Jewish Warsaw That Was;
a Yiddish Literary Anthology
(Warszawa, Poland)

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Translation of
Dos amolike yidishe Varshe, biz der shvel fun dritn khurbn;
yisker-bletlekh nokh tayere noente umgekumene

Published by the Farband of Warsaw Jews in Montreal

Published in Montreal 1967



Project Coordinator

Anita Frishman Gabbay


This is a translation of: Dos amolike yidishe Varshe, biz der shvel fun dritn khurbn; yisker-bletlekh nokh tayere noente umgekumene
(Jewish Warsaw that was; a Yiddish literary anthology), Published by the Farband of Warsaw Jews in Montreal, 1967 (Y, E 904 pages)\

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Warsaw (1966)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Preface by the Book-Committee 5
The fate of the Tlomackie Synagogue 6
Executive, Board of Directors of the Farband of Warsaw and the Book Committee 8
Our Warsaw Anthology 9
The Pogrom of December, 1881, and “Dos Lid fun Rabonik” 10
Introduction 13
Contents by author 19
The Articles in this Anthology 26
The Anthology: 139 writers in all types of literary forms and one theme 31
Already More Than Half a Century Efraim Auerbach 33
A Memory: At Peretz' Grave – On the Tenth Anniversary of His Death Rokhl Auerbach 37
The “Dignitary” – Moshe Montefiore in Warsaw in 1846 Menashe Unger 39
Irena Zvi Eyznman 52
A Sabbath Eve at the Bazar: Nowolipie 35 – Leshne 40 Yehoshua Albert 60
In Warsaw Borukh Olitsky 67
What to do With the Mothers on Dzike and Pave? [a poem] Borukh Olitsky 68
A Cursed House E. Almi 69
The Stock Exchange of Ideals… E. Almi 71
Noyakh Prilutsky (A Poem) E. Almi 76
Peretz and Dineson: Peretz in his last year S. An-sky 77
In Warsaw Y. Opatoshu 83
The Day of Judgement Y. Opatoshu 87
On the Djibow Y. Opatoshu 92
Miriaml – The Ninth Scene – The Providers Thea Artzishewska 95
Y. L. Peretz Demands his Theatre Thea Artzishewska 98
Warsaw 1914 Sholem Asch 105
A First of May Sholem Asch 109
A Farewell Speech in Warsaw – 1926 Sholem Asch 115
Two Jews Die a Martyr's Death in Warsaw in 1596 Gershom Bader 117
Kol Nidrei in the Gensher Cemetery Yakov Botoshansky 121
An Attempt to Establish the First Hebrew Printing House in Warsaw Meir Balaban 131
The Shot in Grokhov Moishe Basok (Basuk) 135
Sections from the poem “Poland” Menachem Bareisha 139
With This New Generation Menakhem Boraysha 141
The Trip to Warsaw and Wonder of Wonders Yitzkhak Bashevis 143
I Become a Collector Yitzkhak Bashevis 148
Simhat Torah Yitzhak Bashevis 153
Marianska Street Number Ten Mikhal Burshteyn 159
A Letter to Yakov Dinezon After the Passing of Peretz Khaim Nakhman Bialik 164
My Beauty, My Sorrow Fishl Bimko 166
Bankrupt Herz Bergner 169
Girlfriends Hertz Bergner 175
Peretz's Holiday Leaflets Mordkhai V. Bernstein 181
To the stars Moshe Brodersohn 186
Beigel bakers and beigel traders Bernard Goldstein 188
Having fun Shlomo Gilbert 191
The Medem Sanatorium Shloymo Gilinski 195
In Warsaw – on the way to Lublin Yakov Glatstein 199
The first year of the First World War Wladimir Grossman 204
Moshe Kerner Yitzhak Grinboim 209
Berek Yoselevitch and his Jewish nation Shimon Dubnov 212
A letter to S. An-sky Yakov Dinesohn 217
The first time in the theater… B. Demblin 220
The market Yehiel Hoffer 228
Manufacture Yehiel Hoffer 232
Warsaw – The last act of my theater group Peretz Hirschbein 236
Smotche my home [a poem] Binem Heller 240
Myself to myself [a poem] Binem Heller 241
My walk [a poem] Binem Heller 242
The Nalewke Jewish neighborhood in Warsaw Yehuda Leib Wohlman 244
Hunger is coming Oizer Warshawski 247
Dr. Gershon Levin – the Jew and the doctor Dr. Leib Wohlman 250
My production of the play “Kidush Hashem” by Shalom Ash Michael Weichert 254
Dr. Ludwig Samenhof in the Jewish hospital Moshe Weissman 262
The last days of Y. M. Weissenberg Perl Weissenberg-Silberberg 265
“Gut-Shabes Jews” – charity collectors of food for the sick in the hospitals Moshe Sonnschein 272
Bressler's library Moshe Sonnschein 274
The Nalewke [Jewish neighborhood] Avraham Zak 278
Nomberger's funeral Avraham Zak 279
The “Heint” and the “Moment” conquer Warsaw Avraham Zak 279
In the Hospital Beinish Silberstein 286
The young laborer Beinish Silberstein 287
In the Heider Y. Y. Singer 288
“The rabbits” group Y. Y. Singer 292
Mates from Pjosk moves to Warsaw Y. Y. Singer 301
The Warsaw Community Council Yakov Zerubavel 308
A review of the Warsaw Jewish cultural development Mordechai Halamish 312
The first of May in Warsaw Shmuel Top 317
The newspaper seller Yosef Tunkel 318
The “German School” Sigmund Turkov 323
Janush Kortchak, the holy child-educator Janos Turkov 329
Esther Rachel Kaminska and her crown role Yitzhak Grodberg-Turkov 337
The last role Yitzhak Grodberg-Turkov 342
The bank of the Polish Jewry: “D. M. Schereschovski” Mark Turkov 345
Granitce Street 7 Avraham Teitelbaum 350
Seven chapters of the seven-volume work “Poland”:
  – The Prives family
  – Chana'le
  – My engagement
  – My wedding
  – The “friend”
  – The fall of the Prives family
  – Stormy days on Tlomatchke Street 13
Y. Y. Trunk 357
R'Ahrele Koszenitzer Paul Trepman 373
A wedding in a Warsaw courtyard Melech Tchemni 381
In Carol's courtyard in the Nalewke neighborhood Melech Tchemni 385
The gates of the Lower Heaven: Otwacek – Schwieder – Jozepow – Polenitze B. Yaushsohn 389
“Hey Leva, hey Prava” [a poem] S.Y. Lodzinski 394
The “Bund” in Warsaw – 1905 A. Litwak 395
Two episodes Shmuel Lehman 402
On the edge of the abyss Yakov Leschinski 406
Guests Kadia Molodovski 412
A mother Kadia Molodovski 414
The basket Kadia Molodovski 415
A tale of a wash-tub Kadia Molodovski 417
The ballad of the white bread Itzik Manger 420
The fall Yoel Mastboim 422
S. An-ski's funeral Avraham Morevski 426
Three Warsaw sonets Peretz Markish 431
The great theater-symposium in 1910 Dr. A. Mokdoni 433
On Moshe Sonnshein's book: “Jewish Warsaw” Gitl Meizel 440
Chaim Nachman Bialik in Warsaw Nachman Meizel 443
The first pogrom in Warsaw Yakov Milch 451
Mila Street Yosl Mlotek 459
When the call is ringing Yosl Mlotek 460
The prologue of the dramatic poem: Discarded L. Malach 461
The Tenth Pavilion Wladimir Medem 463
My rabbi, R'Pinches'l Herschel Metolovitch 468
Peretz in Warsaw Slomo Mendelsohn 472
The Moshe-Nadir night in Warsaw Moshe Nadir 478
The death of Y. L. Peretz Hersch David Nomberg 481
Y. L. Peretz's funeral Hersch David Nomberg 482
At the tombstone of Peretz Hersch David Nomberg 483
Neighbors Hersch David Nomberg 485
Joke writers of long ago M. Nudelman 493
The Nalewke Yehezkel Moshe Neiman 498
R'Shmuel Zbitkever Nahum Sokolov 500
Y. L. Peretz Avraham Suskever 503
Four poems Z. Segalovitch 504
Warsaw Z. Segalovitch 505
Warsaw Chaim Semyaticki 511
The question Yente Serdacki 512
A young couple Mordechai Spector 515
The Ghetto benches... Yehuda Ellberg 520
A blemish in the family Israel Emiat 529
The C.J.S.O. [Central Jewish Schools Organization] Yakov Patt 532
Warsaw welcomes the Leiwiks Gershon Pomeranz 536
At my father's table Yosef Papiernikov 539
The workers' quarters Yosef Papiernikov 539
The dead road Yosef Papiernikov 540
I have seen Peretz Yosef Papiernikov 542
Let it be [a poem] Yosef Papiernikov 544
The worker's children Avraham Petashkin 545
Still, he cried once David Pinski 546
Fifi, the literary cat Yitzhak Perlov 551
Nine o'clock in the morning Yehoshua Perle 556
The foreign wedding-dress [a scene from a play] Yitzhak Leibush Peretz 560
Bontche Schweig Yitzhak Leibush Peretz 563
“Hachnasat Kala” [a charity fund to help poor brides] Yitzhak Leibush Peretz 570
A “Seder-night” [the first night of the Passover holiday] Yitzhak Leibush Peretz 575
The last year, the last day... Rose Laks-Peretz 579
Sayings, proverbs etc. Folk lore 581
Over and across the Warsaw Jewish streets Lea Finkelstein 585
“Our Express” Menachem Flakser 590
The Nicolai Nicolajevitch expulsion David Flinker 593
I Thee Wed David Frishman 603
From the Jewish Warsaw of yore Mordechai Tzanin 608
Warsaw in 1912 Aharon Zeitlin 614
The literary house Elchanan Zeitlin 619
On the eve of the fire Elchanan Zeitlin 625
The idea to publish “Our Warsaw Yearbook” Hilel Zeitlin 627
The grandmother from Prague Efraim Koganovski 630
Jewish courtyards Efraim Koganovski 634
The Stavki Lane Efraim Koganovski 638
The Jewish garden Efraim Koganovski 641
The Jewish hospital Efraim Koganovski 645
Evenings Y. L. Kohn 649
The general Jewish School is born in Warsaw H. S. Kazdan 651
The Old City Alter Katzizne 655
“Wandering traders” [peddlers] Alter Katzizne 657
We travel to a summer camp Janos Kortschak 662
Avraham Droszkash is mourning the death of Peretz B. Kutcher 667
The advertising agent Menachem Kipnis 676
Hunger Yosef Kirman 678
My sister's death Yosef Kirman 679
Sheindele and Gitchel from the Koszle Lane Moshe Knapheiss 681
Heischerik, Herschele and Tchebotzki – the three most inpoverished Warsaw Jewish writers Melech Ravotch 687
“To be continued” Ber Y. Rosen 693
Shalom Ash begins writing his book “Der Thilim Yid” Shlomo Rosenberg 699
Rabbi Shloimele Malach, of blessed memory Shmuel Rothstein 704
Israel Stern, the “mentch” Yehoshua Rapaport 708
The signboards on the Nalewke [a poem] Yosef Rubinstein 713
A question [a poem] Yosef Rubinstein 714
Marshalkowska [a poem] Yosef Rubinstein 714
The Jerusalem Boulevard [a poem] Yosef Rubinstein 715
Shabat on Smotche Yosef Rubinstein 716
Shabat evening on Smotche Yosef Rubinstein 717
Nalewke Avraham Reisen 719
Buying and selling! Buying and selling! (The peddler) [a poem] Avraham Reisen 720
Warsaw 1910 Avraham Reisen 720
Warsaw Avraham Reisen 721
The walker (the peddler) Avraham Reisen 721
The years of the Russian-Japanese War Avraham Reisen 724
Name changes of Jewish streets in Warsaw Dr. Emanuel Ringelblum 731
Warsaw 1896 – Warsaw 1903 Lamed [L.] Shapira 738
Jan Bagomil Bloch – 1836-1901 Dr. Yakov Schatzki 742
How Hasidism achieved victory over the “Learning Warsaw” Rav Dr. Meir Schwarzman 750
The poem of my sad blood Mark Schweid 756
The “Haskala” [“enlightment movement”] in Kroszinski's garden Mark Schweid 757
Peretz in in the Warsaw streets Mark Schweid 761
Awaiting Moshe Schultein 764
Eviction on the Smotche Street Moshe Schultein 765
Smotche – a street in Warsaw Esther Schumyatcher 767
A little orphan is laughing Israel Stern 769
Bread and poetry Israel Stern 770
One week with Y. L. Peretz Shalom Aleichem 775
Two letters from Warsaw Shalom Aleichem 779
Adam Nathansohn and his son Binyamin Schlewin 781
The last rabbi in Warsaw N. Shemen 790
A poem to a stick Ber Schnapper 796
In the Warsaw streets… Zalman Schneor 798
Memories about Binyamin Shimin and other Warsaw publishers Halina Shimin-Schneiderman 800
The sad geography of the Nalewke neighborhood S. L. Schneiderman 808
The stair climber Baruch Schefner 816
We are not allowed to sin Baruch Schefner 822
Scenes from the life of the Halutzim [pioneers] in Warsaw Leib Spiesman 828
Chronology – 525 years of Jewish history in Warsaw 1414 – 1939 833
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