Przemysl Memorial Book

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Translation from Sefer Przemysl

Edited by: Dr. Arie Menczer

Editorial Board:
Joseph Altbauer, Eliyahu Bloch, Matatyahu Gans, Leopold Goetz, Hanoch Hand,
Arie Menczer, Dov Nitzani (Knopf), Hanan Trau, Mordechai Schattner.

Published in Israel by Irgun Yotzei Przemysl, 1964


Project Coordinator

Lukasz Biedka


This is a translation of Sefer Przemysl (Przemysl memorial book), Editors: A. Menczer, Tel Aviv,
Former Residents of Przemysl in Israel, 1964 (H,Y, 552 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: 2529

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In memory of my Great Grandfather Jakub Reisner mentioned on the pages of this book.





Section Text Author Page
  Foreword (The People of the Book )   XV
  Przemysl - Our Beloved Town Dr. Y. Mann 1
1 From the History of Przemysl Jewry Prof. M. Schor 7
2 Life of Przemysl Jews in the past (summary of historical literature) D. Nitzani 15
  a) Before Polish hegemony    
  b) Period of Polish independence    
  c) On the Writers of Przemysl    
3 The First Jewish Tradesmen in Przemysl Dr. E. Bloch 40
4 The Ancient Synagogue of Przemysl and its Place in Architectural History Professor Dr. N. Schneid 45
5 Sources:   52
  A Section from the Responsa of Rabbi Yehuda the son of Meir of Mainz    
  The Scroll of Selichot of Przemysl    
  Four Inscriptions on Gravestones from the Old Cemetery of Przemysl    
  The Essence of the Pastoral Edict [10] Issued on February 28, 1753    
  The Hidden Tzadik Rabbi Yitzchak Izak Shochet of the village of Zurawica    
6 Rabbis of Przemysl 5295 – 5653 (1535 –1893) C. Trau and D. Nitzani (Knopf) 56
1 From 1772-1867 Y. Altbauer & L. Goetz 69
2 In the city and community D. N. 74
3 Political movements in the Jewish street D. N. 90
  History of Zionist movements in Przemysl before W.W. I
  Jehudia, Some Memories Tz. Amit 100
  About Haivria Y. Altbauer 103
  Poale Zion in Przemysl – Until the Outbreak of the Second World War E. Bloch 106
  Dr. Herman Lieberman E. Bloch 112
  History of the Jewish Assimilationist Movement in Przemysl D. N. 119
4 Religious life D. N. 122
  Rabbi Gedalia (Gedalche) Schmelkes Ch. Trau and D. Nitzani 135
  Religions functionaries of the community during the last half century of Austrian rule D. N. 140
  Well Known Admorim Connected to Przemysl D. N. 141
  Personalities from the Large Kloiz in Przemysl Y. Adif 144
5 Jewish education Y. Adif 146
  The Tikvat Yisrael School D. N. 149
  Religious studies E. Bloch 150
  Study of Hebrew language in Przemysl D. N. 154
6 Avraham the Son of Yitzchak Sonne H. C. 157
  Avraham the Son of Yitzchak Sonne Leah Goldberg 160
7 Writers and Intellectuals   164
  R. Mordechai Yona Rosenfeld A. Kahana 164
  Shimon Menachem Lazar Y. A. 166
  Images of Intellectuals in Przemysl   168
  Birech (Berechiyahu) Schafir - Humorous poet D. N. 170
8 During the Time of the First World War (1914-1918)
  Przemysl During the Time of the Siege During the First World War Y. Altbauer 172
  Beseiged Przemysl Y. Michelsburg 177
  Yom Kippur in the fortress Dr. V.A. Fordes 178
1 Przemysl passes under Polish rule Y. Altbauer 185
2 Dr. M. Rosenfeld M. Henish 191
3 November 1918 Z. Luft 193
4 The nation, city and community Y. A. 199
  The rabbinical court D. N. 205
5 The Jewish population – constituents and economy Y. A. 207
6 Institutions of education and culture Y. A. 214
7 Jewish health institutions Y. A. 231
8 Jewish welfare institutions in Przemysl Y. A. 239
9 Jewish sports in Przemysl Y. A. 243
10 Zionist movement in Przemysl (1918-1939) Y. A. 246
  Zionist Labor movement in Przemysl K. Y. Golan 252
  Revsionist movement “HaTzohar” in Przemysl Dr. Y. Schechter 258
  Mizrachi in Przemysl A. Ben Pazi 261
  Zionist youth movements in Przemysl Y. A. 264
  The renewed “Agudath Herzl” Y. A. 264
  Hashomer Hatzair Y. A. 268
  “Gordonia” D. Sim 275
  “Hanoar Hatzioni” (Zionist youth) Y. A. 280
  Hebrew youth group “Akiva” Y. A. 282
  The scouts S. Antmann 285
11 Other Jewish parties
  “Agudas Yisroel” R. A. Weinberger 286
  The ZPS (later “Bund”) Y.A. 288
  Jewish participation in PPS and Communist Party Y. A. 290
12 Jewish newspapers Y. A. 291
13 Hechalutz and first Jewish chalutzim S. Antmann 293
  Shimshon Goldstein D. N. 297
  Dr. Zvi Luft M. Gans 301
  Episodes from the Third Aliya S. Goldstein 304
  Rabbi Professor Dr. Moshe Schorr D. N. 311
  Dr. Leib Landau Dr. B. Weintraub 315
  Memories of Leib Landau M. Melman 317
  The last days of Leib Landau Y. Avrahami 320
  Rabbi Dr. Josef Mieses D. N. 322
  Matityahu Mieses Dr. A. Menczer 324
  Professor Dr. Jakob Mann (Mannen) D. N. 328
  Dr. Izaak [Yitzchak] Mann Professor Josef Klausner 331
  Avraham Kahana (“Avrech”) M. N. 333
  Rabbi Dr. Shmuel [Samuel] Hirschfeld   335
  Rabbi Itzhak [Isak] Jacob Thumim D. N. 337
  Dr. Maurycy Richter Y. A. 339
  Dr. Tzvi-Henryk Reichmann Y. A. 339
  Dr. Efraim Schutzmann Y. A. 340
  Abraham Chaim Klagsbald Y. A. 341
  Words of eulogy that were not spoken A. Cohen 342
  Lipa Geller Y. A. 342
  Dr. Aleksander Steinhardt Dr. Binyamin Weintraub 343
  Wilhelm Haspel Y. A. 344
  Engineer Tzvi (Herman) Mendel Jawetz Y. A. 345
  Chaim Elias Yosef the son of Eliezer 345
  Mordechai Hacke Y. A. 346
  Josef [Jozef] Rinde Y. A. 346
  Abraham Schachter Y. A. 347
  Meir Honigwachs Y. A. 347
  The Mieses Family Y. A. 348
  The Axer Family Y. A. 348
  Dr. Josef Axer   348
  Dr. Dawid Sack Y. A. 349
  Dr. Nisan [Nissen] Stein-Goldstein Y. A. 349
  Victor Emanuel Pordes D. N. 350
  Reb Shmuel Babad Y. A. 351
  Reb Shmuel [Samuel] the son of Reb Dawid Knoller D. N. 351
  Mordechai Gottfried R. A. Meir 352
  The Magid Rabbi Pinchas Shlomo [Salomon] Schussheim [Schusheim] M. Henish 353
  Professor Dr. Manes Kartagener D. N. 354
  Professor Dr. Maximilian [Maksymilian] Rose Y. A. 355
  Professor Dr. Henryk Meisel Y. A. 355
  Professor Ludwig Bruno Sohn Y. A. 356
  Dr. Helene Rosenbach-Deutsch Y. A. 356
  Organization of Przemysl emigrants in Israel Y. A. 359
  Przemysl Landsmanschaften in New York   361
  Fallen in the establishment of State of Israel   364
1 From outbreak of WW II until the liberation Dr. M. Schattner 371
2 Reminiscences (Memoirs) Dr. L. Frim 394
  Przemysl today Dr. M. Schattner 404
  Introduction   409
  The City on the River San Dr. Y. Zinneman 413
  History of the Jews of Przemyśl D. N. 416
  Anti–Jewish Edicts of the Bishop of Przemyśl in the year 1743   421
  The Austrian Period (1772–1914) D. N. 422
  History of the Jews of Przemyśl (1914–1939) Y. Altbauer 428
  Synagogues, Beis Midrashes, Kloizes, and Minyanim in Przemyśl D. N. 433
  Rabbi Gedalia Schmelkes C. Trau, D. Nitzani 439
  The Jewish Labor Movement in Przemyśl Y. Laubstein 442
  Dr. Leib Landau   451
  Lawyer Leib Landau – a Great Man of Israel by Abraham Morewski A. Marovsky 451
  Memories of Leib Landau Ida Kaminska 456
  Dr. Herman Liebermann Dr. E. Bloch 458
  Michael Ostereicher D. N. 464
  Dr. Ludwik Grossfeld D. N. 465
  Przemysl Maskilim: Mordechai Yonah Rosenfeld (Myshu'b) A. Kahana 467
  Beirech Schafir – the Jewish Troubadour of Przemyśl A. Kahana 469
  Rachel Korn A. B. 471
  On the Ruins Rachel H. Korn 472
  Yaakov Zinneman D. N. 474
  The Schwebel Brothers Chanoch Hand 475
  Types from the Jewish Street by Eliahu Bloch E. Bloch 478
  The Tzadik of Wolnica Professor Dr. S. H. Bergman 490
  The Hidden Tzadik Rabbi Yitzchak Eizik Shochet   492
  Organization of Przemyslers in Israel Y. A 494
  Przemyśler Landsmanschaft in New York   497
  The Destruction of Przemyśl Dr. M. Schattner 501
  My Experiences During the Occupation Dr. Leon Frim 527
  Index of names (Hebrew)   537
  Index of names (Yiddish)   547
  Notes from the original Project Coordinator    
  Photo Surname Index    
  Przemysl Slicha    


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