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Our Martyrs

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Translated by Elisabeth Ruderman

May God remember the souls of the martyrs

the pure the honest the innocent members

of our town and our families dear

and beloved who were wiped out by the Nazis

and their troops during the time of the big holocaust.

22 Adar 5702

1st Adar Bet 5703

Let their souls be bound up in the bond of life

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Our Martyrs

(Alphabetically, According to Heads of Households)

Translated by Elisabeth Ruderman

Family Name Given Name(s) Notes
ABAZGAUS Elka and her son, Haim
AHARONOVITZ Dvora and her son, Noach
ISAACSON Avraham Yitzhak and his wife, Bracha
ISAACSON Michla her daughter Grona and her sons Yoseph, Yehoshua and Feivka
ISAACSON Mordecai (Motel) his wife, Miriam (née Greiss); their children Haya and Yehuda
ISAACSON Zvi his wife, Sonya, their daughters Elka and Rosa; Faya and her family, their sons Yitzhak, his wife and daughter
ISAACSON-MEGIDO Asna and her three children
ISAACSON Arye-Leib  
ISAACSON Nachum and his wife, Leah
ISAACSON Pinchas and his daughter, Shulamit
ISRAELSKY Dov his wife Reisel (daughter of Rabbi Yitzhak Zilburg) and their two sons
ADELMAN Raphael  
ADELMAN Yehuda (son of Raphael), his wife, daughter and son
ALPEROVITZ Ya'acov Moshe  
ALPEROVITZ Ze'ev his wife Yehudit and their children Yodele and Leibele
ALPEROVITZ Sara and Risha  
ALPEROVITZ Lazer his wife, Zlata and their children
ALPEROVITZ Yitzhak (from Zagorech) and two brothers
AXELROD Yoseph and his wife
ARYAN Musya and her daughter Haya
ARYAN Shimon his wife Rivka (née Pozniak), their son, Shmuel and their daughter, Esther
ARYAN Menachem and his wife, Chana
ARYAN Leiba and his wife, Itka
BAMPHI Hillel and his family
BAMPHI Moshe and his family
BOMSTEIN Shalom and his daughters Risha and Zissa
BOROCHANSKI Hassya and her son
BOROCHANSKI Gershon and his wife, Haya-Sara (née Greenhaus)
BORTZKI Avraham his wife, Henya (née Alperovitz) and their children Michlia and Berle
BRASTITZKY Ovadia his wife, Shoshana (née Shepsenbul) and their children Ben-Zion and Zalman
GADELVITZ Yoseph and his wife, Duba
GADELVITZ Yisrael his wife and their son
GADELVITZ Moredechai his wife, Dvora and their boy, Laybele
GODES Haim his wife, Faya, their son Kalman and their daughters Tzipka, Zishka, and Faygel
GODES Lazer his wife, Malka (née Bamphi) and their three sons
GOLDBERG Yitzhak his wife Shina and their children
GOLDIN Chaim ben G'dalyahu his wife Metla, and their sons, Sana, Syoma, and G'dalyahu
GOLDIN Ben-Zion (son of Kalman) and his family
GOLDSTEIN Notka his wife, their daughter, Merka, her husband and their daughter
GORDON Hannah Batia (Hannah Basha)
GORDON Dvorah  
GORDON Haya-Eta her sons Gutl and his family, Shimon and his sons
GORIAN Zvi and his daughter, Rasha-Hava
GITLIN David his wife, Haya-Sarah and their family
GITLIN Zalman and his wife
GITLIN Fayga her husband and their two children
GITLIN Reba (daughter of Peretz)
GITLIN Eliyahu his wife, Merka and their two children
GEFEN Israel his wife, Hinda, and their son
GROZOVSKY Benjamin his wife, Sarah (née Tanhilevich) and their two daughters
GREENHAUS Michik and his family
GREENHAUS Zoska his wife and daughter
GREENHAUS Haim Reuven his wife and children
DVORKIN Yehuda his wife, Faygel and their three children
HUBERMAN Israel his wife Rivka and their three children
HOCHSTEIN Haim his wife, Miasha and their daughter, Sarah
HOCHSTEIN Eliyahu his wife and sons
HOCHSTEIN Michel his wife and their three sons
HOCHSTEIN Michik his wife, Esther and their son
HOCHSTEIN Aharon (Arka) his wife, Hannah (née Sara Zukovsky) and their daughters Lidba and Rivka
HOCHSTEIN Cherna her husband and their daughter
HOCKSTEIN Nahum his wife, Golda (née Gadlevich) and their three sons
HOCHSTEIN Shimon Nahum his wife, Rachel-Gita and their son
VALVI Zondel his wife, Hanna-Sarah, their daughters Haya, Rachel, and Bilyoma and their son Michael
VALVI Israel-Pesach his wife and their two children
VOLMAN Israel Itche and his family
WEISBORD Shmuel (Mulka)  
WEISBORD Elyakim his wife and their two children
WEISBORD Mordecai his wife and their two children
WEISENBLUM Shlomo his wife Malka (née Aryan), their two children Abrasha and Miasha
ZEGER Ya'acov and his family
ZUCKOVSKY Sarah her sons, Shimon and Moshe and her daughters, Rivka and Ettel
ZUCKOVSKY Miasha (Eliyahu's wife) and her son, Shimon
ZUKOVSKY Yehuda and his wife
ZUCKOVSKY Zalman his wife, Rivka and their three children
ZUCKOVSKY Reba and her daughter, Etka
ZUCKOVSKY Noah and his wife
ZILBURG Leah (the rabbi's wife) and her son, Eliyahu
ZILBURG Moshe his wife, Dora and their three children
ZILBURG Efraim his wife and their two children
ZILIN Yoel and his wife, Haya
ZILIN Natan Leib his wife, Haya-Simka and their eight children
ZINGER Dov his wife, Rivka (daughter of Zvi Isaacson) and their daughter
ZELK Zelig his wife, Fanya-Hannah and two daughters
CHADASH Ze'ev-Yitzhak his wife, Haina, their daughter, Sima
CHADASH Meir his wife, Zisha their daughter, Henya
CHADASH Moshe his wife, Ida and their children
CHOMSKI Abba his wife, Sarah and their daughters Fanya, Genya and family
CHORGIN Yehuda his wife and daughter
TORRIN Ya'acov and his family
TEITZEL, Dinka and her daughter, Rivka
TELLER Ra'ashka, Ba'ashka and Rivka the daughters of Reb Yitzhak-Zalman Teller and their families
TEPPET Leah her husband and children
TERGER Ya'acov his wife, Hassia (Hashka) their daughter Resha-Henya
TRIGOBOV Haim his wife, Hava-Bila, their sons Daniel, Moshe and Israelik and their daughters Tova (Freida), Heina Yocheved, Sara and Hinda
YOSHKA   ("the short")
YA'ACOBSON Haim Itche his wife and son Israel, the tailor (Israel Rifel's)
CAHANOVICH Nehama and her daughters Dvora, Cherna, Rachel Rivka and Ziré-Miriam
CAHANOVICH, Ya'acov his wife and their children Dov and Benjamin
LEVINE Zalman and his family
LEVINE Zissel his wife, Reba-Zelda and their children
LEVINE Israel Zvi and his son, Moshe and daughter, Simka
LEVINE Zisha Rachel, and her family
LEVINE Tzadok his wife, Haya-Mina and their two children
LEVINE Israel his wife, Sara Bonya and their three children
LEVINE Tzivya  
LEVINE Pessya  
LEVINE Avraham Tuvya and his daughter, Bila
LEVINE Dvoshka and her daughter, Azia
LEVINE Rikla and her two children
LEVINE Etka (daughter of Zusya Kopelovich), her husband, Eliezer and their two sons
LEIBERMAN Israel and his wife, Shprintza
LEIBERMAN Hannah and her husband, Nachum
LEIBERMAN Nechama and her husband, Shmarya (Alperovich)
LEIBERMAN Mordecai  
LIPMAN Yoel his wife, Fanya, their sons Misha and Yotzik and their daughter Ala
LIPMAN Avraham-Leib his wife Dvora and their daughter, Rachel
LIPMAN Haya (daughter of Reb Yoseph Lipman)
LIPMAN Ya'acov Hirshel his wife Rachel, their children Yehezkel, Dvora and Yitzhak
LIPKIN Shmuel Haim his wife, Haya and daughter
LAPPIDOT Rabbi Haim Shmuel and his wife, Droshka
LAPPIDOT, Dr. Miriam  
LAPPIDOT Dr. Moshe and his wife
LAPPIDOT Israel his wife, Rachel and their four children
LAPPIDOT Shimon his wife, Zelda, and their four children
LAPPIDOT Shmuel (Mulya) and his daughter
LAPPPIDOT Elyakum and his family
LAPPIDOT Tipograf Fessal her husband and daughter
LAPPIDOT Feina her husband and daughter
LAPPIDOT Elka and her daughters Reizel, Henya, Zelda and Duba
LAPPIDOT Aharon his wife, Bonya (née Hadash) and their daughter Nechama
LAPPIDOT Haya-Rachel  
LAPPIDOT Avraham-Yitzhak  
LAPPIDOT Duba and her three children
LAPPIDOT Ya'acov his wife and their two children
LAPPIDOT Gittel and her three children
LAPPIDOT Hava her husband and her family
LAPPIDOT Ya'acov-Abba his wife, Frieda and their daughters Yodsha, Reicha, Haya Duba, and Sonya, and their son Izik
MEDNICK Reichel and her family
MEDNICK, Haika and her family
MEDNICK, Minka her daughter and son
MEDNICK Yerachmiel his wife and their two children
MEDNICK Reuven and family
MINCOV Rasha-Lea and her family
MINCOV, Beila her husband and two children
MENA Meir and his son Yoseph
MENA Zissel and his family
MENA Ya'acov his wife and their four children
MENA Reuven his wife and children
MENA Yeshayahu his wife and their two children
MENA Lazer and family
MESITSWICH Moshe and family
NIMZAR   the pharmacist, his wife, Rivka and their family
SEGALOVICH Yehuda his wife, Reba-Elka, their daughters Zelda, Miriam and Golda and their son Dov
SWERDLIN Hanan his wife, Bracha (née Tzertzes) and their children Shimon, Baruch and Bryna
SONKIN David his wife, Yenta, and their two sons
SOKOLSKY Esther-Leah and her sons Haim-Natan, Meirim, and David
SOKOLESKY Rafael and his wife, Zipora
SOKOLESKY Hannah her daughters Osnat and Beila (Leibowitz) and her sons Reuven and Fishel
SOKLOLESKY Zvi his wife and son
STROVIN Pesach his wife Dvora and their sons Shimon and Moshe
STROVIN Shmuel his wife, Zelda, and their two daughters
STROVIN Eliyahu his wife Sara, and their three children
STROVIN Pesach his wife, Zelda, and their two daughters
STROVIN Pesach his wife, Michla and their two sons
SLOISHZER Moshe his wife and their son
SESNESKY Yitzhak his wife Leah (daughter of Avraham Tuvya), and their daughters Haya and Miriam
SERVNIK Ahra his wife, Hannah and their three children
SERVNIK Haya and her son
ELTERMAN Aharon-Michel  
ELTERMAN Reba-Leah and her family
ELTERMAN Yehuda-Aharle and his family
PADERSKY-KOIFMAN Hannah her husband, Shlomo, and their children Moshe and Sara
POPKO Rivka her husband and son
FEIGIN Ya'acov his wife, Gitle and their daughter, Luba
FELDMAN Itka and her two children
FELDMAN Esther-Gitle her husband, Max (from Udranka), their son, Natan and their daughter, Fella
TZIBESS Tuvya his wife wife Pesya (daughter of Avraham Tuvya) and their children Sony and Shabtai
TZWIK Leib his wife, Sheina, their son Abba their daughters Hanna; Mariasha; Miriam (Maré); Dvora; Fanya, her husband Haim Belkind and their children, David and Leah
CHERTROK Lipsha (daughter of Shaul)
CHERTOK Tzila (daughter of Shaul)
CHERTOK Mariasha her daughters Esther, Haya and Miriam and her sons Meir, Zvi, Naftali, and Ya'akov
TZERTZES Dov his wife Frieda and their granddaughter, Hinda
TZERTZES Israel-Zvi his wife, Hannah (née Rubin), their son, Pinchas and their daughter, Sima-Luba
TZERTZES-ALPEROVICH Leah Malca her husband, Zalman and their three children
TZERTZES Pinchas  
TZERTZES-BLOCH   and her son, Yehuda
KOPILOVICH Dov-Yitzhak and his family
KOPILOVICH Itche-Yoshe and his family
KOPILOVICH Heny-Rachel and her daughter, Hava
KOPILOVICH Esther and her family
KOPILOVICH Aharon and his family
KOPILOVICH Yoseph and his family
KOPILOVICH Zelik and his family
KOPILOVICH Notka and his family
KOPILOVICH Yehuda his wife and eight children
KOPILOVICH Ya'acov and his wife, Rachel (from Udranka)
KOPILOVICH Leiba his wife, Henya (from Udranka), their daughters Zlata, Haina and Miasha and their son, Reuven
KOPILOVICH Nunia his wife, Rivka, their daughter Etel, their sons Haim, Shmuel and Zacharya
KREINHOIS Sheina-Mirle and her four children
RABINSON Nachum his wife, Rachel, and their children, Meir and Zvi
RUBIN Shmuel his wife, Hassia and their sons Yerachmiel and Israel
RUBIN Feivish his wife, Mindel and their son, Monik
RUBIN Israel (son of Haim Moshe), his wife, Pessia and their children
RUBIN Zvi his wife, Henya and their two daughters
RUBIN David his wife and daughter
RUBIN, Yoseph and his son, Ya'acov
RUBIN Mordecai-Leib the family of Mordecai-Leib
RUBIN, Dvora-Hannah her children Ziporah, Yehezkiel, Sara, Resha, and Pinhas
RUBIN Mordecai his wife and son
RUBIN Haim-Yitzhak his wife, Haina (from Udranka), their daughters Pessya and Fanya, their sons Shimon, Shlomo and his family
RUBIN Lippa his wife and three children
RUBIN Leiba and his family
RUBIN Reichel and her family
RUBINOK Frada and her two sons
ROGOVIN Ya'acov his wife Yehudit, and their daughter, Rachel-Leah
RUDNIK Shmuel-Isaac his wife Golda, their sons Feivel, Lazer and Lippa and their daughters Sonia, Shifra and her family
RUDNIK Mordecai his wife, Droshka (née Zokovski) and daughter, Freidel
RUDNIK Nechama Reizel and her sons Yoseph, Feivel, and Benjamin
RUDENSKI Hannah-Leah and her family
RUDENSKI Mordecai his wife, Miasha (née Pozniak), their children Moshe and Pessya
RUDERMAN Avraham Yitzhak and his family
RUDERMAN Elihahu and his wife, Leah
RUDERMAN Ya'acov and his family
RUDERMAN Avraham and his wife, Hannah
RUDERMAN Fayga and her family
RUDERMAN Zlata and her family
RUDERMAN Shoshka and her daughters
ROZOV Leiba-Mirka and her daughters
ROSOV Mordecai his wife and their children
ROLNIK Yitzhak and his family
ROLNIK Risha her children Haya, Moshe, Arie and Nachum
REZNIK Golda (daughter of Reb Pesach Haim)
RESNICK Israel his wife Rivka and their sons Feivel and Edel
SHULMAN Alter his wife, Fayga, their daughters Heina (Berman) and Bracha and their sons Hanoch (killed serving in the Polish army) and Israel
SHULMAN Zalman-Hillel his wife, Frieda, their daughters Gnessia and Rishka and their son Dov
SHULMAN Haim and his family
SHULMAN Mordecai and his family
SHULMAN Yitzhak and his wife, their son Yirmihahu and their daughter, Teibel
SHULMAN Aharon and his mother
SHURIK Mordecai and his family
SHINHAUS Asher and his family
SHINHAUS Ze'ev and his family
SHINHAUS Elyakim and his family
SHNITMAN Yenta and her family
SHNITMAN Reuven and his family
SHNITMAN Golda and her family
SHNITMAN Melech and his family
SHAPIRA Avraham Yitzhak and his wife, Reizel
SHAPIRA Haim his wife, Aliza (née Shohat) and their son, Meirka
SHEPSENBUL Sonia and her daughter, Leiba
SHEPSENBUL Anewta (née Strobin), and her daughter
SCHUSTER Dr. Avraham his wife and two children
TANHILEVICH Alta and her daughter, Pessya

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Dr. Mordecai Rabinson

by Y. R.

Translated by Elisabeth Ruderman

One ending coincided with another. As fate willed it, the last endeavor in Dr. Mordecai Rabinson's literary career, his "Neila" [closing prayer], would to be this remembrance book of ours. It is dedicated to a dear town wiped out by evil people while still vibrant and full of life. As we were preparing it for publication, the life of its editor came to its end.

Mordecai Rabinson, cultured, talented, and a great participant in Hebrew literature and journalism for fifty years, is closely linked to the people of Radoshkowitz. He was the next star, after Mané, to light the way for young people seeking a window to culture and the wide world. He was second in line of those in whom the townspeople took pride, who brought glory to them all. Mordecai, the rabbi's son, was a symbol of the harmonious fusion of the Yeshiva of Telz with the University of the Sorbonne, a symbol of Judaism and humanism combined.

In our memories, Mordecai Rabinson has a special, honored place for his share in the writing of this book. But we find the space very limited when it comes to appreciating and honoring his lifelong, prolific work in Hebrew culture. Like Mané, so did Dr. Rabinson remove Radoshkowitz from the anonymity of so many other towns.

Mordecai Zvi Mané and Mordecai Rabinson, two beloved and admired names, linked together and cherished in the hearts of the people of our town.

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