Wolkovisker Yizkor Book
(Vawkavysk, Belarus)

53°10' / 24°28'

Edited by Moses Einhorn, M.D.

Published in New York, 1949

This is a translation from Volkovisker Yisker-bukh; (Wolkovisker Yizkor Book),
ed. Moses Einhorn, M.D., NY 1949

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Volkovysk (1949)

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Wolkovisker Yizkor Book

Editor: Moses Einhorn, M.D.
New York 1949
Volumes: 2

Includes shtetl Svisloch

and brief mentions of the following towns:
DERECHIN 53°10' 24°28' 19.5 miles ENE of Volkovysk
IZABELIN 53°06' 24°33' 5.8 miles SE of Volkovysk
KREMYANITZE/KREMYANITSA   9.6 miles ENE of Volkovysk
LISKOVE/LYSKOVO/LYSKOW/LYSKUV 52°51' 24°37' 22.7 miles SSE of Volkovysk
MAST/MOSTYY 53°25' 24°32' 17.5 miles N of Wolkovisk
MOSTY (MOSTY VTORYYE) 53°26' 24°38'  
PIESK/PIASKI/PESKI 53°21' 24°38' 14.4 miles NNE of Volkovysk
PORZEVE/POROZOVO/ POROZOV 52°56' 24°22' 16.6 miles SSW of Volkovysk
SWISLOTCH/SVISLOCH 53°02' 24°06' 17.8 miles WSW of Volkovysk
WOLP/ WOLPA/VOLPA 53°22' 24°22' 14.4 miles NNW of Volkovysk
YALOVKE/JALOWKA – Poland 53°01' 23°54' 25.7 miles WSW of Volkovysk
ZELVA/ZEL'VA/ZELWA 53°09' 24°49' 14.5 miles E of Volkovysk


Translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund

Volume One
Dr. Moses Einhorn  
Foreword 7
My Family 11
The History of Volkovysk 31
The History of the Jews in Volkovysk and the Shtetlekh [Towns] 41
The Symphony of Erev Shabbos [Eve of Sabbath] 47
The Volkovysk Rabbis and Religious Judges 67
Jewish Education in Volkovysk 91
The Zionist Movement in Volkovysk 127
The Volkovysker Bund 155
Social-Medical Institutions in Volovysk 166
The Volkovysk Old Age Home 190
The Volkovysk Fire Fighters 198
The Volkovysk Makabi 223
Amateur Theater in Volovysk 236
Personalities 248
Volkovysker in Eretz-Yisroel 277
Elihu Sheykevitz  
My 55 Years in Volkovysk 345
The Volkovysk Orphanage 370
The Dreamer and Builder of Volkovysk 413
Tovia Fenster  
In the Past 427
The Rabbi, Avrahma Zalman Kurts  
Three Volkovsker Residents 461
Welwel Krinsky  
Zamoshe [Zamosh'ye] 466
Chaim Nachimowsky  
Kartshiune 484
The Rabbi Yakov Zakheim  
Ostroger (Kashtshushe) Street 493
Eliezer Kalir  
A Tear on the Volkovysk Life 507
Volume Two
Eliezer Kalir  
Three Volkovysk Businessmen 513
Yakov Bereshkowsky  
Types and Personalities 519
Album of Volkovysk Groups  
Pictures of Volkovysk Groups 551
Shmuel Rotbart (“Artist”)  
Drawings from Vaukavysk 571
Volkovysker Relief Organization  
Pictures of Groups 574
Ezrial Brushi (Brestowitsky)  
Liskovo 578
Dr. Yitzhak Goldberg and Yona Bruchansky  
The Events in Liskovo 589
Avraham Eien  
Svisloch 600
The Destruction of Svisloch 607
Tzwi (Hershel) Kaplan  
Wolp [Wolpa] 614
The Events in Wolp [Wolpa] 622
Dr. Marek Kaplan  
The Events in Porozovo 627
Dr. Yitzhak Reznik  
The Events in Kremyanitsa 633
Dr. Moses Einhorn  
The Annihilation of the Volkovysk Kehile [Organized Jewish Community]
and the Surrounding Shtetlekh [Towns]
Yitzhak Tshaper  
The Tragic Fate of the Volkovysker Jews 790
Dr. Moses Einhorn  
The Survivial of Eida Mazawer 878
Picture Album of the Einhorn Family  
Pictures from a Family Album 892
Familiar/Homey Matters from Ruven Rutshik, of blessed memory  
Excerpts from Volkovysker Laben [Volkovysker Life] 899
Dr. Moses Einhorn  
Wolkovisk - My Native Town (English) 990
The Destruction of Wolkovisk (English) 954

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