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page 49 The Late Rabbi and Gaon Rabbi Eliahu-Moshe Levin
page 50 top images/Z050top.JPG (36551 bytes) Rabbis who arrived in Zeludok for the Wedding of Rabbi Elchanan Sorotzkin to Sheyneh, the daughter of Rabbi Tzvi Arieh Leib Luria
page 50 lower images/Z050bot.JPG (30227 bytes) Moscow's main synagogue (Ghorshusi on the day of mourning for the victims of Facism. Rabbi Sorochkin of Poland, son of the head of the Jewish Rabbinate of Poland, speaking. Photo by Y. Khalip C. 25332 (in 1945)
page 57 images/Z057.JPG (14594 bytes) A.L. Shlkovitz -- Ben-Avigdor
page 65 top images/Z065top.JPG (6343 bytes) The Late Shmuel Levin
page 65 lower images/Z065bot.JPG (6255 bytes) The Late Yosef Poretzki
page 66 top images/Z066top.JPG (24417 bytes) View from the Estate Road
page 66 lower images/Z066bot.JPG (6509 bytes) The Estate Castle
page 75 images/Z075.JPG (17014 bytes) page from a book: Sefer Mtzbt Moshe (A commentary on the Talmudic Tractate Moed Katan written by Moshe Bezalel Luria, published in Vilna in 1924 together with "Eretz Tzvi", written by Tzvi Aryeh Leib Luria)
page 127 top images/Z127top.JPG (16670 bytes) Polish Army in the Market Place after Maneuvers
page 127 lower images/Z127bot.JPG (27163 bytes) A Parade in the Market Place
page 129 top images/Z129top.JPG (9020 bytes) The Firemen's Youth Orchestra
page 129 lower images/Z129bot.JPG (9020 bytes) Firefighters on their Equipment
page 134 top images/Z134top.JPG (10030 bytes) Chaim Drobianski, Educator and Leader of the Zionist-Chalutz Youth Group in our Town
page 134 lower images/Z134bot.JPG (11119 bytes) A Group of Chalutzim about to make Aliyah to Eretz Yisrael
page 136 top images/Z136top.JPG (20681 bytes) no caption
page 136 lower images/Z136bot.JPG (22002 bytes) With Yaakov and Rivka Medlitzki as they leave Zaludok to make Aliyah to Eretz Yisrael
before page 137 left top A Group of Young People on a Winter's Day
before page 137 left lower images/Z137ll.JPG (33696 bytes) A group of students and teachers from the Jewish Folks-School right top: A Summer Outing of the Zeludok Branch of the "HeChalutz" (Zionist Youth Group), at the village of Volchki near Orlova
before page 137 right lower  images/Z137lr.JPG (35131 bytes) Members of the Zaludok Branch of "HeChalutz" with members of the Training Company 1935
page 141  images/Z141.JPG (27844 bytes) A letter from Hebrew School "Tarbut" (Culture) [possibly an appeal for funds issued by a committee in support of this school]
page 143 images/Z143.JPG (33720 bytes) Young Boys and Girls Meeting in "Kveinik"(?) in 1923
page 144 top images/Z144top.JPG (12040 bytes) The Late Debora'la Derevianski
page 144 lower images/Z144bot.JPG (12040 bytes) The Late Tzippa daughter of Dvorah'la and Yosef Derevianski
before page 145 left images/Z145l.JPG (33720 bytes) Members of the Zaludok Branch of "He-Chalutz"
before page 145 right top images/Z145rtop.JPG (12040 bytes) Nachum Velvel Greiz'beski
before page 145 right lower images/Z145rbot.JPG (6258 bytes) The Dramatics Club During Rehearsal
page 159 images/Z159.JPG (3685 bytes) Boruk Levin
page 162 top images/Z162top.JPG (10234 bytes) Partisan Meir Shtein (Dubtzianski)
page 162 lower images/Z162bot.JPG (21313 bytes) Zaludok Survivors in 1946 Next to the Killing Pits
page 207 Pesya Berk (Levit)
facing page 209 top images/Z209top.JPG (6830 bytes) The New Synagogue
facing page 209 lower images/Z209bot.JPG (13650 bytes) After the Fire that Occurred Upon the Arrival of the Germans
page 225 top images/Z225top.JPG (12461bytes) The Late Shlomo'leh Shifmanowitz who Died in the Forests as a Partisan
page 225 lower images/Z225bot.JPG (6898 bytes) The Late Zeidl Levit who Fell in the Ranks of the Red Army in the Battles for Konigsberg
page 226 top images/Z226top.JPG (16601 bytes) Survivors from our Town in 1965 at the Memorial that was Erected at the Killing Pits of Zaludok
page 226 lower images/Z226bot.JPG (27286 bytes) The Desecrated Cemetery [Note: some stones might be readable]
  images/Zal01.JPG (11424 bytes) The Late Zeidl and Sara Oronitzky
  images/Zal02.JPG (9144 bytes) Family Oronitzki
  images/Zal03.JPG (11419 bytes) Family of Mordechai-Meir Zeludski
  images/Zal04.JPG (5430 bytes) The Late Noach Lunianski and wife Genesia
  images/Zal05.JPG (4353 bytes) The Late Tzippe Veletzkovski
  images/Zal06.JPG (5941 bytes) The Late Natan-Noty Veletzkovski
  images/Zal07.JPG (12799 bytes) The Late Family of Shlomo Tzirolnitzki
  images/Zal08.JPG (15689 bytes) The Late Cantor R' Abraham-Leib Reitman and Hashu"b from Orlova, and his family
  images/Zal09.JPG (5358 bytes) Family of Mikal Senderovski
  images/Zal10.JPG (3460 bytes) The Late Zalman Psinski
  images/Zal11.JPG (7573 bytes) The Late Aryeh-Leib Podlinski and Reita Chana
  images/Zal12.JPG  (5808 bytes) The Late R' Berl Medlinski and Rebitzen Devora
  images/Zal13.JPG (17282 bytes) Family Medlinski and Family Boyarski at tombstone of Treidy and Abraham
  images/Zal14.JPG (4327 bytes) The Late Hirsh Medlinski
  images/Zal15.JPG (8429 bytes) The Late Nachman Medlinski and Reita Bunia and daughter
  images/Zal16.JPG (10442 bytes) The Late Meir and Sara-Lieba Veletzkovski, from Orlova
  images/Zal17.JPG (8950 bytes) The late Meir and Sarah-Libeh Veletzkobzki from Orlova
  images/Zal18.JPG (9097 bytes) The Late Idel and Feigel Veletzikovski
page 319 top images/Z319top.JPG (7684 bytes) The Late Meir Kaplan and wife
page 319 lower images/Z319bot.JPG (9545 bytes) The Late Moris Zager and wife
page 322 images/Z322.JPG (10456 bytes) Leibl Wolch (Voltzikovski) and wife Ester
page 323 Martyr's Forest certificate from JNF for Zaludok Memorial Forest
page 327 top images/Z327top.JPG (14549 bytes) Zaludok Survivors in Germany on Remembrance Day
page 327 lower images/Z327bot.JPG (35909 bytes) Memorials Plaques Commemorating Zaludok in the Shoah Memorial in Jerusalem
between 328 and 329 top left images/Z328ltop.JPG (28219 bytes) Zaludok Émigrés In Israel at the Tree Planting Ceremony in Memory of our Martyrs at the JNF Martyrs Forest
between 328 and 329 lower left images/Z328lbot.JPG (23113 bytes) Remembrance Day in Israel 1963
between 328 and 329 Right top images/Z328rtop.JPG (5561 bytes) The Late Partisan David Rozenitzki, died in Israel
between 328 and 329 Right lower images/Z328rbot.JPG (4893 bytes) The Late Partisan David-Hirsh Baranitz'uk, died in Israel
page 330 top images/Z330top.JPG (11923 bytes) The Late R' Benyamin Semak Skupski
page 330 lower images/Z330bot.JPG (13136 bytes) A Group of Zaludok Emigrees in Uruguay
  Zal-map.gif (195508 bytes) A map of Zaludok

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