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Translation of
Sefer D'Vart

Edited by: Eliezer Astrin

Published in Tel Aviv by Artzi Press, D'Vart Society, 1974



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This is a translation from: Sefer D'vart; Book of Warta, ed. Eliezer Astrin,
Tel Aviv: Artzi Press, D'Vart Society, 1974 (567 pages H,Y)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Devart

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Editorial   7
A word from the Editor A. A. 8
Part 1: History of Devart (Varta)
Devart (Varta) – a geografical–historical review Magister Eliezer Esterin 11–20
Four hundred years in the history of the Devart Jews Dr. Yakov Goldberg 20–32
Part 2: Between Two Wars
What once existed will never be again [Y] Mordechai Mintus 35–78
Times and Events [Y] Chanan Shoten 78–118
Part 3: The Zionist Movement in Devart
Seeking the right path Michael Scheinik 121–124
From the memories of a teacher David Kochav (Stern) 125–129
The Zionist activity Scheinik Michael 130–132
The Zionist movement in Devart (memories) Yahalom (Diamant) Meir 133–141
Pioneer training Sheratzki Mordechai 142–144
Yitzhak Nitke z”l Nitke Chana 144–147
Yitzhak Nitke Yahalom Meir 148–149
Shalom Prusk z”l Meir Yahalom 150–151
Zalman Scheinik z”l Meir Yahalom 152
Zalman Scheinik z”l Scheinik (Fruch) Chana 153–154
Hashomer Haleumi [the national watchman] Sheratzki Mordechai 155–158
The Gordonia branch in Devart Ozerowitz Chana 159–160
The Mizrachi in Devart [Y] Miriam Reizel Schlesinger (Cohen) 161–164
Hashomer Hadati and Torah Va'avoda in Devart David Kornovski 165–166
Hashomer Hadati and Torah Va'avoda Eliezer Sheps 167–168
Benot Yaakov and the Beit–Yaakov School Golda Biatus (Yoskowitz) z”l 169–171
Expectation and hope Lea Sandek 171–172
Adventures of Aliya Sheratzki Mordechai 172–175
Pains of Aliya Neuman Arie Leib 175–178
Part 4: Torah Study in Devart
From Devart shall the Torah Shine… Esterin Eliezer 181
R'Meir Dan Plutzki z”l Esterin Eliezer 182–190
The Rav R'Eliyahu Laskovski Katriel Munitz 190–191
R'Menachem Mendel Kasher Eliezer Esterin 192–193
Part 5: My Home
My home Meir Yahalom 197–199
Memories from home Arie Leib Neuman 201–203
I remember [Y] Ozerowitz Chana 204–207
From my old home [Y] Bluma Sandberg (Herzberg) 208–212
R'Mendel Sandberg and his wife Luba [Y] Miriam Reizel Schlesinger (Cohen) 213
R'Michael Zalman HaKohen [Y] Miriam Reizel Schlesinger (Cohen) 214–216
R'Michael Zalman HaKohen [Y] Malka Imber (Cohen) 216–217
R'Michael Zalman HaKohen [Y] Shlomo Ben–Yehoshua (Cohen) 218–219
The harmonic, perfect family [Y] Tzila Yankelewitz (Diamant) 220–222
The Munter family [Y] Zelig Munter 222–227
The home of my grandfather Mandelbaum Yona 228–230
The Arzon family Yitzhak Mordechai Arzon 230–234
The Pavlowitz family Meir, Avraham and Gideon Pavlowitz 235–240
My home Sara Zeifa (Meirowitz) 240–243
R'Yakov Yehuda Kozhol Lea Sandek (Kozhol) 243–244
On the threshold Reuven Gelbert 245–252
One family Moshe Shoten 252–257
Four generations Yehoshua Berkenwald 257–260
Yitzhak Eisner z”l Rivka Freund (Eisner) 260–261
Part 6: Stories and Memories
Between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur in Devart Mordechai Mintos 265–276
My Shtetele Devart [Y] Michael Scheinik 277–295
Bendit Feuerman Michael Scheinik 295–299
Anti–Semitism in Devart Freida Rachel Kestcher (Kolton) 299–300
Desecrating the Sabbath [Y] Rivka Freund (Eisner) 301–303
I have not forgotten [Y] Pesia Shoten (Neuman) 303–311
Fragments of memories Katriel Munitz 311–313
Avraham Yosef Kolten Ozerowitz Chana 314–315
The Fruch family Chana Scheinik (Fruch) 315–318
Thoughts, reflections Tzipora Packentreger (Skorka) 318–322
The story of the Mister–Lady, by the joke tellers Tzipora Packentreger (Skorka) 323
The first movie in Devart Tzipora Packentreger (Skorka) 324
From Devart, through Australia to Eretz Israel   325–329
From Devart to Israel Obreznik Shlomo 330–332
A ray of light in the darkness Moshe Shoten 333–337
Figures, landscapes and events Mordechai Mintos 338–355
Part 7: The Holocaust and the Lodz Ghetto
The history of the Holocaust A. Esterin 359–361
YIZKOR Chanan Shoten 362–370
There once was a town named Devart Moshe Shoten 370–372
During those terrible days [Y] Aharon Meirowitz 373–382
Devart in the claws of the predator Nechemia Gelbert z”l 382–390
From bad to worse Shmuel Sandberg 390–399
The Jewish community in Devart before its annihilation Gershon Kozhol 399–404
The Jewish community in Devart before its annihilation Natalia Kozhol 405–409
The Jewish community in Devart before its annihilation Zelig Munter 409–411
The beginning of the Holocaust Shoten Moshe 412–414
The remedy that disappointed Ozerowitz Chana 415
"Yid, where is your star?" Shoten Moshe 416–418
The ten martyrs of Devart Shoten Moshe 418–422
In the shadow of the hangings Reuven Gelbert 422–427
In the church Feige Lea Adler 428
Shmuel, give a slice of bread! Moshe Shoten 429–431
And the first were the children Ozerowitz Chana 431–435
The boy from Belashki Ozerowitz Chana, Shoten Moshe 436–367
The execution in Rasseshitz [Y] Ozerowitz Chana, Shoten Moshe 438–439
The hand of fate Moshe Cohen 440–443
The separation Moshe Shoten 444–449
In the Lodz ghetto Eliezer Sheps 450–452
Two brothers Shoten Moshe 453–456
A mother's heart Shoten Moshe 457–459
Continuing the journey Shoten Moshe 460–462
Thin, but strong Shoten Moshe 462–464
In the camps Gershon Kozhol 464–467
In the ghetto and in the camps Katriel Munitz 468
The annihilation of the Lodz ghetto, and in the camps Chana Ozerowitz (Kalinovski) 469–477
In the Halbstadt camp Golda Dina Biatus (Yoskowitz) z”l 478–481
In the camps Reuven Gelbert 481–482
The shoes that saved me Eiger (Ayke) Menachem Mendel 483–485
Terrible times Yehoshua Berkenwald 485–487
Days of darkness and death Israel Eisner 487–490
The annihilation of the Devart ghetto Natalia Kozhol 491–492
The last days in camp Shoten Moshe 493–496
Part 8: Pains of Salvation and Liberation
Pains of salvation Gershon Kozhol 499
With the liberation Ozerowitz Chana 500–501
Liberation Shoten Moshe 501–504
Reality Shoten Moshe 505–506
Part 9: In Devart, after the Destruction
The road of suffering Zelig Munter 509–511
A brother in suffering Moshe Shoten 511–515
Returning home Moshe Shoten 515–518
The last visit in Devart Gershon Kozhol 519–520
I returned home Ozerowitz Chana 520–523
Again without a home Shoten Moshe 523–527
The land is burning under our feet Shoten Moshe 527–534
On the way Yehoshua Berkenwald 534–535
Part 10: Somewhere in Russia
Far, far in Russia [Y] A. Esterin 539
In the far North [Y] Shlomo Ben Yehoshua (Cohen) 539
Memories from the war [Y] Shlomo Ben Yehoshua (Cohen) 539
In the deportation camps [Y] Shlomo Ben Yehoshua (Cohen) 540
Far in Russia [Y] Shlomo Ben Yehoshua (Cohen) 540
Tchivie [Y] Shlomo Ben Yehoshua (Cohen) 540
Novy Troitzk [Y] Shlomo Ben Yehoshua (Cohen) 540–541
Greetings from far–away Siberia Shoten Yehuda 541–543
Part 11: The Illegal Aliya
The illegal Aliya Eliezer Sheps 547–548
Part 12: Israel Wars
The road of the sons Mordechai Montos 551–552
Yechiel Mendel Auerbach David Shoten 553–556
Captain Shmuel Keren z”l Eliezer Esterin 556–557
Part 13: Organization of Devart Jews in Israel
Organization of Devart Jews in Israel Meir Yahalom 561–564
List of people from Warta who died in Israel up to 1974   567


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