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Die Juden in Unter-Stanestie a/cz., written in German and published by Mercaz Press in Tel Aviv (1965) is one of many Gedankbuch or "Yizkor books", in which an author from a community destroyed by the Holocaust attempts to leave some record of the town concerned. Josef Schapira's admirable work chronicles the richness of Jewish life in Unter-Stanestie, complete with personal anecdotes, folklore, religious conventions and a chronological history culminating in the terrible events as witnessed by the author.

On pages 363-367 there is a Yiddish memorial list for residents of Staneshtie de Zhos and the surrounding area that were martyred between 1940-1945. The author also includes those who perished in Transnistria and Siberia. In most instances, Mr. Schapira did not list the names of wives or children. When possible, he did identify the gender of children killed, and in the case of multiple listings of the same family name, he mentions some attribute to distinguish branches of the same family.

I have attempted to make a proper translation of this Yiddish text. In doing so,I have tried to find family names of the deceased in the anecdotal sections of Schapira's prose, so that the translation will be as accurate as possible. I am also indebted to Lauren Azoulai, who provided a xeroxed copy of the Unter Stanestie Bukowinauer Circle's 1950 Twentieth Anniversary program, with its own memorial list as well as a list of those who survived that facilitated this effort. With Lauren's permission, I will try to get make these lists available to the ROM-SIG as soon as I can.

There are bound to be errors in this effort. Please feel free to contact the ROM-SIG people to correct any innacuracies.

For those interested in the history of the area, Mr. Schapira also makes reference to another book - Geschicte der Juden in der Bukowina (The History of the Jews in Bukovina), Volume I , edited by Hugo Gold, (1958) by Edition "Olamenu" and printed by the Lidor Press (P.O.B. 3002, Tel-Aviv, Israel.). A second volume deals with the periods 1919-1940 and 1940-1952.

Irv Osterer

[Page 363]

Memorial List from Staneshtie de Zhos

ALEPH     ADLER, S. L. + wife and 5 children
    ALTMAN, Seide
    EISMANN, Leiser + wife
    EISMANN, Chanah Marien
    OSTERER, widow of Mechel Leib Osterer + 2 sons
    OSTERER, Mordecai - son of Idel Osterer
    OSTERER, Rivkah - married to SELLER
    IVANIER, Yanko

[Page 364]


    BAUM, Berel + wife
    BAUER, Muzie (Mutzie, Mezia?)
    BEILER, + wife and 2 children
    BIRNBAUM, Blimah
    BIRNBAUM, David + wife
    BIRNBAUM, Benjamin + wife and 2 children
    BIRNBAUM, Judel + wife and 1 child
    BÜCHLER (BUECHLER), Moische + wife
    BRÜCKSTEIN, Jankel + wife
    BRÜCKSTEIN, Moische + wife
    BIZINAUER, Jankole + wife


    GABOR, Moshe
    GOLDHAGEN, Scheindel
    GRILL, Chayim Srul + wife and 1 "enkeral" ( I believe this is a typo and should read "ainekel" or grandson)
    GRILL, Yossel + wife and 2 daughters
    GRILL, Meir Ber + 2 sons
    GRUENFELD, Shlomo
    GRUENFELD, Berel
    GRÜN (GRUEN), Chayim Feivel + 1 daughter and son-in-law


    DAVID, Dr. David + wife and child (a lawyer)
    DERMER, Fischel
    DRUCKMAN, Benno (Baruch) + wife (Sabine)
    DRUCKMAN, wife of Mila Leibster


    HAGER, Pesach
    HABER, Joshua + wife and 2 children
    HABER, Abraham
    HALLER, Liebche + wife and 2 children, a sister and a brother-in-law
    HIRSCH, Jossel + wife and daughter
    HOFFER, David + wife
    HEBNER, Leiser + wife and 5 children


    WAGNER, Nazi (Nathan)
    WALDT, Gitel
    WALDT, Nuchim
    WEBER, Shlomo + wife and children
    WEBER, Frimah
    WEISSMAN, Scheindel + daughter
    WOLLOCH, Josef
    WOLLOCH, Bubi


    SONNTAG, Ruchel
    SÜSSMANN, Hersch (des) David + wife
    SÜSSMANN, Hersch (des) Talia + mother
    SINNREICH, Abraham Itzi + wife and children
    SINNREICH, Mendel + wife and children


    TAUBER, Rivkah Laya
    TAUBER, Chayim Hersch + 3 children
    TAUBER, Mechel
    TELLER, Benjamin + wife and daughter
    TENNENBAUM, Samuel + wife

[Page 365]


    JUNGER, Velvel + wife and 4 children


    LABES, Yankel
    LABES, Moishe
    LAUFER, Feivel
    LIEBSTER, Mordecai Hersch
    LIEBSTER, Fritz
    LINKER, Yidess - perhaps Judith
    LEAH, Mardkis(?)-mem,resh,dalet,kaph,yod,samech ( this entry may be reversed in the text)


    MUELLER, Anczel + wife, daughter and grandson


    NEUMANN, Chancze (Hanzia?)
    NEUBERGER, Chaya Sarah (née SÜSSMANN)


    SANDLER, Luti
    SANDLER, Razeh + 2 children
    SOBEL, (Doctor) + wife and 1 daughter
    SORKISS, Henia + daughter


    ENGEL, Refuel (Refael) + wife
    ENGEL, Hesiah
    ENGEL, Simche
    ENGLER, Willi + wife and 2 children
    ERNST, Wiener (Werner?)


    FAKTOR, Baruch + 1 child
    FLECKWITZ, Ezra + wife and 4 children
    FLEISCHHAKER + wife and 3 children
    FRIMETH, Frau (this entry is reversed in the text)
    FRIEDLÄNDER, Rabbi + wife and 3 children
    FINKELTHAL, Gedaliah + wife and 1 son
    FINKELTHAL, Yosel (Josef) + wife and daughter
    FINKELTHAL, Mendel + wife and son
    FINKELTHAL, Shimon
    PASTERNAK, Hersch Mendel + mother
    FRITSCH, Leibzie + wife and 3 children
    FRITSCH, Abraham
    FRITSCH, Sarah
    FRITSCH, Freida
    FRITSCH, Hersch


    ZIMMER, Nathan


    KATSHER, Abraham Jacob + son
    KATSHER, Itzig Leib + wife, mother and 3 children
    KAISCH (Keisch), Hersch + wife, mother and 3 children
    KAISCH (Keisch), Shloime + wife and 3 children
    KARPEL, Hersch + wife and child
    KARPEL, Eisig + wife
    KATZ, Feivel + wife
    KATZ, Mordecai
    KESSLER, Schmiel + wife and child
    KIELSTOCK, Leah + daughter
    KIELSTOCK, Ephroim
    KIELSTOCK, JÜdel + wife and 2 children

[Page 366]

    KIELSTOCK, Moses + wife
    KIERMAIER, Srul + wife and 2 children
    KRÄMER, (Doctor) + family
    KREISEL, Chaim (Chayim)
    QUELLER, Selig + wife and 3 children


    RAPPELFELD, Meshulim + wife and 2 children
    RAUCHWERGER, Leib + 2 children
    RENNERT, Moses + wife and children
    RENNERT (widow of Uren)
    RENNERT, Moses + wife and child, son-in-law of Shlomo RÜbner (Ruebner, Ribner)
    RITTIGSTEIN, Mechel + wife and 3 children
    ROBINSOHN, Eisik + wife
    ROSENBERG, Boruch + wife
    ROSENBERG, Mordecai + wife
    ROSENZWEIG, Rachel
    RÜBNER (Ruebner, Ribner), Meier + wife and child
    RÜBNER (Ruebner, Ribner), Moses
    RÜBNER (Ruebner, Ribner), Tsarna and son


    SCHÄCHTER(SCHAECHTER)+ wife and 3 children - son-in-law of Chayim Lecker
    SCHÄCHTER(SCHAECHTER), Chaje + wife, daughter and 2 children
    SCHNEIDER, Jossel + wife
    SCHNEIDER, Jacob
    SCHNEIDER, M., + wife and children
    SCHULMANN, Pesach + wife (Elke)
    SCHULMANN, Meier + wife
    SCHULMANN, (Doctor) Hersch
    SCHWARTZKOPF, Seide + wife and daughter
    SCHWARTZKOPF, Meier + wife and 2 children

(end of Staneshtie martyrs as recorded by the author)

Memorial List from Shtetls Surrounding Staneshtie de Zhos

VOLOKA (also known as Volkoi, Voloki)

Voloka (1) - 11 km south of Czernovitz
Voloka (2) - 6 km west-south west of Czernovitz
Voloka (3) - 28 km west of Czernovitz

    HELD, Moses
    SHEMENYUK, Hersch + wife

KALNIVITZ -likely Kalineshti, KALINESTIE (referred to on page 223 in the text) (Kalinovtsy, Kalinivtsi) at 48°20' 25°35'

    ROBINGER, Rachel
    ROBINGER, Mendel
    HEBNER, Mechel
    GOODMAN, Yankel

BARBIVITZ (possibly Brusnitza) - likely Bobovtsy (Bobeshti) at 48°16' 25°42'

    KLETZER, + wife
    DRUCKMAN, Yosel
    DRUCKMAN, Ruchel
    VINER, Yosel + wife
    HECHT, Leib + son
    HECHT, Berel + wife and son
    HECHT, Mechel + wife and 2 children

DRACZYNETZ, DRACHINETS (17 km. west of Czernovitz)

    APPELFELD, Braneh
    AXELRAD, Shim'i + wife
    KAMIL, Deborah
    RENNERT, Fraim (Ephrayim) + wife

[Page 367]

    SELLER, Chayim + wife
    STERNBERG, Feigah
    WAHL, Itzig + wife

KOSTENITZ - KOSTINTSKY - 24 km west of Czernovitz - likely Kostovtsy, Kosteshti, KOSTESTIE (referred to on page 225 in the text) at 48°17' 25°36'

    AXELRAD, Yisrael + wife and child
    AXELRAD, Pesach + wife and children
    AXELRAD, Dutzie ghmus+ wife and children
    ALTMAN, Moses + wife and children
    ALPERN, Hersch Leiser + wife and children
    ALTMAN, Baruch
    BERGSTEIN, (siblings)
    BERGSTEIN, Moses + wife and children
    GOTTFRIED, Aaron + wife and children
    GRELEH (ZISSER?) Eli + wife and children
    SUSSER (ZISSER?) Abraham + wife and children
    SUSSER (ZISSER?) David + wife and children
    LOYNER, Yosel + wife
    MÜHLSTEIN, Pepi + and children
    MÜHLSTEIN, Shameh + wife and son
    MÜHLSTEIN, Sani + daughter
    MÜHLSTEIN, Moshe Leiser + wife and daughter
    MÜHLSTEIN, Mitzi + daughter
    NAGLER, Sarah
    FLEMINGER, Jacob + wife and children
    KOLER, Benjamin + wife
    KOLER, Meier + wife
    KUGLER, Shmeel (Samuel) + wife and children
    RAPPELFELD, Hersch + wife and children
    ROSENBERG, Ethel + daughter
    REISS, Moses + wife
    REISS, Joshua + wife and children
    RUDICK, Chayim Mendel + wife and children
    RUDICK, Joshua + wife
    REICHER, Mordecai + wife and children
    RENNERT, Itzick + wife
    SCHÄCHTER, David + wife
    SHERER (Schorr?), Aba + wife
    SHERER (Schorr?), Leiser + wife
    SCHÄCHTER, Rachmiel + wife and children
    VINIGER, Yitzchok + wife and children
    VINIGER, Chayim + wife
    VINIGER, Pulik + wife and children

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