A Memorial to the Jewish Community
of Sevlus [Nagyszőllős] District

(Vynohradiv, Ukraine)

48°09' / 22°46'

Translation of
Sefer Zikaron le-Kehilat Selish ve-ha-Seviva

Edited by: Shmuel ha-Kohen Weingarten

Published in Tel Aviv, 1976



Project Coordinator

Donald Richter


This is a translation from:
Sefer Zikaron le-Kehilat Selish ve-ha-Seviva; A Memorial to the Jewish Community of Sevlus [Nagyszőllős] District;
ed. Shmuel ha-Kohen Weingarten, Tel Aviv, 1976.

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Vinogradov

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


The cover by Chaia Aloni (Klein) granddaughter of R'Shmelke Klein, the Sevlus watchmaker 3
Introduction [Hebrew] 9
Introduction [Hungarian] 11
Introduction [English] 12
Part One: From the earliest days of the town and region to the end of First World War 15
Part Two: From the Czech Period to the occupation of the the town by Hungary 71
Part Three: From the Hungarian occupation to the annihilation of the Ghetto 175
Part Four: Residents of Sevlus and surroundings, killed or died by torture in labor camps and in Russian prison 215
Part Five: Sons of former residents of Sevlus and surroundings who fell in the Israel Wars 223
Part six: The martyrs of Sevlus and surroundings who perished in the Holocaust 245
Notes and Sources 319
Former residents of Sevlus and surroundings whose generous donations enabled the publication of this book 327

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