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Photo captions from the Ryki Yizkor book (cont.)

Translated from Yiddish and Hebrew into Czech by Daniel Polakovic
and from Czech into English by Andrzej Ciesla

[See the enlarged pictures by clicking on the thumbnails]

Caption Picture Page
A group of young musicians from Ryki ryk192s.jpg 192
Nachman Abramowitz ryk205s.jpg 205
Beit ha midrash school in Ryki ryk211s.jpg 211
Shames Dan ryk225s.jpg 225
Bucele Bricman ryk244s.jpg 244
Baruch Meir Eideles (Cwibeker) ryk260s.jpg 260
Malach Zuckerkop ryk265s.jpg 265
Market place in Ryki photographed in 1925 ryk271s.jpg 271
Rafael Ledermann, his mother Zosia and sister Cipora ryk292s.jpg 292
Cipora Anglister and Alte Lew ryk296s.jpg 296
Rabbi Icchak Openhajm ryk313s.jpg 313
Roza Openhajm and Sara Kuperman, Gitla Turek, Riwka Kuperman and Rochcze Openhajm ryk315s.jpg 315
Mosze Tajtelbaum ryk319s.jpg 319
The Tajtelbaum brothers and Sara Teichman ryk320s.jpg 320
The big family of Rabbi Izrael Gerszon Rospor ryk321s.jpg 321
My mother Zosia Teichmann, my sisters Rajzla and Fajgele and my brother Abraham ryk328s.jpg 328
Chawa, Sara and Choncze Teichmann and Jakob Hersz Teichmann ryk329s.jpg 329
Rajzla Teichmann, Mania Schlimmer and Perla Teichmann ryk330s.jpg 330
Bracha Ben-Josef (Borensztein) ryk341s.jpg 341
Riwka and Abraham Icchak Mikowski ryk342s.jpg 342
Mosze Mikowski together with Netanael Teichmann and Nachum Goldsztajn ryk346s.jpg 346
A group of young people ryk347s.jpg 347
Kajla Teichmann-Goldmann ryk351s.jpg 351
Kajla Goldmann, Icchak Becalel, Sara Borensztein, Sorke Teichmann, Chana Rajzla Berensztein and Sara Teichmann ryk352s.jpg 352
Sorke Teichmann ryk353s.jpg 353
Becalel Borensztain ryk354s.jpg 354
Benjamin Goldman ryk355s.jpg 355
Gitla Kuperman ryk360as.jpg 360
Mosze Zilberszporn ryk360bs.jpg 360
The family of Joel Kuperman ryk361s.jpg 361

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