Wolyn Anthology
(Volin, Ukraine)

Translation of Yalkut Wolyn (55-60),

Edited by: Yehuda Merin and Ben Zion Kaminsky

Published in Israel, 1998



Project Coordinator

Nancy Biederman



Selwyn Rose


Our sincere appreciation to Lawyer Shlomo Zisskind, chairman of the World Union of Wolynian Jews in Israel,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Yalkut Wolyn; Wolyn Anthology (55-60),
ed. Yehuda Merin, Ben Zion Kaminsky, World Union of Wolyninan Jews in Israel, 1998 (Y)

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Table of Contents

Article Author(s) Page(s)
Congratulatory message to the Mayor of Givatayim on his re-election for a second term   5
World Union of ex-Wolyn Jews during the years 1987-1999 Chairman Shlomo Zisskind 6-7
The Federation of Wolynian Jews in Israel Chairman, Lawyer Shlomo Zisskind 8-9
Congratulatory message from the Mayor of Givatayim on the 40th anniversary of the Wolyn Hall.   10
40 Years for the Wolyn Jews' Memorial Hall Eliyahu Mendel and Ruth Brenner 11
The Monument to the Memory of Partisans and Soldiers – Wolyn Jews Avraham Biber 12
The Hasmonean Period Ben-Zion Kaminski 13
Map of the Wolyn District.   14
Ostrog Shuka Katzir 15-16
Alexandria-Wolyn Shalom Golani 17-18
Announcements   18
My Town, Brezhna Hanoch Kenovitcz 19
A Eulogy on Mmy Town – Ludvipol Shmuel Sapir 20
Ludamir – Once a City and Is No More Ozer Livers 21-22
Luczek – As I Remember It Yehoshua Shwingel 23
Madjiricz the Great Dina Qoratch Yanai (née Pressmann) 24-26
Ballad – “In the Shadow of Life 1941-5” Ze'ev Portenoy 26
Mein Steitle Martchiovo Ya'acov Biber 27
The Town of Mazceiv Yisrael Katz 28-29
Kolicki – The Village of My Birth Boris Brick 30-31
Rettna – its building and destruction Ben-Zion Kaminski 32-33
Kamin-Korzcirsk and the Surrounding Area Avraham Biber 34-35
A History of the Town of Rokytne The Organizing Committee 36
Names of Wolyn Jewish communities in the “Valley of the Communities” Yad Va-Shem 37
The Revolt of the Totszcin Ghetto Ze'ev Portenoy 38-40
Scholarship and Certificates of Valour 1998 (5758)   40
The Last Battle of the Jews of Bloczk David Frittel 41-42
My Revenge on the Murderers Baruch Guttmann 43-44
Hai m Idel Schleifer the Avenger Issar and Shmuel Schleifer 45
Zvi Ulschanski the courageous fighter Ilya Sergeiyev (Bermann) – The Next Generation 46
A Portrait of a Partisan Commander Joseph Foss (USA) 47-49
My Revenge on the Nazis and Their Collaborators Yitzhak Cooperberg 50-55
First Visit to Rettna Aviva Shaul-Geffen – The Next Generation 56-58
A Journey to Rozcic Moshe Garbarski 59
The Israeli Guests in Wolyn Z. Lasczuk, Ukrainian journalist 60-61
Proud to Wave the Israeli Flag in Honour of Our Fallen Giora Zusmann – Next Generation 62
Impressions of a Visit to Rettna and the Surroundings Yitzhak Steingarten – Next Generation 63-64
Federation Activities in Rokitna and the Surroundings The Committee 64
A Journey into the Past Mina Zamir-Marin – Next Generation 65-66
My Impressions of a Journey to Rokittna Ya'acov Schwartz 67-68
Roots Hila Ladawski – The Next Generation 69
Impressions of a Visit to My Roots in Wolyn Avraham Appelboim 70-72
The Visit to Alexandria Shalom Golani 73
The Visit to Kamin-Koschirsk on Memorial Day 1997 Shoshi Peleg (née Donitz) 73-74
Dear Grandpa Tzakhi Koifmann – Next Generation 75
Years of Sorrow and Suffering Avraham Bronstein (USA) 76-77
The Testimony of a Righteous Gentile Labrin Matbiyuk 78
Who Will Save Us From Oblivion? Natan Livneh 79-80
Call to Future Generations Yehuda Marin 81
A Letter to My Wolnian Jews Daniel Katz 82-83
“A Concert to Life” Casimir Koscznevki 84
From the Killing Fields Zippora Weinstock 85
Ostra Ya'acov Galitzki 86
Alexandria Shalom Golani 87
Loszc Yehoshua Tzvingell 87
Rettna Ben-Zion Kaminski 88
Miniwitz Yehuda Marin 89
Kamin-Korschirsk Avraham Biber 90
Shlomo Perlmutte (ZAL) Miri Ibler-Perlmutter 91
Dina Auerbuch (ZAL) Excerpts from Her Legacy 92
To the Memory of Yosef Tszvibel   92
David Bleinstein Yehuda Marin 93
After the Slaughter in the Town of Rovnah Donnia Zienmann (ZAL) 94
To the Memory of Our Dear Ones Sarah Ginzberg 95
In Memoriam   96

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