name by the accursed Nazis, may their names be blotted out. May their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life.

Weeping over their untimely deaths:: David Yeshayahu and Dvora; Yitzchak Meir and Sima of Israel, Mirel and Isser of U.S.A. and their families.

{Accompanied by a family photo.}


In memory of the pure and holy souls:

Our dear parents: Reb Avraham and Rachel Brott of Kromołów, brothers and sisters: David Yeshayahu, Tzerke Malka, Tova, Simcha Vita, Shmuel-Wolf – our beloved dear ones who perished in the Holocaust of Polish Jewry at the hands of the Nazi enemy, May their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life.

Mourning without comfort: Hersh Leib, Tzvi, and Breindel Landau (nee Brott) of Israel, Berel of U.S.A. and families.

{Accompanied by a family photo.}


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In eternal Memory

Of the untimely cut-off lives of our never to be forgotten wife and sister: Chana Tennenbaum (nee Gletzer) of Sosnowiec, who died in Zawiercie during the war; her children: Shimon and Miriamel, murdered in Auschwitz.

Surviving in deep sorrow: her husband and their father Leib Tennenbaum of Israel, her sisters: Rivka Stepa (nee Gletzer) Poland, Dvora (Gletzer) Brott and husband David of Israel, with their families.

{Accompanied by a photo of Chana.}


In eternal Memory

Of the dear souls of my sister and brother, and their families who were murdered in sanctification of the Divine Name at the hands of the accursed Nazis.

Itche Meir Steinfeld, wife Lea (nee Schwartzfeld); Reuven Joszkowicz, wife Chana Rivka (nee Steinfeld); their children David Ber, Ruchtshe, Pinchas, Nachum, Michael, Esther Liba, may G-d avenge their blood. May their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life.

Surviving in sorrow: brother Mordechai Steinfeld and family.


In memory of our dear parents who perished in the Holocaust of Polish Jewry at the hands of the accursed Nazis.

Parents: Shmuel Eliezer Steinfeld. Freda (nee Joszkowicz); sister: Ruchtshe.

Mourning bitterly: Moshe and Tzila, Shalom and Ruth, Yodzia and Chaim Neiman and families.

{Accompanied by a photo of three people.}


In memory of my dear ones

My mother: Chana Haberman (nee Gincberg); brother: Shlomo and family; sister: Gutshe (Gittel) Rosenblatt with husband Wolf and children Eliezer and Perele. Also in memory of my father: Eliezer Haberman who died in1919 in Katowice.

In sorrow, their only son and brother: Dov (Berish) Haberman and family.


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In eternal Memory

Of all those who were murdered in sanctification of the Divine Name

Parents: Wolf and Chana Esther Diamant from Łazy near Zawiercie; sister and brother-in-law: Rozshe (Diamant) and Zishe Goldshmidt and children; brother: Leibish Diamant and family; sister: Pesel (Diamant) Welner, husband and children; Sister: Sala (Diamant) Drezner, husband Itshe and child (who were murdered in France).

The sorrowful survivors: son and brother Chanoch Diamant, wife and children in Tel Aviv, Israel.


May G-d avenge the blood for the untimely death of our relatives:

Avraham Hirsch Drezner and his entire family; cousin: Dobrish (Drezner) Goldfinger and her children, who perished, along with our martyrs in Poland, at the despicable hands of the Nazi murderers.

The mourners: Chaim Yeshaya (Shaya) Drezner, children and their families in Israel; Aaron Goldfinger of Poland (husband of Dobrish of blessed memory), and his family.


With trembling hearts, we recall the memory of our dear:

Grandparents: Eizik and Rivka; parents: Hirsch and Sabina; sister: Notka; Relatives: Wolf and Regina, Shlomo and Tzirele, Hillel, Rozka, Mania Fela and Sabina.

The sorrowful survivors: Moshe, Sara, Regina, Fela Kleinfeld of Israel, Leibel, Rozka, Blumka Kleinfeld of America.


Their memory will always remain in our hearts

Our parents, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, cousins and heir families who were murdered in Poland and France.

Hirsch Leib and Mala Kleiner (Drezner), and their children Avraham Zelig, Mendel, Tzirel (murdered in Poland).

Reizel Drezner, husband Shlomo and children Avraham Drezner and family; Moshe Yosef Drezner and family; Itche and Sala (nee Diamant) Drezner, and son -- murdered in France.

In deep sorrow: Shlomo (Shlomek) Kleiner and family of Sweden; Dobka (nee Kleiner) husband and family; Shlomo Drezner, Rashel (Drezner) Navon and families of France; uncle Chaim Shia Drezner; cousins Nachum and Avraham Drezner and families of Israel; Tovia and Yosef Drezner and families of Brazil; Israel Drezner and family of America.


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We weep of the death of you, our dear ones:

Wife and mother: Malka Feigel Drezner, died in 1957 in Israel, as well as those who fell victim to the Hitler-beasts. They will always be etched in our hearts.

Dobrish Feigenblatt (Drezner) and son Zisman Leib (wife and son of Isser Feigenblatt); Tzuriel Drezner and son Simcha (husband and son of Mania, who is now the wife of Isser Feigenblatt); Moshe Shmuel Drezner, Tzirel Drezner and son David Zelig (wife and son of Israel Drezner).

The sorrowful survivors: husband and father Chaim Yeshaya Drezner; sons and brothers, Nachum and Freda Drezner, Avraham and Regina Drezner and children, Israel and Chaya Drezner and children (of Israel). Tovia, Tzeshie Drezner, Yosef and Gutsha Drezner and children of Brazil, Isser and Mania Feigenblatt and children of America.

{Accompanied by a collage of seven individual photos.}


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A terebinth of weeping

It is difficult to lament in memory of those who are no longer with us.

Our dear parents: Moshele and Bluma Rothblum; sister: Esther Kuperberg and husband Yankel and children; sisters: Gittel and Chaya.

You were known in the city as Moshele Avraham Yitzchak's. You played an active role in the day to day activities of Linat Tzedek. You often spent the night with a sick person. You had your hand in all charitable activities. You were on the committee that extended Passover help to the needy. You were always involved in the day to day struggles of livelihood, but you always found free time and a great deal of energy to dedicate to voluntary causes. Then the Nazis murdered you along with the entire family.

The wound cannot be healed. The heart cries out for revenge.

The survivors: Ida and Shimon Feigenblatt and children, Freda and Nachum Drezner, Berel and Chana Rothblum and children.


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The Committee.
{Repeated in Hebrew and Yiddish}


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