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written by Lauren Scharf Azoulai, Dunwoody, GA.

My grandmother, Anna (Chana) (nee BURG) SCHARF, her brothers, Herman, Isidore, and Peretz, her sisters, Mollie (KRITZ), Sophie (ROSENBERG), and Yetta (SINGER), and their parents, Mordechai and Sosia, left Staneshti de Zhos (Unter Stanestie) beginning in 1906, to seek a new life in America.

They reached the shores of the "Goldena Medina" to discover that their old struggles had turned into new ones. World War I and the depression brought difficulties to the Burgs and their many landsmen who had joined them in the search for a better life.

As with many of the new immigrants, they brought with them an inner strength to pull them through the hardships. But even more, they had each other. From this basic understanding that they needed to help one another (and eventually their landsleit who remained in Staneshti or moved to Palestine/Israel, the Unter Stanestie Bukowinaer Circle, Inc. emerged in 1930.

As the self-appointed family historian, I take special pride in the role my paternal great uncles played in the birth and growth of this organization. It was founded for friendship, mutual support, and tzedekah. The members were Zionists, supportting the State of Israel and their relatives and friends who lived there (including a first cousin of the BURG family--Yitschak BURG of Kibbutz Massada, who documented the family history).

The Twentieth Anniversary and Banquet journal of the Unter Stanestie (Staneshti) Bukowinaer Circle includes a page of poetry written in beautiful Hebrew by my paternal great grandfather. As I read this piece and other original manuscripts of his, I was moved to see that a Jew who was steeped mostly in the Yiddish culture of Eastern Europe, and whose main use of Hebrew was in prayer, could write such beautiful poetry in Hebrew.

My father, Arthur SCHARF, and his sister, Ruth SCHARF SIEGEL, recall with loving memories the work of their uncles Herman and Isidore in the creation and development of this landsmanschaft. (They never could understand how their uncles earned a living…because all they ever did was go to meetings.)

I did not inherit millions of dollars or beautiful jewels. But I did manage to "inherit" from my father a slim paperback volume that contains a piece of my heritage. I was pleased to make available to other Jewish family historians the information in the journal--particularly lists of the members and lists of Holocaust survivors and their family members and friends who met a tragic death at the hands of the Nazis during the Holocaust. May their memory be blessed.

Lauren Scharf Azoulai

November 1998


by Irv Osterer

This anniversary book, published in the wake of the Holocaust, contains a list of those who perished as well as survivors. Since the book was published in 1950 - well before Shapira's Die Juden in Unter Stanestie, I would venture to say that these lists are in all likelihood more accurate, since they were compiled by a group of people closer to the actual historical events. By the time of Shapira's book, many of the witnesses would have already passed away.

I have recorded things exactly as they were printed - in other words, not quite in alphabetical order. The original is in English, so no translation was needed.


Twentieth Anniversary and Banquet
Unter Stanestie Bukowinaer Circle, Inc. Saturday, November 25, 1950
Broadway Central Hotel
673 Broadway, New York





who were brutally murdered or perished in Concentration Camps and those murdered in Unter-Stanestie

ADLER, Leon & Son - killed in Stanestie
ADLER, Mrs. & 2 daughters - died in Transnistrien (Barsad)
ALTMANN, Seide & wife & child - died in Transnistrien (Barsad)
BIRNBAUM, Hertz & wife - died in Transnistrien (Barsad)
BIRNBAUM, Benj. & son - killed in Stanestie
BIRNBAUM, Mrs & daughter - died in Transnistrien
BIRNBAUM, Seide - died in Transnistrien (Barsad)
BIRNBAUM, Judel with wife & child - died in Transnistrien
BIRNBAUM, David & wife - died in Transnistrien
BAUM, Beri - killed in Stanestie
BAUM, Mrs.- died in Transnistrien
BRUCKSTEIN, Jankel & Wife - died in Transnistrien
BRUCKSTEIN, Daughter & husband - killed in Stanestie
BRUECKSTEIN, Moische & wife - died in Transnistrien
BUECHLER, Moische & wife - died in Transnistrien
BUECHLER, Scheindel - died in Transnistrien
BRAUN, Mrs. Peter - died in Transnistrien
DERMER, Fischel & wife - died in Transnistrien (Jediner)
DRUCKMAN, Baruch - killed in Stanestie
DRUCKMAN, Mrs. - died in Transnistrien (Moghilov)
DERMER, Pinkus' daughter - died in Transnistrien
DRUCKMAN, Mrs. Nute - died in Transnistrien
EISMAN, Leiser with wife & children - killed in Stanestie
EISMAN, Chane Marien - died in Siberia
ENGEL, Rafael & wife - died in Transnistrien
ENGEL, Simche
ENGEL, Hersch with wife & children - killed in Stanestie
ENGLER, Jacob - killed in Stanestie
ENGLER, wife & 2 children - died in Transnistrien
EINHORN, Jente - killed in Stanestie
FRIEDLANDER, Bernard Rabbi & 2 sons, - killed in Stanestie, wife & 1 daughter - died in Transnistrien
FINKELTHAL, Gedali & son - killed in Stanestie, wife - died in Transnistrien (Copaogorod)
FINKELTHAL, Mendel & son - killed in Stanestie, wife - died in Transnistrien
FINKELTHAL, Jossel with wife & daughter & sister - died in Transnistrien
FINKELTHAL, Sara - died in Cernowitz
FAKTOR, Baruch & 1 child - died in Transnistrien
FEDER, Jankel & wife
FLEISCHHAKER, Abraham with wife, daughter & 2 sons - died in Transnistrien
FRIMETH, Mrs. Chaim - died in Transnistrien
FALKOWITZ, Ezra & wife & children (Shoichet) - died in Transnistrien
GABOR, son-in-law of Mendel Sonntag - killed in Stanestie
GRILL, Myer Ber ) - died in Transnistrien, 2 sons killed in Stanestie
GELLER, Fishel - killed in Stanestie
GRILL, Chaim Srul, wife & grandchild - died in Transnistrien
GRUENFELD, Berl - died in Transnistrien
GRUEN, Froim's son - died in Transnistrien
GRUENFELD, Schleime & wife - died in Transnistrien
GOLDHAGEN, Wolf - killed in Stanestie
HUEBNER, Leiser with wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters - died in Transnistrien
HOFFER, David with wife nee DERMER - died in Transnistrien (Moghilov)
HAGER, Edel, husband & child - died in Transnistrien
HAGER, Peissach - killed in Stanestie
HIRSCH, Jossel, wife & children - killed in Stanestie
KIELSTOCK, Lea - died in Transnistrien
KIELSTOCK, Froim, daughter & grandchild - died in Transnistrien
KIELSTOCK, Ethel - died in Transnistrien
KIELSTOCK, Moses & wife - killed in Stanestie
KIELSTOCK, Judel - killed in Stanestie
KEISCH, Hersch - killed in Stanestie, wife and 3 daughters died in Transnistrien
KRAMER, Dr. - died in Transnistrien
KIRMAIER, Srul, wife & 2 children - died in Transnistrien
KARPEL, Eisig - died in Siberia, his daughter (her) husband & children killed in Poland
KLEIN, Taube - died in Transnistrien
KREISEL, Chaim - died in Transnistrien
KATZ, Mordcho - killed in Stanestie
KESSLER, Jacob, son-in-law of J. Hager - killed in Stanestie, wife and child died in Transnistrien
KLEMMER, Jacob & wife - died in Transnistrien
KATZ, Feiwel & wife - died in Transnistrien
KEISCH, Shloime, wife & daughter - died in Transnistrien
LAUFER, Feiwel - killed in Stanestie
LIEBSTER, Morko Hersch - died in Cernowitz, his son Fritz
LOBEL, Rosa, Leiser - died in Transnistrien
MUELLER, Anczel - died in Transnistrien, daughter Berta & child died in Transnistrien
MAIMAN, Jente - killed in Stanestie
NEUMAN, Abraham & wife - died in Cernowitz
NEUMAN, Chancze - died in Transnistrien, grandson died in Transnistrien
OSTERER, Judel's daughter & son-in-law - died in Transnistrien
OSTERER, Jetti - died in Transnistrien
OSTERER, Schulciu, son of above - killed in Stanestie
OSTERER, Marcus, son of above - killed in Stanestie
PRUCZ, Leb - killed in Stanestie, his wife and 3 children died in Transnistrien
PRUCZ, Abraham & sister - killed in Stanestie
PRUCZ, Hersch - died in Transnistrien
PASTERNACK, Hersch, Mendel - died in Transnistrien
PASTERNACK, Mrs. Jankel - died in Transnistrien
QUELLER, Selig, wife & 3 children - died in Transnistrien
ROSENZWEIG, Netti, nee DERMER - killed in Stanestie
RAUCHWERGEIR, Leb, 2 daughters - died in Transnistrien
RAUCHWERGER, Moses, son of above - killed in Stanestie
RUEBNER, Judel - killed in Stanestie
RENNERT, Joel, wife - died in Transnistrien
RENNERT, Moische Leb, wife & child - died in Transnistrien
ROSENBERG, Baruch & son - killed in Stanestie
RENNERT, Moishe (Babes) & wife - died in Transnistrien
RITTIGSTEIN, Mechel, wife & 2 daughters - died in Transnistrien
RAPPELFELD, Mechulem, wife & children - died in Transnistrien
RENNERT, Jente - died in Transnistrien
RUEBNER, Moische - killed in Stanestie
ROSENBERG, Mordko - killed in Stanestie
RENNERT, Moishe (Zacharies), wife & children - died in Transnistrien
RENNERT, Cheiwed, wife of Uren
RUEBNER, Meier - killed in Stanestie, wife & child - died in Transnistrien
ROBINSOHN, Eisig & wife - died in Transnistrien
ROSNER, Chaim - killed in Banila p-Cz.
REISCH & wife - killed in Stanestie Vivoz
SCHULMANN, Pesach - killed in Stanestie, wife died in Transnistrien (Bersad)
SCHULMANN, Meier, wife Jente nee MAIMAN - killed in Stanestie
SCHULMANN, Dr. Hirsch, son of Pesach - killed in Stanestie
SUSSMAN, Hersch, son of Naftalie - killed in Stanestie
SCHNEIDER, Jacob, son-in-law of Froim Jossel Dirnfeld - killed in Stanestie
SANDLER, Mrs., wife of Fischel - died in Transnistrien
SCHAECHTER, Mendel & son - killed in Stanestie, wife died in Transnistrien
SURKIS, Henje & 2 daughters, son-in-law & child - died in Transnistrien
STRAUSS, son-in-law of Moses Held - died in Transnistrien
SUSSMANN, Chaje Sure - died in Transnistrien
SOBEL, Dr. Philip, wife & daughter - died in Transnistrien
SCHWARTZ, Abe - died in Transnistrien
SCHNEIDER, Jacob, wife & 2 children - died in Transnistrien
SCHWARTZKOPF, Seide, wife & daugher - died in Transnistrien
SCHWARTZKOPF, Antchel - died in Transnistrien
SCHWARTZKOPF, Meier- killed in Stanestie, wife and 2 children died in Transnistrien
SCHWARTZ, Tailor - killed in Stanestie
SCHNEIDER, Jossel, wife daughter & son-in-law - died in Transnistrien
SUSSMAN, Hersch, son of David, wife - died in Transnistrien
SCHAEFFER, daughter of Mordko SCHWARTS - died in Transnistrien
SPINNREICH, Czarne, son-in-law & 2 children - died in Transnistrien
SCHAECHTER, Chaje, wife, daughter, son-in-law & 2 children - died in Transnistrien
SINNEREICH, Abraham Itzi, wife - died in Transnistrien
SONNTAG, Ruchel - died in Transnistrien
SCHIFFER, Dola, wife of Dr. SHIFFER & son Heini - died in Transnistrien
SUSSMAN, Naftalie - died in Transnistrien, 1 daughter, 1 daughter-in-law killed (at) Sostesti
SILBER, Schulem, wife Udel, daughter Cili - died in Transnistrien
TELLER, Benjamin, with wife & daughter - died in Transnistrien
TAUBER, wife of Paul ARON, daughter and son - died in Transnistrien
TAUBER, Chaim Hersch - died in Transnistrien
TENNENBAUM, Schmiel & wife Eichel - died in Transnistrien
WOLLOCH, Jossel & son Bubi - killed in Stanestie
WAGNER, Nathan - killed in Stanestie
WOLLOCH, Chaje, wife of Meschulim - died in Transnistrien
WEISSMAN, Scheinel - died in Transnistrien WEBER, Schleime, wife & daughter - died in Transnistrien
WEININGER, David, grandson of Menzel KAIS - died in Transnistrien
ZIMMER, Nussen with wife & 2 children - died in Transnistrien

List of Survivors

Hennie Auerbach
Benjamin Birnbaum
Simon Birnbaum
Heinrich Birnbaum
Osiu and Isu Birnbaum
Samuel Brunstein
Shulim Brender
Brane Buechler
Aron Buechler
Fischel Dermer
Hersch Dirnfeld
Feiwisch Einhorn
Edmond Einhorn
Schmiel Eisman
Rifka Faktor
Rubin Frimeth
Rifka Frimeth
Adele Gaber
Sali Gaertner
Marie Geller (geb. Liebster)
Analia Gingold (geb. Teller)
Benzion Goldner
Jetti Goldschmidt
Jacob Simon Gottesman
Dr. Martin Gottlieb
Sophie Gruenberg
Chane Grill
Clara Grill
Dr. Max Gruder
David Gruenberg
Rifka Gruenberg
Mrs. Rabbi Hager
Abraham Hasenfratz
Jacob Held
Joseph Held
Taube Hitzig
Feige Kielstock
Meier Kirmayer
Jsac Klein
Maximilian Klein
Avram Klein
Keile Kronenfeld (rect. Rennert)
Ancel Koffler
Eisig Laufer
Anna Laufer (geb. Einhorn)
Aron Leibovici
M.L. Leider-Neuman
Fritz Leitner
Josef Lehrer
Ernestine Liebster
Mitzie Liebster
Feiwisch Maiman
Haca Maiman
Berta Mayer
Malcza Mehler
Chaim Melzer
Jacob Melzer
Samuel Mueller
Dora Muenzer
Mendel Nachman
Carol Nacht
Huddie Nagler
Henie Nagel
Poldi Nagler
Efroim Neuman
Rifka Neuman
Lotti Ohringer (geb. Schwartzkopf)
Moses Oster
Abraham Osterer
Puppe Osterer
Jidel Osterer
Aron Osterer
Rica Pasternack
Sprince Pasternack
Jona Mechel Rennert
Feige Rennert, daughter of Chaike & Schl. Ribner Rosa Ribner
Karl Rieber
Josef Rittigstein
Sali Rosenberg
Ella Rosenberg
Hersch Rosenberg
Dr. Morris Runes
Josef Schapiru
Simche Scherzer
Simon Schieber
Rosa Schlomiuc
Malvine Schneider
Natan Schneider
Samuel Schorr
David Shuler
Dr. Oscar Schwarz
Henie Schwartzkopf
Osia Schwartzkopf
Jenny Simoniuc-Rennert
Scheine Ruchel Sinnreich
Simon Sonntag
Delle Sonntag
Simon Schmiel Weber
Dr. Sidone Sternberg
Golde Sternberg
Ilara Surkis
Karl Sussman
Chaim Hersch Sussman
Mendel Sussman
Marjem Schulman
Jacob Teller
Minnie Teller
Salomon Teller
Meier Tennenbaum
Regina Tillinger
Sali Tillinger
Abraham Mordko Tresser
Berta Wagner
Adolf Wald
Watter, Jacob, Hude, Sara
Gusta Watter
Abraham Jsac Weber
Dr. Isac Weisglass
Freide Wolloch

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