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List of the Martyrs from Vysotsk and the surroundings

Translated by David Fielker

ABELSON Yehoshua, wife Vitel

ABELSON Avraham-Yoel, wife Chanah and three children

ABELSON Sheinka, husband of Menachem Eliezer from Polotniza and three children

ABELSON Yechezkiel, wife Itah


AISENBERG, Joseph, wife Chanah


ORMAN, Chayah-Itel, Feivel, Blumah, Moshe, Ephraim, Chanah, Bahrel, Joseph, wife Chayah and five children

BERMAN Fraydl, her daughters Feigel and Suniah and son Zelig

BOROVICK B’sil, son Nathaniel and daughters Rivkah and Yehudith

BOROVICK Chayah and son Yechiel

BOROVICK Yechiel, wife Chavah and daughters Dinah, Liphshah and Chasiah

BOROVICK Chayah Devutiah

BOROVICK Jonah, wife Chavah and daughter Chanah

BIGON Yitzchak, wife Tamar


BOROVICK Rachel, daughter Sarah-Tamah

WEISMAN Sheindel and her two daughters

BOIM Tzvi, Rivkah, Moshe, Eliezer

BITZIK Asher, wife Soniah and children

BEIGEL David, wife Peih, children Manes? and Zeldah

GELMAN Yitzchak-David, wife Malkah

GELMAN Feivel, wife Beilkah, daughters Shoshanah and Esther, son Sender

GOLDSTEIN Chayah, daughter Esther and son Shlomo

GOLDBERG Yitzchak, wife Itah, daughter Shoshanah

GOTTLEIB Aharon, daughters Miriam and Nachmah

GUTMAN Asher, wife Rachel, daughter Feigel and son Yitzchak

GOLDMAN Avraham, wife Sarah Minka, son Israel

GENDZEL Yitzchak, wife Esther

GENDZEL Cheike (Dombrovitza)

HORTZIN Arieh, wife Tzipah, son David

HARITZON Chayah (Horodniya)

WACHS Gisen, wife Chava, son Arieh

WACHS Jakob, wife Gniah and two children

WACHS Zev, wife Sarah-Pearl, sons Elihu, Tzvi and Baruch, daughters Prumkah, Miriam, Rivkah and Chanah

WACHS Hershel, wife Susil two children

WACHS Prumah

WACHS Nisan, wife Yentel, daughter Haniah and her family, son Jakob

WACHS Haniah, husband Moshe, two children

WIDER Moshe, wife Rachel, sons Hersh-Lieb, Bezalel and Jakob

WASSERMAN Nachman, wife Rachel

WINNICK Shmuel, wife Breindel


WINNICK Joseph, wife Rivkah, children Shmuel, Tzirl and Haniah

WERKEL Berel, wife Sarah (daughter of Shlomo Koldni), son Gdaliah

WINNICK Aharon, wife and four children

WASSERSTEIN Zeivel, wife Pesiah Rachel Tzofrik (Shadlitz)

ZULIAR Aharon, wife Sarah, Son Yehudah

ZULIAR Berel, daughters Chayah and Esther

CHAZANTZUK? Chavah, son Aharon

CHUBER Mordechai, wife Chayah, children Chasiah, Zalman, Devorah and Sheindel

CHUBER Chinah, son Yehudah-Nachman

CHUBER Reuben, wife Miriam, children Nisan, David and Nishkah


CHAZANTZUK? Aharon, wife Tziporah, son Chaim and his wife and daughters

CHUBER Mordechai, wife and two children

CHBER Simchah (Nirtzach Bsrny)

CHORFEK Israel (Sarny), wife Chayah (daughter of Shlomo Kolodni) and daughter Peninah

TAKTZ Baruch, wife Chavah, children Jonah and Gitel

TERGER Berel, wife Sarah

TERGER Sheinah-Hudel

TERGER Moshe, wife Chanah

TERGER Shmuel, wife Tziporah

TERGER Yehezkiel, wife and two children

TASHNOTE? Michal, Sarah and Moshe (Rokitna)

TURKNITZ Pesach, Chayah, Chaskah, Nach, Meir, Chaim, Aharon (Toman)

YODELMAN Mordechai, wife Esther

YACHNOYK? Yitzchak, wife Feivel, children Feivel, Eidel and Nisan

KATZ Moshe, wife B'sil and daughter Sarah-Miriam

KATZ David, wife Tziporah

KATZ Sprintzah, son Ephraim

KATZ Shlomo, wife Chayah and two children

LOFTAH Arieh, wife Malkah, sons Zalman and Moshe

LOFTAH Meir, wife Rachel, son Nathaniel and his wife and daughters

LOFTAH Jakob (son of  Eliezer), wife Chayah, children Eliezer and Malkah

LOFTAH Nachum, wife Feigel, children Zalman, Ben-Tzion, Rivkah and Tzvi

LOFTAH  Kalman, wife Tziporah, children Gitel and Aharon

LOFTAH Feige-Mirl


LOFTAH Berel, sons Yitzchak, ... , daughter Nishkah

LOFTAH Joseph, wife and four children

LOFTAH Mendel, wife Peiah, sons Nisan, Shmuel and daughter Shevah (Litinitz)

LOFTIN Zeidel, wife Devorah (Loninitz)

LOFTAH Jakob (son of Zalman), wife Rachel, children Shulamith, Sheindel, Zalman and Yehudah (Stolin)

LOFTIN Aizik, wife Gitel (Rovno)

LOFTIN Itah, husband Joseph Sefir and son Nisan (Lodo)

LOFTIN Sosil (Dombrovitza)

LIEBERMAN Leibush, wife, children Sarah-Pessel and Hershel

LIEBERMAN Asneth Goldah, husband and children (Rovno)

LEPINSKY Chaim, wife and three children

LEPINSKYAsher, wife Goldah Rachel

LEPINSKY Chayah and husband


LECHMANTZOK Moshe Aharon, wife Reizel

LECHMANTZOK Bezalel and Yekir

LECHMANTZOK Aharon, wife Sarah

LECHMANTZOK Hershel, wife Rachel, children Sarah and Peretz


LICHTENGOLD Loftin Chanah, daughters Chayah and Beilkah

LICHTENGOLD Bruniah and Yochavar (Loninitz)

LIEBERMAN Nathan, wife Leah

LIEBERMAN Arieh Tzvi, wife Menuchah (Toman)

LINN Malkah, husband Tudras and his son Joseph

LIEBERMAN Chaim Asher (Zidin)

MEIZEL Beinush, son Asher and his daughter

MEIZEL Hadasah, husband Pinchas and two children

MINTEL Yehudith

NACHFAN Joseph Lieb, wife Freidel, daughter Tirtzah and son Israel

NACHFAN Gershon, wife Chayah, son Israel and daughter Rachel

NACHFAN Asher, wife Goldah and daughter

NACHFAN Israel-Chaim, wife Reizel

SOSNICK Chaim, wife Chayah and two children

PEARL Nachman, wife Malkah, children Sender, Yitzchak and Rivkah

PEARL Chayah and child

POTROCH Hershel, wife Devorah, children Tziporah and Aharon


PRINKEL Aharon, wife and two children


PEARLMAN Dobroshkah

PICKMAN Joseph, wife Sosul and children

FISHMAN Sarah, husband Zelig and children Merl, Leah, Nachman and Aizel (Dombrovitza)

FELDLEIT Joshua, wife Devorah

FELDLEIT Miriam, children Rivkah, Perdil, Fraydl? and ...

FELDLEIT Etil, husband and child (Dombrovitza)


FIBOBIZ Esther and daughter Chayah-Yentel

FIBOBIZ Feivel, wife Moskah, son Shlomolah and daughter Beilah

FIBOBIZ Yerachmiel (Rovno)

FELDMAN Miriam, daughters Freidel, Berachah, Zeldah, Breindel

FELDMAN Asher, wife and children (Warsaw)

PEARLSTEIN Issachar, wife Gitel

FELDMAN Hershel, wife and two children

FELDMAN Jakob, wife Pessel, daughter Yichah

FIALKOV Anshel, daughters Tiebel and Feigel and son Aharon-Shnuel

FURMAN Yitzchak, wife Esther and children Freidel (Wilna), Leah and Motel

PURMAN Sarah and two daughters

PURMAN Feigel and Arieh and son Aharon-Zev

PEARLSTEIN Pesach, wife Rivkah, three sons and a daughter

TZOPRICK [tzade-vav-peh-resh-yad-kof] Aharon, wife Tamah, son Yechiel Ber and daughter Menuchah

TZIRKEL Shlomo, wife Malkah

TZIRPEL Sarah, husband and son

TZ'TZIK Goshah, son Israel and daughter Rachel (Horodnuya)

KURTAN Lieb,wife Rivkah, daughter Chayah

KURTAN Nachman, daughter Tziporah

KULMAN Simeon, wife Freidel and three sons: Yoshah, Pesach and Aharon-Shmuel (Stolin)

KOLODNI Shlomo, wife Pesiah


KOLODNI Gershon, wife Dinah, son Hershel

KRASIN? Shneider, interior decorator (Dombrovitza)

KAVIAR Meir-Hersh, wife Beilah-Rachel

KAVIAR Michal, Rivkah, Peniah, Elkah

KAVIAR Eliezer, wife Beilah and two children

KAVIAR Moshe, wife Itkah and two children

KISEL Hinkah (Stolin)

KAFTAN Sender, wife Freidel, sons Boaz and Nisan

KATZKAH Dovel and children Aharon, Michal David and Aitzel (Dombrovitza)

RESNICK Beilah-Gitel

RESNICK Chaim, wife and five children

RESNICK Chantz'ik, husband, son Yitzchak and daughter Nishkah (Stolin)

RESNICK Chavah, husband and children (Warsaw)

RESNICK Reizel, husband and children (Pinsk)

RIZI Yechiel, wife Itkah and children

ROIAN Hershel, wife Sarah and three childen

REICHMAN Jakob, wife Sarah and daughters Goldah and Chayah-Mirl

RICHOTSKI Berel, wife and three children

RICHOTSKI Yitzchak, wife Reizel and two children

ROTENBERG Yehudah, wife Heinke and children Yehiel, Mordechai Avraham and Reizel

SHOFTAR Shmuel, wife Leah and daughter Tziporah

SHOFTAR Shlomo, wif Gitel and son Yehudah


SHEINBEIN Chaim, wife Rachel and daughters Mindel, Chanah, Miriam and Rivkah

STOFAR Dvid, wife Elkah and daughters Batiah and Rivkah


STOFAR Chesiel (Loninitz)

SCHNEIDER Moshe, wife Zlotkah and two children

SCHNEIDER Hersh-Ber, wife Hudel and three children

SCHNEIDER Mordechai, wife Feigel and daughters Risiah, Esther and her children

SCHNEIDER Benjamin, wife Rivkah and son Baruch

SCHNEIDER Jonah, children David and Aizel (Pinskl)

SCHNEIDER Aharon, wife Meriel and daughter Tziporah

SCHNEIDER Moshe and children Merl, Ephraim and Aizel (Dombrovitza)

Shamas (?) ZISSEL, daughters Simah and Malkah and son Leibel

SHEINMAN Chikel, wife Esther, two daughters

SHLIAFEK [shin-lamed-yad-aleph-peh-kof] Joseph, wife Reichel and two children

SHOFTAR Sarah-Mirl and daughter Leah

STOFAR Moshe, wife Sprintzah and three children

SHEINMAN Cheikel, wife Beilah and three children

SHEINMAN Hershel, wife Genesiah and daughter Gitel

SHEINMAN Aharon, wife Chavah and four children

STOFAR David (ben Shlomo) and son Avrahamlah

SHER Yitzchak, wife Devorah and children Chaim-Aharon, Jonah, Rivkah and Freidel

SHER Benjamin

SHER Berel, wife, two daughters and son Chaim

SCHUSTER Feivosh and two sons

SHABASHI Freidel and son Yitzchak

SHVETZ Migdal, wife Latziah and daughter Shulamith

TSERPITZNICK Joseph, wife Etel and sons Asher-Aharon and Yitzchak


Those from Ozari who died in Visotsk

LICHTENFELD Yehudah and Freidel, children Chasel and Jakob

WINIAR Nachum, wife Roza, children Chaim and Hantzik

KRISTAL Avraham (husband of Maniah Lichtenfeld) and child Beilah

KAGAN Moshe, wife Esther and five children

KAGAN Dachel and son Boaz

WINIAR Tirkah and children Chayah-Sarah and Tzvi

WINIAR Aharon and wife Benutiah

GOJFRIK? Joseph, wife Zeldah and daughter

FREKLISKY? Hasel, Prumah

GENZEL Peretz and two children


SEFIRA Brushkah


SEFIRA Mordechai, wife Chayah and three daughters

SEFIRA Esther (wife of Shmuel)

ADLER Zev, children Joseph and Hasel

MOTORIN Doniah and three sons


GUMPEL Miriam and three daughters

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