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A Memorial to the Martyrs of the Holocaust (cont.)

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Family name First name Spouse family code order # page
Salis Eli Wolf     1125 439
Salis Rivka     1126 439
Salis Zevulon     1127 439
Sandman Aidel     1131 439
Sandman Avraham     1146 439
Sandman Ben Tzion     1142 439
Sandman Ethel     1144 439
Sandman Faiga     1132 439
Sandman Faiga     1136 439
Sandman Hersh     1148 439
Sandman Lippa     1137 439
Sandman Malka      1140 439
Sandman Moshe     1130 439
Sandman Moshe     1135 439
Sandman Moshe Aharon     1138 439
Sandman Pinchas     1145 439
Sandman Rachel Leah     1134 439
Sandman Sarah     1141 439
Sandman Sarah Perl     1133 439
Sandman Shaindel     1139 439
Sandman Shlomo     1147 439
Sandman Wolf   & wife 1129 439
Sandman Yehudit     1143 439
Sandman Yitzhak      1128 439
Satin David   family 1824 451
Satin Yaakov Wolf   family 1825 451
Schecter Dov    wife & c  1716 448
Schecter Gittel     1715 448
Schecter Leah     1717 448
Schecter Leah (Shmuel)     1714 448
Schecter Mendel     1718 448
Schecter Yeshiyahu     1713 448
Schmidt Aharon (Moshe)     1697 448
Schmidt Bracha     1693 448
Schmidt Eliezar     1694 448
Schmidt Laib     1696 448
Schmidt Pini     1699 448
Schmidt Raizel     1698 448
Schmidt Reuven     1695 448
Schmidt Rivka     1700 448
Schmidt Yitzhak Hirsh     1692 448
Schneider Avraham     1769 449
Schneider Baila     1763 449
Schneider Benyamin    wife & 2cc 1739 449
Schneider Chaya     1721 449
Schneider Elka     1691 448
Schneider Esther     1766 449
Schneider Haim Baruch     1761 449
Schneider Haim Shmuel   wife & 2cc 1740 449
Schneider Hinda     1764 449
Schneider Isser     1738 449
Schneider Laizer      1767 449
Schneider Lemel     1765 449
Schneider Matel     1741 449
Schneider Matel     1770 449
Schneider Nachum Leib     1719 449
Schneider Rivka     1762 449
Schneider Sheindel     1720 449
Schneider Wolf      1768 449
Schneider-Kirshner Moshe   wife & c 1736 449
Schreiber Aidel     1834 451
Schreiber Avish     1839 451
Schreiber Avish     1848 451
Schreiber Avraham     1845 451
Schreiber Avraham   & wife 1850 451
Schreiber Avraham ben Yisrael Moshe     1833 451
Schreiber Berish     1861 452
Schreiber Bezalel   & wife 1860 452
Schreiber Chaya     1837 451
Schreiber David     1857 452
Schreiber Getzel     1862 452
Schreiber Haim Hirsh     1853 452
Schreiber Hannah     1841 451
Schreiber Hannah Chava     1842 451
Schreiber Hirsh Leib    wife & cc 1849 451
Schreiber Hirsh Leib ben Avish     1843 451
Schreiber Malka Laib   1852 452
Schreiber Miriam     1846 451
Schreiber Miriam   & c 1854 452
Schreiber Racha     1838 451
Schreiber Racha Yehoshua Nachman   1856 452
Schreiber Sarah  Shmuel   1859 452
Schreiber Shlomo     1840 451
Schreiber Shmuel     1836 451
Schreiber Shmuel     1847 451
Schreiber Shmuel Sarah   1858 452
Schreiber Yehoshua     1844 451
Schreiber Yehoshua Nachman Racha   1855 452
Schreiber Zippora     1835 451
Schwartz Baila Filer   1758 449
Schwartz Chaya Frum   1819 451
Schwartz Haim     1757 449
Schwartz Haim     1818 451
Schwartz Zvi     1820 451
Shain Leah     1803 450
Shain Mordecai (Motti)     1802 450
Shain Shmuel Nachum   & wife 1801 450
Shecter Ben Tzion   wife & cc 1827 451
Shecter Wolf    & wife 1826 451
Shein Eliezar   & 3 sisters 1737 449
Shein Shimon   & his sister 1832 451
Shindler Bella     1746 449
Shindler Benyamin    wife & 6cc 1722 449
Shindler Beril     1730 449
Shindler Chantza     1747 449
Shindler Chava     1729 449
Shindler Faiga     1748 449
Shindler Haim Izak   & wife 1724 449
Shindler Hannah     1755 449
Shindler Hannah Rachel     1726 449
Shindler Laib     1728 449
Shindler Lemel     1753 449
Shindler Mendel   wife & cc 1735 449
Shindler Moshe   wife & 3cc 1734 449
Shindler Noah     1745 449
Shindler Patchia   wife & cc 1732 449
Shindler Pintzia     1751 449
Shindler Raizel     1731 449
Shindler Rivka     1752 449
Shindler Shaul   wife & cc 1733 449
Shindler Sheindel   & Gitla 1756 449
Shindler Shlomo     1750 449
Shindler Shlomo (Yosef)     1725 449
Shindler Yehuda   & 2 brothers 1727 449
Shindler Yeti     1749 449
Shindler Yitzhak     1754 449
Shindler Zissel     1723 449
Shirel Pinchas     1701 448
Shirel Shaindel Broner   1702 448
Shirel Yehudit     1703 448
Shirel Zvi     1704 448
Shneider Laib Malka   1851 452
Shor Leah     1772 449
Shor Liba     1773 449
Shor Yisrael     1771 449
Shprung Avraham     1821 451
Shprung Irma     1823 451
Shprung Yosef     1822 451
Shter Devorah     1866 452
Shter Faiga   family 1868 452
Shter Michal Tova   1863 452
Shter Moshe   wife & c 1867 452
Shter Shmuel     1865 452
Shter Tova Michal   1864 452
Speigler Aharon      1796 450
Speigler Faiga     1797 450
Speigler Moshe     1799 450
Speigler Pesha   & c 1800 450
Speigler Yehuda     1798 450
Speilman Anda     1830 451
Speilman Ben Tzion     1828 451
Speilman Roza     1831 451
Speilman Sarah    & son 1829 451
Stark Avraham   wife & cc 1742 449
Stark Fraida     1743 449
Stark Hannah   h & c  1744 449
Steiger Beltzia     1816 451
Steiger Devorah     1817 451
Steiger Moshe     1778 449
Steiger Nechama   & c 1815 451
Steiger Sarah      1780 449
Steiger Yehoshua   & wife 1712 448
Steiger Zlata     1779 449
Steiger Zvi   wife & cc 1781 449
Steininger Avraham     1790 449
Steininger Avraham ben Michal     1794 450
Steininger Henia     1789 449
Steininger Hirsh Ber     1787 449
Steininger Izak     1791 449
Steininger Michal     1792 450
Steininger Nachum      1785 449
Steininger Perl     1786 449
Steininger Rivka     1788 449
Steininger Roma     1795 450
Steininger Sarah      1793 450
Sterman Eliezar   wife & c  1810 451
Sterman Mendel   wife & cc 1808 451
Sterman Natan Leib   & his sister 1809 451
Stern  Baruch     1805 450
Stern  Eliezar   wife & cc 1804 450
Stern  Monio     1807 451
Stern  Yosef   & wife 1806 451
Sternbach Asher     1774 449
Sternbach Avraham     1782 449
Sternbach Eliezar     1709 448
Sternbach Hannah Richter   1776 449
Sternbach Hannah Ita     1813 451
Sternbach Laib     1710 448
Sternbach Laib     1811 451
Sternbach Leah     1707 448
Sternbach Michal     1784 449
Sternbach Moshe     1711 448
Sternbach Rola     1706 448
Sternbach Sheindel     1814 451
Sternbach Shlomo     1708 448
Sternbach Shosha      1705 448
Sternbach Yehoshua     1783 449
Sternbach Yisrael     1777 449
Sternbach Zippora     1812 451
Sternbach Zvi     1775 449
Storch Fishel   wife & cc 1759 449
Storch Shmuel ben Hirsh Leib   wife & cc 1760 449

Family name First name Spouse family code order # page
Teichman Nachum Ber   wife & c 801 431
Teichman Sheindel     803 431
Teichman Shifra     804 431
Teichman Shlomo     802 431
Teichman Yeti     800 431
Traiber Antshel     786 431
Traiber Arieh     779 431
Traiber Avraham     777 431
Traiber Avraham (David)     787 431
Traiber Chava     778 431
Traiber David      783 431
Traiber Eliezar   wife & 4cc 789 431
Traiber Golda     806 431
Traiber Haim Aaron   family 1894 452
Traiber Hersh     807 431
Traiber Hertzel   wife & 4cc 788 431
Traiber Krantzia     784 431
Traiber Meir Leibish     805 431
Traiber Nachum      808 431
Traiber Rivka      785 431
Traiber Sheindel   & 3cc 791 431
Traiber Shlomo   wife & cc 810 431
Traiber Shlomo Laizer     809 431
Traiber Yaakov Yosef     790 431
Traiber Yehuda     780 431
Traichman Hirsh      782 431
Traichman Moshe Avraham (Hirsh)     781 431
Trum Faiga     793 431
Trum Golda     797 431
Trum Hersh Laib     794 431
Trum Lippa     792 431
Trum Moshe     795 431
Trum Tziril     798 431
Trum Yehoshua     796 431
Trum Zisel     799 431

Family name First name Spouse family code order # page
Vaicher Anshel     690 429
Vaicher David     679 429
Vaicher Devorah     600 427
Vaicher Devorah     651 429
Vaicher Dov     599 427
Vaicher Faiga   & cc 639 428
Vaicher Fradel     597 427
Vaicher Gela     598 427
Vaicher Leibish     653 429
Vaicher Leon     602 427
Vaicher Liba     688 429
Vaicher Moshe     628 428
Vaicher Neta     687 429
Vaicher Pesach     654 429
Vaicher Rivka      601 427
Vaicher Rivka      652 429
Vaicher Sarah Ardman   691 429
Vaicher Shia Hertz     638 428
Vaicher Shlomo     596 427
Vaicher Susha Miriam   & 2cc 627 428
Vaicher Wolf   & wife 689 429
Vaicher Yaakov      681 429
Vaicher Yosef Ber     650 429
Vaicher Zisel Broner   680 429
Vaptza Melamed   family 1895 452
Varzager Bashia   h & cc 607 427
Varzager Elisha     609 427
Varzager Faiga     608 427
Varzager Haim   wife & cc 606 427
Varzager Miriam Elka     610 427
Varzager Mordecai     604 427
Varzager Sarah     605 427
Vechtelheim Atiya     611 427
Vechtelheim Dina   h & cc 676 429
Vechtelheim Eta     622 427
Vechtelheim Gittel     625 427
Vechtelheim Hannah    & h 626 427
Vechtelheim Laib     612 427
Vechtelheim Laib (Yisrael Ber)     621 427
Vechtelheim Moshe     613 427
Vechtelheim Rozka     624 427
Vechtelheim Yisrael Ber     623 427
Vechtelheim Yocheved     673 429
Vechtelheim Yosef      672 429
Veteloffer Hannah      591 427
Veteloffer Zigmund     590 427
Vilf Elka      586 427
Vilf Genka     588 427
Vilf Loshia     589 427
Vilf Shaul     585 427
Vilf Yehiel     587 427
Vilig Bluma     675 429
Vilig Mendel     674 429
Vind Hannah      694 429
Vind Hersh     695 429
Vind Tema     692 429
Vind Yehoshua     693 429
Vind Yonatan     686 429
Vind Yonatan   & wife 696 429
Vizner Melech   & wife 630 428
Vizner Miriam     632 428
Vizner Moshe     631 428
Vizner Shmuel   daughter & wife 633 428

Family name First name Spouse family code order # page
Weinberger David   & wife 682 429
Weinberger Hersh     683 429
Weinberger Tovtza   & 2cc 684 429
Weiss Aaron     614 427
Weiss Avraham (Eliezar)     578 427
Weiss Avraham ben Yermiyahu     670 429
Weiss Basia     582 427
Weiss Basia     718 430
Weiss Ben Izak     716 429
Weiss Ben Tzion     647 429
Weiss Ben Tzion     720 430
Weiss Bina     678 429
Weiss Chika     685 429
Weiss David     660 429
Weiss David     697 429
Weiss David (Izak)     574 427
Weiss Devorah     575 427
Weiss Dora     721 430
Weiss Eli     618 427
Weiss Eli   wife & cc 657 429
Weiss Eliezar   wife & c  644 428
Weiss Elka      577 427
Weiss Elka      714 429
Weiss Elta   & cc 671 429
Weiss Ethel     616 427
Weiss Fraida (Yithak)     584 427
Weiss Gila Branenka   641 428
Weiss Golda     717 429
Weiss Haim Wolf     656 429
Weiss Hannah  Felech   615 427
Weiss Henia     715 429
Weiss Hersh   & wife 699 429
Weiss Izak      677 429
Weiss Izak      712 429
Weiss Izak Ber     640 428
Weiss Karsel     698 429
Weiss Leah     642 428
Weiss Leibela     648 429
Weiss Lota (Yitzhak)     583 427
Weiss Mina     576 427
Weiss Mintza   & c 620 427
Weiss Miriam Yesha bat Shlomo     711 429
Weiss Monish ben Yaakov     662 429
Weiss Moshe     619 427
Weiss Noah   wife & cc 658 429
Weiss Pesil     659 429
Weiss Rachel     709 429
Weiss Rivka      617 427
Weiss Roza     661 429
Weiss Sarah     579 427
Weiss Sarah     713 429
Weiss Tova     655 429
Weiss Yaakov      710 429
Weiss Yaakov      719 430
Weiss Yankaleh     645 429
Weiss Yehiel Moshe   & wife 643 428
Weiss Yehuda     580 427
Weiss Yehudit     649 429
Weiss Yisrael    wife & cc 646 429
Weiss Zvi     581 427
Weissberg Brish     701 429
Weissberg Chenka     703 429
Weissberg Hinda     702 429
Weissblum Aaron Wolf (Ha Dayan) family 1898 452
Weissman Faitel     667 429
Weissman Hannah      666 429
Weissman Hirsh Laizer     663 429
Weissman Julia     669 429
Weissman Milly     665 429
Weissman Rachel Leah     664 429
Weissman Rozka     668 429
Wexelberg Yehoshua   wife & cc 700 429
Whitehorn Leah   & 6cc 603 427
Whitman Chaya      593 427
Whitman Devorah     595 427
Whitman Gershon     592 427
Whitman Racha     594 427
  706  429
Wolf Ben Tzion     637 428
Wolf Hersh   wife & cc 629 428
Wolf Hersh Mendel     636 428
Wolf Malka   & h 708 429
Wolf Racha     705 429
Wolf Raizel     635 428
Wolf Shmuel Hirsh     704 429
Wolf Sima   & h 707 429
Wolf Zeinvell     634 428

Family name First name Spouse family code order # page
Yaakov Yona     811 431
Yeger Shmuel   & wife 1892 452
Yulis Yaakov  (Ha Rav) wife & cc 1900 452
Zaifert Aimka     768 431
Zaifert Alter     728 430
Zaifert Baruch Yaakov   wife & cc 754 430
Zaifert Benyamin   & wife 767 431
Zaifert David Yosef   wife & cc 727 430
Zaifert Gittel   & 2cc 729 430
Zaifert Hannah (Shalom)     735 430
Zaifert Hannah bat Shlomo     746 430
Zaifert Hannah Esther   h & c  749 430
Zaifert Meirtzia     751 430
Zaifert Moshe     726 430
Zaifert Moshe Laib   & wife 748 430
Zaifert Mottel     747 430
Zaifert Pesil     722 430
Zaifert Rachel     725 430
Zaifert Shalom     724 430
Zaifert Yehuda     750 430
Zaifert Yitzhak      723 430
Zantag Melech   family 759 431
Zavarbron Naftali      752 430
Zavarbron Rachel   & c 753 430
Zehman Avraham   wife & 2cc 742 430
Zehman Don Zisel   765 431
Zehman Faiga Yosef   764 431
Zehman Krantzia Shlomo   761 431
Zehman Melech   & wife 762 431
Zehman Shlomo Krantzia   760 431
Zehman Yosef  Faiga   763 431
Zehman Zisel Don   766 431
Zidverts Avraham     736 430
Zidverts Moshe     737 430
Zinger Avraham      731 430
Zinger Brana Pelech   744 430
Zinger Elka    & c  730 430
Zinger Faiga     733 430
Zinger Lippa     758 431
Zinger Malka Ita     739 430
Zinger Miriam Kassel   732 430
Zinger Mordecai     734 430
Zinger Mordecai Wolf   & wife 756 431
Zinger Moshe Avraham     755 430
Zinger Raizel     745 430
Zinger Riva     740 430
Zinger Shmuel      741 430
Zinger Yaakov      743 430
Zinger Yisrael     738 430
Zinger Zil     757 431
Zobel Faiga     1361 443
Zobel Fraida     1355 443
Zobel Gittel   & 6cc 1366 443
Zobel Kalman      1360 443
Zobel Laizer Zvi     1365 443
Zobel Leibish     1353 443
Zobel Nachman   wife & 6cc 1364 443
Zobel Yenta Lehrer   1354 443
Zobel Yenta     1363 443
Zobel Yosha     1362 443
Zobel Zil   wife & 2cc 1367 443
Zolinger Devorah Laks   1359 443
Zolinger Pesil     1357 443
Zolinger Yaakov     1358 443
Zolinger Zalman Nachum     1356 443

Addendum [to the list of names that start on page 417]

{Translator's notes: all but the first 3 of these addendum entries are already included in the Haim Sidor's alphabetized list}

Ackerman Bluma, her husband and child
Ashklis Yisrael and his family
Ardman Yehoshua, his wife and children
Bencer Sender and his wife
Herclich Moshe and his wife
Herclich Ben-Zion, his wife and children, mother and sisters
Herclich Moshe the son of Leibish
Hirsh Shimon, his wife and daughters
Fuchs Meir and his wife
Petrinik Hinda Feiga and two children
Kremer Efraim
Kleist Shalom and his wife
Kleist Meir, his wife, children and sisters
Kleist Chana and her family
Rotman Yehudit and her family
Rozler Shlomo, his wife and children
Reiter Yekutiel and his wife
Reiter Anshel and his family
Kopel Yosef and his wife
Kopel Zerach
Kopel Peretz and his family
Gutman Hirsch and his family
Gutman Yosef, his wife and children
Hamerman Berish, his wife and child
Jener Shmuel and his wife
Heller Shlomo, his wife and children
Treiber Chaim Aharon and his family
Wapcha the teacher and his family
Intrator, the owner of the sawmill, and his family
Rozenhak Yidel (the rabbinical judge) and his family
Weisblum Aharon Wolf (the rabbinical judge) and his family
Rabbi Rokach Shalom, and his wife and children
Rabbi Yulis Yaakov, his wife and children

[Page 453]

In the Villages of the Area of Turka

{Translator's note: for the most part, the spelling of village names used was taken from the Communities tool of JewishGen: http://www.jewishgen.org/Communities/LocTown.asp

Not every village could be definitively identified, although most could.}

Isaya (Isai)

Avraham Szindler
Michel Szindler and his daughter
Yosef Szindler and family
Yitzchak Szindler and family
Chaim Zandman and family
Avraham Ewyg and family


David Yona Gleicher and family
Anshel Weiss and family
Feiga Kirszner
Yosef Garber and family
Herszberg and family
Avraham Szpilman and family
Yitzchak Szwarc and family
Yitzchak Rozen and family
Leib Sobel and family
Avraham Moshe Chanas and family
Yosef Chanas and family
Berish Fisz and family
Akiva Wolf and family
Alter Szpilman and family
Anshel Szwarc and family
Mendel Luterman and family
Berish Kac and family
Yitzchak Wolf Szwarc and family
Izik Weiss and family
Ben-Zion Berg and family
Recha Fuchs
Yitzchak Mendel Chanas and family
Abish Rozenberg and family
Yosef Aharon Fuchs and family
Levi Fuchs and family
Shimon Szindler and family
Mazosz Fuchs and family
David Zinger and family
Hirsch Nachman and family
Meir Nachman
Chaya Sandler and family
Aharon Sandler and family
Blimcha Sandler and family
Nachum Sandler and family
Yitzchak Izik Fuchs
Miriam Fuchs
Sender Fuchs
Yaakov Fuchs
Fruma Fuchs
Chana Fuchs
Tzvi Fuchs
Yisrael Rozenberg
Hirsch Ber and family
Yehuda Gajer and family
Yosef Aharon Fuchs and family
Lipa Rozenberg and family
Yaakov Szindler and family
Yisrael Mates
Rachel Mates
Laya Mates
Chuna Rozenberg


Getzel Gisinger

[Page 454]

Yeti Gisinger
Shmuel Gisinger

{Photo page 454: Shmuel Gisinger and his wife}

Moshe Gisinger
Bela Gisinger
Yehuda Gisinger
Machla Gisinger
Recha Gisinger
Sender Gisinger
Eli Gisinger
Miriam Gisinger
Regina Tafer
Feibish Tafer
Mondik Tafer
Mina Tafer
Esther Tafer
Moshe Tafer
Moshe Rozen
Chana Rozen
Model Rozen
Noach Rozen
Levish Reifler
Mondek Reifler
Golda Reifler
Rivka Hager
Ackerman brothers
Chanales and his family
Ben-Zion Liberman
Miriam Liberman
Yisrael Liberman
Avraham Liberman
Esther Liberman
Feiga Liberman
Blima Liberman
Salomon Zalman Liberman
Aharon Liberman
Yehuda Liberman
Eliezer Liberman
Hirsch Liberman
Rivcha Liberman
Dina Liberman
Hirsch Motel Klopot-Hager and family
Yaakov Sztark and family
Yisrael Brener
Shlomo Leizer Brener
Hirsch Brener
Yisrael Cafon and family
Avraham Sztulbach


Gitel Sztar and her children
Abish Artel and family
Michael Sztar and family
Getzel Sztar and family
Chaim Sztar and family
Yaakov Hirsch Sztar and family

[Page 455]

Berish Sztar and family
Moshe Sztar and family
Shifra Sztar and family
Zyel Sztar and family
Moshe Storch and family
Meir Storch and family
Gitel Storch and her son Moshe Aharon
Michael Storch and family
Michael Kreber and family
Sara Rozenberg and her children
Yaakov Zeev Szwarc and family
Zelig Szwarc and family
Yosef Ber Kirszner and family
Mendel Nagler and family
Berish Bruner and family
Yehuda Gajer and family
Mendel Nistel and family
Hirsch Nistel and family
Berish Langenaur and family
Getzel Langenaur and family
Moshe Aharon Langenaur and family
Shmuel Yosef Langenaur and family


Liba Wolf
Sara Wolf and her children
Shimon Wolf, his family and sisters


Yaakov Apelderfer and family
Sara Liew and family
Shimon Szrajber and family
Yeshayahu Sobel and family
Mordechai Szternbach and family
Pesel Szternbach and family
Rachel Szternbach and family
Gitel Szternbach and family
Wolf Szternbach and family Leib Tuchman and family
Shlomo Tuchman and family
Moshe Tuchman and family
Sara Tuchman and family
Natan Neuman and family
Shlomo Kupferberg and family
Glajcher and family
Miriam Kuperberg
Elka Kuperberg
Sheindel Kuperberg
Feiga Kuperberg
Yisrael Kuperberg
Berish Apelderfer and family
Mordechai Apelderfer and family
Meir Apelderfer and family
Malka Apelderfer and family
Pepi Liber
Sara Liber
Chaya Liber and her daughters


Rivka Krupka and family
Wolf Krupka and family
Nachum Yitzchak Krupka and family
Necha Krupka and family
Avraham Meir Weltman and family
Wolf Nisztman and family
Yekutiel Gertler and family
Yitzchak Hagler and family
Gavriel Hagler

[Page 456]

Izik Hagler
Menashe Hagler
Naftali Bergman and family
Shlomo Bergman and family
Avraham Feler and family
Tovia Treiber and family
Gitel Blank and family
Eliezer Kac
Meir Kac
Gitel Rand and family
David Rand and family
Wolf Zinger and family
Nachum Katz
Rivka Katz and her daughter Chava
Gitel Zimmerman and family
Rachel Erlich and her children
David Sztempaf and family
Hinda Rand
Lipa Rand
Chaim Rand
Yisrael Rand
Shlomo Rand


Avraham Meir and family
Shlomo Meir and family
Zanwil Wolf and family
Moshe Meir and family


Yisrael Rozenberg
Beila Rozenberg
Miriam Rozenberg
Roza Rozenberg
Sima Rozenberg
Freda Rozenberg
Shoshana Rozenberg
Rivka Weiss
Yaakov Weiss
Serel Weiss
Dvora Meir
Yekutiel Meir
Shlomo Weiss
Dvora Weiss
Izik Weiss
Bina Weiss
Feiga Meir
Tzvi Meir
Chaya Meir
Freda Meir
Lemel Meir
Bluma Meir
Yosef Hager
Shlomo Hager
Shmuel Leib Hager
Hinda Hager
Frima Hager
Rivka Hager
Avraham Hager
Miriam Etl Hager
Keila Hager
Reizel Heiger


Avraham Klugman
Moshe Klugman and family


Dov Benek Goldreich
David Goldreich
Baruch Hersch Goldreich and family
Moshe Weiss
Sara Ziman and family
Mates Matityahu and family
Meir Sternbach and family

[Page 457]

Michael Sternbach and family
Mordechai Sternbach and family
Fishel Ziman and family
Chaya Ziman and her son Yaakov
Feitel Fidler and family
Yehoshua Fidler and family
Gitel Fidler and family
Yaakov Hanes and family
Yitzchak Hanes and family
Yaakov Klein and family

Vysotzki Nyzhne

Leib Yosef Liberman
Hirsch Melech Liberman
Hani Liberman
Yitzchak Liberman
Malka Liberman
Shlomo Gisinger
Marchia Gisinger
Sara Chana Gisinger
David Tuchman
Donia Tuchman
David Yisrael Hager and family
David Zeinwil Montag and family
Shmuel Klein and family
Meir Klein and family
Yitzchak Klein and family
Shlomo Klein and family
Zeinwil Montag
Chana Montag
Leib Montag son of Zeinwil
Yisrael Montag
Yaakov Yehoshua Montag
Esther Majner
Freda Epzstejn
Rivka Tuchman
Rachel Montag son of Zeinwil
Moshe Montag
Leib Montag son of Yaakov
David Montag son of Yaakov
Rachel Montag daughter of Esther
Sheva Montag
Esther Montag
Dina Tuchman
Sheindel Tuchman
Eliahu Tuchman
Yehuda Majner
Yosef Tuchman
Mendel Tuchman
Yisrael Tuchman
Ezriel Tuchman
Dov Tuchman
David Chiel
Brana Chiel
Hersch Chiel
Yaakov Mendel Tuchman
Esther Tuchman
Mindel Tuchman
Shlomo Tuchman
Shabsel Tuchman


Yisrael Dov Rozenberg
Golda Rozenberg and her daughter Chana
Dina Rozenberg and children
Esther Rozenberg and family


David Hirsch and family

[Page 458]

Yehuda Teichman
Leib Teichman
Hendel Teichman
Yisrael Teichman
Naftali Teichman
Shlomo Fejler
Babatch Fejler
Esther Rivka Fejler
Malka Fejler
Avraham Fejler
Matityahu Fejler
Yitzchak Fejler
Yaakov Fejler
Sheindel Fejler
Moshe Fiszer
Leah Fiszer
Elimelech Fiszer
Yitzchak Fiszer
Eliahu Linek
Elimelech Tuchman
Elka Tuchman
Moshe Tuchman
Model Tuchman

Vysotzki Vyzhne

Walchi Goldreich and family
Levi Yisrael Goldreich and family
Shlomo Goldreich and family
Hisrael Hirt and family
Tzvi Zinger
Chaim Zinger
Tema Zinger
Reizel Zinger
Zalman Fuchs and family
Avraham Fuchs and family
Yaakov Leib Fuchs and family
Rivka Roth
Nesha Roth
Tzvi Roth
Moshe Roth
BenZion Roth
Binyamin Roth
Chava Roth
Freda Roth
Reizel Matel
Moshe Yosef Mates
BenZion Goldreich and family
Rachel Goldreich and family
Henchi Goldreich and family
Dov Reichman and family
Aryeh Reichman and family
Moshe Goldreich
Dov Goldreich
David Goldreich


Malka Epstein
Mordechai Frajdheim
Esther Lieba Frajdman
Sara Wolf (nee Frajdheim)
Yosef Shmuel Frajdheim
Leibish Frajdhaim
Meir-Dan Freidham
Matel Tzirel Frajdhaim
Yaakov Freidham
Melikl Linek (nee Frajdhaim)
Freida Mermelsztejn (nee Frajdhaim)
Nechi (nee Frajdhaim)
Rachel Weiss (nee Frajdhaim)
Henia (nee Frajdhaim)
Reuven Fisz

[Page 459]

Shmuel Fisz
Berish Fisz
Meir Fisz
Fishel Fisz
Shlomo Fisz
Yaakov Fisz
Chanoch Fisz
David Fisz
Dvora Fisz
Breindel Fisz
Yaakov Fiszer and family


Dov Nistel
Leah Nistel
Henchi Nistel
Eliahu Betzalel Nistel
Gitel Nistel
Asher Lemel Nistel
Beila Nistel
Shmuel Nistel
Chana Nistel
Henchi Nistel
David Zeev Nistel
Binyamin Nistel
Feiga Malka Nistel
Yitzchak Aharon Nistel
Aharon Nistel and family
BenZion Nistel and family
Moshe Yosef the shochet Nistel and family
Tzvi Nistel and family
Mendel Nistel and family
Chaim Nistel and family
Yisrael Nistel and family
Sara Nistel
Rivka Nistel
Tova Nistel
Freda Nistel
Chaya Nistel
Zissel Nistel
David Zeev Zelig
Yehoshua Zelig
Baruch Zelig
Chana Zelig
Liba Zelig
Chaya Zelig
Reb Avrham the shochet Halpern and family
Yaakov Rozenberg and family
Zalman Tzvi Berg and family
Aryeh Sobel and family
Yisrael Gisinger
Shlomo Linek and family
Moshe Gisnberg and family
Avraham Dov Haberman and family
Tzvi Szternbach and family
Avraham Gisinger and family


Yechiel Wolf and family
Izik Wininer and family and mother
Yisrael Lif and family


Shlomo Szindler
Sheindel Szindler
Dina Szindler
Avraham Szindler
Sara Szindler
Henchi Szindler
Yona Szindler
Beila Szindler

[Page 460]

Noach Szindler
Yehuda Szindler
Zisel Szindler
Mani Szindler
Chana Szindler
Chana Szindler {Translator's note: there were two separate entries for this name}
Yitzchak Szindler
Reizel Szindler
Yisrael Gzimaluf
Breina Gzimaluf
Zisha Kastner
Marchi Kastner
Henich Kastner
Yehuda Kastner
Yona Berish Kastner
Rachel Kastner
Yisrael Hager
Zamel Hager
Rachel Hager
Tila Hager
Ita Hager
Esther Hager
Meir Klein
Elki Klein
Malia Klein
Avraham Klein
Noach Klein


Tzirel Sztern
Yuta Frajdman
Lipsha Glajcher
Yitzchak Glajcher
Zeev Glajcher the son of Yitzchak
Yechezkel Glajcher
Tzvi Glajcher
Malka Glajcher
Rivka Glajcher
Reizel Glajcher the daughter of Yitzchak
Getzel Langenaur
Miriam Langenaur
Neshi Langenaur
Rivka Hirsz
Chola Glajcher
Chim Glajcher
Zeev Glajcher the son of Aharon
Reb Yehoshua Sztern
Baruch Sztern
Eidel Sztern
Shraga Tzvi Fisz
Tzvi Weiss
BenZion Wiczner
Aharon Wiczner
Avraham Glajcher
Nota Glajcher
Chana Rachel Glajcher
Shimon Glajcher
Freda Pesil Glajcher
Miriam Glajcher
Reizel Glajcher the daughter of Avraham
Henchi Glajcher
Heni Firszt
Mordechai Firszt
Minchi Firszt
Breini Weiss
Chaya Weiss
Dvora Hager
Feiga Brudner
Yitzchak Tzvi Brudner
Tzvia Brudner
Freida Brudner
Tzvi Yehuda Ewig
Etil Ewig
Kac and his family

[Page 461]


Menashe Jager and family
Binyamin Brajer and family
Yaakov Lerer and family
Moshe Brajer and family
Mordechai Brajer and family
Shlomo Brajer and family
Pinchas Najman and family
Meir Fuchs and family
Chaim Gross and family
Shlomo From and family
Szpic and family
Zimmerman and family
Ester Malka Gertler and family
Yaakov Bernas and family
Chava Pikholc
Aryeh (Leibele) Szrajber
David Szrajber
Feiga Szrajber
Chava Szrajber
Yehoshua Szrajber
Malka Szrajber
Gitel Szrajber
Pinchas Neuman
Yenta Neuman (nee Szefer)
Eti Neuman
Chaim Neuman
Yosef Neuman
Sara Kesler
Gedalia Kesler
Malka Kesler
Eliahu Kesler
Berish Kesler


Yehoshua Ardman

{Photo page 461; In memory of my dear parents who perished in the Rovno Ghetto, Elul 5702 / 1942. Pinchas Najman, Yenta Najman – parents of Aharon Szefer.}

[Page 462]

Motel Ardman
Avraham Ardman
Aryeh Ardman
Yaakov Ardman
Yaakov Ardman son of Yehoshua
Ilka Goldreich
Sender Goldreich
Yitzchak Goldreich
Sara Bakenrot
Tzvi Bakenrot
Avraham Bakenrot
Tzipora Gross
Chaim Gross
Henrisha Gross
Margala Langenaur
Shmuel Langenaur
Sara Langenaur
Mordechai Ardman
Miriam Ardman
Sara Ardman
Tzipora Ardman
Esther Ardman
Shmuel Ardman
Yaakov Ardman son of Mordechai
Leibish Filinger
Meir Dovcza
Reizel Dovcza


Yankel Artel
Hirsch-Ber Szindler
Moshe Szindler
Yeti Szindler
Yenti Szindler
Fetel Hirsch Szindler
Yehuda Szindler
Fishel Szindler
Sara Szindler
Etel Szindler
Shlomo Szindler
Avraham Szindler
Reiza Szindler
Rechi Szindler
Shmelki Szindler
Sara Szindler
Moshe Szindler
Leah Szindler
Etya Sztemerman
Yona Sztemerman
Chaim Leib Sztemerman
Gitel Sztemerman
Efraim Gisinger
Shmuel Sztemerman
Fetel Hirsch Sztemerman
Shaya (Yeshayahu) Szindler
Tzipora Szindler
Shprintza Szindler
Yaakov Szindler
Moshe Avraham Szindler
Hoda Szindler
Sheindel Szindler
Golda Szindler
Daniel SzindlerYehuda Szindler
Minchia Szindler
Sara Szindler
Hirsch Szindler
Yaakov Szindler
Rachel Szincler
Hirsch Szindler
Minche Szindler
Gitel Szindler
Yisrael Szindler
Roiza Szindler
Yisrael Szindler

[Page 463]

Zeinwil Szindler
Malka Szindler
Tzipra Szindler
Yitzchak Szindler
Avraham Haber
Feiga Haber
Sara Haber
Avraham Szindler
Brana Szindler
Avraham BenZion Szindler
Hena Szindler
Chava Szindler
Tabel (Yona) Szindler
Yosef BenZion Szindler
Chana Szindler
Meir Szindler
Sara Szindler
Naftali Szindler
Rivka Szindler
Yehuda Szindler
Tzipi Szindler
Yehoshua (Shea) Klein
Bela Klein
Moshe Fisz
Roiza Fisz


Moshe-Wolf Nagler
Blima Nagler
Marta Nagler
Tova Nagler
Yaakov Lerer
Avraham Sztamerman
Karsel Sztamerman


Tzvi Dov Szindler and family
Moshe Szindler the son of Binyamin Yehuda and family
Shlomo Szindler the son of Binyamin Yehuda and family
Avraham Szindler the son of Leib and family
Moshe Szindler the son of Avraham and family
Yaakov Artel and family
Yehoshua Klein and family
Meir Szindler and family
BenZion Szindler and family
Shmuel Szindler and family
Avraham Szindler the son of Yisrael
Yitzchak Szindler and family
Yehuda the son of Yisrael Szindler and family
Yaakov Szindler and family
Shlomo the son of Aharon Szindler and family
Yisrael the son of Aharon Szindler Moisuczek and family
Shlomo Szindler Moisuczek and family
Yona Szindler and family
Yehuda the son of Yosef Szindler and family
Mindel Szindler and family
Zisel Szindler and family
Yuta Szindler and family
Sara Szindler and family
Meir Klein and family
Uziel Hager and family
Henia Szindler-Keler

[Page 464]

Zalman Klein and children
Shmuel Klein and family
Shlomo Klein and family
Yitzchak Klein and family
Mendel Yaakov Szwarc and family
Eliahu Sztamerman and family


Avraham Hirt
Uziel his son-in-law
Moidel Zadman
Leib Awigder
Kalman his son-in-law
Shimon Weber, the shochet
Eizig Hamerman
Avraham Hirt the teacher
Avraham Maskrodna
Leib Hirt
Avraham Wenig
Yehoshua Moshe Hirt
Yehuda Hirsch Hirt
Naftali Hirt
Mendel Hirt
Yosef Moshe Szenberg
Shimale his son-in-law
Zalman Liebhart
Meir Liebhart
Moti Sztark
Yechiel Sztark
Leib Sztark
Yosef Kesler
Baruch Hirt
Moshe Hirt
Wolf Szechter
Avraham Eizig Szechter
Shamai Engelmajr
Akiva Ling
Szeindik family
Moshe Merzel
Reb Akiva Engelmajr
Chaim Aharon Engelmajr
Hirsch Melech his son-in-law
Yitzchak Sztark
Meir Waldman
Shika Waldman
Iser the shoemaker
Yaakov Leib Sztark
Aryeh the printer
Icha Engelmajr
Mordechai Engelmajr
Reizel Arbeit
Yehoshua Feld
Yudel Kampf
Yaakov Zeiner
Zusha Engelmajr
Henia Frej
Moti Engelmajr
Wolf Ling
Naftali Lieber
Yisrael Widman
Heshi Kesler
Yoshi Wechter
Yechezkel Sztark
Yaakov Leib Sztark
Shika Sztark
Shia Balinger
Ziel Rozenberg
Moshe Chalwikes
Yosha Wechter
Alter Henig
Chaya Fener
Yosef Meilech Zinger

[Page 465]

Hirsch Hirt
Yehoshua Hirt
Chaim Aharon Segal
Yitzchak Wechter
Hirsch Leib Lopuszanka
Shmuel Leib the grinder
Rabbi Mordechai Engelmajr
Tzvi Dov Rozen


Tzvi Rozenberg and family
Yaakov Rozenberg and family
Feiga Rozenberg and family
Yosef Kirszner and family
BenZion Szwarc and family
Lemel Artel and family
Chanoch Rozenberg and family
Rachel Rozenberg and family
Shlomo Rozenberg and family


Berel Beret
Moshe Leib Brajer


Yitzchak Eizman
Tzipora Eizman
Avraham Artel
Pesia Artel
Roma Artel
Yosef Prycz
Rivka Prycz
Rachel Prycz
Moshe Mordechai Prycz
Eizik Prycz
Miriam Prycz
Pesia Rozen
Shmuel Rozen
Rachel Rozen
Malka Rozen
Moshe Rozen
Kalman Rozen
Moshe Yosef Szrajber
Chaya Sara Szrajber
Rivka Szrajber
Nechama Szrajber
Dvora Szrajber
Pesia Szrajber
Rachel Szrajber
Sara Szrajber
Moshe Mordechai Szrajber
Shmuel Szrajber
Dina Reizel
Yocheved Klein
Brachel Reizel
Reuven Klein
Rivka Artel
Yokel Artel
Chaim Artel
Esther Artel
Shlomo Kraus and family


Yisrael Sztamerman
Idel Hirsch Sztamerman
Shmuel Sztamerman
Yete Sztamerman


Berish Lerer and family
Karsel Lerer and family

[Page 466]


Yaakov Chanas and family
Kuperberg family
Moshe Dinstag family
Baruch Dinstag family


Moshe Bernas and family


Avraham Chaim Heisler and family
Aharon Heisler and family
Uziel Heisler
Moshe Yosef Heisler the son of Menachem and family
Michael Heisler the son of Menachem and family
Perel Heisler and family
Mindel Heisler and family
Moshe Yosef Heisler the son of Yisrael and family
Avraham Heisler
Dvora Heisler
Michael Heisler the son of Shlomo
Moshe Heisler and family
Rachel Heisler and family
Avraham Szwarc HaKohen and family
Michael Zeman and family
Shlomo and family
Henes and family


Chaim Hirsch Fejler
Malka Fejler
Bilhah Fejler and family


Shlomo Lerer and family
Feiga Lerer and family
Bitzi Lerer and family
Naftali Lerer and family
Socha Lerer and family
Leah Lerer and family
Kalman Lerer and family
Margalia Lerer and family
Tzipora Feld and family
Ita Feld and family
Yechezkel Szmidt and family
Edelsztejn and family
Naftali Hejmer and family
Zalman Hirt and family
Yenta Hirt and family
Pesel Hirt and family
Zelda Hirt and family
Perel Hirt and family
Yona Hirt and family
Nachum Szulberg and family
Moshe Szulberg and family
Moshe Szulberg and family
Wolkan and family
Yitzchak Wolkan and family
Eliezer Zelig and family
Eizik Zelig and family
Yaakov Zelig and family
Shmuel Zelig and family
Wolf Zelig and family
David Zelig and family

[Page 467]

Yitzchak Parnas and family
Menchel Parnas and family
Reizel Parnas and family
Hirsch Haberman and family
Moshe Antner and family
Necha Antner and family
Leizer Antner and family
Reizel Leb and family


Meir Zeiler and family


Mendel Eiz
Tova Eiz and family
Lipa Linek
Tzipora Linek and family
Feiga Teichman
Hirsch Teichman and family
Shlomo Teichman and family
Avraham Moshe Teichman and family
Shlomo Kraus and family
Yehoshua Kraus and family
Leib Kirszner
Asher Kirszner
Machla Kirszner
Baruch Kraus and family
Zeev Kraus
Shlomo Kraus and family
Yoel Kraus
Shprintza Kraus
Hinda Kolb and her children
Rivka Kraus
Miriam Kraus
Shoshana Kraus
Feitel Wolf and family

[Page 468]

These are the names of the villages for which we did not receive lists, and of which we do not know the fate of their Jews:

  1. Terszow
  2. Lavrov
  3. Lenina Velkaya
  4. Lenina Mala
  5. Potok
  6. Busovisko
  7. Tikha
  8. Gleboka
  9. Luzhki Gorno
  10. Ploskia
  11. Mizhenets
  12. Vidava
  13. Tysovitsa
  14. Stshalki
  15. Bistri
  16. Graziowa
  17. Nodzilna
  18. Holobidka
  19. Lopushanka
  20. Makhnovtse
  21. Gwozdziec
  22. Lipwe
  23. Dnestrik
  24. Tozshe
  25. Rypyany
  26. Chaszczow
  27. Smerochka
  28. Zhukotin
  29. Vapmarka
  30. Dydeva
  31. Shumyach
  32. Shandrovech
  33. Golovska
  34. Yablonka
  35. Losinets
  36. Mokhnati
  37. Radych
  38. Swica
  39. Bukovets
  40. Bakhnovate
  41. Rykuv
  42. Butelka
  43. Dolzhki
  44. Myta
  45. Krasne
  46. Matkov
  47. Ivashkevitz

The list of martyrs of Turka was compiled by Chaim Pelech, Moshe From and Moshe Kirszner. The list of martyrs of the villages in the area of Turka was compiled by Yechiel Hirt and Aharon Szefer (Neuman). Due to obvious difficulties in compiling such a list, it is likely that there are omissions and errors. There were villages from which not one Jew survived…

If such errors exist – we apologize to all who are affected by this.

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